BWO Chapter 83: Forum of RIO-sama Admirers Part 4

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BWO RIO-sama Fan Club Part 8 Break

1. Nameless Kin

This thread is a dedication to RIO-sama

Let’s passionately talk about RIO-sama doing this and that

Trolls and haters NG.

Next thread >> 980 thank you.

201. Nameless Kin

Let me say this first

The adventurer guild’s back face exposed today is something to complain

202. Nameless Kin

I expected for some dark side but too much, please stop

203. Nameless Kin

Simply put, it’s the pattern of some organization having evil secrets

204. Nameless Kin

Who knew they were putting their hands on those kinds of crazy human experimentation……

205. Nameless Kin

If you ask what’s worse, as one of their better track records, the guild had once demolished a criminal organization utilizing magic tools to kidnap residents and turn them into Enemies

206. Nameless Kin

>> 205

That’s one case of looking for someone lost but getting lost themselves

207. Nameless Kin

>> 206

Isn’t the meaning a little off?

208. Nameless Kin

Littebuette’s guild master was known to be a personality dud but, her sister is a dud on another level

The machine that the guild master’s sister used was also similar to the one recovered in the incident 205 said

209. Nameless Kin

Don’t put someone so dangerous as the guild master www

210. Nameless Kin

Understandable if it’s only a gag

211. Nameless Kin

Littebuette is the definition of chaos

212. Nameless Kin

On the level even RIO-sama’s face can’t hide her displeasure

213. Nameless Kin

RIO-sama in a sense hit the jackpot

214. Nameless Kin

Jackpot information

215. Nameless Kin

Basically overshadowed Elma-chan turning into Parasite Hat

216. Nameless Kin

A new type of horror after all

217. Nameless Kin

Trauma level much higher than having some fiendish monsters attack you

218. Nameless Kin

Pitiful Elma-chan

Be happy with RIO-oneesan

219. Nameless Kin

Feels like Parasite Hat will become the next hot goods

220. Nameless Kin

Alright, I will go make a large stuffed version now

221. Nameless Kin

>> 220

Hyper handcrafter appears

222. Nameless Kin

>> 220

Willing to buy in ten thousands after you finish

223. Nameless Kin

>> 220

Gyaawaaaaaaaaaa don’t remind me what happened

224. Nameless Kin

>> 220

Mechanism to make a noise when a button is pushed?

225. Nameless Kin


226. Nameless Kin

✕Kill me…… kill me……

○Want go…… want go……

227. Nameless Kin

Also, now it’s clear there’s a way to change your race

228. Nameless Kin

Although it’s a rare innovative system to see in a VRMMO, doesn’t look like anyone will sit and agree

229. Nameless Kin

No one would want that ww

230. Nameless Kin

Only someone that will go suicide after being told or a pervert with Parasite Hat fetish will like that

231. Nameless Kin

But don’t you want to live with RIO together till death? Comrade believers

232. Nameless Kin

>> 231

Even with that condition…… uguh……

233. Nameless Kin

Something that even makes RIO-sama believers hesitate kusa

234. Nameless Kin

News flash here

【S Rank 18th ・ Aaaaaaabsolute Zero】 was watching RIO-sama’s stream and is now seeking the guild’s explanation for Elma’s incident

According to Zero, 「I tolerated hundred steps for using Elma as a hostage to win against RIO, but swapping someone’s soul with Enemies just for fun has shit for ethical sense and justice」 apparently

In the end, the adventurer’s guild took a crappy political stance of pinning the blame on this particular guild and insisted they had nothing to do with it

Then, because of that, Zero who angered them was apparently expelled from the guild

235. Nameless Kin


He’s the upper up of the S ranks!?!?

236. Nameless Kin

Guild is crazy

237. Nameless Kin

That cool name guy is quite famous but, he got expelled still?

238. Nameless Kin

Rather, he himself mentioned he was prepared for the outcome

239. Nameless Kin

I mean, even if it’s a game they spend so much hours in, if the organization you’re in is doing that

240. Nameless Kin


So even the ones with strength and track record will get discarded instantly if they step wrongly……

241. Nameless Kin

An unprecedented mass purge is beginning in the guild

242. Nameless Kin

Plan to reduce number by half!

243. Nameless Kin

Even though they know it will only make a real life exiled type protagonist……

244. Nameless Kin


S 25th’s Nobly Jobless, S 32th Numbing Love Mahimahi, S 37th Sargata Close are subjected to punishment too

245. Nameless Kin

>> 244


Discarding adventurers that are main force level

246. Nameless Kin

Everyone watches too much RIO-sama stream ww

247. Nameless Kin

Such influence

248. Nameless Kin

There’s even RIO groups and non-RIO groups among the adventurers

Important point is that they don’t call themselves RIO believers

249. Nameless Kin


250. Nameless Kin

Looks like there’re people with good sense even among dog shit adventurers

251. Nameless Kin

On the other hand, the non-RIO group…… it might just be they aren’t allowed to do so for their standing

252. Nameless Kin

Truly RIO-sama

Intelligent criminal dividing adventurers into two sides just by having a detour walk in Littebuette while destroying it

253. Nameless Kin

>> 252

Just hearing this much can’t get you the whole idea

254. Nameless Kin

Wonder which side Eriko is on

255. Nameless Kin

Finally the time for RIO-sama’s stream to be recognized!?

256. Nameless Kin

(Stream to killkill the adventurers till the top)

257. Nameless Kin

For RIO-sama, just some people on her side among the enemy organization means nothing to her stance

258. Nameless Kin

Don’t they know the future is uncertain for standing on the side of someone like that

259. Nameless Kin

>> 258

To say someone like that, you must be a filthy adventurer?

260. Nameless Kin

Hee, looks like the adventurers are getting riled up too

261. Nameless Kin

Rather, it’s been quite noisy in various places these days


262. Nameless Kin

Especially anything to do with the fifth town

261. Nameless Kin

It’s RIO-sama thread so keep the talk at RIO-sama only




365. Nameless Kin

Today’s a magnificent display of fighting tribe again

366. Nameless Kin

Didn’t accomplish any level up or racial evolution but, good feeling when the adventurer’s guild gets weakened again

367. Nameless Kin

This time’s a legendary one to recap on later too

368. Nameless Kin

Elma-chan officially joined the party

369. Nameless Kin

Another human joins after Boss

370. Nameless Kin

Excluding the kins, a three person group like Sess○maru-sama’s party

371. Nameless Kin

>> 370

Strange after saying it

372. Nameless Kin

Don’t feel like winning

373. Nameless Kin

Many scenarios the enemies weren’t that strong but gotten tricked into thinking so

In terms of tension, isn’t it one of the best in the past

374. Nameless Kin

They weren’t much

375. Nameless Kin

The manliness to go alone and rescue a hostage

376. Nameless Kin

Manliness, more like vampire of the villainous lady type…… not really that either

377. Nameless Kin

RIO-sama is always exuding sex appeal

378. Nameless Kin

>> 377

Who’s that strange character that sounds like a succubus

379. Nameless Kin

>> 377

Elma-chan nearby is gonna wake up to a no good hobby

380. Nameless Kin

Nope, onee-loli development is good enough

381. Nameless Kin

No way! RIO-sama only has eyes for Eriko!

382. Nameless Kin

>> 382

Radical Eririo addicts push push

Haven’t even met in game but the ship is already sailing

383. Nameless Kin

Don’t look down on streamer yuri ship

384. Nameless Kin

Going back on topic

It’s good RIO-sama increased allies by another few hundred but, having Elma-chan, a zero combat power mascot character can only be fortune or misfortune

Well, leaving that aside, both Eririo will wear wedding dress and marry

385. Nameless Kin

>> 384

Weren’t you supposed to return on topic

386. Nameless Kin

So even the fourth town is conquered……

The fifth town scale can’t be compared, so how will she invade

387. Nameless Kin

With kins of army scale, should work somehow

388. Nameless Kin

Boss-san’s sniping ain’t joke, and Elma-chan serves as a kind of bleach for a blood-filled stream, so the balance is gold

389. Nameless Kin

>> 388


390. Nameless Kin

RIO-sama will crush the world’s balance, so worry not and go sleep

391. Nameless Kin

The balance of standing against multiple adventurers even without a weapon

392. Nameless Kin

Moreover, under the condition of pre-evolution

393. Nameless Kin

As expected of having the demerit of sunlight binding her

394. Nameless Kin

Rather, ain’t y’all purposefully avoiding this?

After licking RIO-sama’s blood, I saw Elma-chan having sharp fangs

395. Nameless Kin

>> 394


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A/N: Within 3 days……


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