BWO Chapter 97: At the Adventurers’ Forum Part 6 & Forum of RIO-sama Admirers Part 5

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A/N: Suddenly thrust forward with forum chapter.

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1: Nameless Adventurer

This is a special thread only for Break World Online adventurers.

Let’s write freely while keeping in line with the minimum rules.

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456: Joy Rage Sad Sad

Even though tomorrow is the third anniversary of the game, the only noteworthy event is RIO versus Murder Demon

457: Wakasagi Fishing

There should be something else though!

There should be…… I think!

458: Automata Angel Michael

Two players making a big event, are they in a light novel or something

459: Twin Hander

Where’s the follow-up news, so lame

460: Onemurin

Isn’t it already a confirmed battle for the top super evil player title.

So excited I’m not gonna sleep for another 365 days~

461: Horse Mackarel Dawasa

After all, RIO’s streaming it too

Honestly, if RIO wasn’t a streamer, then it wouldn’t be so heated up

462: Twin Hander


Go sleep! If you don’t want to look like Marshal-san

463: Virtue Upstanding

Such a fierce and grand versus battle, fits the third anniversary

The town before the capital, Dornad was it? I want to go spectate directly

464: Hydrone

You guys think as if it’s nothing……

The winner will absorb the loser and come attack the capital

465: Feather Monk

Their aim even including the capital? Isn’t it too fast??

466: Hydrone

They’re fast

Jouna-san is already one slashing around Dornad

467: Feather Monk

Hiiee I’m writing this at around there……

Human wave attack works reverse, how can we stop her

468: Sisiegfried

Nope, don’t think Dornad will fall that easily

Wasn’t it in the setting that it’s the final defense line for stopping enemy from getting to the capital

469: Bound Bant


I thought Jouna is already in town

Even if it doesn’t fall, still dangerous situation for adventurers

470: Major Shoulder

The tragedy from a year ago is gonna happen again……

471: Fierce Swordsman Horoumaru

Unforgivable Murder Demon

Bastard that betrays the adventurer guild, I haven’t forgotten for a single day the atrocity you committed

472: Vortex Swordsman Zenmaimaru


Ah this guy came to the forum

Where have you been wandering around, always absent-maru

473: Wood Swordsman Shinrinmaru


Battenmaru-sama is gathering everyone currently

You know that guy’s lunatic level of following the rules, we even got punished as a team, you’re the unforgivable one

474: Hydrone

Having two of the top ten that rarely gets any mission out there and not catching Jouna was a serious slip

475: Fat Trunks

Even though top ten, it’s the last two members, isn’t that why she got away?

It wouldn’t have happened if they sent the first two members

476: Dr. Argon

As if they can be ordered around simply

Just try to nitpick them, you gonna get a social death

477: Fat Trunks

I’m terribly sorry for being out of my place

478: Death Metal Band Shinomoto

Oh right

Not really sure if it’s the event notice, but there’s a notice about the atmosphere in capital being dangerous

479: Spin Spear

Capital, so far

480: Dr. Argon

Dangerous atmosphere (Secondary damage from Jouna and RIO)

481: Golden Watergun

But the notice was something like that during the defense event, so isn’t there really something? Don’t know though

482: Falcon Dollar Buffer


「Don’t know though」 has lost all your credibility

483: Dr. Argon

If there really is something, what do we do

With a part of adventurers out on the field, what three-year anniversary celebration we can do even if we want

484: Tom Booger

Quietly quitting the adventurer guild is more underhanded and betraying than retiring from BWO after all

485: Horizon Rebellion

For me, having resistance disappear on its own is uplifting though

486: Mad Silence Taste

At the very least, they could’ve told us before they left, and get their 『Voice』 permanently sealed as a vow to never rebel

487: Falcon Dollar Buffer


Are we some tight lipped gangster organization ww

488: Curse Seeker

Hieee, just opened the forum and scary things are happening

489: Seed Gatling

I’m currently at sixth town outskirts

Where can I escape next

Hell Opening RIO-sama Fan Club Part 10 Hell to Spectate

1: Nameless Kin

This thread is a dedication to RIO-sama

Let’s passionately talk about RIO-sama doing this and that

Trolls and haters NG.

Next thread >> 980 thank you.

339: Think of RIO-sama Second Name Committee

Well well, what happened

Are there no believers that can come up with a second name for our founder RIO-sama?

340: Nameless Kin

Black ・ de ・ Umbrella

341: Nameless Kin

Who the heck is this guy

342: Nameless Kin

Some random dude that appeared and demanded random stuff

Like how his name is, an arrogant dude that simply try to plaster a second name on RIO-sama from RIO-sama believers

A disgusting fellow that would retort with 「Even Jouna have second names that can’t be counted with one hand」 if you tried to say 「RIO-sama is fine with just being RIO-sama」

343: Think of RIO-sama Second Name Committee


90 points

344: Nameless Kin

Heeeh I see, looks like a kitchen that would order 30 thousand colored cheat katsudon.

But well, it’s also you guys that are on his self-fulfillment project

345: Nameless Kin

But if the name I propose gets used the next time, imagine the honor

Though not like I think this mysteriously mysterious committee can do that much

346: Nameless Kin

Crimson Average High School Girl

347: Nameless Kin

Eriko’s Wife

348: Nameless Kin


Hi Eriko

349: Nameless Kin

Muda muda vampire

350: Think of RIO-sama Second Name Committee


60 points


60 points


92 points


86 points


93 points

351: Nameless Kin

No way mine works tho ww

352: Nameless Kin

What’s your basis for 60 points, are you a karaoke machine or something www

353: Nameless Kin

Bloodsucking Mesu Demon

T/N: Kyuuketsu Mesugaki – Bloodsucking Mesugaki (Ki – spelled as Demon)

354: Nameless Kin

As usual for this thread, it becomes chaos

355: Nameless Kin

Brutal Beauty

356: Nameless Kin

Lord Vampire Girl with Transforming Weapon on Her Super Evil Stream

357: Nameless Kin

Say, doesn’t some random dude putting points kinda pisses you off

358: Nameless Kin

Rather, it smells of a character that gives points on their enemy’s last attack before going off the stage though……

359: Think of RIO-sama Second Name Committee


91 points


94 points

360: Nameless Kin

Bloodsucking Mesu Demon was ignored

361: Nameless Kin

This guy’s picking is too sloppy

Ain’t he giving out 90 points here and there

362: Nameless Kin



The pattern where anything other than 100 points is not considered, so points are randomly given

So resolve yourself for what is in fact 0 points until the 100 points come out

363: Nameless Kin

Birth Mom of Kins

364: Nameless Kin


365: Nameless Kin

Ruins Making Machine

366: Nameless Kin

Will Punch You in the Face If Sat Beside on Train

367: Nameless Kin

Genocide Club General

368: Nameless Kin

Black Umbrella-er RIO

369: Nameless Kin

Wonderful Villainess

370: Think of RIO-sama Second Name Committee


95 points

371: Nameless Kin

His points giving is becoming even more sloppy

372: Nameless Kin

Not getting bored?

373: Nameless Kin

Alright, we can dismiss right?

374: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama can only be RIO-sama, so why not settle on that

375: Nameless Kin


No wait

It’s RIO-sama’s specialty to destroy stiff things like those

I’m sure there will be someone in this thread to break through this kind of stiffness

376: Nameless Kin

Are there?

I saw a pretty high leveled name in the previous thread, but was just kicked aside

377: Nameless Kin

I’m bad at comedic answers though

378: Nameless Kin

Serious good second name come come come

Come make this thread with rotting mood brighten up instantly

379: Nameless Kin

What about this

Vampire with a Human Heart

380: Nameless Kin



381: Nameless Kin


Oooh! That’s the one!

382: Nameless Kin


Personally, excellent

383: Nameless Kin


A human heart, what a nice ring……, a human heart!?

384: Think of RIO-sama Second Name Committee


100 points

Goodness, hats off to your naming sense

385: Nameless Kin

All the praises kusa

386: Nameless Kin

Y’all, no way that dangerous girl has a human heart though

387: Nameless Kin


What have you understood about a human heart from watching RIO-sama’s stream?

388: Nameless Kin


As expected of human-sama, creating the concept of 『Human heart = normal』 and getting proud over themselves for it

389: Nameless Kin

Rather, RIO-sama seem to be getting back a heart appropriate for her age……

390: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama’s greatest enemy is the adventurer guild bunch that are pure human supremacy ideologists, so the roundabout way of irony suits her best right

391: Nameless Kin

That kind of hidden meaning for human heart huh

Laughed for the first time in this year

392: Nameless Kin


Laugh more!

Train your facial muscles!

393: Nameless Kin

Vampire with a Human Heart (Irony)

394: Nameless Kin


Stop that www

395: Nameless Kin

I knew it, JINRUI is stupid

T/N: JINRUI = humanity

396: Nameless Kin

What a precious thread nowadays, thinking about what a human heart is

A/N: Is there really a good name for RIO-sama?


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