BWO Chapter 87: Jouna & Self-Apprehending

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I slashed with the intention of not sparing even a single ounce of strength but, even with this, her right arm that held the sword didn’t move at all.

So, this is the power of the highest rank. Was it too early for me?

「There she is! 」

「Not good, someone’s there……, wait that’s RIO, what’s happening!? 」

「W-W-W-What do we do, how can we intervene? 」

Three adventurers arrived chasing after her.

Having an uncertain element in this tightrope situation will only ruin my calculations.

I need to get rid of them first…….

「Ah you lots are a bother. 」

When she said those words, Jouna-san suddenly disappeared.

I didn’t intend to take my eyes of her but, she’s gone.

「There, triple kill! 」

No, when I turned around, she had already circled all the way behind me, to those three adventurers with a speed like teleportation.

「Orrororo……? 」


「Why are you twwwwwo……」

The adventurers, despite all of them being cut into two halves, they didn’t comprehend their deaths, and died instantly.

The power with speed almost to the level of sound propagation, and the skill to skillfully slash as if carving a modern art.

When she was still an adventurer, I’m sure she was treated as the reincarnate of god.

Despite that, she had betrayed her life as a winner in the adventurer’s guild.

「……There’s something I don’t understand. To throw away the number 1 title from immense effort and talent, why did you take the path of killing people? Was the treatment unsatisfactory, or was there some other circumstances? 」

With this much of a difference in strength imposed on me, all I could do to delay her while I changed to the great sword is a question.

The more information I get, the better chances I will have.

「Then let me answer that. You see, just “winning” is enough for me. 」

She turned towards me and started speaking.

「But doesn’t winning requires killing the opponent? Those stupid adventurer fellows always say, 『That’s only killing, not winning』, but if I don’t finish them off to win, I will just get back stabbed when I leave. 」

What she explained was her own views on the concept of victory.

For Jouna, winning is the other meaning of killing. It certainly connected to me in some places.

「I don’t care if it’s a monster or small fries, as long as I win. So now, I’m focused on the streamer, you. Slowly winning, and shaving off your HP with this sword, I will get to taste the greatest victory. 」

After finishing her sentence, she pointed the sword at me.

『Uwah, she’s coming……? 』

『Even behind a screen, I’m getting chills and trauma』

『「Everyone is dead in front of Jouna」, is the explanation given by S No.6 Insomniac Marshal』

『Is it me, or adventurers rate in the stream is high? 』

『Actually I’m an adventurer too』

『Knowing Jouna is on screen, even the adventurers will come』

『RIO-sama got the eyes of some baddy』

『But a proper conversation with Jouna nonetheless』

『Concentrate well and handle that great sword!』

The transformation finished but, if she were to attack with that speed again, I can’t do anything but be the second coming of what happened just now.

I decided.

「Well, it’s as you said, I’m certain to lose. No matter the thousands of strategies I can think of, there’s nothing but the image of losing. 」

「Oh, a surrender? 」

「Yes, surrendering is natural here. How about I do it like this? 」

……I then pointed my great sword.

However, it wasn’t to the opponent, but my own head.

Naturally, it has a lot of meaning. If I’m losing anyways, I can say that it’s a strategy to not let her win?

「What? Are you too crazed for blood? 」

Well well well, just as I thought, she was very bothered.

That’s right, what this person seeks is the victory after killing.

Especially since I’ve heard news that she returned to BWO wanting to fight me, so if I were to lose to her hands, she would probably decide to logout forever in satisfaction, then I wouldn’t have the chance for a revenge match.

As long as I’m aiming for the top, eventually I must topple this person.

That’s why, even if it’s cowardly, I will cut my head myself, by nulling her victory, I will stop her from getting away on a win.

「Crazed for blood? Don’t say things that are exciting for a vampire. 」

「aAhahah! You definitely got a sense for teasing people. But I’m not falling for that trap. 」

「Sure, if you believe if it’s a trap. I’ve already done my preparation to suicide, so say goodbye to your “win”. 」

Alright, it’s time to die.

While she was thinking too much from it being a trap, the great sword had already gone through half of my neck, just a bit more force and my head will go flying.

「Seriously! Why is she even more crazy than the adventurers! 」

Jouna-san started making a run for it in big strides. No matter how quick she is, because of her thinking was late by a step, it won’t matter.

……Alright, now that I’ve come this far, I used Flesh Manipulation and turned into a little girl and said a line that would touch her nerves.

「I will be the one winniiiing! 」

「Saying so much but can’t win in the end, tra~sh ♡」


《Level has dropped to 59》

《Karma value has been halved》

《Due to death penalty, status will be decreased for 6 hours》

《Teleporting to 【Prison Island ・ Deepest Floor】》


Quicker than her sword could reach me, I ended my own life, the strategical retreat was successful.


『The immortal is dead』

『She seriously suicided ww』

『What a flaunting way to escape by death』

『First blemish?』

『Escape to live and fight another day (to Prison Island)』

『Even if tripping, she will not be tripped, Genius General RIO-sama』

Mesugaki move without resistance is grass』

『Having seen Tra~sh ♡ live, I have no regrets in life』

『Rather, Jouna’s expression gritting her teeth after her smile disappeared』

『Jouna served right ww』

I died once but, I somehow managed to escape her. Also, she will now be bound by the promise of an eventual rematch.

Although I became used to having things stab through me, cutting off my own head still made me sweat furiously.

「My head is my own. If someone’s going to take it, then I might as well take it myself. 」

In this solitary room where no light reaches, only my muttering reverberated.

From the message log, I should be in the Prison Island where all the terrible fugitive players get sent to after death.

It’s made of ten floors in total but, from what players experienced, they all mentioned that the environment is terrible. Even more so for a violent outlaw like me, I will be imprisoned in a solitary room in the deepest floor.

It’s a great place.

No light is reaching, a super good place for a vampire.

Moreover, this remote island surrounded by ocean, even Jouna-san can’t possibly catch me easily.

「……I resolved and made a suicide decision but, a lost is a lost, and there’s no question to why I’ve lost. Next time, I will get my level raised, finish my racial evolution, and become stronger with this and that methods. 」

『RIO-sama impressive to acknowledge defeat』

『So that means the battle, no winner? 』

『But is that alright? 』

『All fine. Ultimately crushing Jouna will be victory 』

『Finally, top player is the enemy too.…』

『I see, RIO-sama had come this far』

『Finally, the back of the strongest is in sight』

First login till now is about two weeks…… I think, if just thinking about what happened, it wasn’t that long.

This place deep in the depths of the earth will be my new starting point, when the death penalty is gone tomorrow, I will immediately rush straight to where the Vampire Lord is as the first hand to catch up to Jouna-san


A/N: In reality, a draw.

A/N: But technically, the match is just postponed……


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