BWO Chapter 84: Love failing to meet love

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Fiction is fiction, and reality is reality.

The everyday life more peaceful than a turbulent and extraordinary life.

Even though it should be my belief that wouldn’t change from the past, knowing how it became more and more unstable by each day, almost to the point of tipping over, the weakness I should fix.

「Eriko asked to help her with some student council work but, was I too early……」

In front of the school gates that still have few foot traffic, I muttered into the void while waiting bored.

I’m agreed to help out Eriko’s work because I plainly wanted to spend more time with her.

For me, I need Eriko like I need my daily necessities.

「……Still, to be able to come out here under the sun and stretch, having a human body sure is great. 」

Since I’m now in the real world, even while bathing in the sunlight, I didn’t feel any death threats.

Come to think of it, it’s the norm to not die no matter how much sunlight hit me.

「Rio Rio Rio! Morning―! 」

At that moment, Eriko gathered everyone’s attention by sprinting like a wild boar and started with a pure and bright smile for her morning greeting.

「Do―n! 」

「Good mornin…… owaah! 」

The expression of affection was almost in the territory of a tackle.

It’s good to be energetic early in the morning but, I should slow her down a little here.

「Excuse me, skin ship needs its moderation too, or it can be the source of troubles and injuries. 」

「Ah~n, scold me more~! I’m in a Rio deprived state like never beforee. Guhehehehehe. 」

How can she be deprived when we last met ten hours ago? Haa, she only says the most absurd of thing.

It’s Eriko’s extraordinary personality to do it in front of the school gates without minding everyone’s gaze.

「Then, let’s go to the student council room, with hands linked together like couples~. Guhhhehee~」

Making a suspicious laugh that would even make a suspicious person run, she linked fingers with fingers with me.

「…! 」

No way.

The word 『Couples』 that Eriko said so easily reverberated within me multiple times, causing me to put more strength in my hands.

「Say, Rio, you’ve changed a little recently. 」

The upwards glance asked unexpectedly.

「Mu, where? 」

「Somehow, I have zero dating experience, so I can’t tell for sure but, Rio’s gaze towards me……, I’m getting conscious of them. 」

That’s right, I’m looking at her from the edge constantly.

Seeing through my mind just by looking at my eyes, Eriko is sharp as usual.

Is this also something that is only possible because we have a close relationship?

「I see. Yes, that might be the case. 」

I felt pathetic to have not denied Eriko’s words that stabbed right in the core.

This peach-colored feelings that expands just by being together, I’m saddened at myself for thinking that it would be easier on me if she would accept it knowingly.

Who cares about being a late bloomer, Eriko is not like mother. Still, the only thing that will happen for accepting my cowardly self for not doing anything like this is my will getting weaker.

As I blamed my own patheticness, Eriko twirled and stood in front of me.

「Let me know if there’s anything I can do. 」

Muu……Eriko has an insistent spot too.

Showing a pose as if she would accept any kind of request……, but since I know I wouldn’t be able to stop if I took her offer, I stopped myself from saying.

「Anything you say, it’s not easy to take your words back afterwards, you know? 」

Mumu, why did I say it in a thorny way just to hide my embarrassment?

I felt like my communication with Eriko is getting worse recently.

「I mean, if it’s to guhehe-pamper my Rio, anything is welcomed! Be it a date or a cat fight, come right at me! 」

「What is a cat fight…… please leave the barbaric acts in the virtual world. 」

「Roger. Look at the time, let’s go! 」

Then, pulling me by the hand without regards to my palm sweat, with light strides, we headed towards the lockers.

A school life spent together with Eriko like this, long or short, it has been three years.

I didn’t want these days to end. However, I already know this co-reliance relationship will eventually end.

To become separated from Eriko……. Of course, we would still talk together but, just imagining it weighed down my chest and shoulders.

Having said so, how is my love state towards Eriko so far?

If it’s even slightly possibly, I want her to turn to me before she become someone else’s. The mission I want to accomplish now is to make her mine.

Although having Eriko continue her usual perverted way of expressing her affection might be good, having her slide her hands over my entire body every time we greet is…… a little wrong.

Rather than sexual harassment for satisfying her desires, ideally, I want more of a sincere and average, a platonic relationship that prioritize the heart first than body.

Seriously, my sinful thoughts are weighing down on me.


「Guhe, guhe, Rio is a lil nappy on my absolute territory. 」

I recall something like this happened before, after our lunch, Eriko with heavy breathing was lending me her lap.

A place where only I am allowed to rest my head on, what enjoyment.

The only regrettable thing is there’s a mere 17 minutes remaining for our lunch break.

「Rio little kitty, goro goro goro~ kushi kushi~」

Eriko who made noises mimicking some kind of creature started scratching below my chin.

「Ah, no, stop thaat……」

It felt incredibly ticklish where she touched me, and it was so comfortable that my voice weakened.

Desiring more of Eriko’s affectionate hands, I surrendered myself.

「Guhehe, then maybe I should stop~」

Then suddenly, Eriko’s hands stopped moving.

「Wha! Why? 」

「Rio said to stop after all. Maybe if my little kitty says 『Pamper me more, Eriko-sama』, then I can consider continuing? Say it? 」

Uuuu, she must’ve noticed my loosening expression and tested me.

At most, I can only be a well-trained dog patient for her treat, a cat is……, no wait, I’m not a cat.

……Oya, Eriko’s thigh feels a little different from last time.

「Fumu, you slimmed down a little than last week. A happy news. 」

「Fue, really? Hurray―, hey don’t just check my thighs! 」


Although I didn’t have the slightest intention to do so, apologizing for troubling her is natural.

It’s natural for her to have one or two dislikes, albeit not showing any of that usually.

After that, I enjoyed being taken care of like a pet animal. Then, Eriko turned to a heavier tone.

「……Eriko, it was difficult right? 」

「What is? 」

「Yesterday’s stream. Even though everything was so shocking, good work fighting till the end. 」

My live stream that is currently making waves among the adventurers.

Although it may be exaggerated considering it’s a game, it’s clear that the adventurers and the guild had done something outrageous, so among the adventurers who actually cares about relationship with the residents, there had been movements to go against the guild.

That said, most of the adventurers were still on the guild’s side, saying 「Outrageous slander to adventurers」, or 「It’s not the time for this」.

「Will Eriko rethink her stance? 」

「Nope. I will…… continue as an adventurer. 」

「Fumu. 」

「Until our fight eventually comes. No matter what is the reason, I don’t think it’s reasonable to leave the guild selfishly, and no matter where I’m affiliated to, I can still help people. 」

「So that’s Eriko’s choice. If Eriko says so, then I won’t object anything. 」

As I expected, Eriko had already made the resolve to slash me down the moment we meet.

Even though she’s suspected of being a spy by her colleagues, she continued working there, it takes considerable courage to do that.

On the other hand, I’m the complete opposite of Eriko, the more I move forward, the more I felt like what resolve I had become rusty.

When I first bought the game, I’m sure I could have even killed Eriko without hesitation since it is in a world without connection to the real, but now, I’m feeling my resolve to fight against Eriko is waning.

I felt disgusted by the fact that my thoughts are changing negatively inside me.

Even though I know it will be discourteous for me to face Eriko half-assedly, well, I guess my toughness as a person has dropped.

「Next you’re going to the fifth town for your evolution, right? But something crazy is happening there, be careful. 」

「No problem. Whether it’s raining fire or spears, I won’t back off from hardships. 」

「About that……, it’s bad enough that I probably need to go if RIO fails. 」

「Mu? Is it something that bad? 」

「Unn. It’s an article from a year ago but, take a look. 」

――What Eriko told me then.

It was something so extreme that I was immediately put to my place, making me realize that I’m a mere frog in a well.

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