BWO Chapter 89: Arrival at Ancient Castle & History of Vampires

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After that, it was a leisure air travel along the sea surface while enjoying the open air.

If I have to say, logically, we can probably reach near the sixth or seventh town at this rate but, Flying’s stamina probably can’t last.

In fact, we had to constantly head towards a nearby rock or island if we see any to have Flying rest.

「Oooh, it’s coming into view. I should’ve used this method from the start. 」

Returning safely to the territory of the fifth town, we landed near a cliff of the ancient castle. At the same time, I started regenerating my lower half.

It would be all over if Jouna-san expected me here and waited for me to make it to land but, from blood scents alone, there weren’t any people nearby.

If there’s any, then it’s only cold blood scents of those of my race.

It’s from 100m ahead.

As I walked forward, the reactions slowly drew closer.


From a glance, it’s a place in the forest.

However, the moment I took one step inwards, I got caught in a thin film like vinyl, then another step, it was shredded into many pieces.

Behind the film is my original destination, the majestic ancient castle exuding a black aura.

『This place huh……』

『Was it a place hidden with illusion again? 』

『Rather than illusion, it’s a mechanism that only allows certain race to touch 』

『Oooh, this is some royal looking ancient castle』

『So the vampire lord is within this castle? Rather, if he’s not there, it’s gonna be pale 』

……It’s a scale grander than what I expected.

If I want to take a look around the entire place, it will easily take me a whole day.

Still, just by arriving at the dwelling place of the Extra Enemy, it can be said as mission accomplished, so I should go around the area first and find the Vampire Lord by using blood scents.

Not choosing to enter through a side window like an intruder, I kicked open the front door.

「Mu, I knew it, bats were waiting. 」

A huge wave of blood scents immediately flooded my senses right after entering.

A fearsome number, not just ten or twenty were all stuck on the ceiling.

In fact, despite the entrance hall was supposed to look like a western-style building, the ceiling was entirely covered in shadow.

However, the layer of blackness didn’t move at all even when my footsteps reverberated. Although I can probably ignore them, it will be troublesome if they are rigged to start moving after some conditions are met.

「Flying, shoot some energy balls towards the ceiling. 」

【Hahahaha! This guy is my enemy huh! 】

Flying that entered beside me at the same time made the first move.

The rapid-fire energy balls spread out in a giant cone and made clean hits on the bunch of blackness.

「Good work. Then shall we sweep up the dust that fell down? 」

It’s time to intercept the bunch of blackness making a noise and swooping down.


Enemy Name: Vampire Lv40

Status: Normal


Since it’s the lair of a vampire, it’s not strange to encounter vampires here.

They were low-ranking winged Enemies wearing a tuxedo-like coat, their level is only adequate at best.

「Sei. To come for blood of another vampire, is this cannibalism? 」

The Enemies were solely specialized with claws to gouge flesh or use their sharp fangs to suck blood.

Since they are attacking in a giant wave, relying on their numbers, it was very troublesome.

Moreover, even though they were humanoid, communication wasn’t possible at all, looks like I can’t share my grumbles of unable to face the sun with them.

「There’re more than expected…… this is very annoying. Haa. 」

If only I had a wide-area magic attack or something, then I’m sure I can have a fun time mowing all of them down, but hatefully, all I can do is wave my great sword around to cut them.

「Can you still continue? 」

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

Fumu, although my body is so fragile that it can be bloodsucked by the enemies, with Flying’s impressive defense, the average Enemies can’t even begin to damage him.

Looks like his glory as a Named Enemy is almost fully recovered. If so, I can leave my back to him with confidence.

「Finished killing off my species. Let’s begin the exploration. Flying, stick close to me. 」

Ordering so, I should start with circling around the first floor.

Although it’s night outside, the sun is about to break. But since it’s going to be morning anyways, I should hurry up.

In this ancient castle where human entry is forbidden, meaning it should still be untouched by humans, I will be happy if there’s anything useful.

What an enjoyable trespassing experience.


After that, we continued to clean up the bunch of nocturnal vampires, going through dodgy corridors where the morning sunlight is shining, and entered a certain room.

「All these scattered books are making it hard to walk. Goodness, even the bookshelves are on the ground. 」

It was a room that seemed to be a study but, even without Enemies here, it was hard to move around.

『I want to go explore too』

『A place that tickles adventurous hearts』

『Careful, sunlight is getting through there』

『Oh, what’s that book with an interesting cover……』

『Interesting cover when it’s a naked man, you swing that way? 』

Since it’s probably many years since this ancient castle was abandoned, it’s enjoyable to look through the old documents and books too.

Still, time is limited, I will prioritize on those that have records of the Vampire Lord.

……This is, a book regarding monsters.

Wiping off the eye-itching volume of dust on it, I will read it aloud in consideration of the viewers.

「First chapter……, is it organized in chapters? Reading this dictionary thickness book is going to take the entire day. 」

For the time being, I sat down.

Although I only have bad memories regarding monsters from what happened in Littebeutte, I flipped past the pages, and found a section for bloodsucking races.

Since it concerns myself directly, I should at least take a look.

――Vampire, it is an evil race that branched off the human race.

Vampire, wandering to seek living blood from humans, a race that resulted from the human race seeking to transcend life.

Vampire, unable to receive the blessings of sun, a monster cursed by the 『Day』.

For vampires, there exists a 『True Ancestor』, very intelligent and powerful, having the mental power to suppress his innate urge to suck blood.

That existence is the first generation of Vampire Lord.

However, in fear of rebellion of the vampires under him, the True Ancestor took nest in a small ruin of a cave without expanding his power, living a quiet life inside by preying on warriors or thieves that dares intrude.

Because the ruling was like that, unlike the True Ancestor that believed unchanging and peaceful life is the best, the vampires under his ruling was fed up with that kind of lifestyle, and attempted rebellion several times.

On each attempt, the True Ancestor suppressed them on the most front line, but eventually, his spirit was worn out, and he surrendered his position and blood as the greatest vampire and died unjustified.

The second-generation Vampire Lord who plotted to invade human territory too, was killed by his subordinates with an undead-killing weapon that’s deadly for vampires, and his throne was usurped.

As for the third generation that managed to get on good terms with humans, he was destroyed by a subordinate that plotted with other humans.

Fourth, fifth, sixth…… all of them were immortal, but still, the rule of Vampire Lords didn’t last eternal.

When power is gained, power will cause chaos, and the monarch will have his blood sucked by his most trusted subordinates.

In the end, vampire is a race similar to the human, having unending wars.

The next Vampire Lord too will probably meet the same end as his ancestors in history.

「……In other words, the cannibalistic act of 《Bloodsucking》 a Vampire Lord to achieve racial evolution is recommended in the BWO world. 」

I said to convince myself.

As for why a book that is like an investigation report is in the dwelling of vampires……, I shouldn’t think about it.

――History, is such a great concept.

What shook my mind most was I too will cause a rebellion that will be a history in the vampire world soon.

Therefore, today will be the day to create new history, and put a full stop on the unsightly history prior.

For a mere player to become a Vampire Lord, I wonder if it’s the first occurrence according to the book.

If I take the throne of the Vampire Lord and crush any vampires that have greed in their eyes, the history of usurpation will end. Naturally, I will be the eternal descendent. It seems like an absurd thought but, if I can’t even do this much, then the top is just a dream.

Let’s crush the history. Then as the greatest vampire, I will create new history. There is no creation without destruction.

「Let’s go, Flying. 」

Closing the book satisfied, I climbed the stairs alongside Flying.

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