BWO Chapter 103: Vampire vs Murder Demon Part 1

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A/N: Wanted to spin it off as Vampire Princess vs Murder Princess, but rather than princess, these girls are more arrogant and irreverent characters than princesses, so……

「Win and kill…… right……, very meaningful words suiting the intellectual you. Much more interesting than what all this justice or you’re the bad guy yapping from the justice preaching idiot adventurers. 」

To think she would be spiteful of the words that was only said for the sake of convenience, she must be in the top few of the list of people you definitely don’t want to be your boss.

Well, just chatting might be a good use of time.

「Oh no, there wasn’t any deep meaning. In terms of shogi, it’s the same meaning with victory being decided the moment a checkmate happens. What I’m doing is an extension of that, I will take the blood of the almighty general and kill her after she has admitted defeat. 」

「Heee heee, I see that makes sense. Are you appealing that you’re different from my belief of killing to win? Then let us have a good match, ahahahaha, I might’ve been too talkative……」

T/N: She meant good match in the sense of a shogi match.

I will be the one to break my opponent’s time.

While Jouna-san is looking upwards and laughing, judging it is a chance, I silenced my footsteps and ran, and tried for an upper slash.

『So cheap』

『Cheeeeeap. (Of course, in the sense of a safer RIO-sama) 』

『This girl’s frighteningly good ww』

『Sorry but today’s RIO-sama has no reasoning』

『RIO-sama is not just strong. Losing sanity the right way becomes stronger』

『But…… it won’t work……! 』

「Yes seriously, even if I get hot blooded, there’s nothing but reflection to be done. 」

I thought I was going for a surprise attack but, Jouna-san saw my sword and dodged it completely without a single word, and withdrew the same distance I closed, resetting the situation.

I was foolish. Worst case scenario, just one counter attack would’ve ended in my defeat then.

「I really want to have a talk with you without being enemies. But since you have that play style of not making any friends, looks like it’s impossible. 」

It doesn’t seem like she was bothered by the surprise attack nor shaken by it.

I was just shown her evasion ability and reading speed but, I’m sure this is merely the tip of the tip of her true abilities.

If I were to point out Jouna-san’s most dangerous point, it would be her disaster level power that can turn an entire town into rubble. After all, there was an example at the fifth town.

Moreover, I only know her true abilities in tiny shards. Not knowing how many cards she has or even what cards are those are weighing my anxiousness.

Pulling out her true strength, dissipating my anxiety, if I can’t even do that much, it wouldn’t even begin as a fight, rather than attacking recklessly, it will be safer to stay passive and think of countermeasures first.


Spitting out air from my lung, I cooled my heat.

Overconfidence and carelessness must be avoided, slow start is what I want. Don’t care about being insulted as a scam, rather than winning, focus on not dying.

「Well then, show me your skills as our reunion celebration, let us start! 」

She’s coming.

Jouna-san took a step forward into a dash, I knew it, her swiftness would even give the impression of 「Disappeared」 to the eyes. With her smart movements that only aims for her opponents, she closed the distance to my face.

「Kyaahoou! 」

Then, she unleashed a sword technique at pointblank range. However, unlike the first time I met her, if I don’t move at all, I can still see her.

If so, then looks like I can do more difficult things than just dodging.

「……Is this enough to prove my skills? 」

「Heee, you’re needlessly trained. 」

Pinching the sides of her blade, I stopped her horizontal slashing trajectory.

『Hurray! Stopped that Jouna’s sword…… with just fingers!? Not touching the blade and no damage!! 』


『Awakened to kinetic vision』

『Good, proof of status difference becoming smaller』

『Rather, look, the amount of concurrent viewers is exploding』

I wonder if this is enough to show the viewers too.

If I put my effort into observing, a normal attack from Jouna-san isn’t scary at all.

「Haha, how strong. Won’t you let go? 」

Even with her attack stopped, she was still equipped with a friendly smile. She really acts like a big shot with no enemies when it comes to killing.

In any case, I can feel her arm strength resisting against mine clearly. In other words, it’s highly probable my raw strength is higher than her.

「If that’s the case, then I will let go. 」

「Ooooh? Ooh」

Having said so, my letting go would be towing Jouna-san to the air with my fingers on her blade and letting go.

I’m sure for a person that can’t fly, just by being in the air will limit their movements a lot. Well then, what should I do next.


The moment I was about to turn to face where I’m flying, she suddenly kicked against something even though there shouldn’t be anything and changed her posture into one ready to slash at me.

I thought she would have some kind of hand to overcome this degree of disadvantage but, to even have something to allow her to transition into an attacking posture…… well, it’s Jouna-san I’m facing against, so I expected it too though.

「There! 」

Defending against the first attack, I made use of my advantage to dodge the others.

Use my sword if she uses her sword, if she comes with a sword from my blind spot, then kick it away.

「Nice, that’s real nice, the perfect guarding that looks like it can’t take more if I tried just a little harder. Oops, look at your balance. 」


Jouna-san’s sword was heavier than expected, so it’s annoying to deal with.

Much heavier than the first strike, each of her attacks are strong and impactful to stun me for a few moments.

「……It’s just the perfect exchange to get warmed up. 」

Just this much is a bit too weak to kill me.

If she’s increasing her weight behind the attacks each time, then I just have to do the same and increase my strength each time.

Since I’ve fixed my balance by adjusting the surface area where my sole is contacting, I even have the room to start counterattacking now.

「You’re playing it well despite being reserved. I will praise you for that. 」

「I see your opening. There. 」

「Ah, that might’ve scratched me a little. 」

Even if there’s a chance for me to do any damage, I will not be greedy, but slowly rack it up.

「Alright, let’s stop here. 」

Then, as if suddenly bored of it, Jouna-san stopped her attacks, and took distance before running back to where she was.

Did she realize that she will be butchered or what, or maybe even bored over the match, I was confused when she didn’t come for an attack.

But the change was on me, as I felt my right shoulder feeling wet.

「My shoulders, you couldn’t cut it completely? 」

It’s something I wouldn’t have realized with my pain annulment without seeing it, but there was a shallow cut wound on my shoulder.

It’s so shallow that it would be healed immediately but, just as I turned back to Jouna-san.


She was licking my blood that was stuck on her sword.

「Imitating you」

As she so said.




『What’s going on』

『Bizarre Murder Demon move?』

『Puh (lol) you’re hundred years early to imitate RIO-sama』

『Not understanding RIO-sama at all』

『Why now』

……Might only be me who realized what she was doing.

It’s probably a provoking move. Moreover, a high level provocation that only a clever person understands.

As if saying 「You’re a vulgar vampire who licks on blood on your hands or weapon like beetles crowding on tree sap」, Jouna-san showed her provocative side.

「It’s bad for your stomach. If you’re trying to make my veins pop, maybe try learning how to act first. 」

Well, what differs from her expectation is that I’m neither an idiot nor a sage, just an average high school girl, therefore, what she did was only an act that makes me ponder what she was thinking.

「That’s somehow a cold response. Even though you’re a streamer, you don’t get on well, or maybe you’re just uninterested? But well, that personality after all」

While giving such appraisal, she was spitting out the tiny amount of blood on her tongue as if it was bitter, and then started wiping her sword with a plain handkerchief.

Seeing her like that, it felt like I saw a normal person side contrary to her serial killer side.

「Ahh I see, is that what we call gap moe? I was laughing so much my stomach was so pain when seeing your sudden mesugaki act, having to aim for the gap moe to satisfy the otakus, I will be too embarrassed to even try. 」

……Well, this Jouna-san, a death reaper or murder demon, her first impression is much different than being any of those, she looks like someone easy to get familiar with.

It feels like I’m getting taught by my senior in the Genocide route.

That’s why, I will win, kill, and surpass her, then forever retire.

A/N: Actually submitted for a web novel award, not even the second, but dropped out on the first.

A/N: Starting to suspect my writing skills.


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