BWO Chapter 101: Difficult Top A Ranks & One After Another

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『Ooops! RIO-sama’s specialty cruel slash was the starting gong―! 』

『Even the spectacular communication disorder move to start sprinting in silence becomes scary depending on the person』

『Full of spirits going to Jouna-san fight』

『But reasoning intact to stop and listen to someone』

『Oh what, it’s just the usual RIO-sama』

『Too interesting girl』

Even if they use Eriko as an excuse, I will not surrender to the adventurer’s guild.

If they can’t acknowledge that, then only a frontal resistance is the way.

「What…… what is this……」

「Noooo! Neko-chin! Neko-chiiiiin! 」

「D-Don’t falter! Didn’t we already resolve ourselves that one of us will surely go down facing RIO! 」

From one of their deaths, the adventurers lost their earlier composure, and started panicking.

They were top adventurers as lukewarm as kittens when things actually happened. If they’re dying so easily, it can’t be blamed that they’re getting underestimated like they said.

「Saying that one person dying is within your plans, you’re still thinking you have a chance? Everyone here will die though? 」

「It’s not looking good. I will cut open a path first! 」

As I was going to decide who’s the second, one of the adventurers stood back up from the panic and started running with tonfas in her hands.

「Instead of running away, you’re coming right to me? I suppose you can be the second person. 」

I will stab her throat with the great sword the moment she enters my range.

Or so I tried, but the moment it almost touched her, a wind so raging it kept my eyes shut suddenly blew, and the target suddenly disappeared as if melting into it.

「Wind is unseen. Being one body as the wind, wreak havoc to this blood stained earth! 」

Since the voice came from the right, I swung to the right, but there wasn’t any feedback of hitting a person.

「Dull. Looks like you got complacent from killing Cat Cat, and now you’re underestimating us. 」


Even though she must be there, I couldn’t hit anything even when I swung towards where the voice I came from, but she will surely reappear in my blind spot.

So, she’s somewhat of an evasion tank role huh. If I face right, she’s coming from the left, and when I turn back, she circles around, a fighting style as if the manifestation of typhoon using her tonfas and kicks, it sure is a tactic to make people feel stressful.

「There you go! 《Binding Steel Threads》! 」

While my hands were stuck, I sensed someone else moving.

Nine thin threads tangled together like a rope and came down to me amidst the storm, so I immediately changed target to strike them down.

「Good job! One hit her right arm! 」

「So this was calculated too. 」

As I looked closely on the threads that extended from her finger tips, one of her pinky had a thread that went another route, avoiding detection and slicing through my bones.

To use nine out of ten as decoys, with something that doesn’t look like a weapon, she sure is using it in a way that’s just as expected.

Though, there’s a really annoying point to it, even though my right arm was only stabbed, it became totally bound, and I can’t move it at all.

「If you’re trying to make me stay in place, this won’t even earn you 1 second. 」

Even if its penetration power (STR) is high, its durability (DEF) is still the same as a thread, I yanked on it and tore it into pieces.

「Tch, that’s why I said it’s going to be hard against a non-human opponent. Next quick! 」

「《Pipiito Skill Sealing Arrow》! It’s up to you, Tsujikaze! 」

「Yeah! 」

Oya, what’s this. Just as I thought the wind suddenly turned irregular, an arrow landed on my shoulder.

Although I predicted the A rank 4th-san is a bow user, with the raging winds able to change the arrow trajectory as she pleased, it’s difficult to avoid.

The abnormal status windows showed a 《All skills sealed》. What a bummer, even Break Skill wasn’t spared.

「It’s working! RIO has low LUK, abnormal status is really effective! 」

「Damn right――! Good job Pipiito. If that’s the case, put some necrotic poison on the threads. 」

The adventurers would talk among themselves outside of my vision, then arrows will fly towards me, threads swimming to me as if ignoring gravity, and the typhoon gradually dealt more damage too.

If putting the current situation into words, 『There’re many choices but, the “best choice” is to use an aoe attack that they will enjoy』.

「What’s this, ain’t this an easy win for us? 」

Still, the 7th-san hadn’t directly participated in the fight yet, I can’t tell at all what he’s thinking.

He looks to be secretly making plans for the fight while crossing his arms, but he also looks like he’s doing absolutely nothing. Because of that, the 3rd-san is essentially the commanding tower for this fight.

「Go Martial Girlist! Now’s the timing to beat her into a pancake! 」

「Yes Onee-sama! Chieeeetooooooo!! 」

What a blunder, because I was too focused on that decorative leader, I let the enemy come too close.

As I heard the ground being stomped with heavy footsteps, the 2nd-san was running with a hammer ready.

However, since the hammer swing itself is so slow that even a baby can see it coming, I dodged it with a slide.

In fact, her DEX was so low that her heavy hammer couldn’t change trajectory at all and just smashed into the ground.

「Ouch, what’s with this power. It’s too much. 」

An explosion noise that sent rings to my ears, and the shockwave that even lifted my skin.

Even though I should’ve dodged it completely, a big chunk of my HP was gone from just the shockwave, and my body was even blown up in the air.

「Hiiiin! I’m sorry! I have STR appraisal 『SSS』, so I can’t control iiiiiit」

As expected of the A rank 2nd place. With that outrageous STR appraisal, it makes sense to have an impact like a meteor.

Still, even though she was just doing her own job, and had not done any fault, she’s apologizing to her enemy. People like her looks very gullible.

In any case, having been blown away, I can say the situation has turned better significantly.

The area where I was thrown into had trees that looked much thicker and tougher, so it should withstand a Vampire Lord’s leg strength.

「Well then, now the fight will really start. 」

Grabbing onto the tree with my nails as I was getting blown backwards, then kicking against it and finding another tree.

「Fuh. Hah」

While buying time for my weapon to transform, I moved to another tree, and I continued to repeat that motion while speeding up.

「Is she a leopard! 」

「Not yet, I must go even faster. 」

Accelerating as much as possible, fully intent on a smoother three dimensional movement, kicking against the surface the moment my feet touches it, I repeated jumping around the trees while drawing distance from the adventurers.

「This is bad…… I can’t aim properly if she’s jumping that quickly. 」

「I knew she was fast from the stream videos, but to think she’s this fast……! 」

I did it. It’s about time they can’t catch up with their eyes.

Besides, we’re getting quite far from the typhoon, so the 6th-san’s half transparent form is becoming clearer to the eyes.

The chance to finish them in one breath has come. I changed from sideways movements to a straight line.

「Uguh……! 」

「I caught the wind. 」

With a momentum greater than the raging winds, I grabbed onto 6th-san’s neck.

Looks like she doesn’t have the capacity to use her abilities any longer while she gasped for air like a landed fish, and the annoying noise of wind blowing the leaves had stopped.

「Hatefully, I can’t use the bloodsucking skill, so the blood spouting from your neck will be spared. 」

After saying something that I don’t even understand, with the hand grasping on her neck, I gouged her skin open with my nails and let the blood flow.

「H……Help me……! 」

「《Confusion Lethal Thread》! 」

「《Pipiito Two Arms Sealing Arrow》! 」

It’s not a situation where I can let her suffer slowly.

Since I have close to no resistance to abnormal status, any abnormal status attacks have to be dodged.

「Oi Tsujikaze!? You idioooooot――! 」

Throwing 6th-san’s corpse after getting her neck arteries ripped open as a shield against the sealing arrow, I spun my transformed spear in circles to get rid of the threads glimmering with poison.

With the winds calming down, their trajectory become easier to read.

「Tsu-chan!! What do we do, what do we do…… 」

Since the 2nd-san is a wimp and froze on the spot, the 3rd adventurer will be…….

「Hey! You’re standing there slacking since just now! Even a fist fight is fine, come and help out! 」

Unn? 4th-san stopped pulling her bowstring and was screaming at the leader (probably).

「S-Shut up! I’m helping from the back, so you guys do it on your own! 」

「Didn’t you see Tsujikaze was done in!? Change to plan B, change! Quickly just go! 」

「Ha!? Y-You’re telling me to go die!? 」

How unfortunate, they were starting an argument among themselves. But this is another good opportunity for me.

「I hate that part of you, not understanding how to read the mood! I have the higher rank here, so listen to my orders in an emergency! Gah……! 」

「Third. 」

Throwing the spear with the momentum of running, it stabbed through 4th-san through her face.

Only half of them remains. To get rid of them in one fell swoop, I pulled out the spear.

「S-She’s dead……」

「Get outta the way! I just finished preparing my big move. All threads within my hands, 《Binding Thousand Threads ・ All Directions Surrounded Ver》! 」

Then, 3rd-san who showed sudden quick movements threw out hundreds of threads in all direction, and they started falling down on me.

「I can’t dodge with them being so concentrated. If so………」

Nowhere to run, the number of threads capable of covering my vision of the trees, even if I spin my spear around in full speed, I can’t get all of them. If so, I can only give up on defending.

「All hit! RIO is already a crucified scarecrow! 」

Spinning my spear one rotation and stabbing it on the ground, my whole body was pierced through and bound.

On top of that, I could hear the ground shaking footsteps from behind.

「Now! Kill her, Martial Girlist! 」

「Yesss! Teeeeeeeeeeiii! 」

……At first, I thought these girls expected for a long fight. But it looks like their party were composed for settling a fight quickly.

No matter how bad the accuracy is or how slow it is, if the target doesn’t move, then it doesn’t matter. If I took even one of that attack that surpasses a Vampire Lord several folds, I will definitely fly to heaven.

However, just for a while more, I will wait for just a tiny bit more. I have already set the tables.

「No wait, something is bad, Martial Girlist! Come back! 」

As for what I did before the threads stabbed through my entire body, I used the spear to cut off my right arm and acted as if my entire body was pierced through.

Well, the meaning of all hit wasn’t wrong though.

「H-Huh? There’re two arms…… no. That arm isn’t bound by the threads!? 」

Therefore, my newly grown right arm can move freely. I grabbed the spear stuck in the ground.


「Hebuh……! 」

I fired a flash of thrust towards 2nd-san who’s probably in a straight forward motion going for a swing.

Even though it has a clear advantage, she was an adventurer with status so biased that she didn’t even have enough status to dodge after realizing she fell into a trap.

After that, bury 3rd-san with just my right arm.

「Bujooo! O-oowawawa!? 」

Scooping the threads that bound me, pulled the reel up, and caught a fish.

Since her fingertips were connected to the threads to control them, I easily lifted her in the air, dragged her into my range without her able to do anything.

「Fifth. 」

「Everyone! Sorry……! 」

I wonder who’s really the one unable to move properly. I ended her by aiming my spear to a lethal spot and made her a skewer.

These girls were definitely difficult opponents that can’t be gauged with their ranks alone. All of them had their specialty, I was envy of their transcending combination that resulted from their teamwork.

Well, that’s if excluding the trash that still remains.

「Hieeeeeee……. Why did it become like this…… 」

「The last person, the most useless person. Whether it’s the closest town or the guild headquarters, I will send you off now so you can meet up with your party members quickly.」

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