BWO Chapter 90: To the Throne Room & The Sleeping Monarch

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After that, I continued while picking up books to read to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, from that, I found out the destruction of the royal family living in this castle wasn’t related to why it became a nest for vampires.

Thanks to that, looks like I can take a lot of treasures back.

By the way, I also found a national emblem in the shape of a shield on the wall but, according to the viewers, it wasn’t yet recorded in any known information.

I suppose even with such a grandiose castle, the country where this place used to be was already lost in history.

From its wear conditions, it looks like a castle built hundreds of years ago. If so, perhaps it’s not that strange to see the shape of the castle still remained with several places that are pretty intact.

『Only vampires everywhere』

『All low levels though』


『Shred, throw, shred throw』

『If at this level, Vampire Lord fight is easy too』

『It’s in the fifth town territory, no way it’s easy though』

Sucking the blood back from the vampiric bats when they suck mine, eventually, I arrived in front of a grand double door.

「……If anywhere, this should be the place」

Kicking with a force that should destroy the door, I breached with Flying.

Well then, the room expanded outwards in the middle, and at the end was a throne in a half broken and weathered state where the king should’ve been.

It’s probably on the throne. Even without a blood scent, the jet black aura is getting stronger as I approached, it’s a high chance the Vampire Lord is there.

Also, it is noteworthy that a dull-colored casket is standing straight up in the center of the room.

Even if I really want to open it, the whole thing hints at opening it will kill me, so I don’t really want to.

「Flying, blow that casket apart. 」

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

If not opening it, I can only break it.

I gave the order to the reliable ally beside me.

『What kind of thief is this』

『As expected of RIO-sama, even the meaning of opening a casket is different』

『Flying always gets the short end ww』

『This mercilessness is why I watch RIO channel』

What will fly out, or even anything?

Fully alert at the casket lid, I stared at the dust that was kicked up from the energy ball landing.


I managed to catch the silhouette of a humanoid shadow with wings flying up and landing on top of the throne.

Readying my great sword, I met eyes with the person after the dust settled.


Extra Enemy: Vampire Lord Lv 70

Status: Normal


Extra Enemy, I finally met one.

A brethren of mine, yet in a completely different league. The Enemy that I can only describe as such was enjoying a sleep in the casket.

【A barbarian……. No, you’re a vampire】

Ooh, this……, I didn’t expect an Enemy to converse language.

Unlike the instinctual vampire creatures out there, it looks like communication is possible.

Extra Enemy, the moment it has that title, it’s already different from the average Enemy.

If to comment on his appearance, then it’s a form close to Flying.

Blue eyes shrouded in darkness and emptiness, despite looking slim, he exudes intimidating pressure of a strong warrior.

「Umm, biologically, I’m considered a vampire. Sorry for disturbing your sleep. 」

【Fuh, from this blood scent, a 《Battler》 huh, I bet you are here for my blood. ……Still, strange, I’m sure vampires other than my subordinates were eradicated. 】

Despite his arrogant words, he hasn’t jumped recklessly at me yet. A boldness befitting of a monarch.

If I knew conversing was possible, then I wouldn’t have ordered an energy ball, I’m regretting it a little.

「I hail from another world, I was forced……, or rather, given the life of a vampire. Equipped with the additional perks of burning to ashes in sunlight and reviving in a prison after dying. It’s natural if you weren’t aware. 」

【Hou, irregular and strange one. However, no matter how irregular your existence is, it is not the reason to seek my blood. Leave. 】

Saying those words, in an instant, the Vampire Lord had circled all the way behind me.

To think a battle will suddenly unfold, well, considering how a pre-evolved vampire appeared in front of the Vampire Lord with an energy ball, even a saint monarch will become an enemy.

『So fast! 』

『Slower than Jouna, but still too fast to the eyes! 』

『So I guess this is what we call ya○cha viewpoint』

T/N: No idea what this reference is, meaning is kinda like looking at godly people though.

『This is the power of the vampire king』

Taking it easy ends here, I as well, to test my opponent, swung my sword to the enemy behind while twisting my body.

「……He’s not there. His strength and experience are better. 」

Purposefully moving to a place where he can sink his fangs, feinting an attack, then immediately withdrawing since he knew a counterattack would come.

「Go forth Flying, tackle him」

I as well won’t let him escape me.

I pursued the Vampire Lord who had his feet on the wall and ran as if it is the ground.

【Hahahaha! This guy is my enemy huh! 】

【Where have I seen that face…… are you Diablo? To think the general of the raid army leading the winged demons would stoop to being a mere tool of a vampire. 】

Oya, looks like Vampire Lord has some idea to Flying’s background.

He’s a demon that not even I knew the details about, but to think there would be an unexpected acquaintance here.

【How laughable to try compete with me. Hmmph! 】

The Vampire Lord crossed with Flying’s leg.

However, losing in the battle of strength, it was Flying that lost a huge chunk of HP.

【So noisy! I have only half of my stamina remaining. You bastard fight too! 】

Sorry that you lost a leg in the process but, I can’t help yet since the magical claw transformation is still undergoing.

Let me arrange my thoughts first. In this fight, as long as I can land even one 《Bloodsucking》, I will achieve my aim.

Even if my opponent is an Enemy, there’s no need to be fixated on victory, similarly, worst case scenario, I will just have to re-strategize again after returning to the Prison Island.

However, there was a strange point, for some reason, the Vampire Lord didn’t have any blood scent.

If it’s because of some kind of magic, then there’s no reason to be hiding it anymore……, still, for a blood-fed race, this is too unnatural.

【I will spare you easy. Dreadful Icicle (Pillar of Ice) 】

On the Vampire Lord’s throwing hand, a giant chunk of icicle was slowly condensing from the air, then he threw it.

Not good, at this rate, Flying will just be a fodder.

「Order to retreat. Return to the gemstone. 」

Since my transformation is complete, I let Flying retreat for the moment.

Because of that, the magic missed its target, catching the opponent’s gap when he’s surprised at Flying disappeared, I circled to his back, then the first hit, I slammed with a roundhouse kick into his head.

【Nuguhh! 】

His head didn’t fly off despite hitting it square on, but it is enough if he’s scared from the surprise attack.

By the time he turned around, I already closed the distance, and stabbed my finger straight into him.

「Time for a blood draw. With this, the third condition should be fulfilled. 」

Now, activate 《Bloodsucking》.

If I manage to get any, I will immediately tap the evolve button. Since I’m still in combat, I can leave the explanation afterwards.

【I have never seen a vampire with such extraordinary talent in battle. However, it is your downfall to be careless. 】

「Mu……? 」

For some reason, the skill activated, but no blood came out.

Not feeling the sensation of nourishment, as the Vampire Lord came with a hand chop, I had no choice but to retreat.

To use 《Bloodsucking》 on a Vampire Lord. I knew the condition seemed easy on text, looks like there really was a secret behind.

【O battler, do you think I of all people have not prepared for a revolt from vampires? 】

From the wound I made with my finger, there wasn’t any blood dripping, within a second, the wound closed itself, his regenerative powers are surprising.

【A chaotic history of washing blood with blood from the age of our True Ancestor. I for the sole reason of stopping all rebellion there forth had discarded most of my blood and condensed it. 】

……That’s why he didn’t have any blood scents.

No, the blood scent itself is from a vague position on his upper body, and the volume is lesser than even one drop, that’s why it was so undetectable.

【I shall teach you, Battler. The volume of blood in my body is lesser than a raindrop, and it is constantly circulating around, its position is mine to command. Therefore, there is not even a single chance you can hope to take my blood. 】

Rather than a sliver of hope, it’s an entire pillar of despair.

Because of its ridiculously teeny size, I have to locate it while fighting, and to pinpoint blood suck it.

Moreover, even if I can locate it, it ends up being a chance game like a rock-paper-scissors, flowing anywhere he likes, what a hard test.

I suppose, I can either stick on the defense to analyze the pattern, or just take a gamble and poke everywhere, well, I will try hard enough while loosening my shoulders.

A/N: The sound of stomach rumbling is not from hungry but ache


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