BWO Chapter 98: Worsening Disease & Giving Blood to the Cutie

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From the forums and information given by the viewers, Jouna-san is apparently rampaging in the sixth town.

Let’s make use of this joyful miscalculation cunningly. While the adventurers are being held up, I will move with my subordinates to the ancient castle.

「I’m back. Where is Elma-san resting? 」

I asked for Elma-san’s condition first.

Then, Boss-san with a very fatigued expression approached me.

「No. I’m saying this for RIO-sama’s sake, it’s better to not see Elma-san in her current state. 」

I was advised in a manner like he had already given up.

「No way, don’t tell me, Elma-san is……」

Did Elma-san’s body reach her limits way before her strong mind did?

I knew it was my mistake to let a young girl like her live in this unsanitary place but, it was still too soon than I expected.

「Uuun, she’s still alive. But, if you asked whether she’s living as a person, then I can’t answer that well……」

「Oh, if she’s still alive, then that’s good news. Let me see her now. 」

「O-Oi! Don’t just start running when you asked to see her! 」

I’m already too worried for Elma-san to stop.

Following the blood scent, I ran around the temporary base that would be moved today.

Then in a corner of a space quite far away from the entrance, Elma-san was crouching.

「Oh it’s Onee-san…… welcome back……」

Eyes that didn’t seem focused and voice that seemed weak, almost as if she got anemia.

A blood scent that can only be described by bleeding.

「……That wound. 」

I looked at her arm, from the red lines that seemed to be carved from finger nails, there were blood dripping.

Just from a glance, my anxiety that was already on edge rose up immediately.

「Did an enemy find this place? Who did you get that from? 」

「Uun, it’s because of me, sorry……. I don’t think I can take it anymore, I can only endure it by doing this. 」

Then, after apologizing, she was licking the blood from her wounds.

「Haa, haa」

But, for some reason, her breathing became rougher, and her hands were quivering as she licked it, and she took a piece of rock shrapnel that still had redness on the tip and made more wounds.

Even though she should be feeling pain from the deep cut, she was licking the fresh blood that came out as if it was very delicious.

「RIO-sama, Elma had been muttering every night that she wants to drink blood, realizing that she’s becoming abnormal, she cut herself while crying. 」

「To think Elma-san’s mutation had gone this far……」

「Saying she doesn’t want to be a bother, and not sucking the kins or my blood, sometimes she would even become like the kins army and chase after me. There were days we couldn’t sleep at all, it’s really been a headache……」

The circles around Boss-san’s eyes were darker.

「Is that so, sorry to have both of you experience this. 」

There was a sense of frustration that I must do something.

As I went for another smell inspection for Elma-san, her human blood was fighting the vampire blood as a foreign substance, and her stamina was being drained in symptoms close to a cold.

Since Kin Transformation didn’t have anything about this on the explanation, Elma-san might have already had some kind of constitution from the start, or it was something that happened from her adaptation.

「I can’t stop the thirst with only this much……. I want more blood……」

Tragically, her own blood was only a stopgap solution.

It should be natural but, a human would get hungry and want to eat. Someone who turned into a vampire would need to suck human blood to be satiated.

Even so, Elma-san resisted against her instincts, and endured by injuring herself.

I can’t help but feel extremely sorry for her.


「Sorry that I left you alone. Elma-san is such a good girl. If there’s anything Onee-san can do for you, please ask away. 」

Throwing away the stone that Elma-san held, I buried her in my chest.

「Please, don’t come near me! Onee-san smells so good that it’s…… AAaaaaAah…… I will want Onee-san’s blood! 」

「If it’s just my blood, it’s a cheap present. Here, drink to your heart’s content. 」

No matter how strong the heart is, it’s wrong to force yourself to be strong.

Although I don’t know if it’s the solution, for Elma-san that’s on the verge of madness, I opened up my dress to let her take a bite wherever.

「R-Really!? I will do it! I will really do it! 」

Elma-san who was in a state of extreme starvation started hyperventilating, while drooling from the side of her mouth……, her fangs stabbed into my neck.

「It’s sweetish……」

Giving her thoughts, she continued the vampiric act without even attempting to hide it.

Uumu, will it feel like this if I ever get blood drawn again?

「How is it?」

「Nnaa, nnmuu………」

As if dazed in the delicious taste of blood, a reply didn’t come.

Seeing her trying her best in bloodsucking, the urge to pat her washed over me, so I just decided to raise the white flag, stroking her head, and tightened my embrace.

Even though she’s cold and doesn’t have any body temperature like me, she’s comfortable to touch. Besides that, Elma-san had been gaining more weight recently, so she became nicer to hug, stimulating the desire to protect.

「Onee-san…… more delicious……」

Even when the suction is getting stronger, it’s still insignificant considering Elma-san’s small mouth.

When she got used to the taste of my neck, she changed to another place, aiming for various places where blood flow the most, every time she changed place, a mark was left at where the bloodsucking was done.

It’s the so called kiss mark.

「Oi RIO-sama, isn’t what Elma-san receiving is……」

「Sorry but, get out of the room. 」

「Yessir!! 」

Although it’s just a bloodsucking act, if he would ask to see it, I will only say 「No」, so I chased Boss-san away to another floor.

By the time a sense of immorality began to surface at being treated as food, Elma-san seemed to start regaining her sanity.

「Kepuu…… it was tasty. 」

「My, I was drank deliciously. 」

Wiping her mouth with her hands, her expression loosened with a sense of fulfillment.

「Actually…… I was really scared. No matter how much water I drink, I was still so thirsty, but I knew actually, I was actually looking for blood, and that’s scary……」

「Fumu, so you’ve noticed your own changes. 」

「That’s right. The kins? -san were all really kind, they said not enduring it is fine but, they also encouraged me to endure until Onee-san say it’s fine too, and I tried my best with the kins-san. 」

「Of course, it’s totally fine. But seeing how much you drank, looks like I don’t have to worry about anything. 」

……She was communicating with the kins. Another side to the kins was just discovered but, rather than that, I moved to another question.

「Now Elma-san has a body that’s on the verge of becoming a vampire. I’m sure it will be hard living in between both race. That’s why, whether you want to be a human or a vampire, tell me your real feelings. 」

Rather than me deciding, I want to respect Elma-san’s intentions. It might only be pretty words but, I want her to choose for herself.

For me, I would prefer she choose the latter to spare me from effort for finding a way to turn her back into a human though……

「I……I think I want to be the same as Onee-san」

An answer without hesitation came back.

But at the same time, her eyes started to be wet.

「I really like Onee-san, it feels like I’m in love. Even though we’re both girls, Onee-san is really cool, and my heart beats really loud when seeing you……」

Her approach of conveying all of her feelings without hiding anything, from anyone’s eyes, there wasn’t any hesitation.

Her eyes were looking at my eyes or nose or lips, or maybe it’s all of them.

「But Onee-san has someone she loves, so I know it’s not good…… if I can become a vampire like Onee-san, then it’s enough for me……」

「Uumu, I see. 」

Elma-san’s complicated feelings were concluded with her last words.

The one thing I can say for sure, Elma-san’s feelings that seems like love, it should be something similar to how the kins are loyal to me.

In fact, that might actually be the case. Those feelings of yours are too young to be called love.

Even so, to willingly step back for a person she loves, it’s impossible for me……. Because of Elma-san, it feels like my ugly greed was once again reaffirmed.

For the time being, since Elma-san’s intentions are in line with what I hope it to be, there’s no problem for blood provision in the future.

「After becoming a vampire, you have to live as a vampire, you can’t even take the sunlight. You won’t regret it? 」

「Unn, if Onee-san is there, then I will never. 」

Her words conveying her resolve.

I as well replied with a nod, for Elma-san to completely discard her human side, I will let the vampire blood flow.

「Here, accept my blood. 」

Using both my hands to stab into Elma-san’s neck, I said, towards the person who will become my piece.

It’s the activation of Kin Transformation ・ Kai. Shall we continue until Elma-san gains a body as strong as her mind?


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