BWO Chapter 91: Defense Battle & Bloodsucked Vampire

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『That tiny drop of blood, difficulty in the sky! 』

『Defeat him? Punch him on the ground and get it out of him? 』

『Defeating is very hard. He’s at level 70, and any halfhearted attack just get instantly recovered』

『Recovery skill loaded boss level enemies are cheats ww』

『Shit-like strength and shit-like gimmick』

『Thorny path』

The list of chat messages getting written.

In the first place, the Vampire Lord himself, because of the barrier’s making, it’s skeptical that any player had fought him, or even seen him before.

【Huuum! 】

The Vampire Lord’s claws came rushing in.

However, it was coming in a straight line that I can predict even with my eyes closed, moreover, with the increased AGI of the magic claws, dodging it is easy enough.

「Fuh, haaak」

Chaining after the dodge, I tried to rip his arm off with an uppercut.

Just by slicing off a portion, I can narrow down the blood.

Slice it off again when he regenerates, for now, the only solution that takes me closer to using bloodsucking is this.

【Guaaa~ 】

Mumumu, the Vampire Lord made an uninterested noise…… and then dissipated like mist.

What happened.

【You fought well against a phantom. I suppose that is the limits of a Battler】

「Guh 」

The Vampire Lord actually put a fake image of himself and deceived me.

The real Vampire Lord’s voice came down, and my back was impacted by a huge chunk of matter.

Blown backwards to the wall, I tried to get out from being squashed to death, but the cold air is dulling my movement. Is this the same ice that was aimed for Flying?

【As you’ve read from the documents, I was not born a Lord. The race I once was was a 《Wizard》】

He talked as if he knew I read the documents, either he can read my mind, or he had been monitoring me.

Either way, his fighting style is primarily magic. Well, not like a magic trick that’s slightly more powerful any threat.

Jouna-san’s sword still felt more like death.

After calming down, I threw the ice chunk back and escaped.

「This is quite the refined magic trick, I’m enjoying it. What kind of magic will you show me next? 」

【……Those words, you are better off taking them back 】

With my one sentence as the trigger, the pressure from the Vampire Lord suddenly changed.

But this is for the better.

The strategy from now is to dodge the attacks somehow, and somehow get my opponent to reveal more of his hands.

From what I managed to gather so far, although there’s a gap between our status, it’s not enough to instantly kill me, so I should leave it to my regenerative power and drag the fight out.

Persevere to the best, see through which of his attacks that leaves the longest opening, then use bloodsucking. Until then, I can only try my best in evading.

【Ice Coffin】

And the next attack that came out, from what I can see, it’s several ice pillars that homes the target individually.

『Ice attack』

『Feeling the cold here』

『A Vampire Lord-san with contrasting element and personality』

『Ice Coffin is not that high ranking of a magic, but this mass is not joke』

『That’s not even Ka○rack, it was ○rack』

『No, it’s more of a Cra○kle for me』

T/N: Dragon Quest references after mass googling.

Although low ranking, their power is not. He wasn’t just a Wizard Vampire for show.

「What a persistent magic. 」

I ran and ran, but it never stopped chasing, then even the Vampire Lord started chasing after me.

So, I will use my brain, stand still at a wall for a few seconds to lure the ice, and jump when it’s close enough.

「Fumu, that works. The Ice Coffin stabbed the wall and stopped. 」

【You shall fall there. Ice Coffin. 】

My timing to jump was read.

Ice started chasing after me again but, by skillfully kicking against the ceiling, I headed for the floor and landed with a roll into a run, before grabbing onto one of the ice pillars the stuck itself in the wall just now and pulled with all my strength.

「Remember to keep your stuff after using it. Littering around isn’t a good practice. 」

Using the ice pillar that I pulled out, which was lighter than expected, I struck down the ice pillar missiles that came after me.

All of them were taken down.

【A Battler yet you have a good head. If so, I will just make the ground hard for you. Freeze Field. 】

Another ice magic again. Moreover, the floor is getting enveloped in a layer of ice with where the Vampire Lord stood as the origin……. Mumu, the room is suddenly turned into a high quality ice skating ring.

『Domain change』

『INT not normal』

『Quite the manifesting scale for ice』

『If only she got a fire skill, then all this will just be water……』

『Ah, RIO-sama is slipping ww』

Because he’s flying, he wasn’t affected by the field, and on the other hand, I’m almost tripping every time.

This also can be solved with force.

「Fuh! If you’re trying to make me slip, then you don’t have that much skills after all. 」

Stomping and crushing on the perfectly level layer of ice, I created a foothold by cracking the ice.

Naturally, my speed will still fall, but I just have to keep in mind to take my steps harder every time.

【Freeze Field is only the start of what’s to come. Pillars of Ice. 】


Just when the Vampire Lord chanted, at the next moment, a pillar of ice appeared below my feet, and ripped through my leg.

I see, movement restraining is just a side effect, the real purpose is to allow his ice magic to manifest anywhere, as a person without any ice magic, this is terribly disadvantageous.

Then, he called out several more large pillars, and narrowed the movement space within the room.

He sure is being meticulous even when one of my leg is torn up.

【Come forth, my loyal subjects. Suck all of her blood dry without a single drop left. 】


Enemy Name: Vampire Lv 40

Status: Normal


To think he would call for reinforcements at this time.

As expected of the Vampire Lord’s subordinates, their speed wasn’t affected by the ice pillars, they link up together very well too.

On top of that, they didn’t come from the front immediately, but started running around me, and at the moment when I can’t keep track of all of them, they would rush in for the kill.

「So annoying」

Since they only looked like gigantic moths with black wings, I try to chase them away.

Choking one of the them that came from the front and smashing it to the icy floor, with the corpse as my new foothold, I unleashed omnidirectional roundhouse kicks without stopping.

As I was preparing myself for the Vampire Lord’s next attack while spinning, he came at me with an unexpected approach.

【I shall at least praise you for fighting well in all three dimensions, but your efforts are futile. 】

The Vampire Lord himself came swooping for an attack right after I finished stomping all of the small fries to death and stabbed his finger into my shoulder.

「Could this be……, ugh, my blood is getting sucked……」

【Good blood……. Thick blood that is only possible through surviving many trials and many human lives. It is fit for a celebratory toast. 】

A fully committed bloodsucking attack.

My skill can’t even be compared, with just a few moments, I felt like I lost a lot of blood.

『Bloodsucking heeeeeeeeereeee』

『Finally, identity move of vampire activated』

『He’s…… drinking RIO-sama! 』

『↑ Don’t say it in a weird way』

『RIO-sama skin getting super pale』

『HP also super low』

My head is feeling heavy from the blood loss, and my arm to tear him away won’t even raise.

【I see, you will revive even if you die. Come challenge me whenever until your mind gives up. 】

A normal human would probably die when half of their blood is gone. Even for a vampire that is many times tougher than a human, I’m sure I will die before all my blood is gone.

But…… I can finally see it thanks to this.

Where my blood flows after getting absorbed, where it arrives, where the blood scents changes, I could tell down to the minute details.

From the Vampire Lord’s finger, it climbs to his shoulder, then flows as if falling down a water fall, then gathers in one place.

「Right leg…… is it」


I determined the location where the blood is compressed. Like food getting sent to the stomach to be digest, the blood he sucked is naturally going to a place where he can store it.

Even if he tried to move it now, with my blood sacrificed, it is the best chance for me to take it back.

Squeezing out the strength to move my arm and stretch my fingers, I stabbed my finger into the Vampire Lord’s inguinal area near his right leg, and activated 《Bloodsucking》

【Gunu……! This despicable discomfort……! So you were aiming for this chance, you will not succeed! 】


《Race: Vampire Lord evolution completed successfully》

《Stat evaluation, HP increased to S+》

《Stat evaluation, MP increased to A》

《Stat evaluation, STR increased to SS》

《Stat evaluation, DEF increased to C+》

《Stat evaluation, AGI increased to S》

《Stat evaluation, INT increased to A+》

《Stat evaluation, DEX increased to S》

《Stat evaluation, LUK increased to D》

《Skill: Bloodsucking has mutated into Bloodsucking ・ Kai》

《Skill: Kin Transformation has mutated into Kin Transformation ・ Kai》

《Skill: Blood Needle has mutated into Blood Ice Needle》

《Skill: Blood Scent Detection has mutated into True ・ Blood Scent Detection》

《Constitution: Blood Tank Capacity Release acquired》

《Constitution: Auto-Regenerative Body has mutated into Auto-Regenerative Body ・ Enhanced》

《Constitution: HP Regen has mutated into HP Regen ・ Enhanced》

《Constitution: Flesh Manipulation has mutated into Unrestricted Flesh Manipulation》

《□□□□Skill: □□□□□□□□□□ acquired》

《Level cap has lifted to 100》

《Karma value has dropped》


Immediately regaining colors in my pale expression, despite the Vampire Lord ripping my arm that has the finger that’s using bloodsucking on him, the bluish red blood has already become a part of me.

A/N: How many chapters did it took until here……


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