BWO Chapter 94: Rio’s Dreams

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A/N: Real time = Yuri war~ning time

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Uhhm, what was I doing again?

Right, while occupying the dining table, I was waiting for Eriko’s return with this child.

「What Onee-san-mama makes is…… so tasty my cheeks are melting! Ehehe, I’m taking one more. 」


My home made cheese hamburg received a great appraisal from Elma-san.

T/N: Elma has a kanji name in this chapter.

After graduating from a university and marrying Eriko in a same sex marriage, I was always on the edge when we first adopted a child but, after carefully pouring my affection, we grew to open up to each other to the point of actual parent and child, somehow my eyes are feeling warm.

「Ah! Eriko-mama is back! 」

Elma-san who noticed Eriko’s presence earliest put her chopsticks down and stood up.

「Then shall we welcome Eriko-mama who worked hard from morning to night? 」

「Unn! 」

Fumu, the fact that she can be so energetic is the proof that she had opened up to us as a couple.

Going together to the entrance with Elma-san, as the door opened.

「Fuiii―……, today was so busy~」

A face that wet from sweat, Eriko who looks a little chubby from happiness in a slightly crinkled suit attire.

Being the average person I am, I couldn’t find any good workplace, and just settled as a house wife, but with Eriko’s excellent academic results and making use of her live streamer career, she managed to land a job at a streaming company, and had worked a full body of sweat today too.

Looking at you like this……I can’t help but adore you so much……

「Welcome back Eriko, good work today too. Will you have dinner first? Or the bath? 」

「Muu. Just dinner and bath aren’t enough~」

I greeted her as usual but, could it be that she’s too tired, her response wasn’t bright.

Oops, to think I would forget about something like that. Whenever Eriko said that, she’s signaling at the third choice to be spoiled.

「Or perhaps……, me, how about it……? 」

「Of course, one Rio for me!! 」

Aah, you can’t do that.

To push me down when Elma-san is looking from the side, you are lacking decency.

Then, even approaching my face and……kissed me.

「My fatigue is getting blown away by Rio’s red face. Nnn~ Rioo, I love youu~」

「Me too. Rather, I will have you know that my love is stronger! 」

「No way! I’m the one that’s suu――per love you! I even brag to everyone when I’m bored while working. 」

「Ehh!? How can you do such embarrassing things! 」

「Nothing’s embarrassing. After all, it’s about the best partner I chose in life! 」

…How troubling can you be, Erikoo…….

Uuu, it’s my defeat when I can’t fully deny her.

Just like that, I competed with Eriko whose love is stronger. Still, having it go out of hand every time is just the usual.

「I feel like my love for Rio is so much that it hurts……」

Aah, her gaze towards me finally showed a mix of lustful desire.

It’s probably because she was busy with work recently that we didn’t have time together.

I guess there’s no other option but for me to spoil her. After all, it’s Eriko that is my partner for life.

My mental preparation is always complete. Ufufu, we can express our loves after Elma-san sleeps.

「It was a dream. 」

I realized, right after waking up, still, it’s awfully detailed to my ideals for a dream.

As I checked my phone, I snoozed 30 minutes past the alarm that I set.

To trap me inside a dream, is Eriko actually a succubus……?


「Osu Eriri」

「Haru-chan morning~」

Haruka-san, a classmate exchanged an innocent smile with Eriko, as she passed by while on her way to her seat.

Thanks to them having close attendance numbers and the seat arranged based on that, they would always have a friendly conversation during breaks.

「How are you recently, earning it big with streaming? 」

「Geez~, even if it’s Haru-chan, that is a business secret~」

「Why not, I’m asking while thinking about my best friend’s financial state, you know? I will get you another nice part time job. 」

「Thanks. But another maid cafe is too much~」

……Still, they are quite close to each other.

It’s Eriko’s strength to break the ice no matter it’s with who but, it’s also her cause for trouble sometimes.

Just this month, I was a little bewildered when I saw a love letter in her shoebox.

It’s fine since she immediately called the sender and rejected him but, it’s because that she is always nice to everyone that nasty people would misunderstand.

Even Haruka-san, she only ever talks about streaming, it might only be that she regards Eriko as someone more popular than her. It’s not like having more friendly relationship is always better.

As for me, I don’t have that many relationship other than Eriko.

Well, a grim person like me that only studies during a lesson or fake sleeping on the desk won’t fit with Eriko.

I’m sure she’s having a better time when talking with Haruka-san or other girls in the class.

「Say Eriri, I’m feeling some sort of pressure that’s like killing intent stabbing on my back, ever felt like that? Did I get possessed by a ghost……? 」

「What kind of ghost story is that? But I’m feeling the chills too, maybe it’s true……」

Fumu, what happened between them?

「D-D-Don’t tell me, it’s getting jealous because I’m not paying attention to it? 」

Mu, could it be there’s someone else that is more than a friend to Eriko?

While I was fearful from the thought, suddenly, the feeling of a hug assaulted me from behind.

「Rio! Sorry I left you alone, come let me spoil you a bunch! 」

「Hya! Stop it Eriko. It’s not like being alone here is anything for me」

「Guhehehehe, how you get jealous is also angelic~ I knew it, Rio is lonely like a bunny」

Awaa…… my anxious heart is calming down.

「Hafuu~, Rio extract. Legal drug~」

「Legal drug……. Please let me be a normal human on this side at the very least. 」

……Eriko simply is excellent at adapting, it’s a fact that I’m still the number one for Eriko.

There’s nothing to be doubtful of. I should be reflecting for doubting Eriko for even a moment.

「Huh, the pressure is gone? 」

And Haruka-san’s voice went from the right ear to the left ear immediately.


「――So that’s how you managed to become a Vampire Lord」

During lunch recess, Eriko is celebrating what happened.

「Yes, still, it’s my mistake to lose control at the pleasure that I never tasted before. 」

「Became the highest high? Guhehehe guhee………」

Then, while Eriko was laughing like a devil, she suddenly sprayed out blood from her nose.

Did she see that public execution scene?

I can’t stop regretting that I didn’t manage to keep enough sanity to stop myself from mentioning her name.

At that time, the pleasure multiplied so much just by thinking about Eriko……, if Eriko herself is at that place, in that horrifying appearance, I’m sure I would have taken her lips in that rampaging mental state.

「The cool beauty Rio said beloved Eriko…… aaguheeheeeheeee」

「It’s just the wording! The beloved doesn’t have any deeper meaning, I just said something normal between friends……」

「I see I see, trying to write it off means it’s really that kind of beloved~. A cheek rub for the kuudere Rio~」

「Umm, with that face full of nosebleed? 」

No matter what kind of stream it becomes, Eriko is always the usual Eriko.

Your skinship, I always have difficulty to tell whether you did it unconsciously or was it to purposefully tease me.

Honestly speaking, I want her to hold back on it. The more I feel Eriko’s warmth, the more hesitation I feel at the prospect of facing Eriko in the virtual world.

Eriko…… Eriko……

T/N: The author differentiates between reality and virtual with the names, kanji names are real, and katakana are the characters. Same case here with Elma earlier.

Rather than holding swords against each other until one of us collapse, I want it to be a skinship like this…….

A/N: Any interest Eriko’s dream? (I wrote it already though)


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