BWO Chapter 85: Abnormal Change & To the Fifth Town

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Just as I logged in, the first thing I saw was a Boss-san with a face drained of blood.

「RIO-samaaaaa! Big trouble! Huge trouble! 」

Although there wasn’t anything out of place immediately, if Boss-san who had been spending forever in this place is making a fuss, I’m sure it’s not any normal matter.

「Calm down. Explain to me what happened. 」

In any case, I must hear what the problem is first.

「It’s about Elma……, it happened just now, her body temperature was dropping so much, rather, it felt like there’s no body temperature at all. 」

「Mu, bring me to Elma-san now. 」

Certainly, it was a big problem. Was it a cold or some disease, could it be that she’s suffering from the unfamiliar environment?

I must hurry.

「T-This way」

Then I was guided deeper into the cave, where Elma-san was at.

「Onee-san! Good morning~」

Walking towards me as if nothing was wrong, Elma-san looked much better than how Boss-san was panicking.

「O-O-Ouccch! 」

「Well then, Boss-san, panicking so much in front of me, what are you thinking? 」

「Stop, it’s tearing off! 」

As I picked up Boss-san by the ear, Elma-san stuck onto me with a hug.

……After directly touching her, I finally understood. Her body temperature was as if I was touching a brick wall.

「Onee-san nice smell~」

「Nice smell? 」

Elma-san who sniffed visibly with her nose moving was showing an abnormal reaction.

After all, I thought my body smells only of my blood and my foe’s blood, with a strong stench of blood, normal people would think it’s a bad smell.

Just from that alone, there’s no mistake that Elma-san’s little body had undergone some changes.

Next, I should activate 《Blood Scent Detection》.

「If you wouldn’t mind, I want to smell Elma-san too……」

「Eh, RIO-sama, what are you saying to little girr o-o-oucchh!! 」

「I don’t mind, but be gentle? 」

……There’s no hidden meaning though?

If to put Elma-san’s words into context, she probably meant she hope it won’t be something painful like what Boss-san is experiencing.

Unknowingly doing power harassment is a bad example.

Then, I approached her, as expected, Elma-san’s human-like smell had decreased even more.

Specifically, her smell is now 4 parts human, and 6 parts non-human, a contrasting ratio that probably caused the mutation in her body.

「To think that Elma-san is turning……, sorry, can you show me inside your mouth? 」

「Alright. Ah~」

Since she opened her mouth widely, I investigated her teeth.

Deliberately not mentioning the point that an average high school girl who isn’t proficient with medical field is acting like a dentist, I checked the teeth and their shape.

「Fumu, I thought so. 」

The tip of the four canine tooths were unusually sharp, it was sharp enough that my fingers started bleeding after pushing on it.

「Nnaa…… sweet」

As the tiny amount of blood trickled down to Elma-san’s tongue, she made a comment that she would’ve never made.

As for the clues, it’s probably caused by that time when she licked my wounds but, I don’t think that much is enough to cause a rapid change in her body.

「Did I really get sick? Somehow, I couldn’t taste the bread or the meat, and I don’t get hungry at all the entire day……」

「No appetite, uumu, this isn’t a good foreboding.」

Elma-san is slowly distancing from being a human. I was troubled whether I should publicize this fact on stream.

If it was made public that she’s no longer a human, then she might be forced to the same place as myself, a non-human creature that the adventurers must eliminate.

Since there were adventurers seriously trying to kill Elma-san in the fourth town, there’s a need to be more careful now on.

「Rest for now. But if you’re feeling down, breathe some outside air. 」

「Unn. I will stay put to recover faster. 」

Since it doesn’t seem like life threatening, I decided to just monitor her without pulling her teeth or anything.

「Well then, regarding the plan this time, I will be heading to the fifth town 『Tedra』 by myself. 」

Disappointing Elma-san who wanted a shoulder ride, I said so towards Boss-san.

To face the Extra Enemy, the Vampire Lord of unknown strength and ability and perform the 《Bloodsucking》 condition, it’s the smartest choice to bring all my forces but, a catastrophic event is currently happening in the fifth town, making such a simple strategy not applicable.

「I’m staying home? I didn’t do much the previous battle, so I was prepared for a fight this time though……」

「Well yes, you will be guarding Elma-san here. The enemy I’m facing this time isn’t an easy one, I heard that she could cut Boss-san’s head off in the time you take to reload the gun. 」

「What! What kind of monster is that! 」

Boss-san was upset with it but, in my opinion, describing it like that was still underestimating the enemy.

An irregular enemy that my defeat is eight or nine out of ten times no matter if it’s a direct confrontation or an ambush.

Because of her unscrupulous fighting power and violence, even the fearless adventurers hesitated going against and calling her a pleasure killing grim reaper.

A player unlike me who has gained some reputation from streaming while playing the villain. An existence that I would not want to face has appeared in the fifth town and is probably still killing without regards.

I heard everything from Eriko already.

Still, I have to perform my racial evolution.

No matter how long I wait here, it’s not like my opponent is a typhoon that will go away naturally.

「Well then, I’m going. Be careful of enemy attacks when staying, I will look for another cave that can be a base for us on the way back. 」


「Bye bye, can we go out together next time? 」

The time is afternoon, a sky that is almost raining.

Despite it being cloudy, the sun is still out, so not using the parasol and taking continuous damage is pure suicide.

Being saw off by the two, I carried the parasol on one hand and headed towards Littebuette.





『It’s finally time, going to the fifth town is unavoidable』

『That place is terrible now after all』

『Rather, won’t it be better to stop the stream to stop leaking your position? 』

Even the viewers were saying that the fifth town is not in any normal state.

「Well, this is a game after all, I will just do it at my own pace.」

Saying so to the camera, I headed north, and arrived at the ruins of a city that was once called Tedra a few days ago.

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