BWO Chapter 92: Monarch’s Power & Special Skill

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T/N: This chapter got a lot of furigana, words that are spoken differently from how they are read, reading will be in (), spoken will just be in-text.

The only time an immortal monarch would resolve for death, either it’s when being scorched by the sun, or another immortal monarch appears.

It is a tale untold in this age, a prophecy left behind by the earliest ancestor of vampires.


【How can this……. To think this fellow will enter the world of a Lord (monarch) 】

The two had already completed a cycle of blood exchange. In the case for Vampire Lord, whatever blood he ingests immediately turns into his own blood.

On the other hand, for RIO, just a single drop of blood was enough to evolve the fundamental genes in her whole body to another existence.



Constitution: Auto-Regenerative Body ・ Enhanced

Description: The pride of a monarch above all vampires, the explosive regenerative power incomparable to any vampires.

The part where regenerative abilities dropping sharply if HP is low still doesn’t change.

Constitution: HP Regen ・ Enhanced

Description: Rather than one bit at a time, regenerates HP at a velocity it almost goes through the HP gauge, a regenerative constitution of the vampire monarch.

The part where if the body is significantly damaged, recovery rate will drop sharply still doesn’t change.


The first visible change happened on the cross section of her wrist after severed by her opponent.

With the sound of flesh and blood bubbling, a new hand grew out in no time, with not even any wounds left behind.

「My regenerative abilities became really good. Fufu. 」

【Unforgivable…… this is not something that can be done! 】

The Vampire Lord’s fuming rage called forth Freezing Field (Frozen Battlefield), as if eager to catch RIO’s feet in ice, mana gushed out from his inner well.

RIO couldn’t have known, the rampaging mana was enough to cover the entire ancient castle in ice.

【There can never be two Lords (monarchs). It is only I who can stand above all vampires! 】

The ice climbed up rapidly, imprisoning half of RIO’s body.

However, the next change had already started.


Constitution: Unrestricted Flesh Manipulation

Description: A flesh manipulation technique that the most prestigious vampire takes pride in, compounded with the technique prior to mutation, the range of application has expanded greatly, even wings can be sprouted from the back for flying.

Highest height is currently at 1 meter.


「I can even fly…… fufu, this feels very good……」

From the back of RIO who was smiling, skeleton as if the scythe of a grim reaper grew.

Able to move freely without touching the ground, therefore any effects on the ground cannot be applied. Freezing Field (Frozen Battlefield) is only covering the entire floor with ice.

「Ufufu, it feels like I just became an angel, what a great feeling 」

It didn’t end at that.

The long hair that stretched to her waist turned red, her nails as if had manicure, even her lips became a vivid red as if she used a lipstick, the thick blood vessels visible spread across her entire body, even to her dress, rooting themselves deeply.

However, what didn’t change was her eyes, the blackness that is reminiscent of a deep sea abyss.

Her appearance that had not a sliver of her original appearance, rather than an angel, she is a variant far deviated from an angel.

【It’s as if a monster living in the abyss】

From looking at her, the Vampire Lord had even forgotten his rage.

It is because despite how vampires are proficient in remodeling their flesh, they would deviate from their human form when transforming.

And one more thing, he knew from actual experience, the change in her appearance is the proof of her inability to control the outburst of 《Unrestricted Flesh Manipulation》.

Even if RIO is reborn as a Vampire Lord (monarch of vampires) and the fight is worsening, he still had the upper hand in control over his flesh.

【This mad little girl, it is your last time to be intoxicated in power. Even if you rose to a Lord’s position, the fact that I am the superior one will not change. Pillar of Ice (Dreadful Icicles)! 】

Infusing all of his mana in the ice pillars that appeared from both his hands, he released it at a size that will bury the center of the room.

He was limiting his output because of worry that the audience room which he used as his bedroom would collapse, and the sun will scorch him. But now that the worst case had already happened, he can only use all of his powers.

「Ufu, fufu, it’s getting more assimilated. It feels as good as soaking in a bathtub, the dopamine-like neurotransmitters coming from all my cells is not stopping…… Ufufufuh」

The expression didn’t seem like RIO’s at all, with only a swing of her great sword, the ice pillar became powder, then she touched her lips with her finger gently.

Even the messages from the viewers, all of them were too excited seeing how RIO has evolved beyond imagination.

……Though there’s one who didn’t find it exciting.


The magic that the Vampire Lord activated after unable to stand RIO’s evolution that arose from his mistake, it was a compound of wind and ice, his ace that has the most destructive power even among all other advanced spells.

The wind blades and ice blades assaulted RIO relentlessly, wounding her skin and wings, making her unable to maintain altitude.

Could it be that the blood bleeding out was frozen immediately, or is it placebo? Her regenerative abilities seemed to slow down.

Even so, RIO was still feeling high.

「Aah how careless I am, growing wings will just make me a better surface for attacks to land. Such a big dummy will only make her beloved Eriko scold her, ahaaa…… Erikoo」

After she mentioned Eriko, as if recalling the beloved face of her beloved person, she made a full smile that didn’t seem like RIO’s again.

The tremendous sense of intoxication dulled her consciousness, turning her into a dreamy state where she would say things that she wouldn’t say normally. A result thanks to the technological advancement of simulating all five senses that VRMMO uses.

At that moment, RIO could only see the fight for lives as a sideshow, the urge to enjoy the pleasure she had never felt before was above all.

【If I leave you any longer……】

Having spent all his energy, the Vampire Lord activated magic of the remotely controlled abnormal status type. And steam clouded over RIO’s eyes.

Frost Mirage. With this, from RIO’s eyes, she will see five or even ten Vampire Lords.

For a vampire that can regenerate, the eyes are not a weak point. Because of that, rather than destroying them, it is better to make them untrustworthy, a strategy that he came up to counter Battlers.

Rushing under her confusion, everything will be solved when he freezes even RIO’s blood and make an ice sculpture out of her. She can’t possibly revive at that state.

【Tsu!? 】

Whoosh, the moment he thought he saw something, he felt as if his neck was gouged open.

「You are trash♡ ~ Pfft 」

A snickering voice from a cheeky girl.

Changing her outwards appearance into a little girl, RIO swung her great sword in a horizontal slash with speed cannot be seen.

There were no signs of being affected by the illusion.


Constitution: True ・ Blood Scent Detection

Description: No matter in what state, blood scent detection can discern scents in an even wider range and more accurately.

With considerations for insolent rascals that tries to mask their blood with all their effort, with even a single drop of blood, they cannot escape the monarch’s sense of smell.

Obviously, it still doesn’t work for opponents that don’t have blood.


That’s right, RIO’s eyes were shut.

But she can easily tell which is the real one with her nose.

【A small play】

However, it is the immortal monarch, Vampire Lord that she’s against. He grabbed his severed head before it flew away, and joined it back, with no remains of any scars, he bared his fangs again.

【With your childish resolve, you cannot even begin the serve as a Lord! Compared to my resolve of cutting all ties with the outside world, sealing the possibility of evolution among my servants, trial and error until I can put myself in a sleep of hundred years to protect our race……, there’s no way you can match it! 】

「Who knows. Unlike a vampire monarch that gave up on improving and wanted to keep the status quo for the race, I won’t stop until I get the crown as the strongest in the world. 」

RIO who turned back from the little girl form rebuked loudly.

【Even with this!!? 】

The Vampire Lord who just had all his resolve he preached ignored used an entire ice pillar as a blunt weapon, trashing the entire room.

There was feedback from gouging the walls, but there wasn’t any from RIO. It was obvious why after seeing her jumping upwards while spreading her wings.

「It feels very refreshing indeed……. It feels like I will even start humming unknowingly. Let’s celebrate the birth of a new monarch together. Ufuh. 」


Constitution: Blood Ice Needle   10 MP Cost

Description: The needles fired will start to freeze anything that it hits from the area of impact.

If used without MP, normal Blood Needle will be used.

Regeneration of flesh stopping during cast hasn’t changed, but it is possible to stop bleeding by freezing the wounds.


From her body, her wings, all the wounds that were opened from the Snowstorm spurted blood out as needles.

Being hit will cause ice corrosion to start, hindering his movement, but dodging it means it will settle on the ground as spikes.


Being hit by corrosion from the new skill, the Vampire Lord clicked his tongue as his HP started dropping.

She must die here no matter what, he thought.

Following his instincts, designating RIO not as an average vampire, but as a disaster that strikes once every hundred years. It was right after that.

「It’s time to cool down for a bit, enjoying the new abilities can be on hold. I will finish the match with the “Extra Skill” I got after becoming a Vampire Lord. 」

RIO’s intoxication that seemed to last forever had just passed its peak.

It’s because she finally managed to control Unrestricted Flesh Manipulation and returned to her original appearance.

That is RIO’s demonic talent, despite it should take a normal vampire few hours or even days to get used to a Lord’s blood, she had completely assimilated with it within five minutes.

【Special skill, that won’t happen……No way? I can’t move!? 】

He tried to fly up, but the Blood Ice Needles covered and clung onto his entire leg. Despite looking a little high, it seems like her brain for setting traps haven’t worsened.

The special skill that RIO mentioned. Although she couldn’t even tell the skill’s name after looking through the message log, she could still understand its entirety.

All information regarding it came flowing in when she used bloodsucking on the Vampire Lord.

Lecture for activation is unneeded. She learnt it from reading through the memories of the many generations of Vampire Lords that once lived in a bloody history.

「This is…… the final round but, I will finish you off immediately. 」

Answering to the predecessors’ imaginary voice with her will, she swung her great sword.

All she needs to do is to make an oath.

The skill name that was hidden by □ gets revealed now.

「《Break Skill (Destruction Technique)……」

RIO’s left eye became so bloodshot that even blood started dripping out, then, the blood tears that fell became mist.

The mist spreading in the atmosphere wrapped around RIO, and unified as one.

「……Lord Role (Destroy is Monarch’s Role)! 」

Swearing with her sincerity, she slashed her same race in a flash.

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A/N: This was how RIO achieved the peak of racial evolution


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