BWO Chapter 102: Stubborn Dirty Person & A Rank 1st

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A/N: The writing time extended more than I thought.

A/N: Might extend more in the future.

『Five already gone』

『Tooo strong!』

『This battle species, not even a single sweat……』

『As expected of our hope』

『O great RIO-sama, defeating those undefeated legends in the first fight』

『Seriously, seriously won. Shivers』

『No wait, still one remaining. No way to know how people like him would do in the final moment 』

He is the start of the end.

If to put it nicely, he had been working on something in the shadows, but it was also him that decided to reveal everyone and let the enemy make the first move after ruining their own ambush, and finally foolishly spectate as all his party members die.

Because of him, everyone except him died a dog death. With my skill sealing abnormal status released, all the threads torn away, and even my HP was replenished two times a full tank by absorbing the now cold blood.

However, he’s still the 7th place, he might have something up his sleeves when cornered, so I will be careful like how the messages advised.

「Let me guess why you haven’t made a move until now. You’re someone that can only run his mouth, and doesn’t even have the strength to receive one of my attacks, right? 」

「Fucking hell. 【A rank 7th place ・ Connie Bat】」

「I already heard your name declaration already. I suppose getting riled up is the proof I was correct. 」

「Aaaah! Shit shit shit shit shit! 」

After the meaningful question, he immediately spilled the truth. Rather than hiding his strength, he really was weak.

Since there’s no point in talking further, let’s just get rid of him and proceed.

Still, how can someone that does nothing during a battle rise to the 7th place? Wait, didn’t I just decide to not think about it already.

「……Did it, I did it. Hehhehheh, hehehehehehheh. Heeeehehehehe! 」

「Mu? 」

Suddenly, the 7th-san started a three phase maniac laughter.

It’s too poor of an attempt to bluff me, but his cunning expression doesn’t seem like he caved in to fear and his spirit crumbled.

「Too bad for you, you’re over. After all, the A rank 1st 【That Guy-sama】 just told me he’s coming here now! 」

His face was distorted in a way as if he was convinced of victory.

A rank 1st adventurer…… looks like the unnaturalness of his absence in this place despite having a party of top A rankers will be resolved.

Come to think of it, he hasn’t even spoken a word or looked at his party members since the fight started but looks like his intentions here really wasn’t to fight. While his comrades were dying off, he was actually connecting with someone…… or rather, no one told me that the first place will be coming as backup…….

「That Guy-sama, he’s the exact embodiment of strength on a cheat level. An opponent on your level, is almost as good as trash on the roadside. 」

「All adventurers that spouted big words like that have all died in front of me. 」

「Say all you want, when That Guy-sama comes here, you won’t be able to say it. Still, I panicked a little when they couldn’t buy enough time but, it’s settled now. With his overwhelming strength, I have no worries. 」

He’s got a point, it’s natural to be less anxious when under the umbrella of someone stronger and higher in position, but what will that do when his comrades were already killed beforehand.

From his words and gestures, it seemed like the five girls just now weren’t his concerns at all.

「Let me ask you just in case, did you not tell this to your party members? 」

「Then, I shall divulge to you before you die. If I told them, won’t they push me to be the sacrifice? When will I become the number 2 if that happens? 」

「So, you mean? 」

「Only the strongest is my lifetime friend, the unbreakable justice I respect. The only one I can throw my life for, isn’t some harem of inferior goods, but my undying friendship for That Guy-sama!! 」

Aah, I think I’m getting a clearer image of this person’s true nature. He’s the incarnation of ass in the lion’s skin.

On top of that, even though his comrades were the one doing the work, he’s misunderstanding his strength even though he just stood there. Not to mention the bat-like personality that sticks up to the stronger person.

With someone like him at the seventh place among a total of three thousand A rankers, it sure makes me wonder what’s wrong with the order.

『That means we bet our lives for nothing!? Even I did my best to muster courage!? 』

『Didn’t you say it, if someone falls, the rest will carry on his will. Is that only words? 』

『Seriously the worst. I feel stupid to be deceived by a parasitic honey talker 』

『I really misjudged you. Fall in hell and die』

『Die nya』

For some reason, the angry voices of the adventurers that just died came through the chat messages.

Well, I agree with their feelings after basically experiencing a total rejection of what they thought were bonds.

For a creature who spreads misfortune around, rather than being a living shame for the live stream, I will just quickly suck all his blood without leaving a single drop, make him a dry mummified mummy.

「Woah stop there, even if you kill me, nothing will be resolved. I warn you that it will only fuel That Guy-sama’s anger. 」

Haa, since he’s saying so too, rather than for a solution, I will just get rid of him to brighten my mood.

At the same time, I activated 《Blood Scent Detection》 at maximum power around the entire area.

The nearest reaction was from the entrance of the sixth town, and it was approaching here rapidly.

「……! This blood scent……! 」

From the thick blood smell, I can tell that it’s someone that has a counter stop level even from this far.

「Ooh, you noticed? You noticed right? Come to think of it, you have a detection-type skill, right? Being able to detect a really dangerous adventurer coming closer and closer, I pity you. 」

This intense blood scent that is engraved in my memory, there’s no way I will forget it after smelling it once.

It was so much so that I unintentionally withdrew from him and covered my nose.

It was so intense of a murderous blood scent that I felt like stopping to breathe for the time being.

「To shiver from just the footsteps, how uncool, vampire. 」

As she drew even closer, I realized it once again.

Only her alone, she’s in a different league of strength than the so-called adventurers of justice.

「What now, roadside trash, try to talk back now. Try while facing That Guy-sama! 」

「So, could it be, that person that you’re talking about, this guy? 」

「Ooh, oe? 」

What the intruder held in her hand, it was a freshly severed neck that’s almost fully black due to regulations compliance.

And she threw it as if it was a piece of trash.

『ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ』

『ド ド ド ド ド』

『Here here here!! She’s heeeeere! 』

『BWO living disaster, descends』

『Our despair』

『Terrible, lost the first chance to attack』

『Ah, A1 That Guy-sama’s head is rolling……』

From the blood scent I could get from the head, the A rank 1st-san wasn’t weak at all. Still, it’s hard to not imagine that he’s only a small fry on the chopping block in front of her.

「T-That Guy-sama? Eh, why only the head? Rather, didn’t Jouna get chased away……」

「Shooouu! 」


With a short cry and a swing of her sword, the 7th-san turned into 8 pieces.

After another corpse dying a dog death added, there’s only two player remaining in this place, the nemesis that made me taste sourness last time, Jouna-san then faced towards me.

「Say, was this guy your prey? Sorry for taking it~」

「Even if it was my prey, it’s not my belonging, so don’t mind it. In any case, good evening, I finally meet you again. 」

「Well, how polite, good evening. Finally or not, I can’t stand waiting for a win on you, so I’ve come to meet you. 」

The attitude and getup that haven’t changed since that day. Seeing not many visible changes, I felt a little less worried.

After all, to fight you on equal grounds even if it meant for a short time, I’ve finished my evolution, meeting you in person, my fear mysteriously vanished.

If there’s any regret in me, then it would just be that there will never be a second rematch after this match ends.

Losing is to be avoided. It’s only today I can challenge to win.

「Even though you were a little chick that would choose death to escape that day, looks like you got some skin after that. But you’re not escaping for a second time. 」

「I don’t have the slightest intention to escape twice. Only “Win so much that you will want to escape” is in my head. 」

「Right that should be it. With those eyes that can even kill god or demon king or the protagonist, ahaha, I can’t get enough……. If you really got it in you to fight till death――」

Jouna-san who had been muttering continuously with eyes thirsting for victory finally pointed her sword towards me.

「I will kill you and win. 」

「I will win and kill you. 」

Changing to the great sword, I declared war while Seigan stance.

T/N: Seigan stance 正眼の構え, more literally as eyes front stance, a kenjutsu posture wielding the sword in front and facing the enemy.

The time is 0 hours. Tonight, the third anniversary of the game, in this fight where who will become the new threat of this world, I will do my best to hype it up.

A/N: Stomach pain even at this time.


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