BWO Chapter 12: Forum of RIO-sama enviers

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T/N: Another chapter that costed precious SAN values tryna search all dem internet slangs

【BWO】 RIO-sama Fan Club 【Super Rookie】

1: Nameless Kin

This thread is a dedication to RIO-sama

Let’s passionately talk about RIO-sama doing this and that

Trolls and haters NG.

Next thread >> 980 thank you.

3: Nameless Kin

So quick for a new dedicated forum

4: Nameless Kin

Ain’t this fella real quick

5: Nameless Kin

So everyone of us watched the stream that was unprecedented?

6: Nameless Kin

Well yeah

I was wiping my sweaty self with disposable tissue while watching the fight with the Named Enemy

7: Nameless Kin

I knew there were coomers like Eriko in the chat w

T/N: legit this is probably the most accurate tl I can do. Tl-ing the dictionary definition of 見抜き — internet slang that is used to describe self-comforting to a figure of a female character, often in online games. TL; DR: cooming from 2d pixels

8: Nameless Kin

I mean, both of them have loose screws in the head

9: Nameless Kin

Rather, G-route is never heard of

I stopped a year ago so I’m not sure but, was there anyone who did the same in the past three years?

10: Nameless Kin

> > 9

Everyone who did that stopped logging in after some time

After all, it’s a path that permits no mistake

11: Nameless Kin

As a former player, let me explain what is so strict about G-route

First, in BWO, there’s nothing to be gained by killing residents or adventurers except dropping karma value

Money and items can only be gained via negotiation or threatening, and only obtained if the other party consents

Second, having a low karma value will get you criminal treatment in towns, making it hard to travel

Although it’s possible to disguise and use a fake name, it’s difficult since there’re also players in town.

Third, there’s no goal

Drawing a fine line of how much slaughtering is allowed, it’s like walking on a tight rope where you have to return to the good side before it’s too late when you die and have to start over again in re-skilling hell

Is it possible to even level up while doing all of that?

12: Nameless Kin

Thanks for the explanation

13: Nameless Kin

I now understand it is an impossible feat in an impossible game

14: Nameless Kin

It’s already on the level of monk cultivation

15: Nameless Kin

But now 1st and 3rd is sorta solved

16: Nameless Kin

She’s exactly the uncontrollable weapon born for the G-route

17: Nameless Kin

I thought I was seeing some nightmare when I tuned into the stream

18: Nameless Kin

> > 11

It’s a re-skill hell because the respawn point is set to a remote place called the Prison Island

I recall someone said that in the chat

19: Nameless Kin

Will Puchi Eriko kill her if they met……?

20: Nameless Kin

As expected it would be a clash

21: Nameless Kin

But Puchi Eriko is her friend right?

I can’t imagine it at all

22: Nameless Kin

I heard she’s Puchi Eriko’s friend, but she’s a total bonkers

23: Nameless Kin

And thus, Eriko is probably a crazy person too

24: Nameless Kin

I mean, Puchi Eriko always starts her bragging bridal talk during the start and the end of her streams

Apparently, the bride is RIO-sama, I was shocked watching Eriko so excited live

25: Nameless Kin

I recall a story about licking the leftover cream on the side of her mouth in one of the bridal talks

The atmosphere where she conveys her unrequited love is addicting

26: Nameless Kin

There was that time when they snuggled together on the rooftop and shared bento during a lunch break

27: Nameless Kin

I even heard she immediately turns red and averts her gaze when Eriko brought her face closer

28: Nameless Kin

And as I recall, there was one time when Eriko was pushed down by RIO while working part-time

29: Nameless Kin

Even that!? That RIO-sama is so filled with yuri yuri!?

30: Nameless Kin

> > 29

Calm down

It’s coming from that Eriko you know

31: Nameless Kin

It’s a long script every time when she goes 「Guhehe~」

32: Nameless Kin

Nickname 【Guhegirl】

33: Nameless Kin


34: Nameless Kin

I wonder what nickname RIO-sama will get if she becomes an adventurer

67: Nameless Kin

By the way, today’s summary

Rasrin dead → Rasrin becomes undead → adventurer guild assault → guild master recruited → undead dead

68: Nameless Kin

Wait, they are all evil acts

Destination set to hell after death for sure

69: Nameless Kin

> > 68

They already discovered an area called Hell last year

70: Nameless Kin

He didn’t mean that www

71: Nameless Kin

Starting over from zero in Hell sounds fun too

72: Nameless Kin

Maybe you can revive dead NPCs there?

73: Nameless Kin

In the earlier days, when NPCs died all the time, the game company panicked and put out a NPC-revival item for sale (3000 yen) for players to revive their favored NPCs

74: Nameless Kin

Not everything can be solved by adding cash items www

75: Nameless Kin

Actually, is it even allowed, slaughtering adventurers that are actually players?

76: Nameless Kin

> > 75

Although it doesn’t directly violate the in-game rules, it’s definitely a no-go that borders on maybe ok

And so, my prophecy is the next stream will be filled with haters and their messages

77: Nameless Kin

But we are talking about RIO-sama, she must have a way out

78: Nameless Kin

A way out, suck the haters blood?

79: Nameless Kin

To save RIO-sama is the job for kins like us

80: Nameless Kin

That’s right! We must resist to the very end as RIO-sama’s faithful servants!

81: Nameless Kin

I’m currently being chased down almost to the wall by a toxic adventurer in a guise of justice, I wouldn’t want to risk spoiling RIO-sama’s plan of hunting adventurers

82: Nameless Kin

They use their fame to oppress people after all

83: Nameless Kin

This is just me grumbling but, the adventurers in that world are trying to make themselves absolute, and would do anything to remove any unwanted elements

I will carry this grudge to my grave

84: Nameless Kin

Aah――, looking at this thread made me want to play BWO again

85: Nameless Kin

There’re a lot former players here?

――With turbulence calling for more turbulence, as Eriko’s friend, RIO’s livestream that managed to shock many high-ranking individuals, despite being a little dirty and unmoral in the content, it had ended on a good note for now.

A/N: The fluctuations of the PV count is gross


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  • Basically God

    Basically God

    So she’s gaining a cult from people that don’t like adventurers who are being scummy… Nice~♥