BWO Chapter 108: Vampire vs Murder Demon Part 6

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A/N: It’s common to see power balance in chaos when there’s 3 factions right.

『Holy shiit! It’s tera-bad! 』

『Simple but the worst scale, don’t screw with meEeeEe~! 』

『Jouna’s skill repertoire is all map-wiping types. Moreover, the scale this time, can already hear the splat sfx just by looking. If it’s me, would have cut my own neck off 』

『From what I see, when she activates it, the entire sword to the handle becomes the weapon, but she becomes unarmed, so she activated it from afar. Umu umu. 』

『Awaaa what to do with this. Dark Ball is too small of firepower to even make a dent……, getting through with a barrier…… but RIO-sama has no defense skill……』

『Run run run run run run』

Seeing the shadow gradually enlarging from the giant sword falling down, I feel like giving up already.

Recklessly trying to draw distance backfired on me, and even if I tried to go after her now, I will definitely become a meat cake before I get to her.

「To this chaotic face off, I bring order with annihilation! A-haaahaaahaaa! 」

A collapsing of a skyscraper, I imagined it happening once but, with basically the same approaching in the virtual world――, for some reason, my heart is fluttering.

This kind of threat, the moment I thought that surpassing it means getting closer to the top, I could only see it as an exciting event.

「Fufu……I order the adventurers, if you don’t like your brains and flesh, bones breaking in complex manners, then go stop Jouna-san. 」

「HAAaaaaaeeeeehh! 」

「But that don’t mean you can throw meeeeeee! 」

At the very least, they won’t become a bother now.

The first is to discard all obstacles, getting out of the flattening range―― not happening. Since it was aimed for me, it was dropped right on my head.

「I got no choice, it’s the borderline. Jouna-san just keeps on coming with difficult decisions for me. Well, I can only do my best every time. 」

My second hand, in other words, my final hand.

Firstly, choose the highest attack power, magic hammer.

「Timing is a second later……」

I feel like people would say it’s reckless and thoughtless but, to destroy that giant sword, I will swing my hardest.

Well, I think it’s much better than not doing anything and giving up, still, it doesn’t change the fact it’s only a paper theory.

To gamble on the firepower department in the end, looks like an average high school girl isn’t suited to become a strategist after all.

「To not regret even if I fail……… I swing. 」

Spread apart my stance to have it easier to direct my leg strength, now!


Mumu, it’s hard, and this weight. For a person that isn’t suited in fighting, this is making my eyes spin.

Or so I thought, but maybe I can just scape by. There were some cracks running through the sword.

「Ugh, but the weight is just as it seems……」

It wasn’t enough. With all my initial momentum spent, I couldn’t output any more.

Above all, it was me that started bleeding from where the cracks spread.

To not be pushed back, won’t my last resort here be the strength boost from Break Skill?

「It’s the end! Your arm strength won’t stand a chance, still a pancake in the end! 」

No, what if Jouna-san was aiming for me to use Break Skill?

Although we brought the fight to a town where it’s advantageous for a vampire in an attrition battle, if I use Break Skill and lose a part of my body for a while, I will lose the advantage in the attrition battle. So, it’s not something I can use that simply.

However, if I don’t use it, then it’s almost the same as waiting for my end here.

To advance an easy road, or to stay here.


While I was still pondering, my arm entered a territory where it would’ve failed for a human, and my leg started to twist in not a very nice manner.

Eeei, I can’t support it at all. My STR is just not enough.

Looks like powering through with strength is still only a muscle brain’s privilege.

Aah, even though I resolved myself to not have any regrets, it will only be extinguished prematurely if it ends here……, I can already taste the regret afterwards.

「There’s nothing to lose, this is my real last hand. 」

Although it would require everything to be done within a split second, in the current situation, there wasn’t any other choice that I could do.

Well then, the magic hammer is about the same height as me. So, while bearing the weight of the sword, I carefully stood up the hammer vertically, with the handle on the ground, I had it become the pillar of supporting an entire building.

Still, it wouldn’t last even a few seconds.

Specifically, its balance will immediately crumble if I let go, so it wouldn’t hold at all, I can only run through the tiny gap.

「Kuh. I can only count on you. 」

But hope hasn’t died yet. Since the width of the giant sword wasn’t that large, I should be able to get out.

Running with the lowest stance, I leapt for the end.

「Haaaaak……! 」

It’s a feeling like praying whether I will make it or not. Even though the one I’m praying to is most likely hostile.

「……………………What a despicable thrill. 」

The aftermath and shockwave easily took out structurally weak buildings in an instant, with the wind pressure making me feel like floating for a while, it looks like my legs barely scathed by the threat. A sigh of relief first.

All that’s left is to regain the HP I lost.

「Eehyyoeeeee! This carnage……, oi you there, alrig…… gueeh! 」

Pretending to be critically wounded, then bloodsucking the idiot that came close.

「I-I will die soon anyways, so one last…… gufuh! 」

Since those that barely lived will soon die anyways, I just used their blood.

Similarly, throwing the stuff that I kept in my inventory out, then bloodsucking.

Bloodsucking and bloodsucking again at the quickest.

「Goodness gracious―, using a big flashy technique like that sure blows some steam. How many did I win? Since RIO was being an idiot just now, she’s probably dead, as for the others……」

Then, Jouna-san was approaching while holding the sword that turned back to normal.

After all, when the sword impacted the ground, a bunch of dust was kicked up in the air. It can’t be helped that she didn’t notice that I was still standing.

「What’s the matter, Jouna-san, is this your end? 」

「Oi oi oi oi oi! Why the hell is RIO is still kicking. Eeeh……」

If it meant riling Jouna-san’s mind, I tried responding with tough words.

I knew it, changing the battlefield to a town was the correct move. With blood from people no matter their consent, my wounds recovered, and I returned to a perfect condition.

I have already finished recovering my weapon when her giant sword disappeared.

「……Rather, to tank through that, what a tomboy. 」

「I thought there’s no one as tomboy as you though? 」

「Hee~. I just discovered your bad mouthing is just as bad as your persistence. If so……」

While saying so despite not having a single change to her expression, Jouna-san seemed to prepare for another Movement Technique.

If it’s the me from a few minutes back, I would’ve probably racked my brains thinking how to guard against her.

「You’re not getting the chance. 」

「Geh!? This vampire, since when powered up so much! 」

Currently, with the power of splurging blood, I enhanced my own level past 80, I finally have the choice to take the initiative and start a speedy offense.

「Maybe I tried to have too much fun……? What maybe, that was exactly it, am I stupid? 」

Using the twin swords, I won’t give my opponent the time to do anything else other than defending.

「Futile. 」

「Holy crap. So faaast」

This is……, Jouna-san’s expression that isn’t 『Joy』, it was the first time I saw surprise in her face.

『Alright! 』

『Yes! Good job! Even with RIO-sama impromptu sword techniques, with the power of blood boost, it’s possible to make Jouna cry! 』

『RIO-sama had been scaping by barely each time now but, to be on the pressing end now, the catharsis is so gooooooood! 』

『So touched I’m sweating』

『Goo~~~~~~~oood good good good good, very good job (while stroking furiously) 』

『↑YES RIO-sama NO TOUCH, you RIO-con』

『Wow. Even if a losing event, just need to do some leveling and it’s winnable』

『↑Leveling while in a losing event. What’s up with the inspiring words ww』

I can now fight with Jouna-san without making distance. Looks like I’m finally closing in on a win.

The person that I thought was a great wall without bounds have finally started to seem reachable.

「Under the moon acting as the spotlight, on top of the mountain of corpses, the vampire protagonist dances elegantly to the tunes made from a human technique. Ufufufufuh…… is there even a greater place for a final match for me? 」

「I feel like I’m starting to hate you more and more. 」

Aaah, if I had a hand mirror now, I could check what kind of ecstatic expression I’m doing immediately. I suppose I can check it later from the recording.

……Well then, I’m now on a level playing field with Jouna-san.

Same level as the former top player, having chased after it for so long, how can anything be sweeter than this.

Next up, it’s time to overcome.

A/N: Almost ended up with a RIO-cat burger END.


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