BWO Chapter 104: Vampire vs Murder Demon Part 2

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The revenge match had progressed this far but, it should be obvious to the viewers that the fierceness of a fierce battle isn’t exactly there yet.

This Jouna-san, she’s just fooling around without any signs of getting serious.

「You speak a lot. 」

「I guess. If I had to talk, now is probably the only chance. 」

Even if I said it honestly, she didn’t attack with her calm face.

「Fumu, now is the only chance is it……」

「Don’t get it? If we go all out, won’t we be breathing so raggedly that we can’t talk, and if you don’t mind being good friends, let’s talk while we can talk. 」

「That’s why you’re acting so familiar……, in other words, you haven’t been attacking with the intention of killing huh. 」

「I won’t do something so rude as the first move. Since it’s a match in front of so many people from your camera, and we’re in a game, let’s just enjoy casually till the match is decided. 」

Jouna-san said with a slight smile.

The expectation that I’ve had for a long while seemed to be correct.

For Jouna-san who moves on enjoyment, she will either never be serious from the start, or she would hide her seriousness. How irritating, it looks like she’s fond of me.

Also, even if she isn’t being serious, that doesn’t mean she’s going easy. She’s avoiding any attack that would connect to an instant death and didn’t let any simple counterattack pass.

Because of that, even the great sword that excels at damage dealing isn’t very effective.

「By the way, how hard did you try just now? If that’s more than half of your everything―― then a giant killing feat is still too far for you. 」


The mysterious power behind her words that made me speechless.

Could it be, the longer I fought her, the more I’m being shown the difference in strength, being forced to acknowledge that I’m facing a tall and tough wall subconsciously.

Maybe I don’t have enough strength to pull out her everything. Uumu, it’s a hurdle that makes me want to give up.

『Jouna is still lively after 1 year of sleeping』

『Returning with no signs of blank at all』

『Jouna’s bad at ethics. Still smiling like that even after kill kill people』

『↑Serious response, that’s cuz you’re an introvert』

『Now the wind direction is becoming unpredictable. Jouna can move 50 meters within 2 seconds, but this is not just some simple story of increasing AGI to the extreme, it’s a magnificent status composition that promoted each stat from average into sublimity. 』

『That’s why Jouna has the S rank 1st place. No, that’s not all the reason. RIO-sama isn’t weak, Jouna is just that strong. 』

『Long paragraph explainer Nicky why here!? 』

It’s not that grave of a situation yet. It’s still within my expectation.

When she goes outside of my expectation is when I finally start utilizing my ad-lib strength while fighting.

「But I’m happy. That you’re just like the small fries I like a lot! Ahahaa! 」

And then she closed the distance with a dash easily. With a huge smile on her face.

Still, attacking the same way twice is her mistake. To make an attack that can be stopped with my fingers easily again, her words and action doesn’t look like Jouna-san.

A foolish strategy like such, will Jouna-san whose top on the ranks even use?

「《Exploding Spark Slash》! 」

「I knew it. 」

Killing my arrogance that started to sprout up, by moving my weapon into a diverting stance, I was able to greatly reduce the intense explosion damage.

While continue to block, huge number of sparks get scattered on each clash, and started to burn my skin black.

「My flames explode like a popcorn. If you wanna negate the sparks, then not a sword, only a shield will work. 」

「Preaching things that are obvious, you’re getting too noisy. 」

I won’t even concern myself with HP that gets reduced by tiny bits. What I should focus is…… the person in front of me.

「《Ground Shrink》! 」

The moment she activated her skill, my neck was cut to a depth that it almost reached my trachea.

「Where ya looking. 」

「When did you get behind. A skill that the eyes can’t catch huh……」

Initial action, top speed, halt. The feat of compressing all three actions into one moment. If I hadn’t recovered from the recoil of defending against 《Exploding Spark Slash》, then my head would’ve been off.

「I’m coming with more. 《Lunatical Sword Dance》! 」

Without making a pause, she came with another skill.

With a sliding kind of movement, her slashes came without pause, a feat making me dizzy as I tried following with my eyes.

What was most annoying was her super speed slash and knee-ringing heavy slashes, both types were being used interchangingly.

「Fast, fast and heavy. It’s difficult to push back this one. 」

It’s only my HP that’s going down on each metallic clashing sound.

Eiiih, should I just use the Break Skill here to find a way to win?

No, if I did it half-heartedly, it might be a critical risk for me.

「Even though my skill had been going for 5 loops already, what a tough vampire, ahahaha! 」

「Laughing so much. Is it really that funny? 」

「Of course not! It’s like how apostles of justice get angry, or how villains laugh. You should laugh too, go ahead! 」

Is that something a person who made the situation unlaughable should say? They say that laughing brings fortune but, I feel like the reverse is getting proven here.

Rather than letting it end without able to do anything, I need to find something……

『Quickly say something like a winning flag! Or else you’ll die, RIO-sama! 』

『Even if the disparity lessened, it only went from baby vs adult to child vs adult 』

『Long paragraph Nicky help! 』

『A battle, in other words, mind, technique, body, it’s the common theory that one must have all three of them to win. Jouna wins in terms of 「Technique」. RIO-sama has a 「Body」 of a non-human, so she’s slightly advantageous. For the bigger picture, 「Mind」 is still the unknown, so there’s no way to know the absolute outcome now 』

『In short, 「Mind」 is the factor to win huh』

『For a vampire with human heart (irony), might be doable』

『Mind, what kind of philosophical thing is this』

I see, I can use that idea.

Feeling grateful for the idea provider, I unintentionally nodded at the camera.

『Ah (screaming) she looked at us a bit. Precious』


『Death by preciousness』

Even superficial knowledge from these people is worth betting on.

Three important elements of mind, technique, and body. I shall put it into practice.

「My Style Lunatical Sword Dance」

「What’s that, skill? 」

I don’t care whether she’s willing to be serious or not. I will make her get serious.

Having said so, I wasn’t just solely focused on defending, I also made sure to observe closely, so it wasn’t that difficult to reproduce the trajectory. It’s time to shift into offense.

「Rather than a skill, it’s a much more of an enjoyable my style technique. Hak! 」

「Wait wait wait, if that’s not a skill but normal attacks, is this a complete copying performance show? Still, is that something you do with a great sword? 」

Mind, technique and body, trying to best in the aspect of mind is what an ordinary person will think of. Integrating something as uncertain as the clouds in a fight, it will take so long that the dawn will break.

Therefore, the answer I came up with is to deny the fact that I’m lacking in technique, and try to better her in that aspect.

「Haaaaak! 」

Heavy, quick, heavy, quick, if I continue to do it, I should almost be able to reproduce it.

No, I should be happy that I can even almost reproduce it.

「Aaahahaha, nice nice. It looks so well copied that I’m taken aback~」

While Jouna-san smiled half bitterly, she threaded through the complex tree lines as she withdrew.

It didn’t manage to hit her but, rather than defeating her, I borrowed it as a disposable mean to get her away, so it’s more than enough.

「Ufufu, I’m imitating you. How is it? 」

Incidentally, I also returned the same line in scorn.

Another incidentally, I changed my weapon into the twin blades.

「Fu―nn. Aren’t you getting on now, mesugakii

It’s good. Although her facial expression didn’t change much, I can almost say for certain she fell for the provocation.

『Not technique, but brute technique ww』

『Casually ignore what mind technique body and just brute force, godsend』

『Rather than brute force, this learner……』

『The provocations are super sharp too, jokes aside, no weakness other than the sun?? 』

『Even if provoking, isn’t it worsening the situation to provoke Jouna』

『Nope, Jouna will eventually show her peak power no matter what, so it’s the same thing. Having to face the asura furious attacks, she won’t have time to see the messages, just spectating this makes me feel my blood is gone. It just dug up my deep trauma of getting slashed into halves by Jouna with a beaming smile a year ago, but let me continue be the explainer 』

『↑No time to see the messages so shorten your message』

With this, Jouna-san should start to show most of her hands.

To make sure I don’t fill the grave I dug myself, from now, I have to tighten up and think it’s the real show.

A/N: Both have human heart and human brain, so completely normal


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