BWO Chapter 105: Vampire vs Murder Demon Part 3

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「If you get me all angry like that, won’t I feel bad for having fun on my own? If so, I guess I should put down the joy from knowing you, and instead enjoy a victory. 」

Despite provoking her, from how she worded it, it doesn’t seem like it had the effect I’m after.

A grave mistake. Jouna-san is a person who gets more fired up rather than angry when being provoked. Come to think of it, if she gets angry from every tiny provocation, then she wouldn’t be enjoying so much going around massacring adventurers.

The more I thought, the more I found evidence supporting her former position as the top player.

「If it’s just to have fun, will you entertain me too? 」

「Aha, if you can enjoy it without giving up. Oh right. To make motivation MAX, maybe I can use that usual thing. 」

After Jouna-san muttered something on her own, she opened her arms and raised her sword.

After having faced countless adventurers, I could guess what that meant. The unique etiquette for adventurers, she’s going to declare her name.

「Eeohon. I am who is known as 【Former S Rank, 1st, Death Commander】, and now, being the strongest genius murderer Jouna who threw that ridiculous name away. Come on, be it forest squirrels or adventures, enjoy the concert of great hell with a hellish performance of my sword of death. That’s all! 」

Even the name declaration that had become meaningless after quitting as an adventurer could make sense in lifting her spirits.

In fact, motivational speeches like this had proven effective in history.

「This really is the thing, now you can’t call a death match meaningless even if you want to. 」

Jouna-san who I had finally confronted again after a long journey has finally recognized myself as an enemy which requires her full strength to eliminate.

At that revelation, rather than panic or indifference, there’s a part of me that’s ringing drums and trembling from joy.

「Be real prepared for your revolving lantern before dying. 《1st Movement」

T/N: Movement as in the musical term.

She’s making the preparation of activating a skill or magic.

The sound as if coming from an orchestra with an overbearing presence added on the silent dark forest.

Then, a music score started manifesting around Jouna-san, waving in the atmosphere, dragging many musical notes around it into a vortex. The sizes are very uniform, but the shape itself had many varieties, even including quaver and rest notes.

「……Overture ・ All Tone Drive ・ Aria (Overture ・ Rippling Performance of Seven Tones ・ Solo) 」

While she chanted and waved her sword, the pleasant sound suddenly turned dissonant as if being trampled upon, and the notes swirling around the score beautifully flew off in all directions suddenly.

「So this is Jouna-san’s original ability……. Ah, eh…… what’s happening? 」

At the scenery of something unbelievable of originating from a person’s technique, my thoughts halted.

The notes and score would bounce when they hit the ground, and if they hit a tree, they passed through it and the tree would fall later, I thought they were system effects, but in fact, they were actually blades with mass.


『Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! 』

『Was able to see Jouna-san’s ability for the first time thanks to RIO-sama’s stream but, don’t think I can face that at all』

『This is one of Jouna’s 『Movement Technique』, Rippling Performance of Seven Tones ・ Solo. It looks full of fanciness at first but, this Movement Technique has already destroyed several cities, killed thousands of people, a disaster level kind of destruction. Jouna was originally a swordsman type adventurer but, she devised that map weapon Movement Technique when she crossed level 50, then from there jumped up ranks and ranks and got to the top』

『↑Sorry but next time shorten your explanation』

Since I might as well be facing the most dangerous being in history, the chat will be abandoned for a while.

With several notes came flying towards me, I didn’t know whether it would work but, for the time being, I tried blocking with my sword.

「Ha……aah! 」

However, these notes, I couldn’t push even one of them back with my full arm strength. Even after using each muscle fiber, I was getting pushed back slowly.

How much attack power did she multiplied to achieve this kind of effect, each and every note has the rushing power of a dump truck, and it’s too much for my stamina to handle.

I grinded the bones in my arm just to deflect it upwards with my sword, so I have fully grasped its power with my own body.

But homing ability is none. What manifested should eventually disappear like magic spells. So, it’s as easy as dodging it by reading its trajectory.

「Did you enjoy it? But it’s just a distracting noise for me to get closer. 《Second Movement ・ Super Crazy Operetta (Exploding Spark Slash Small Play)》」

「Chaining to the next move without stopping, is it, I see you’re eager for a win. 」

Jouna-san dove in before the number of notes decreased, and I caught her figure as she moved into casting her next move.

Although it’s not a name I heard before, but her preliminary movements were something I seen before. If I’m correct, I will be damaged by the scattering fire sparks if I tried to receive her sword. So, I got into a posture to avoid, and try my best in dodging.

「Ahaa! 」

However, something so outrageous that made my guard fell happened.

Even though the skill-like technique that Jouna-san just used could definitely be used on me, she hit the ground with her sword instead.


Instead of fire sparks, it was a plethora of small notes that flooded the area.

「The notes are not coming for me……. No…… this is, not good. 」

「Eei here you go! 」

「Kiiii! Jouna……san! 」

With Jouna-san’s words as the trigger, the notes that served the role of blades suddenly ruptured, and then causing a chain explosion.

Even if I defended with a shield, the product of mass slaughter with its huge radius could get me from the back with just its burning ashes.

『The heck is thiiiiiis! 』

『HP 1 gauge gone』

『Forest fire unavoidable』

『Entire screen is orange……』

『That’s the Second Move ・ Exploding Spark Slash Small Play! The intense explosion that scares any timid Enemies away is the signature, but the true essence of this skill is the follow up flame damage from the Exploding Spark Slash, otherwise known as the stacking I○nazun. Even if you try to dodge it, there’s no way to avoid if you’re on the ground, if it hits even anything, the explosive notes will scatter in the air, and the follow up explosion that blinds your eyes will start』

T/N: JP: Ionazun from dragon quest, or EN: Kaboom.

『↑Say it earlier, RIO-sama got hit! 』

『↑Don’t know what this dude is thinking but, he’s probably trying to be neutral』

……Be calm, I was spooked but I need to calm down.

My skin was scorched but, it’s only at the extent of damage that can be regenerated immediately.

「《Third Movement ・ Double Spiral》」

I wanted to counterattack but, she started another Movement Technique with no interval.

She jumped with a rotation on the spot, and with her as the origin, two shockwave drew a vortex on their own, coiling around each other alternatingly―― almost looking like a mosquito coil as it dug up the ground.

「Both of them are so fast that I can’t get close……, looks like it has defense in mind too. 」

The first method that came to mind is to retreat. If I get far out from the center of the vortex, then the shockwave would need to travel further, so I can dodge it easier. But I immediately realized it’s a bad move, so I won’t try it.

The head aching part was the shockwave would gradually increase in speed, it was a very well thought out technique that would actually be stronger the further you are away.

「It’s dangerous to try receiving an attack that has no shape. If I tried to run or hide from it, its attack speed becomes as fast as lightning. If so……」

My only choice is to dive in.

Although the gap between the two shockwave is very narrow, it’s not invisible.

I’m still faster than the shockwave. I will dive in towards Jouna-san and try to get her neck with the twin swords.

「Now! 」

「Canon 」

Jouna-san’s Movement Technique, should I say it’s universality, it’s so unpredictable that thinking of a counter is really tiring.

At the exact same time when the ground gets gouged, notes became a geyser and shot upwards, I barely managed to minimize the damage by putting on emergency brakes.


The tip of my foot that was cut by the note blades flew up into my face, and almost tipped me over after having lost balance from a missing part of my body.

『The heck! Jouna’s Movement Technique can even do delayed attacks! 』

『Aah this is where it all goes downhill』

『I can’t take it anymore. Even though RIO-sama should be up there as a strategist too』

『And that is 《Third Movement ・ Double Spiral Canon》! MP consumption is the bottleneck but, as you can see, you become the shockwave’s prey if you get too close, but if you get too far, the shockwave gets too fast and you become the prey anyways, too harsh! Without a magic skill to pull through, the only way to counter is to jump high up, but any half assed jump power will just gonna land you right in the preyed route. Even this much is already very much broken, but there comes the instant second stage follow-up attack with her notes that can be activated at any time. This is the true power of the Movement Technique that can’t be competed. Jouna’s sword at this point might as well be a sword-shaped cane, as long as it’s something like a stick, it’s possible to cast Movement Technique with no penalties in power』

『↑This typing speed that can produce an essay, forgive me if I’m wrong, isn’t this guy the sixth S rank, Insomniac Marshal? 』

『To think the scholar of the adventurers would even tune in……, how fearsome, Jouna and RIO』

I didn’t have the leeway to read the entirety but, I will keep in mind that it doesn’t really work even if I disarm her.

My foot soon regenerated.

「Ahaha, ahahahahaha. Congrats. First, second, third, most adventurers would become losers already but, you got through. That means you magnificently graduated from a small fry, RIO」

As for Jouna-san, seemingly acknowledged my power, she called me by my player name.

As I continued to fight against you, I feel like my stuck feelings are shaken up intensely.

I once watched a salle classic concert in the past, just like that time, I feel like my feelings are getting so uplifted that the corners of my mouth are naturally rising up, and I can’t help but to pay my respects to her.

「But well, I’m starting to hate the RIO that’s becoming a fully-fledged powerhouse both in name and strength, so I checkmate you with the fifth, sixth, seventh and eight. 《Fifth Movement……」

With her sword dragging the score around, the notes gathered in it and followed behind.

Well then, it’s about time I sprinted for the goal.

I will use my card to flip the situation.

「《Break Skill (Destruction Technique)……》」

That’s right. The mere nine seconds of invincibility. My world that no human can achieve.

No matter how outrageously strong Jouna-san is, in that short time, I should be able to forcefully pull the advantage to me.

「Aha……, you’re coming! Since you’re clashing with me with that cheat skill……」

She cancelled her Movement Technique huh. Even if she’s the top, having seen that she’s on guard against the Break Skill, I feel like I have some hope.

「Lord Role (Destroy is Monarch’s Role)! 」

The activation succeeded. It’s time to hurry. Since the sacrificed penalty will hit if I take my sweet time, I won’t spare even a second wasted.

The moment it activates, I will cross my twin swords in a 十 cut to bisect Jouna-san.

She might fully well fight back with her set of Movement Techniques but, I have confidence that having paid a price more than just MP, she won’t be able to negate all damage.

If she has the method to receive my attack, that means she has the capability to self-enhance on the same degree of a Break Skill.

No matter how she struggled, the end should’ve been close.

「No way, where did you go right before my eyes……! 」

Aaah, Jouna-san suddenly disappeared.

A/N: To put a difference between NPC, player combat power inflates


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