BWO Chapter 109: Vampire vs Murder Demon Part 7

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『Amazing……RIO-sama. How strong have you become……』

『But hear me, is it ok to become strong simply like that? 』

『↑An? It’s RIO-sama, so is fine 』

『All fine. There’s a critical difference between their strength. Jouna is already completed, but RIO-sama is still growing. In this fight, RIO-sama is finally showing strength after drinking blood blood from innocent people』

T/N: お血々 ochichi, pronunciation pun on お乳, meaning milk in the context for babies (can be breastfed). Being the lousy TL I am, blood blood it is.

『Blood blood yummy (゜д゜). Don’t just make a new word ww』

The battle is turning for the good. I crossed the shaky plank, and I’m slowly ascending to a steady ground.

My spring has finally come. Let’s head for the peak.

「Ouch, that hurts! 」

「Impressive, blocking my second attack. I will get that arm in the next one. 」

In the resumed melee fight, I was steadily dealing damage to Jouna-san.

My compatibility with the ultimate flexible weapon to attack and defend, the twin swords is outstanding, although its attack power is inferior than several other forms, and requiring the technique to use both hands at the same time, if I can use both of them skillfully, then the hands I can play will increase several folds.

Furthermore, I’ve seen through Jouna-san’s tendency to over rely on her skills, her swordplay isn’t that amazing. No matter how learned she is in swordplay, for a modern day person, its use is very limited, so it’s normal for her to not be very proficient in it. In any case, I will have the upper hand as long as I don’t give her the chance to use Movement Technique.

「It might’ve been obvious but, I finally understood what my 『Enjoyment』 is. Rather than a fight where one side gets crushed utterly, a match of equal terms to the death is far more enjoyable. 」

Confessing my thoughts, Jouna-san who seemed to have a bitter expression was suddenly lit with joy.

「You’re getting me now! In a match, winning is fun, but losing only leaves you with stress, making you want to cuss out. The reason why I was chosen to be the strongest is simply because I enjoy all my matches to the utmost before ending them! 」

While defending against my attacks, her excitement couldn’t be hidden.

This is it.

The reason why I felt joy in the deathmatch with Jouna-san.

Because I as well is a person that aims to be the peak of villain role play, I can sympathize with her villainy thoughts.

「Naturally, I will be the one to enjoy it after winning. I will win before this match gets boring. 」

A clear hostility.

As the pressure from Jouna-san became overwhelming, she threw several glass bottles in the air.

It’s probably Jouna-san’s items.


While I was distracted by the strange sight, Jouna-san had already completed her preparation to activate a Movement Technique.

「《Twelfth Movement ・ Lorelei Scream Serenade》! 」


Stabbing her sword in the ground, an explosion sound so intense that it ruptured my eardrums and caused bleeding washed over me, and then a wide area sound wave after a beat.

Two stage attack. And both of them can’t be blocked with a sword.

「This was the most music-like Movement Technique you ever used. 」

Since my hearing was already cut by half, the initial sound blast felt half powerful than what should’ve probably hit me, but the damage from the sound waves was so great that it would’ve torn my body to shreds if my endurance was any lower.

Then the momentary opening I made while shuddering from the sound wave, something cold showered onto my head along with glass fragments.

「The smell of medicine. Ow……! That was a recovery potion! 」

The three stage attack was her hidden motive. I finally understood what that strange sight from earlier meant.

Destroying the bottles that are falling down with the sound waves, and then scattering the fluids inside on me.

「It feels like I’m getting scalded…… uuh, will this continue until my whole body melts……」

The place where I was showered turned gooey, with the sensation of as if being electrocuted coming from each hair down the nerves, I experienced the power of the items defying immortals.

「Ahahaha. Adios! 」

Jouna-san probably got her escape route planned and broke out in a run.

She’s slowly recovering from being showered in the potion too. If I let her recover fully, then the advantageous flow for me would be cut.

Having said so, I as well understood it’s not a place where I can back off with just some pain, so I won’t let her run. Since I know the difficulty in diversifying the use of consumable items in battle, I have confidence and no fear that it will be used a second time.

「Gigih!? For real!? 」

Using one half of the twin swords, I threw it towards Jouna-san’s legs without it spinning.

「Did you think some off the shelf product can stop me? Eat this. 」

「Ueh! 」

Throwing my other sword. I followed up with another attack piercing her back.

「That hurt. But but, throwing all your weapons like a gorilla…… no way. 」

Taking out the Flesh Sawing Blade out of my inventory, I threw it with a spin.

Running full speed towards Jouna-san who was dealing with my surprise throws, retrieving my twin swords and follow up with the finisher.

「Waapu! Are you just using anything now! 」

Looks like she dodged the attack coming for her neck at the very least.

Jouna-san used the potions in her hands to distance herself without turning back.

「A match with you, I won’t hesitate to use any tactic. Don’t tell me you will complain that it’s underhanded? 」

「Underhanded? What a cold joke. We’re in an age where match comes in many forms. 」

「So you’re someone who understands. That’s why I like you. 」

「But I hate you. I don’t feel like running already, so let’s just shut up and continue the fight. 」

She turned around and took a stance with her sword but didn’t show any signs of a Movement Technique.

Has she finally come to terms that activating it is difficult?

If so, the only thing I have to do is go for the win.

「Here I come. 」

「Hyaaahaa! 」

Both me and my opponent, decided the best choice is to close the distance and swing.

――What happens after that, is only an intense slashing face off going back and forth with our steps.

Seemingly to cover for her lack of technique, Jouna-san is imitating my sword technique, with her glaring eyes that came for a horizontal slash whenever she had the chance, I can’t be careless.

Having said so, being imitated, I devised a form that would be easy to break on the spot, then continue slashing while focusing on her vital spots. By forcing my opponent to not have any options but to continue defending, offense will be the best defense.

「I will definitely win. I won’t give up in the process of making the top spot mine. 」

「You’re still aiming to be the strongest I see」

No matter how many times I slashed, an effective attack didn’t come, and only our communication continued.

Since both of us had reasons to not lose here, we’re trying very desperately.

If there’s a deciding factor for this match’s outcome, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that it would be the first one to lose concentration.

『It’s really interesting to see how Jouna and RIO-sama are similar yet completely different. Jouna basically doesn’t have any likable elements but, RIO-sama on the other hand has the proud point of forming a cult-like popularity through her streams. RIO-sama had put in effort to be liked. I bet y’all can answer immediately if asked what part of RIO-sama is the best? 』

『The part where you want to retort to the average high school girl at where can you find a JK like this! 』

T/N: JK 女子高校生 (joshi koukousei) – high school girl

『Charisma to make any enemy put their weapons down after just one fight』

『The super strong personality to make you think 「Isn’t -sama just part of her player name?」』

『The rainbow fetish body that exudes charm just by standing』

『Huge boobs that blocks the view to ground』

『The part where you don’t think she’s a muscle brain with that stylish fighting style even though all she got is Blood Ice Needle for a combat skill』

『The gap moe element that gets on our otaku’s request playfully』

『All of them are RIO-sama’s irrefutable charm points, but the most noteworthy is the abnormal villain role playing talent that encompasses everything above. If she was born earlier, then she might’ve been recorded as a historical villain in the history of social games. Truly, the respectable individual born to walk the grand path of villain 』

……If there’s any talent in me, then it’d definitely be the talent to be 『Evil』.

The talent to surpass the average and make those who loses against me tremble in fear, and the talent to bring misfortune to those who nears me.

There’s no part of creating anything in it, all there is is disrupting the order of society with tyranny, being satisfied from the discord between people, truly, what an ugly truth.

The only reason why the viewers can share my joy and support me through the stream is the world they live in is a different dimension. If they’re individuals that lived in this virtual world, I’m sure what they saying will be different.

But…… my talent is the way it is, and it’s not like I wished for it to be this way.

Just by remembering how my good will won’t be salvation for anyone else made me tremble and froze me. It’s better for me to play the natural role of being blamed by piling on evil deeds, and eventually be punished for it.

If it was possible, then I too would’ve liked to have the talent to be on the justice’s side.

Then, be someone that won’t be shameful to Eriko even if I stand beside her.

Wanting to turn back when the time to do so had passed.

I hated this part of me the most.

「Hello there~, you’re being distracted. I’m saying it easy but, don’t just start having a person’s favorability now」

「! Something like that……」

While I was stuck in the distracting thoughts, I accidentally let her close the distance.

To think that it was me who got distracted first……. Without even the time to regret, Movement Technique was activated.

As if eager to change the tides with the presented opportunity, her best attack is coming.

「《Sixteenth Movement ・ The World is Mine ・ Nocturne (Nocturne of the World’s Three Thousand Pieces)》」

The number of slashes she unleashed in just one swing was so condensed that it looked like a streak of light.

It’s impossible to handle all of them no matter how much I struggle.


If everything is impossible, I will do my best in reducing them by swinging the twin swords. However, whether I did a good job in defending or not, I couldn’t even see to determine.

「I say, you always seem to surprise people even when I was watching the stream. Sacrificing your head to protect your body isn’t nor―― 」

Jouna-san’s voice suddenly stopped.

That’s right. My head was sliced into tiny pieces.

My body felt light and unbalanced, with no eyes, ears or mouth, and even the brain missing, I shouldn’t be able to think but, since it’s a game, I only felt like my entire body was submerged in water without anything else, almost making it seem like I wasn’t in combat.

However, I haven’t lost.

If I can still feel my grip on the swords, I will continue to use it to fight.

If I can still feel the stone ground beneath my feet, that means I haven’t fell over yet.

If I were to borrow the words of viewers who are well-versed in this kind of field, then I suppose, 『It’s merely the main camera that got done in』

Fufu, because my head is gone, my tears finally stopped coming out.

The nefarious vampire’s turn will never end.

I’m shockingly calm now. For those that thought it was a despairing situation, I will let them taste what is a real despairing situation.


A/N: Elements of a certain bizarre adventure have run out

A/N: A vampire sure is hard to die


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