BWO Chapter 99: Small Vampire & Base Migration

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「Fugugugu…… Onee-san…… this is too rough……! 」

Mu, I thought I’ve already adjusted to the minimum, but it’s surprisingly difficult to turn someone into a vampire.

Elma-san looked like she was holding the reins of a rampaging horse. On the other hand, my operation was like trying to delicately thread a needle through a hole.

「I-I think I’m dying! I can’t……! 」

As expected of the Kin Transformation with a 『Kai』 suffix. It doesn’t just simply kill the subject if they can’t adapt to the blood.

It will take a long time but, I shall put my whole heart into it. Using one hand to transfuse my blood, and the other hand to use bloodsucking and remove the excess blood, slowly converting her body over.

「Howaa~. I feel like floating on a warm bath 」

She made an impression similar to when I first took blood from the Vampire Lord.

With my own sets of standards, it should be safe. I continued to slowly give her blood.

The blood transfusion for Elma-san took several minutes but, since we were able to enjoy a chat, it wasn’t boring.

Like which of my parts she liked or apologizing for being the indirect cause of her parents death to monsters and turning her to an existence close to a monster.

As the conversation unfolded in a manner as if I was a counselor, Elma-san seemed to be having her peace of mind.

「Huh? There’s something on my back. 」

Elma-san curiously reached her hands behind her back to try to see what’s there, I suppose it’s only natural.

After all, there was a small pair of wings, about half the size of Flying or Vampa on her.

「With this, it’s all complete. Elma-san is a vampire from today onwards. What’s on your back is the proof of it. 」

「Really!? Hurray, hurray! 」

She was overjoyed while jumping up and down as if she got a new toy, still, it looks like the surface area of her wingspan isn’t enough to fly yet.

Moreover, she can move the wings as she wished, make it manifest or keep it away, looks like she had properly gained the ability of Flesh Manipulation.

As for her teeth, they are now same as mine, sharp enough to pierce through skin easily.

Seeing her change, I wonder if it’s somewhere between myself after evolving several times from a Half Vampire and the vampirized Enemy that appears in the ancient castle.

「Same as Onee-san, same as Onee-san! 」

Although we became the same race, I feel guilty that it’s not exactly the same.

「Well then, Elma-san’s problem was solved, it’s time to move to our new base, Boss-san. 」

「Jesus! I can’t hide from RIO-sama at all. 」

It was obvious to me that he started peeking when the blood transfusion was about halfway done. Well, it saved me the effort to call him here, I guess it’s fine.

「It’s quite far away, about two towns away. Everyone will be going, I will be at the front with Elma-san, Boss-san…… please skillfully guide the kins that get out of line. 」

「Aye sir. That’s back breaking……」

He was grumbling loudly but, since he was totally correct, I will display my generosity and ignore it.

「Blood delicious yoyoyoo……」

「Sluuurp……! 」

「Pero pero pero pero」

Dividing a small amount of my blood to all the kins that gathered so they can fight moderately, we bid farewell to the long cave life.


Using several routes that adventurers didn’t seem likely to use, while doing this and that, we arrived near the ancient castle.

Arriving when the moon is right about overhead, it’s just as I planned initially.

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

【Leave it to me, I will be the one to remove all your enemies】

Flying who became more reliable than ever compared to when he first joined the party, capable of firing beams of energy ball instead, then Vampa who became so weakened as if he returned to before he evolved into a Vampire Lord and can only speak fixed lines. The reason we can arrive so quickly was thanks to both of them cleaning up the Enemies ahead of us.

「Fumu, the ancient castle is around here. 」

Fixing the position of Elma-san who was sleeping, I stretched my hand out to where there should be nothing and felt a sensation of a flexible vinyl.

「Well then, this will be our new base from today onwards.」

「Nn? there’s nothing though……, don’t tell me we’re living in the forest? 」

Right, the ancient castle is hidden by the barrier, so it’s confusing for a first timer.

Moreover, Boss-san is the sole pure human among us, how will he enter will be a question.

I suppose the only thing to do is try.

「I order you and you. Sandwich Boss-san from the front and back, then move forward without making a single gap until I say stop. 」

「Yes my lord」

「Yes my lord」

The two kins that replied as if facing a monarch started to glue to Boss-san on two sides.

「Hey stop……! What’s happening!? 」

「Think of it as a centipede race and move your leg along with them. 」

This will be the way to let Boss-san who can’t touch the barrier to get in.

If possible, I wanted to have the kins become a hamster ball for Boss-san to increase the chances, but this should work.

A scene that’s strange even considered to this world happened, with Boss-san’s figure sandwiched between the kins disappearing into thin air, I entered with everyone else.

「Doheee. It’s so gigantic……」

Seeing a giant castle that’s about four times bigger than the Tokyo Dome, Boss-san said in wonder.

「It’s one of those so-called haunted spots but, well the thing that haunts is already one of us. Do whatever you want inside, I will have the kins clean the place up, so find some place you can sleep and sleep. 」

「If it’s somewhere with nice air, then even a dog kennel would be great……」

Mu, honestly speaking, rather than a luxurious looking ruins far from any civilization, a small house in a corner of a town is far greater though.

If they stayed too long in this shut off place, wont their senses go haywire?

「Where are we? Did we arrive, Onee-san? 」

Elma-san would wake up occasionally. Now that she’s a vampire, she can freely adjust her sleeping time except when under an abnormal status.

「Yeah, we’re here. Elma-san will be the princess of this castle from today. 」

「A castle!? I’m given a castle!? 」

Giving is still a little too early at this point.

For a little child, a castle is a dream-like word.

Since I’m the manager of this place, I can’t exactly give it out but, when I’m outside, she effectively would be the acting keeper.

After having all the kins get inside, I went through the overgrown courtyard with Elma-san and headed towards the balcony.

「So pretty……」

Elma-san muttered while looking up to the planetarium-like starry sky, unique to VR.

Come to think of it, when the full moon reaches overhead, BWO will have its third anniversary.

「Ah it’s a shooting star! 」

「Mu, I missed it. 」

Although where Elma-san pointed towards only had static stars by the time I looked, there were many other spots that had shooting stars.

As for me, I was looking straight forward.

「It’s really a great scenery. 」

The forest area that spreads throughout my entire vision, past that, the sixth town, Dornad and its stone walls.

Staring into the dark distance hard, I could see smoke rising from the other side of the wall.

Did it start already, Jouna-san’s rampage?

「I will be heading out for a bit. 」

I told Elma-san.

「Hae? Going out already? Why? 」

「It’s to fight. 」

That’s right, the reason behind why I completed the condition-locked racial evolution is to make Jouna-san my stepping stone.

That’s why, I must go.

I should go after more preparation and leveling but, if I were to keep taking detours like that, I will just get stabbed in the back.

Moreover, I want to be the one challenging, rather than being challenged.

No nervousness. While I know where my opponent is, I think I should go.

As for Elma-san’s food while I’m not here, I have already filled a bottle with my blood.

「Please wait, Onee-san. 」

Then, Elma-san stopped me.

Therefore, I did as she asked, and asked her by meeting her eyes.

「Umm…… eyes…… can you close your eyes for a bit? 」

「Yes? Sure, I don’t mind. 」

Although I don’t know what kind of secret she’s doing, I did as she said.

I waited for a few ten seconds.

After feeling a weak gale, I felt something soft touched my cheeks for an instant.

「Please don’t be reckless. 」

As I opened my eyes, an embarrassed Elma-san was in view, but I decided not to ask too much.

「I’m heading over to Dornad. Please stay put inside, everyone. 」

「Careful out there. ……I see, the next is Dornad huh……」

After finishing informing everyone within the ancient castle, I headed out alone to the sixth town.

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