BWO Chapter 96: Eriko’s Inability to Prove Innocence & Jouna on the Other Hand

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A/N: The virtual world turns with RIO as the center.

「Well then Eriko, a report just came from above that Jouna is spotted in the sixth town, Dornad. 」

Even though I was having a guhe guhe housing time surrounded by RIO dolls, I was called out in an emergency, so I logged into the capital, but look at this.

This person, Thungaring-san is an S rank adventurer who is my superior inside BWO.

Honestly speaking, he’s someone with a personality that makes it unbearable just being nearby.

「So what about that? 」

「What about that? You’re too young to act senile. If we know Jouna’s location, then your real-life friend, RIO will definitely be heading there too. 」

From how he worded it, I have a bad feeling…….

「Jouna and RIO will probably hit Dornad tonight. That’s the agenda, the fight between the two absolute evil names will unfold, what’s your ideal situation from that fight? 」

I was asked with a suspicious eye.

This person asked me knowing I’m close with RIO.

While many adventurers had already abandoned the guild at signs of an upcoming destruction, probably thinking that I will betray the adventurer’s guild, they left me behind.

That’s why they’re testing my intentions.

Whether I will perform my job as an adventurer to stand against RIO, the guild headquarters is probably asking me through this person.

I must answer.

「Jouna and RIO defeat each other, or aiming the chance both of them are exhausted, don’t let any of them escape and finish them off……」

That’s why, I killed my personal feelings and spoke a lie.

Because it was the answer I thought will benefit the guild the most.

「That’s right, a correct answer. 」

With a strict face, his hands were stretching as if trying to pat me, so I pushed it away.

This person never hesitates to say anything.

「Even though you’re known for your bad behavior and having a lower rank than me, you’re more suited to fighting RIO than me. The guild is also expecting you as a powerful piece against RIO, so they have to take care of you for any off chances. I will also spare no effort in helping. 」

「Thanks for that. 」

I swear, the day I become a higher rank than him, I will expose all his wrongdoings and banish him.

「Just do some leveling around the capital till the D-day. The headquarters decided that Jouna will be left alone, and the citizens here will be the necessary sacrifice.

Even though it’s something abnormal for a person above others to say, he said it that easily.

「Necessary sacrifice, you said…… why. Are you saying it knowingly what it means? 」

To make something cruel sounds pretty, how terrible.

Adventurers, they are all people that can casually take something that’s considered a last resort and play it on the first move, so exasperating.

「Well, that can’t be helped right. You want to have those citizens that can only cultivate and till fields fight the Murder Demon? 」

「Not that! Even though there’re so many people dying at the next town, only the stronger people…… the people that can revive even after being killed, isn’t it their job to limit the casualties at minimum! 」

「That’s left up to the adventurers who’re eager to save the citizens, we’ll make sure the adventurers will express their deepest condolences to the citizens that are sacrificed for Jouna. 」

He just dodged the point casually. This person intends to spend his safe time at the capital.

But he still dares to say. He won’t make graves for the victims, nor does he remember any of them.

It’s so infuriating.

「Not caring about the people under you if it meant lightening your burden, don’t you realize that you’re acting the same way as those black hearted superiors you so hate!! 」

「Hoouu. Haven’t you gotten good at pointing things out. 」

Not responding to my words, he only smiled as if enjoying it.

《Karma value has dropped》

……So, it’s this, the reason why he can smirk like that. It depends on the person, but there’s a rule for adventurers that any superiors must be heeded, a setting that the one above is always correct.

Even the so called bad behaviors that I don’t recall at all, the message log would pop up as the proof.

This is why my ranking keeps dropping. Isn’t the adventurer’s guild too in on meritocracy?

As I thought about it, Thungaring-san stood up.

「I decided for you already but, the experts in interpersonal combat that are gathered in the guild here are put under you. 」

After that, he showed some kind of gestures to the people waiting outside.

「They’re fellas that are your party member from now on, go say hi or something. 」

Then, a bunch of people entering the room.


「Nice to meet you, Eriko-san」

「What’s with that equipment, isn’t that too catchy? 」

「I heard it from outside, I wonder if you really can kill RIO? 」

The atmosphere of not being welcomed. I’m confident that they’re adventurers for monitoring me.

All of them are women, and they all had anti magic type equipment.

「A quest to monitor Puchi ・ Eriko’s movements, don’t you think it’s a lot more meaningful since we can show up on her live stream?」

「I hate that. A live streamer praised for her yuri business, it’s disgusting. 」

Haaa, the party only being composed of girls were probably Thungaring-san’s considerations but, they sure are a bunch of unlikeable people.

「Well, since we’re meeting for the first time, a self-introduction is customary. My player name is 【S rank 1310th ・ Princechu Eriko】. It might only be for a short while, but please take care of me. 」

Although unwilling, it’s not a place I can voice my opinions, so I just greeted lightly.

To have this much super strict monitoring going on, the adventurer’s guild is definitely still suspicious of me turning to RIO’s side.

What emptiness……. No matter how loyal I am, with the bunch of people not willing to acknowledge it, I’m losing my motivation.

But my mission is already decided.

Be it RIO or the Murder Demon, if I met any of them, I would fight them as an adventurer that carries the banner of justice without shame!


「My name is Douru! Even if while you’re attacking me, I want you to listen to what I say! 」

In the sixth town where night has fallen, there was a young man who named his player name while trying to converse with a certain person.

「Even if an idiot, to think a masochist-type idiot will come, this is idiotic. 」

As for his opponent, she was too dumbfounded and shrugged her shoulders at his reckless decision of coming without any backup.

For Douru, making contact at the timing when everyone else is gone is his plan. Since he didn’t come for a fight, it’s the best situation for trying to talk.

But at that time, a streak of light cut in front of Douru.

「U-Uwaaaah! 」

That instant, what connected to his right wrist went missing.

It was cut at a speed difficult to be recognized, and his right hand dropped in a bush somewhere.

Even though his face distorted from the intense pain, he did not falter, and opened his mouth once again for his purpose.

「Our organization, the Seven Deadly Sins are recruiting and helping players that are against the adventurer’s guild! Jouna, your strength that can go against the top player, we hope…… ho? 」

「Hoii― my win! 」

The moment he heard Jouna’s rejoicing voice, Douru’s vision turned upside down, and the death message appeared for him.

After his wrist getting cut, it was his neck getting cut next.

「Sorry sorry, I don’t have any interest other than my match with RIO, I can’t help but cut you down to win. 」

The mad dog that can easily destroy a town spoke the words as if spitting them to Douru’s corpse.

It shouldn’t be a bad offer for Jouna but, it wasn’t possible to talk sense or make an agreement with a crazy person that would rather seek murder solely for her pleasure than talking.

As Douru was on the verge of being sent to the Prison Island, he thought, 「I’m glad I’m the only one dying」, feeling a sense of responsibility as a leader caring for his comrades, or perhaps having no regrets after accomplishing everything he could.

In fact, they already expected it was probably impossible, so Meeya, Parnilla, Florence, other former adventurers that were advancing their preparation in the Origin Town didn’t accompany him.

For Jouna, an annoying person has been taken care of for the time being.

「……Rather, Intelli-kun and Baamaru-kun, their level gone up so much from the last I met them, inflation should have a limit too 」

She reflected on the battle that happened previously.

The people that she took for granted weaker than her climbed to a level that could defeat her in just one year.

Jouna who realized that in just a few rounds of exchange chose to escape into the sixth town when the chance presented itself and managed to escape while on the verge of death.

Since the adventurers incurred grave losses too, it was fortunate they didn’t immediately pursue her. If it weren’t for Jouna’s equipment of having the PK specialized trait of increasing damage against 『Race: Human』, she probably would’ve died already.

The reason why she left the fifth town was because of that.

「Too strong then too pestering. The adventurers in the sixth town of Dornad should be mostly small fries but, what’s with this difference, isn’t it a bug? 」

Jouna who was ranked 1st before rebelling the adventurer’s guild. Going against her from the front and lost.

Looks like the war result had left quite a lasting wound.

「It’s bad news just knowing there’s 8 more people above them at the very least huh. What a terrible souvenir they left behind. 」

After battling Laplace and Battenmaru, Jouna felt the darkness in her future road.

「Well, what-ever! 」

She purposefully dispelled her dampened mood with a loud voice.

Jouna has a personality that switches gear quickly. Doing it as she wishes, by reliving the sensation of cutting through Enemy or people with her sword, her painful thoughts can be quickly blown away.

「Who should I win against next. If only a bunch of small fries gather so I can win against all of them at once. 」

As her heart fluttered, she looked around to find the next excitement ticket.

Then, while doing that, she muttered.

「The match with RIO, I’m really looking forward to it……. Quickly, sooner, I just want to mess you up to death……」

Was it stemming from being half killed, or was it a love-like admiration kind of feeling?

With her mood too uplifted, by the time she noticed, her sword already cut open an entire mansion, and the citizens within were all sacrificed.

Even though she looks like this, Jouna made sure to check RIO’s live stream every day.

The reason she returned to BWO is also majorly influenced by RIO’s trampling acts.

Seeing the stimulating stream that would trample upon players or citizens alike without hesitation and destroying the town, Jouna’s heart that was cooled down was once again lit ablaze.

「Ahahahaha, be patient for now. But being patient all the time sucks, I’m gonna score a win against anyone I see from now on-」

Thinking about her now rival RIO, she began her murdering spree in earnest.

A/N: Jouna wins → Didn’t want to fight against RIO after all?

A/N: RIO wins → Supported RIO after all?

A/N: Dangerous to answer both.


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