BWO Chapter 93: Monarch Robbery & you are load

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Break Skill ・ Lord Role (Destruction Technique ・ Destroy is Monarch’s Role)

Description: One of the ultimate kinds of 《Skill》, only granted to vampires who has sucked the blood of an ancestor and has become the same level as an ancestor.

Activation is accompanied with tremendous load on the body, as a normal person’s body naturally crumbles from it, Break Skill (Destruction Technique) is only usable by certain races.

Effect: By offering any part of the body as a sacrifice, for 9 seconds, increase all stats and bodily functions by 5~10 factors. The coefficient changes depending on the sacrifice.





『Everyone thinking the same stuff』


『Break Skill tueeeeeeee』


『If normal humans can’t even use it, then of course it’s getting the special treatment』

『8 seconds have passed! 』

The Vampire Lord immediately retreated outside of the great sword’s range while still facing me but, with just a swing, the great sword ruptured sound and space, cutting longer than what the blade can reach, he was split into two halves.

The effects of Break Skill (Destruction Technique), it certainly has the worth to be called the ultimate destruction skill. Because of increase in power and range, even the wall behind the Vampire Lord had a streak from my cut.

「It’s already nine seconds……」

Along with a sudden drain of energy, my entire left eye went dark, the feeling of the eyeball being there even disappeared.

Not just that, even with the enhanced regenerative powers I obtained after evolving, it didn’t show any signs of recovering. The price isn’t very small.

【gGhuaaa……! Re……regenerate……】

Oya, looks like he’s still alive.

On top of that, his lower body is rapidly regenerating from the cross section.

Looks like just this much damage is not enough to kill his immortal body.

Besides, I didn’t do anything after swinging the great sword…… more specifically, it was my mistake for not able to do anything.

If I were to describe it, it would be like suddenly experiencing a different gravity like on the surface of a moon or an entirely different world, panicking at the unfamiliar sensation, by the time I got used to it, I already wasted too much time, and the effect ran out.

【……To stop your attacks there. Fool, I knew the vessel of a Lord did not lie in you! 】

In the time I was confused from the sudden failure of my left eye, he had already made a full recover.

「Who said I will stop? 《Break Skill ・ Lord Role (Destruction Technique ・ Destroy is Monarch’s Role)》」

I will do another follow up attack.

The next part to be sacrificed is…… my right leg, I’m already not feeling it.

I can fly now, but not being able to run will be an inconvenience.

Well then, within this nine seconds, I will finish it. And I already decided on my method to defeat him.


It’s to decrease his HP so much that recovery can’t catch up.

Changing into the claws, I gripped it tightly and flew above the ice covered room.

【So you’re approaching me, what futility! 】

That’s his starting movement to activate his magic.

However, I have the confidence that no matter what magic he throws, it’s useless.

【Gunuuh!! 】

Closing the gap in an instant, with a knee kick, I smashed him into the ground.

If he’s a Wizard before evolving, then fighting in close quarters means my chances are better.

……How should I put it, the tremendous boost from using the Break Skill is enhancing the body past the limits of an organism, I can’t help but be surprised by my body performance.

Even the kinetic vision was enhanced overboard, the figure of my opponent trying to get up are like still frames for me.

I must say, I’m impressed by myself for not getting swung around by the skill.

In any case, getting used to the effect quickly is a big advantage for me.


The only thing I need to do.

In the limited time, in the short rush that all body limits are lifted, I will decide the match.

【Not good…… this fellow intends to go all out with the Break Skill……! 】

If I can cut all of his HP in one breath, he should die.


T/N: Not ora ora, but soko (there). I died a little tl-ing this.

Aiming properly, I just anyhow spend all my resources into hitting anything I can see.

A crater forms from each of my hit landing on the Vampire Lord, eventually, when his escape is no longer possible, I followed with a rush of elbow strikes.

【Guaaaaaaaaaah……! 】

No matter what happens, I will not stop.

Even if my arm breaks or the castle collapses, I won’t bat an eye. If I even stop for a moment, then he will have the chance to counter.


Unleashing everything without thinking, eight full seconds of making him a sandbag without a chance of him counter attacking…….

The ground below us gave way and we fell by a floor but, by the nineth seconds, he finally stopped moving.

【I feel light headed……. Is this, the power of a vampire that aims for the peak……】

The Vampire Lord no longer showed any signs of regeneration or recovery.

It’s because his remaining HP is at zero.

「Usurp the monarch. 」

Managed to accomplish my racial evolution, I finally got the match to end after continue smashing the same attacks in.


Skill: Bloodsucking ・ Kai

Description: A basic skill considered for a Vampire Lord, can stop at will. From becoming Kai, absorption and speed has greatly increased.

During bloodsucking, HP and MP recovers, able to gain experience after bloodsucking finishes, for a limited period, small attack increase.

Skill: Blood Tank Capacity Release

Description: HP gained from absorption can now exceed maximum HP.

Currently, limited at two folds of maximum HP.


Finally, with 《Bloodsucking》, I took in more of the monarch’s blood.

As expected, the intoxication feeling didn’t come a second time, I feel relieved.

「No matter how high of a wall the Vampire Lord is, it’s only a stepping stone for me. Still, I feel like I talked too much while stepping over it. 」

The blissful experience that couldn’t be stopped right after I finally used bloodsucking, it feels like I was intoxicated with alcohol or something.

Especially with Eriko, while live streaming, comparable to standing in front of the entire school, I even announced 「My beloved」, I really want to hit myself.

Aaah……I can’t bring myself to look at the camera from the after embarrassment…….


《Defeated the Extra Enemy 【Vampire Lord】》

《Level has risen to 66》

《Obtained 10000 Iris》

《The rights of 【Ancient Castle of Vampires】 was transferred from Extra Enemy ・ Vampire Lord to player RIO》

《Obtained the title 【One who succeeds the ancestor blood】》

《Kin Transformation is effective on 【Vampire Lord】》

《Karma value has risen》


After calming down, I took a look around.

The skating ring in the room has already melted, becoming water and evaporating, dissipating as mist.

Because of the Break Skill, I can’t feel my leg but, seeing how my left eye has already recovered, my leg should also recover some time later.

『Victorrrryyyyy!! 』

『Cheat recovery and cheat buff, super muscle brain clear』

『What a rise again』

『To defeat a monster, one must be a monster』

『Boss, Elma, Flying, it’s all over』

『↑No one died though』

『Didn’t everyone hear? My beloved Eriko…… guhehehehehe (Nosebleed)』

『RIO-sama at that time had the eyes of Eriko herself』

『What, you mean I always have that kind of eyes!? 』

『Vampire Lord unexpectedly joins as a comrade』


Named Enemy and Extra Enemy, looks like only enemies that aren’t normal in the slightest will become my comrade.

Still, I’m very grateful for having a helper on the Vampire Lord’s level.

「Rise from my blood. Then, chase for the top with me as my subject. 」


Skill: Kin Transformation ・ Kai

Description: By granting blood to subjects of skill: 《Bloodsucking ・ Kai》, it is possible to revive them as allied NPC. (Ineffective to players)

Note, it is possible to strengthen the kin’s ability by granting more blood.

However, inappropriate amount will result in the body’s crumbling.


【Leave it to me, I will be the one to remove all your enemies】

Waking up, the Vampire Lord joined as a new member of the party while flapping his wings.

Turning into a transparent bluish crystal contrary to Flying, it nestled around my chest.

By the way, I named him Vampa.


『Again, the naming sense……』

『No, my theory is RIO-sama has naming sense but doesn’t want to spare the effort to think』

『Another interesting member joins the RIO channel』

『What a dependable member』

Mu, I wonder if it would’ve been better to think of a name in advance or ask for ideas from the viewers for a naming occasion.

In any case, the monarch’s blood is now mine. My preparation of revenge match against Jouna-san is going smoothly.

Though, the overall gap is still wide albeit narrowed by a little, it will really depend on how I make use of the high risk and high return Break Skill.

「Having said so, this ancient castle, it became my possession like a freebie but, I guess I can use it as my base. 」

As an afterthought, I muttered.

In this place that only creatures close to being a vampire can enter, I’m sure it can help Elma-san feel freer without crouching in a narrow space.


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