BWO Chapter 86: Town of Ruins & Rain and Occasional Blood Rain

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That’s right, the fifth town was already ruined without me making a move at all.

Just from a person alone.

I’ve had the help from the kins and Boss-san or Elma-san to finally achieve victory barely, but that person with her one-man army strength was enough to trample the whole town in a way that can’t be passed off as a joke.

The guild master of this town was coincidentally summoned to the headquarters, so he escaped from certain death but, there’s nothing remaining of Tedra that is now only a mountain of rubble mixed with blood, flesh, and bones.

If there’s anything, it’s only the sound of rain hitting the parasol.

「That asshole! Running away like that! 」

Adventurers that seemed to know what they are doing appeared while stomping on the ground angrily.

Did they notice me? Although it’s disadvantageous to not transform into my weapon immediately considering the possibility of a fight, I tried to talk first.

「Good afternoon.」

「Ooh? That’s not a familiar face? If you’re just here and not confident with your skills, better you leave fast. Getting slaughtered and throwing away experience points isn’t fun. 」

Mistaking my identity, they advised me kindly.

「Fumu, what exactly is happening in this town now? 」

「”Jouna” is rampaging. Tedra is in this state thanks to that. 」

The remains of the town that once prospered as the key location of logistics is clear to anyone’s eyes.

In any case, the Jouna person that he just mentioned was the name of the person that I shouldn’t meet yet no matter what.

「She disappeared into the northwest direction. So, you should be fine if you go around the east fishing village and follow the shore to the capital. If you’re going to join the fight, find more people, there’s a better chance of doing something after all. 」

「I see, well understood. 」

「There’re definitely some adventurers near the remains of the north gate. Form a party there. See you later. 」

The adventurer that acted friendly continued his way northwest.

『So dangerous, did that guy realize? 』

『Maybe all of this is what RIO-sama did actually? 』

『No way! RIO-sama wouldn’t destroy the buildings too』

『Even the high ranking adventurers are worried, what kind of fellow is that? 』

『Simply put, someone almost 10 times more dangerous than RIO-sama 』

『10 times ww that’s exaggeration ww』

『If someone is 10 times of RIO-sama, then the whole continent is already pulverized www』

『You’ll see soon』

Looks like some of the viewers know of the details.

The worst news at the moment is where the Jouna person headed towards, in the northwest is also the where the old castle with the Vampire Lord is at.

Guaranteed death if encountered, if I want to even have a chance of winning, at the very least, I must complete my racial evolution.

While I paused to think, the adventurer before turned around and approached me again, then shouted.

「Taking a closer look, aren’t you that RIO gyaaaaah!! 」

Since I couldn’t avoid a battle, I used the back of my fist to crush his face, then buried his body among the rubble to hide the evidence.

「Well then, let’s go northwest. 」

I should avoid the danger here and leave the town.

Just from a glance, there’re quite a few adventurers walking on top of the rubble, so staying around will only cause unwanted fights.

――The common ground between me and the Jouna that the adventurers are very afraid of is that the adventurers are fated enemies.

However, we can’t make peace. After all, it seems like that person’s target of killing includes me.


I carried myself to the northwest forest of Tedra, since it’s quite shady there, I changed my parasol into a weapon and advanced.

Since it’s a dangerous territory where I can get attacked at any time, I can only stress my concentration on my scent detection.

The response came quickly.


「Aguaaah…… is there anyone……」

I discovered multiple scents of blood, I see, many adventurers are in the process of dying.

Although I couldn’t tell what’s their intention to not head for the respawn point even after their four limbs are scattered and their abdomen became slices, could they be trying to warn the other adventurers? It was quite unexpected.

「What happened? 」

「We were killed by Jouna…… without any chance to resist……」

「Even though we are all within 1000 ranking, why is Jouna that strong……. It’s unfair……」

The two adventurers combination were trapped in their regrets. Probably because their vision is hazy, they didn’t realize who I was.

From his words, it appears that they are more skillful than me but, to be slaughtered one-sidedly by Jouna was unimaginable.

In any case, since they can still speak, I should extract as much information as possible.

「Where did the person who killed you went, please tell me. 」

「Give it up. If you want to avenge us, then bring at least the top 10 people here……」

「I need to know no matter what. Please tell me. 」

If I know where the person who killed them went, I can just take the opposite route and get away.

Shaking his body, lightly slapping his face, I tried to appeal desperately to have him speak.

「T……t……! 」


Then, they coughed out a word, and their consciousness disappeared.

There, they said, I want to tell them to not leave behind some unknown but meaningful words but, I understood what they were conveying.


T/N: I need not translate the above.


『H E L L O』

『She still looks the same as that time』

『RIO-sama escape now』

『This is bad……』

『When did that person return……』

『Death death death death……』

Similarly, the viewers are panicking.

「Mumumu…… she’s just several meters away. 」

The chillness crawled up my skin, my blood scent detection was sending danger signals like a siren.

Having the vision of death just by trying to take a step forward, even if I tried to move away, the strangely gentle yet murderous gaze froze me.

……The biggest reason why the adventurer guild hasn’t focused on me despite destroying several towns.

The girl that was denoted as the evilest player in BWO history that had supposedly quit a year ago was standing in this world again.

「I thought you didn’t look like an adventurer but, that skin color, you must be a vampire. In other words, you’re that famous streamer RIO, right? 」

Of all things, she managed to see through my identity with one gaze.

Blonde hair tied in a ponytail, a lively appearance of a tank top and hot pants, from the first glance, she would appear like a harmless woman in the twenties.

Before she decided to live differently from an adventurer, she was known as【S rank, 1st, Death Commander】.

Despite that, she suddenly betrayed the adventurers’ guild, with her absolute strength, her one sided slaughter awarded her a bounty of 240 million Iris.

Having said that, is there any need to explain any further the difference in strength between us?

「Murder Demon Jouna……-san」

「Vampire RIO~, I waited a long time! All while fighting boringly at the fifth town. 」

The cheerful yet suspicious demeanor that instilled fear.

Is this burning feeling that’s rising up within me fear? Aah, the shiver within me doesn’t stop every time I think the reason that I continue to play BWO is to just defeat this person.

「It’s my honor to have the top player know of my stream. Therefore, I will kill you with due respect. 」

I wanted to avoid this fight but, now that I’ve encountered her, there’s no escape.

Holding the twin swords in a X, I took a stance to allow me to move at any time.

「Sure. Slash at me without reservations. 」

She held a dully glowing grey sword in her right hand and provoked me with words as if testing me.

I have no other choice but to do it.

If there’s any chance of me winning at all, then it would lie within her underestimation of me.

「Here I come. 」

I can only move my legs forcefully, against this creature that is the spelling of death herself.


Bending my knees to take a low stance when I got within two meters, I tried to throw off my opponent while going for my true aim.

My focus isn’t her, but her weapon. It was written in an article 1 year ago, that Jouna-san is a player that specializes in using the sword.


Making a noise as if she’s impressed, yet she didn’t make a move at all.

She kept her position and didn’t move, that’s the reason why I can put my full power.

Relying on the twin swords that have excellent offense and defense, utilizing all my smell and eyes, I just have to swing my sword at full speed…….


「Oya oya? To come at me without any feints」

Her sword moved at the same time I went for the attack.


The sound of metal clashing rang at each slash, just when I felt the feedback of the impact through my hands, my attack was redirected to another direction.

However, my opponent still has the stamina of a human. If I don’t stop with my rapid attacks, she should eventually make a mistake in her defense, and I will take her neck at that moment.


No sparing effort here, I put my entire body and spirit into continuing the attacks.

No, just with my body and spirit, I still can’t see a chance of winning. More powerful, speeding up to the point my arms can fall off, making use of a vampire’s physique and dishing out slashes that a human can’t imitate, all while aiming for her neck. If there’s any chance for me, it can only be that.

「Nn nn~」

It’s about time, one of my attacks should land on her neck?

「So wonderful~, I’m falling heads over your spirit of putting in 『I will kill you』 in each of your attacks~. But well, they don’t do much at all though. 」

Ah, I can’t win at all.

A/N: I can die when my stomach aches.


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