BWO Chapter 82: Elma Rescue Battle Part 11

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It was a fight that lasted many tens of minutes.

So long that it felt like my sense of time became numb.

Not missing the chance when I stop even for a moment, all of them would fire a magic barrage towards me, whenever I get staggered from all the bullets, they will shout 《Force attack》 and use their staffs as a blunt weapon to activate a skill as if to clobber me.

With my HP reducing to a dangerous territory after repeating the advance and retreat, I pushed as much as I can using everything in reach of both my hands but, that’s when the kins that are rampaging in the central area came to help, and I was able to recover.

By the time only one of the ambushing adventurers remained, it already became a situation where they are getting surrounded instead, and I managed to clear the difficulty by using my kick in the end.

Looking at the position of the moon, the night hasn’t ended yet.

As for Elma-san, I protected her without a single wound.


『Fight for Elma-chan』

『RIO-sama so great』

『She’s done it……』

『Appearance in a tattered rag is what emphasize RIO-sama’s beauty』

『What a show, RIO-sama’s courageous appearance』

『A silent prayer』

『Don’t kill her off yet ww』

Despite resolving myself to die protecting her, looks like fate has allowed me to live another day.

「I wasn’t particularly worried. Sorry, Elma-san, can you keep holding onto the parasol for a while. 」

Naturally, both my arms were gone, with my right leg and eye crushed, I didn’t want to show an embarrassing sight of my body having holes like eaten by worms, I will rest beside Elma-san until my body regenerates.

Until I can pat or hug her, it should take 10 more minutes.

「The adventurers, were defeated right……」

「At the end of the day, adventurers are only this much. For me, they are only worthless treat. 」

For the time being, there’s nothing but to continue conversing to stop her anxiety.

「……That’s not the case. Onee-san, aren’t you full of holes? 」

「Oya, to take a peek while I’m resting delicately, what a bad girl. 」

Elma-san didn’t show any signs of fear despite looked at me, looks like her mental side is an adult’s.

Still, I was only trying to pretend strong, crossing the limits of death, I was truly exhausted from head to toe.

「I might be, a bad girl that gets aimed by the adventurers. But, I’m very frustrated to only drag Onee-san’s legs……! 」

「Fufu, a bad girl only need to think for herself. I will get better quickly, Elma-san, why not play by yourself for a while? 」

……I said so but, my regenerative power is very weakened now.

Even if I want to suck the blood of the adventurers on the ground there, my fingers haven’t regenerated so it isn’t possible.

As for sucking blood directly from my mouth……, that’s not an option. After all, the mouth is sacred for a girl.

「Onee-san, get well soon……」

Then, Elma-san came out from the parasol and hugged me.

Despite experiencing something like that, her body temperature was still normal, and her heart beat was the same as usual.

But rather than that, I wonder if my damage was so severe that she got so worried. Even though it shouldn’t be severe enough for a vampire.

Since I accepted Elma-san’s feelings without any rejection, it felt like a glue suddenly stuck us together.


Elma-san was licking and sucking on my bleeding wounds.

「What are you doing? To put your mouth on a vampire’s wounds, it won’t end at just a stomachache. 」

From what I can tell from a self-analysis, my body is a lifeless seedbed for pathogens, even though my blood is a Kin Transformation extract, her tongue was still moving even when the area round her mouth is dyed black from my blood……, haaa, Elma-san’s self-sacrificing is unsettling.

If my hands get better, then I can get her off me but…….

「Put saliva on the wound, is what my dad used to say. 」

Having said so, without feeling bothered, her medical act that couldn’t even serve as first aid continued.

Even if Elma-san’s father taught her that, I don’t think it’s something you do on someone else.

「That’s just a superstition, in any case, there’s no need for this. 」

「Please let me do it. Because of me, Onee-san got injured so much, I can’t bear to see it……」

……Elma-san is really strong.

Being so enthusiastic that even I hesitated saying that it’s unnecessary, even though the blood is probably bitter, she didn’t even make a single noise, there’re so many places worth giving points to.

Again, I was overwhelmed by her.

『My imagination or it’s healing faster』



『Rather, Elma-chan’s saliva is probably hindering regeneration』

『Y’all read the atmosphere~』

In any case, my regeneration is almost completed.

Bidding farewell to this ruined town, bringing Elma-san and everyone else, we retreated from the south gate.

As for the south gate…… he was there.

「RIO!? So, you’ve succeeded in rescuing that girl! 」

Meeting him for the third time, it’s the dignified inspector-san.

The guts to continue his job as a checkpoint inspector despite the town in such a state. He too, is another strong person loyal to his mission.

「It took some time but, it’s as you see. How about stop protecting a town without order and ruler, and return to your hometown? 」

Despite this person being a human and on the enemy’s side, it sure is strange for me to talk normally.

Recently, I felt influenced.

「I can’t do that. At least until the withdraw orders come. 」

「Fumu, orders is it? 」

I can’t grasp his true intentions.

No matter how the situation is, will it be an execution if they went against their orders?

「I have a master I swore to follow. It’s not the adventurer’s guild. Until that person allows my return, I will continue standing here. 」

「Is that so, even if it meant confronting a race that antagonizes humanity like me? 」

「Of course, it’s a matter of course. Suppressing rampaging people is one of my jobs too. 」

Rather than backing off, he held his spear up. Well, it’s partially my fault for hinting that in the first place.

「However, we can’t move desirably if it’s like this. Could you give me some time to put Elma-san down? 」

「Yeah, I will. I don’t want to involve that girl too. 」

「Thank you. Now then. 」

I carried Elma-san to the wall.

「You’re ready? 」

「Yes, I can fight freely now. 」

「Same. I shall wield my spear instead of involving a little girl to stop you! 」

Even when clad in bravery and fighting spirit, courage and recklessness is different. Besides, him losing here carries the risk of being transformed into a kin, so there shouldn’t be any shame for him to run away now.

「You’re mine! 」

……No mercy for any that obstructs me.

Since the kins are still catching up from behind, I will fight him alone.

「Hak, seeei」

「Then how about this! 」

What my opponent displayed was skillful spear handling.

The trajectory of the spear that moved freely even confused the viewers, delivering powerful strikes the moment he read my movements.

In terms of fighting experience, my opponent is well ahead.

For an average high school girl that originally had nothing to do with fighting with a weapon, it’s inevitable to lose to a soldier with many experience in various battlefields.


「Guaak! 」

However, the difference between an NPC and a player is too clear.

Grabbing onto the handle of the spear and splitting it into two with my sword, aiming for his armor at the moment he was spook from his weapon breaking, slashing and crushing it useless.

Although his skills are undoubtedly the strongest among the NPC residents, it only amounted at that much.

「I-It’s my lost, all my spear arts were repelled, it’s as if I don’t even stand a chance. So, my powers alone can’t be like the adventurers huh. 」

He said while looking at his broken spear.

「Even though you aren’t an adventurer, you’re better than expected.」

「Nope, it’s my defeat. Cook or roast, do whatever you want to me. 」

Saying so, the inspector-san sat down on the floor without being scared.

The honesty to admit defeat without raising a ruckus after his spear, the only method for him to defeat RIO was broken.

Thanks to that, the viewers are sending 『Don’t die』, so even by cooking or roasting him, the aftertaste is bad.

「If you lost, then get lost from here. 」

Without doing more harm, I gave him a warning to back off.

「What? 」

「If your weapon and armor is broken, then you can’t fight any more. Since you have nothing left and will just die if the fight continues, don’t you think it serves as a good enough excuse to return? 」

「Nu, muuu……」

The inspector-san was having a frown.

It’s fine he has a high pride but, I won’t wait long either, so it’s better he makes a decision here…….

「I will just stay here. Even if Littebuette is destroyed, as long as this body still holds, I can’t step on the soil of my home town. 」

Standing back up, he replied refreshingly.

「Then do as you wish, there’s no reason for me to stop someone seeking a lonely death.」

「Umu, thank you for your compassion. 」

Since my thinning intention to kill him had diminished, for the time being, I will just let him live.

「Well then, I will just continue being a checkpoint inspector. Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow too. 」

Then, the inspector-san resumed his duties.

With a straightforward personality, but peculiar in some place, what a strange person.

What could he possibly gain from doing something so unprofitable continuously?

……Oops, I was like that too today.

For me to go help Elma-san rather than prioritizing my racial evolution that will award me significant improvement in combat power, it feels like the fatigue had caught up to me.

I should logout and sleep early today.

『See ya』

『Live long』

『Stay healthy and continue inspecting』

『Be careful with the adventurers』

『Kinda frustrating to write it as a message only』

Looks like the inspector-san’s loyalty was very welcomed by the viewers.

As I looked back to the gate one last time, the inspector-san was looking at Elma-san who was falling asleep.

「If I had extraordinary power like RIO, then my daughter……, I wonder if she would be still well now……」

I caught his strange words clearly.

In this world, power is not given to those who want it.

With no regards to evil or justice, only the players are given power, for NPCs like him who has something to protect, there’s no reward no matter how much he is deprived of.

What a harsh world.


「These girls are our new comrades. As for her, Elma-san, protect her even if it meant taking your life. 」

Introducing her around the base, I handed Elma-san who was in a dreamy state to Boss-san.

「Aah…… it’s a real “human”……. It’s a human that I can talk with, not like the undead……. Thank god, thank god it’s a human~」

「Umm, Boss-san. You didn’t become a kin yet right? 」

Boss-san who seemed off somewhere met the first human in a while and shed manly tears from his joy.

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