BWO Chapter 95: Eriko’s Insentience

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Taking off the VR headgear, I thought to immediately start working on the housing project’s announcement or video editing.

「Nya, Eriko is back! 」

Nn? Rio’s voice?

It was more of a childish voice than usual and sounded a little animal-like but…… oh right!

「Welcome back desu. Unya nya 」

This girl, a 23 centimeters tall Rio with calico cat ears and tail, in short, is my pet.

If I have to sum it up, she’s so adorable that I will eat her.

「Sorry for being so late, Rio No. 1. Were you a good girl~? 」

「Rather than that, you were later than your promise. But I will forgive you for some pats and up, up and away. 」

Uuu―, this is harsh. Rio No. 1 is like the real Rio, she’s a cat that’s really strict on time.

「Guhehehehe. Up, up, and awa-y~ 」

「Nya nya, I like this! 」

For the time being, I lifted the pouting Rio No. 1 high in the air to appease her.

Aah~ what bliss. She’s feels good to touch like a mollusk.

She’s been growing well after I picked her from a adopt me box~. Oya, her body is surprisingly long.

「That’s unfair No. 1! I want to do that too! 」

Are you Rio No. 2!? Did I adopt two cats again?

For some reason, my mind feels foggy, but when in face of this devilish cuteness, who cares.

「Then let’s take turns. Come~」

「Mii~, I’m coming. 」

Rio No. 2 is slowly tottering over here…… c-cuuuute! I’m getting KO ‘ed!

Not just up, up and away, I want to do more fun things and have kya kya guhehe.

T/N: Eriko original language

Huh? Why do I feel someone is on my leg?

「The top of Eriko’s lap, it’s as soft as mochi, a good sleeping place……」

「Gyaaaa!! Saying something like soft as mochi, I’m gonna die from shock! 」

From her gestures alone, Rio No. 3 who arrived with a heart gouging critical hit had curled up on my lap by the time I noticed.

I’m sure I succeeded in dieting though!? But for the sake of the sleepy Rio No. 3, I don’t mind getting a soft as mochi body.

「Unyaa―! My new finisher, have a taste of it! 」

Did I even have a No. 4!? Unyaa before a finisher, I’m gonna die from the preciousness…….

This active girl utilized her swift jumping power and climbed up my shoulders in one go, then waved her fist.

「Finisher, Rio punch―! 」


It was super effective.

The fist ball that hit my cheeks was so soft that a pathetic noise came out of my mouth unintentionally.

「Eriko, food, please give me food. 」

「I know game is your work but, you need to study too. 」

A gluttonous Rio No. 5 and a hard working Rio No. 6.

「Hicc…… Erikoo…… No. 8 is biting on my tail……」

「No. 7 tail is flailing around so I took a bite only. You can’t blame a cat for their instinct. 」

A crying baby Rio No. 7, and a pampered Rio No. 8.

What a guhehe Rio harem.

Is this heaven? Rather, with so many small Rio, it’s not even a heaven, but god’s domaiiiiiiiiin!

I have no regrets in my life.

「Eriko will feed me for life. 」

「No, it’s me. 」

「Me, munyaa munyaa. 」

「I will not back off! 」


「No matter what, it’s going to be me. 」

「Me…… I will be chosen, right……? 」

「Cry begging is unfair, you thieving cat! 」

Suddenly, an intense fight for me broke out.

Tails tangled together, intimidating each other, everyone is facing each other in a big competition. Even though I will feed all of them, they are too greedy that it’s troubling.

But since each Rio is cute, so no problem! Everyone is different but everyone is Rio!

「Don’t fight over me~. Guheehehehehehehehehe」

「Eri-nee, wake up or yer late. 」

As I woke up from my dream, my little sister, Yoshiko stripped the futon from me.

What a deep emptiness I’m feeling.

But even if it’s a dream, it’s a super happy dream that I must see the continuation.

Alright, if I sleep again, then maybe I can meet the Rio kitties again?

「……What is this redness. It’s all mine? 」

As I took another glance at the bed, rather than heaven, it was a pool of nosebleed hell.


It’s finally time for lunch break, but I wonder what’s Rio doing?

「Suu…… suu……」

Rio’s sleeping face and breath are all cool beauty.

She’s probably tired out from gaming again. Even though the game itself has up and downs with good places to stop but, she usually still goes late into the night.

But Rio has the super technique of maintaining her slightly above average results even without studying, so there’s no worry in that part.

「Poke poke」

I tried poking a little at Rio’s sleeping cheeks.

Alright, there’s no helping it, the person that sleeps in front of a guhehe person like me is the one at fault.

Hold up…… if she doesn’t wake up before the next lesson begins, then maybe the promised scenario in a school life, 「If you don’t wake up now, then I will kiss you ☆」 will happen. Guhehhe~, I’m getting excited now.


As my finger sunk into Rio’s squishy cheeks, she made a small noise as if feeling ticklish.

Just that would be fine but……why is she sucking on my finger? Is she trying to crush my reasoning?


As I was thinking like that, suddenly, my finger was licked.

Wait!? What is this tongue, it’s like she’s a little baby drinking from a bottle!

Ah not good, my nose is about to bleed.


Moreover, she came with a combo of a play-biting, I can’t help but to be curious about what she’s dreaming.


The play-biting became real biting, I had no choice but to pull my finger from the pain.

Also, even more than that, the gazes around me are painful.

The gazes as if looking at a pervert disturbing the morals is stabbing deeply.

But…… the sticky feeling on my fingertips made me forget it.

「Rio’s saliva. Gu…… gu……」

An intense struggle whether to lick or not to lick the finger that Rio had in her mouth.

If I do it, then maybe a strategy to pretend going to the washroom? No way no way, even if I did it after hiding, if someone saw me on the off chance, then it’s a humility I will carry to my grave.


「Hyees! Sleep talk……? 」

With my name suddenly called out, I was spooked whether my intentions were seen through.

Still, my name spoken clearly even while sleep talking…… I can’t stand it~.

「Where are you…… Erikoo……」

As I listened into her sleep talking, her voice was mixed with a little anxiety.

Hmmm. Maybe it’s a serious dream of being alone in a dark place? And the person that she calls out to for help is me…… hawawa, I must be very adored by Rio.

「Yes, yes―. Eriko is here for you―」

There’s a superstition about not replying to a sleep talker but, if it’s for the lonely Rio, I will do it with no hesitation.

「Haaaa, so you were there. 」

「So harsh」

The response was so harsh. She even sighed.

Rather, someone please retort at this situation where I’m conversing with a sleep talker.

「……Muaaaa, it’s almost time for the next lesson. What’s the matter, Eriko? 」

Rio woke up according to her biological clock and stretched her back.

As if not remembering what she dreamed, she’s staring at me strangely, wondering what happened.

Oh, I see, she’s looking at my finger that has drool on it. If it gets discovered, I feel like the worst misunderstanding and condemning gaze will forever stick on me.

「N-nothing, I was playing with Rio. 」

「With me? I don’t remember it but, it’s not a time to be playing now. 」


I was scolded by the strict Rio. Then I got back to my seat in the nick of time.

Rio, she’s a super beauty with all kinds of characteristics that a fan club for her wouldn’t be strange, even if there’s some weird parts outside of her appearance. I like it very much though.

Still, I wonder what Rio’s sleeping face would’ve looked 10 years ago.

Maybe it’s totally different from now, super innocent and super cute.

Haaa, if only I was a childhood friend with Rio. Maybe I can pray to God to put the setting of a childhood friend with Rio on me when reincarnating to my next life!

A/N: Rio is cat


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