BWO Chapter 107: Vampire vs Murder Demon Part 5

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I run. With what aim? Not to escape, but towards my goal, it’s not to get away from Jouna-san, I’m just moving to a more suitable place for me.

If someone mistakes the two as one, they will think that I had given up on winning.

Anyhow, with this kind of dead forest, I can’t make use of a vampire’s strength.

That’s why I bet on my chip to victory. Even if it meant bearing the temporary risk of getting my back cut open from my enemy, for me to have a chance to defeat the top of humanity, I must move to somewhere more suited for a vampire.

「Okay~, I’m in on the tag game! Though you’re the demon and I’m the demon hunter, let’s start! 」

T/N: Lost in tl, play tag (鬼ごっこ) literally tl as demon game, which originated from the concept of demon chasing after people. But here it’s flipped into demon/demon hunter.

I could hear Jouna-san’s fired up voice that gradually became softer from a distance.

It’s difficult to think she would be standing there to let me get away, she will definitely be coming.

Then, emphasizing on my HP hasn’t recovered much, she will come with an attack that tries to finish me.

Using these two points as the base, I can predict Jouna-san’s next move to a certain degree.

「She will definitely try to slash either part with ground shrinking. If so……」

One of the twin swords by my neck, and the other near my waist, forming a sort of obstacle as my means of defense.

「Woah, was it too easy for the demon? 」

My, what a predictable person.

As I thought, she came with a slash to my waist, Jouna-san had an disappointed expression from her prided ground shrinking being stopped.

「To use the same technique twice, I can’t say I’m impressed with how you fight. 」

「But you see, we’re so close now that we can even kiss. Maybe I can use some passionate Movement Technique to mess you up. 」

It’s the same for me that she’s close now.

Since my body has already recovered, I won’t let this chance slip.

「A kiss, your joke is too far. Break Skill, Lord Ro―……」

「The chance is now! I knew it. If I was you, I would do the same! 」

While saying so excitedly, she left after causing a huge wind to blow.

「……Just how I wanted it. 」

It’s nice to have your predictions come true. Jouna-san disappeared with speeds unseen by the eye.

――I already seen through Jouna-san’s weakness while we were slashing at each other. She reads the situation too fast and has too less hesitation. Therefore, she’s easy to fall for feints.

It’s both a strength and weakness at the same time.

Though, she probably had a hint that it was going to be a bluff, so she never left right up until I almost finish the activation, thinking about it now, it was quite the thrill that sends chills down my spine.

「I outsmarted her. Well then everyone, the venue of a fun and exciting banquet is just up ahead, a distance where people on carriage would get off and walk the rest. Well then, excuse me for my entrance. 」

With Jouna-san falling for my feint and distancing for some time, I can have the room to converse with the viewers.

『Fun and exciting banquet (overrun)』

『Adventurers in sixth town run ww』

『Felt so relieved that I don’t feel like a warning is needed, but really, the lack of hesitation to charge right into a town infested with adventurers』

『If explained in terms of roguelike, it’s a situation of charging into the next room without knowing if it’s a monster house. The abnormal thing about RIO-sama is rather than being forced to with Jouna on the tail, she’s jumping right in with the kind of 「Hyahaaa, some water for my thirst!! 」. The number of loose screws is amazing ☆』

『Well, even if a monhouse, depending on time and occasion, it might as well be a bonus stage』

『Fun and exciting banquet (bonus game)』

Well, if there’s any adventurers, they should be all on the ground begging. After all, having that Jouna-san ran through this place, there shouldn’t just be a few preys that didn’t make it to safety.

Well, if we look up, we can see a magnificent stone wall the spreads out.

Using the blood scents, I could tell there were adventurers going left and right looking for the Jouna-san that they lost.

Since I have already thought up of an infiltration route in my head, all that’s left is to execute it.

「The security from the front door seems tough after all, hup」

First, jumping on the tree nearby, then jump again after getting on the branch.


With the momentum carrying over, I stabbed my twin swords into the wall.

Since I could see from a glance that just two jumps can’t be enough to clear it, I used the swords stabbed in the wall skillfully, and climbed the wall like a ninja using his kunais.

Eventually, when I reached high enough I can see the top, I jumped straight up by kicking against the wall. By spreading my wings and glide, I reached on top of the walls pretty quickly.

「Well, considering it’s a wall obstructing me, it was lower than Jouna-san. As expected, no one is up here……」

As I looked downwards, most of the buildings were already mountains of rubble as if a supercell passed through it.

It was a scene that signified how dangerous Jouna-san’s existence is in this world for its inhabitants.

「Quite wide and manmade, with so many people around, I can win as much as I want, aren’t you quite thoughtful for me! 」

Jouna-san’s yell from somewhere in the forest. Looks like I can’t even rest a breath first.

As I turned around, there was already a sort of mirage-like transparent score serving as a bridge on the wall.

「To even track me using a fashionable Movement Technique. Jouna-san’s ability is many times my expectation, she really makes me look forward to it. 」

I expected Jouna-san to bust open the gate and enter but, looks like she’s going to stalk me by running through the bridge she created. Since I can’t afford to be chased by the world’s most dangerous performer, I quickly jumped down and glided.

「W-Who’s there!? Gueh! 」

「Even if you asked who, anyone can tell who I am with one look. 」

Dashingly landing, then right after, slice up the adventurer that noticed me along with a bloodsucking combo. After weakening him and not sparing a single drop of blood, I discarded him, and continued to steal blood from fresh looking corpses on the streets.

Then, dismember some victims that were buried in the rubble and sending them to my inventory.

「《Tenth Movement ・ Platinum Disaster Gospel》! 」

Looks like she won’t even give me the room to leisurely dismantle them.

Jouna-san activated her Movement Technique high from above on the wall, then, as if airships crashing onto the ground, giant eighth notes were falling while glowing dully.

『Owaaaaaaah! There’s even one like thaaaaaaaat! 』

『Using something that should be used on some super creature on a person』

『Jouna-san is that kind of person. No matter the sacrifice, she will just use big skills with no hesitation』

『Normally it’s a double edged sword that catches the user too. But since she’s activating it on the walls, she can avoid it, there’s some thought』

『She’s capable. Understanding which technique to use without getting complacent over the numbers of technique she can use』

『Scary the explainer is getting sloppy…… 』

『The most scary power is often the simplest after all. Anyone will die if their head gets hit by that. Anyways, nothing to say but run now』

Getting hit by Jouna-san’s Movement is basically suffering a disastrous defeat after all.

From eyeballing, about ten seconds of grace period before it comes down. So I started running again.

Since I can already imagine the shockwave would kill me even if I avoided a direct hit, no care but to run as fast as I can.

Who cares if it’s on top of mountain of rubble, I run.

「……Two reactions. There and there. 」

I wasn’t just running, I was also parallelizing the task of tracing blood scents.

「That’s a strange looking meteor…… ugehh!! 」

「Eeh!? What’s that guy doing!? NOOo!! 」

Grabbing to the two adventurers who were staring at the gigantic notes falling down with the force of a lasso, I started bloodsucking without stopping my legs. I continued to held onto them as they flailed around from the sudden surprise.

「Hyaahoii! Exciting! 」

――The notes crashed onto the ground without slowing down.

「You’ll have to become my substitute for the secondary disaster. Hak」

「No stoop……! 」

「N-Not like this……! 」

Throwing the two adventurers I still grabbed on, I used them as meat shields against the shrapnel and shockwave.

If I manage to survive, then I will seek the next blood scent again, reaching my hands to anyone that can be living shield.

「Two victories! RIO didn’t die from it but, I will just catch up and win again! 」

Jouna-san who got on the ground started chasing after me with speeds comparable to myself.

I don’t have enough blood yet, if she catches up, I will be extinguished with one hand.

That’s why, I don’t stop running. While doing that, I spotted two adventurers within my vision looking at me and Jouna-san fearfully.

「That’s RIO over there and…… Jouna!? UEEEH!? 」

「T-That’s not right! Why are they working together!? 」

……Oya oya. I just heard some misunderstanding that almost made me blew out air.

From the perspective of clueless adventurers, it would seem like Jouna-san and I are linking hands in destroying the town.

「Gyaaaah! 」

「I-I won’t fight so stop stop……」

Thanks to that, they didn’t even try to pick up their weapon, but immediately turned around and run.

「I won’t be the one to kill you, but my comrade Jouna-san will. Do your best to fight back, I wish you fortune. 」

Without correcting their misperception, I’m a villain that will take advantage of any situation for my own sake cunningly.

「Uwaaaah! Noooo! 」

「Why did this happen!!! 」

Since they would come to enough senses to fight back if I tried to bloodsuck them dry, I just took appropriate amounts, before throwing them to Jouna-san with leftover HP in them.

「Double victory! Ahahaha wait up―」

What misfortune.

To instant kill them before they even touch the ground, Jouna-san’s talent in volleyball must be great.

Even though I just hurled the adventurers to her, it didn’t even delay her one bit.

But the important point is to get more blood even if it meant slowly. Rather than sucking someone dry, it’s much better to slowly pile up by taking small amounts from many people, since that will help build my strength better.

There were still many surviving adventurers scattered around. Again, adventurers that misunderstood similarly lost their spirits to fight.


「I’m so dead I’m so dead I’m so dead」

Grab, get some blood, throw.

「Another! Though it’s getting dull. 」

Jouna-san would instant kill any adventurers without them having a chance to raise one arm.

「No way we can win against Jouna and RIOOOOOooo! 」

「Ouuch! I beg you, forgive me, please spare meeeeeee! 」

Grab, get some blood, throw.

「Ogoh! Owa, owaa……! 」

「Kieeek! Bbbee……! 」

Grab, get some blood, throw. Grab, get some blood, throw.

「Spare me please! 」

「Oi that! Serious shit, look at that! 」

Grab, get some blood, throw, or so I was about to do, there was a strange out of place feeling from my back, so much so that my hand to throw stopped.

For some reason, it was quiet behind me, and just as I turned around, Jouna-san was standing far behind.

「Before this gets endless, I will just make everyone into meat cakes and score a big win. 《Eleventh Movement ・ Goliath Sword ・ Maximum Press Fantasia》」

Jouna-san’s sword suddenly grew. Two folds, three folds, it grew into as large as the stone walls in moments.

The growing never showed any signs of stopping……, umm, is this still getting bigger?

「Excuse me RIO, what the fuck is that. We will all die. 」

「It’s all over……. If I’m getting crushed anyways, be it at least by big breasts……」

Even though perspective played a role, the super-giant dreadnought class sword that covered the moon slowly started falling towards here.

This is some disaster class Movement Technique that even a sprinting Moses can’t make happen. What do I do.


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