BWO Chapter 100: Departure Time & Thought So

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Even if I have no need to rush, I decided to hurry my way to the sixth town, Dornad where Jouna-san is waiting.

『About 0 hours by the time we arrive at town. It’s the third anniversary huh……』

『RIO-sama who walks in the end even though obtained flight』

『Rather, spread wings and walk leisurely please』

『↑Feels super relatable』

『↑↑The wings swaying on each step, can’t get enough』

『Why y’all exposing your fetish like it’s nothing ww』

『But the dizziness will probably hit like on a bus if fly for long』

『Getting drunk before a fight is not very smart』

The viewers know how Jouna-san isn’t an opponent that can be dealt with easily too, I want to maintain my body conditions like my core or semicircular canals at perfect before facing her.

As I advanced through the forest, I suddenly picked up several blood scents from players.

Players about level 70. With the strengthened Blood Scent Detection, I can even tell my opponents’ levels accurately.

「Wait, please, don’t attack me. 」

Then, one of them appeared in front of me, and started a peace talk.

He’s an average looking man without holding a weapon.

「Why do I have to listen to what an enemy says? If you’re an adventurer, don’t act so weak.」

「Well actually, I didn’t come here to fight. I bring you a nice deal. 」

Saying so, the adventurer immediately took out some piece of blank form.

「You see, the headquarters, they said they’re willing to overlook what you’ve done in the past, and welcome RIO as a member of the adventurer’s guild. Particularly……」


I don’t like bad jokes.

In the first place, that would go against my vow with Parnilla-san who had given me my weapon for free.

Therefore, I replied immediately with a swing to his neck.

「I see, it’s a refusal huh, even if it meant fighting Eriko after this? 」

「……Eriko? 」

This won’t do. Just from hearing her name, I hesitated in attacking.

I must only focus on slashing……. But he continued to spout those sweet words.

「In short, in a manner of trial hiring, team up with us in killing Jouna. If you like it, you can negotiate with me for an official hiring contract afterwards. If you agree, then we’ll let you start at a high spot in the S rank. 」

Could it be they’re afraid of me, they’re offering me quite the good conditions.

I heard it would take a year at the earliest to even reach the upper S ranks. Getting offered that position from day 0 is the proof of special treatment.

「Besides that…… isn’t it much better to fight together with Eriko as friends? You don’t actually want to kill each other, right? 」

He said as if sympathizing with me. I’m sighing.

I hate sympathy the most.

However, it’s a fact that I can’t deny out right that I don’t want to fight with Eriko.

Whether he did it consciously or not, he sure is competent, aiming for the weakness in my heart.

Honestly, I want to answer that but, that wouldn’t be interesting.

「Negotiations can only happen when both of us have conditions in mind to achieve. Therefore, this isn’t even a talk, I respectfully deny. 」

So, I reasonably denied.

「I see, so I can take it that you won’t consider being on our side no matter what?」

「Nope, it’s because it doesn’t look like my request of 『Don’t put a hand into the upcoming fight』 will be honored. I bet you are plotting something behind my back, right? Along with your party members hiding here. 」

Relying on the five blood scent reactions, I exposed the adventurers hiding.

Responding to my voice, the bushes shook a little.

「Ah~ah. She noticed huh. There’re some things that’re better left not known. Leaving that aside, we’ve got an order to kill you if you rejected the offer too. 」

Thought so.

Rather than revealing his true nature, it felt like he returned to acting normally.

「Everyone prepare to fight. Name yourself. 」

He gave out orders to those hiding in the bushes.

「Why you……, exposing all of us like that simply. Stupid? Want to die? 」

「It’s leader’s bad habit to talk too much. Even though we could’ve easily swiped that head off if you stayed quiet. 」

「Gahaha! Ain’t it fine. It’s against my principles to ambush someone anyways. 」

The adventurers that responded to the calls appeared, some of them complained, while some were generous about it.

Then, confirming all of them surrounded me in positions that are fully intended to kill me, they started naming themselves.

「【A rank 6th ・ Tsujikaze】. I’m just an A rank, but I’m more than enough to kill a little girl like you. Everyone else here are also hiding their more than capable claws. 」

The first adventurer that appeared, is a strict-looking woman with two tonfa sticks.

If to trust her words, that would mean the other four adventurers here are all A ranks yet have the strength of a S rank.

「【A rank 4th place ・ Pipiito Seal】. That’s right, there’re adventurers that choose not to rank up even though they can at any time. It’s to make anyone that only refers to the rank to regret their decisions. 」

The adventurer that appeared next was a lady-like girl carrying a long bow on her back.

She’s probably the rearguard support.

「【A rank 3rd ・ Mariantonet】. Not being boastful but, we’re A rankers that are more fearsome than S rankers. We’re several steps on top of a braggart like you. 」

Next, a woman that seemed generous looking.

Mu, I saw something like a thin steel thread for a moment on her hand, don’t tell me she’s fighting with a weapon that doesn’t look like a weapon.

「【A rank second ・ Martial Girlist】. Hieeen, hauuun, this is really getting streamed……? I-It’s so embarassiing. 」

Next on the list, a girl that seemed very shy. For some reason, the ratio of girls is quite a lot.

She’s equipped with a huge pure cobblestone hammer that seems to have immeasurable destructive power, I should be careful if I don’t want to have my head go missing.

「【A ranker 5th ・ Cat Cat Therapy】 Nya’s tail will recover any serious injury in just a short nya. Get close quickly to fluff and recover nya? 」

The last adventurer is…… a girl wearing a cat costume huh. Even if she’s trying to play a character, she sure is doing it without any shame.

She’s probably the healer. Well, that’s the most logical anyways.

「By the way, I’m 【A rank No.7 ・ Connie Bat】. Our party hunted countless bounties like you. Since you didn’t accept our offer here, you’ll definitely show a crying face in the end. 」

The first person was the lowest ranker, albeit a small difference. No, it’s better to see them as people with the same level of strength huh.

『A rank top finally out』

『I-It’s them! Pinning a crime on innocent me……! 』

『They came out. The super infamous Connie that goes around PKK with their harem party. They should be quite well known among y’all here』

『Some effort just to get to where Jouna-san is』

『That’s not just some effort. Even for RIO-sama, it’s possible for them to force her to retreat in the worst case』

Looks like they’re quite the bunch of popular players that even the viewers knew and be riled up about.

After everyone finished their name declaration, the adventurer, Connie Bat started speaking again.

「I will say it once again! Surrender to the general of the adventurer’s guild. I won’t ask you to decide immediately, whether to give up or die, decide carefully with your important viewers. Heh heh heh. 」

Why is it always like this, can I not just face the final battle peacefully? Though I already know why.

In the end, it’s a pipe dream to face off my enemy without getting interrupted by a third party.

His party members were on edge with gazes that seemed to say I will beat you up if I were to reject them, there’s no opening nor carelessness from them.

Even a newbie in this game would know that these people are warriors that had been tempered through hundreds of battles.

However, it’s not like I have to discuss with my viewers. Besides, there’s not really a need for me to speak for a reply.

「……Hyo? 」

Therefore, I faced to 4 o’clock.

「Fueh? 」

Casually, kick against the ground and break out in a run.

「Aann? 」

With the purpose of getting into the posture of able to swing at any moment once she enters my range.

「Ha, haaa!? 」

Jumping to add the momentum of falling.

「No way!! Cat Cat dodge! 」

Since I have fully locked on my target’s head with nothing else in vision.


With the great sword, I slashed and slashed, until my opponent’s whole body and each hair become red from the red liquid spurting out.

This is, what I call, 「Rejection」.


「That’s the first one. Since your healer is finished, looks like I can spare myself from an attrition battle. 」

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