BWO Chapter 88: Escaped Prey……& Prison Break

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「Shit! Showing off that stupid pride then escaping to the pig pen! 」

Late by the width of a paper, Jouna cut the empty air.

She was already provoked for missing the win, with the anger from letting victory slip from her grasp added, no matter how much she stabbed at RIO’s corpse that was burning from the sunlight shining through the forest, it didn’t dissipate.

「Whatever, I’m will win no matter how many times we fight. Since now I know she can’t possibly match me, I should wait at where she’s likely to return from the Prison Island…… ah? 」

At that time, Jouna noticed two dangerous presences.

They were utterly different from the small-time adventurers that she destroyed ever since her return.

「【S rank, 10th Laplace of Minus Flowing Cause and Effect】, hereby 《Continental-level Disaster Jouna》 is designated as a third class threat. 」

「【S rank, no.9 Answering Swordsman Battenmaru】, therefore, we were the ones dispatched. 」

The two people that had lined side by side in the weekly rankings of the adventurer’s forum had hurried here from a long way in a rainy day.

Two pairs, four eyes were displaying clear hostility.

「Hi hi, long time no see, Miflow-kun and Baamaru-kun! Been having fun BreakWorld-ing? 」

「Quiet. We have no words for those that strayed off justice. 」

Jouna’s words that were sloppy were slapped away by Battenmaru.

「You heard him. So, disappear for the sake of this world. 」

Laplace muttered, then unfolded a magic circle with many geometric patterns.

The signature move for Laplace, a preparation for his super strong weakening debuff that wouldn’t stop until the opponent have negative stats.

「That introduction is really goood. Considering how both of you were only begging for lives last time we met. Owa!? 」

Jouna was taking it easy but, she immediately ducked at the threat, a blade that she felt would kill her coming in an instant.

「Oooh, that was scary, really. How much did you grow when I wasn’t around? 」

「We’re not the same us from a year ago. Facing a Jouna with a year of blank, you will become the rust on my sword within five minutes. 」

「Don’t tell me you’re chickening out. Battenmaru-dono’s sword haven’t show its essence yet? 」

The two adventurers were scoffing at Jouna’s power.

With that, even for Jouna that is said to be strong enough that just a few more opponents don’t matter, the color of arrogance disappeared from her face.

「Ahaha, ahahahahahaa! Very nice! I’m really excited to cut both of you down and taste my sweet victory! 」

The joy of seeing growth of her past comrades gushed out, as Jouna’s target changed over to the two adventurers.

As for chasing after RIO, it will be after clearing her mood from winning against them.

Then, the battle between top rankers started.


The Origin Town is all the way in the west, there’re a few ways for someone to escape this Prison Island under the adventurer guild’s control back to the main continent.

First, not doing any rash actions, being patient until allowed to leave.

Second, paying the any-priced bail to the chief warden.

Third, suicide until karma value is back to zero.

Then, the fourth method that is considered the best, prison break.

An unplanned prison break will only result in more death penalty, but since the route itself was already pioneered by forebears, at the very least, with swift legs and depending on the surveillance mood, it’s possible to get back to the mainland.

I thank deeply for the great forebears.

Though, because of the repeated prison break from the fugitive players, such a situation was already expected by the prison guards, so the route used is becoming more difficult by the day from having more guards, or so I heard.

Well, not like I have an option.

An average high school girl hates a life of restriction unable to play freely after all.

Relying on the urge to get out of this cramped place, let’s cause some chaos.

「Oi you there, RIO. What are you doing suspiciously? 」

A man’s voice came behind the metal bars, likely from a prison guard.

I will answer honestly here.

「I’m eating. Don’t talk to me, you’re making my appetite worse. 」

I said without turning around, as I continued to take out parts from players and used 《Bloodsucking》.

「Whaaaat? Eatiiiiing!? Unforgivable, if you don’t get the rules, then I will beat it into your head! In the first place, what’s with that kakukakushikajikaunnunkannun…… 」

It feels like only the last part of my interaction with this noisy person in this quiet place will stay in my mind.

Fumu, I somehow regained my lost strength back to level 62, after all, if I’m not above level 60, racial evolution is blocked.

As a side chatter, my sentence was 3000 years, a daunting number that seemed to take my race as a vampire into account.

「Thanks for the food. 」

Since I almost finished all of it, it’s time to stop crouching.

I wanted to have a radical warmup exercise quickly, so I just tore apart the prison bars with strength.

「Ooooooh!? You bastaaaarrrrd!? 」

「I didn’t start live streaming to live in such an unclean place. Change of pace, prison break starts. 」

For the time being, I declared war to the prison guard, tripped him over, and made him a part of my experience points.

『Knew it ww』

『Killing at first move is the basics』

『What basics? 』

『Forebears: 「What the heck is with that」』

『RIO-sama who doesn’t betray expectations』

『Prison break!! 』

『Pri○n break』

T/N: A reference to a drama series.

『Break again huh (nice content keep’em coming)』

Well then, even though it’s an operation to crawl out of this kind of god forsaken place, I think there will be many interested viewers.

By the way, the method to prison break is super simple.

In short, just run up the stairs and row the boat that’s docked at the pier to a certain direction.

Since the sea is basically always calm, even if for a beginner, just by rowing an hour or so, the pursuers will give up.

「Escapee! There’s an escapee! 」

「It’s RIO, prisoner 605! 」

「Isn’t there someone that can fight―――! 」

The prison guards were all shouting loudly, my mood isn’t getting any better hearing it.

Also, the more I climb upwards, the worse the defensive equipment they have, and the guards’ levels will also be lower, so the harsh part is the start.

「You’re that RIO right. Hey, how about get us out of this hellish and shitty…… aghaaaa!! 」

「If you’re a prisoner, then do it with your own power. I will spare you from becoming my kin. 」

If there’re any imprisoned NPCs that dare to take advantage of my chaos, I just have to break some teeth and make them sit.

Climbing the stairs above the sea level, as I ran according to the directions from the storm of incoming messages from the viewers, I finally see the pier and the sea.

「Mu, is this where my luck runs out? 」

But something out of my calculations happened.

The most important piece being the escape boat is in pieces for some reason.

Putting finding the culprit on hold, it’s still painful to have one of my escape routes destroyed.

「In any case, I must think. The one who survives last is not the one who sticks to a plan, but one with great improvising and ad-lib power. 」

Saying so and confirming my pursuers, I rested my legs and calmed myself.

Although it’s not impossible to go for a long swimming marathon, I can’t fight back easily when they aim for my back, even considering my racial trait not needing to breathe, it will take me at least till the morning to get to land, and I have to be careful with all the aquatic Enemies on the way.

Then, what else, the answer is the sky.

Stabbing a sword in my chest, I performed the blood covenant.

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

「I order you, Flying. I will ride on your back, and you will carry me across the sea with your flight. 」

I will make use of Flying’s best ability here.

He’s an awe-inspiring demon with outstanding abilities, as well as a named Enemy. Just flying with a person on top shouldn’t be a problem though…….

『Can’t fly~』

『Didn’t work』


『Flying whole face is red and flapping those wings 』

『Even with that much levelling, Flying still has his limits……』

『RIO-sama how heavy? 』

『↑Asking an average high school girl’s weight, a no delicacy person』

……Since my current weight is 47kg, for Flying that has a smart physique tuned to flying, it’s a little too heavy for him to maintain balance while flying.

This is a headache.

……Since it will lower my fighting strength, I didn’t want to use this method but, staying around here is fruitless. Therefore.

「I cut off all excess meat. Now you can fly right? 」

Cutting off one half of my body from arm to about the chest, I put my weapon into my inventory before grabbing onto Flying’s leg.

『Ooh I see』

『I see~. For a vampire, missing some body part is not death』

『All your I see~ for this kind of god absurd idea ww 』

『I mean, it’s what RIO-sama as a vampire would do』

『Demonic genius, vampiric genius』

『Youkai Teke Teke form』

T/N: Teke Teke, Japanese urban legend of a schoolgirl ghost with her body cut in half by a train after falling onto a railway.

Since I’m a demonic genius, it’s what I naturally come up with.

On the other hand, Flying had responded with a good smile.

「Fumu, looks like low altitude flying is no problem. 」

While enjoying the strong wing beatings and the floating sensation, I left the remote imprisoning island.

A/N: Stomach is ok……


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