BWO Chapter 110: Vampire vs Murder Demon Part 8

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After Jouna got bored of Break World Online and became a resident of the real world, albeit not easy, she was enjoying her days of working part time.

Immersing in the feeling of being rewarded as she looked at her pay, she felt quite satisfied and fulfilled with her position and role in the society.

Having said so, Jouna was only bored of the VRMMO genre like BWO, she still continued playing single player VR action games whenever she had the time to relieve her frustrations.

「So ti~red, so sle~epy, want to teach a lesson to some bunch of mesuga~ki

T/N: It’s what it said in the raws.

However, there’re also days when she felt so sluggish that booting up a game was too much of a waste of energy.

In that case, she would browse randomly for a suitable gameplay video, by feeling that she’d played through it herself, she was able to get the same sense of satisfaction without expending energy.

「Somehow the commentator this time really sucks. Ah, a nostalgic title. 」

Although it was the Break World Online that she thought she wouldn’t ever touch again, it was merely something she came across. There’re times that news about the game flashes by her too.

「So this is, RIO’s channel? Oh, isn’t this a brand new streamer? 」

The thing in question was, RIO’s live stream recap.

「Fu―n, that broken game. To think there was someone so much of a foul eater. 」

Because she knew the tragic scenes of BWO aren’t suitable for streaming, she became more interested in RIO’s channel.

Since the occasion was like that, she didn’t care whether the content was poison or medicine, she just rolled it on her PC monitor.

「Buh! 」

However, the live stream, it wasn’t poison nor medicine, it was a powerful stimulating drug.

「To think the state of that game had become so hilarious! Aah my stomach hurts! 」

Combined with the fact that she had low expectations, it was sort of a fateful encounter.

She was fortunate enough to be there on the first stream, while banging on the floor of a narrow space and laughing out loud, she―― as her real name is confidential, she will continued to be referred as Jouna, joined the channel membership with no hesitation.

From that day onwards, she continued to stress her stomach muscles watching RIO’s stream of killing familiar looking adventurers, sometimes, she threw in a message, other times, she even wrote on the believer exclusive forum. She made sure to check RIO’s stream no matter how tired she was from the day’s work.

By the time RIO arrived at the third town, Jouna was completely captivated.

「The extremist thoughts to aim for the top is the best! She would be a likeable character like Lu Bu if it’s in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. 」

Even her passion that had chilled down became so active that it rushed her to make a move.

She was completely lit up by RIO.

And that was when she made her resolve.

「Alright, a return battle it is. 」

Towards the virtual world where she thought she was over with, a dive after a year of gap.

First, is to make the world recognize that Jouna hasn’t disappeared into history, then a good end after winning against RIO who will eventually come. Even while making her plans, her heart was fluttering.

She’s the person that made most rounds in the forums in the entire BWO history.

Even the arrogant and fearless adventurers all feared Jouna’s crazed slaughter show.

However, it soon became clear that the player named RIO was exceeding Jouna’s imagination for any player.


「This is truly, what I say a despairing situation, isn’t it? 」

RIO’s head was literally diced into dices.

On top of that, she rubbed some healing potion onto her sword when she was showered by it then performed 《Lorelei Scream Serenade》, even for a vampire lord’s regenerative abilities, it will take some time before she completely recovers.

Therefore, victory should’ve been close.

「……Strange. 」

Despite that, Jouna strangely didn’t feel any closer to grasping victory.

Rather, a flood of unsettling feelings washed over her.

「Haven’t I won already? But why do I feel like going in is super dangerous, what kind of horror game is this……? 」

The anxiety that carried on.

Jouna’s senses are sharp. If to explain it logically, it would be the result of her experience crossing many battles since the start of BWO.

「Well, whatever. RIO isn’t moving at all, looks like she’s waiting for death anyways, maybe she realized it’s time to give up. Well, time for a slash and victory. 」

Putting the anxiety behind her and becoming complacent, she ran towards RIO to make the finishing blow.

For a match that seemed endless even from her own standpoint, it felt like her nervousness was getting dispelled.

「Nn? 」


RIO suddenly moved when the sword was going to hit, and Jouna’s attack cut the empty air.

Certainly, the attack just now wasn’t hard to evade.

However, the fact that she dodged it is already a question.

It was proving none other than the fact that RIO haven’t gave up one bit of fighting spirit in this despairing situation.

The headless RIO came for a counter attack with her twin swords.

「Unn, I see, how sad to not give up. 」

Facing someone like her, she felt tragic for her.

She’s struggling as much as she can struggle.

Jouna planned again to end the match after receiving the counter attack from the front, and tried to lock blades with the twin swords.

「Unnnnnn――!? Fueeii!? 」

However, the two impacts that came through her hands. It was impossibly damaging.

Jouna who stopped it with her sword was confused by the bone shattering force behind it.

Even so, it took only a moment for her to come to a conclusion. There, she realized.

「Could this be, Break Skill…… holy! I’m too close! 」

This villain role playing streamer RIO, not only she didn’t give up, she even moved without any of sight, smell and hearing to try and win in the mere 9 seconds.

Jouna would’ve been able to distinguish RIO activating her Break Skill just from her expression alone.

However, now that RIO’s face was diced into million pieces, it’s physically impossible to predict an activation from her expression. Coming this far, Jouna made a mistake in her calculations.

And it’s already too late to start running now.

Then, what RIO did afterwards, spinning slash that seemed to dance in the air.

「Higiih! Are you some rampaging machine!! 」

Even though it’s a simple normal attack, if it exceeds a certain line, it won’t be inferior than even a complex attack.

She would be fine as long as she can survive for 9 seconds but having come close to death so many times in under a second, she felt like her mind was breaking.


The spinning stopped. And she crossed her twin blades in a stance.

Looks like she’d decided to be on the defensive.

「Oh, is it over……? 」

Does that mean her attacks is only that much?

……Of course not. It was merely RIO switching her means of attack from the upper body to the lower body.

「Buheeh! I don’t like feet! 」

Front kick, knee kick, a round house kick, a gallery of angry kicks.

Moreover, she grasped her location more as she landed her hits, and her accuracy rose.

「Eh, gyaaaaaaaaaah! 」

And with the finisher being her butt kicked and she flew high into the sky.

Jouna’s defense is considered on the high end. But her HP was still decreasing at an alarming rate.

「Even though I only wanted to win against small fries, I want to scream don’t mess with me……」

She fell on her butt, but fortunately, landed with barely any damage.

But while she was doing that, RIO had already closed the distance.

「Kiiiih! 」

She was getting chased so persistently that RIO’s shadow is always on her.

「Hell, Naraka, Sañjīva, Kālasūtra, Saṃghāta, Raurava, Mahāraurava, Tapana, Pratāpana, Avīci. In the dance hall that I host, pick your hell. 」

T/N: The buddhist eight hot hells.

RIO’s mouth had already regenerated.

The words that came out of her mouth, as if the curse chanted to slowly kill a hated or envied person, be it the viewers or Jouna, it was a great load on anyone who heard her.

「Ha……ha……ha……ha……ha……ha……ha……ha……monster…… this girl’s a monster……」

She couldn’t stop the throbbing.

She felt almost as if her stomach flipped upside down.

Almost as if put in line for the guillotine, and it’s her turn to be executed.

She even began to question whether the player in front of her is a person living a normal life after logging out.

What it means to be an immortal being, why did RIO choose to become a vampire when making her character, she felt like she naturally understood all of it after facing her this much.

The devilish talent that makes someone’s fear surface to the maximum.

To bind people with despair, did she have a talent that shouldn’t have been on a person?

Jouna only ever experienced irritation and displeasure yet not a sliver of fear even when being chased after by the adventurers, but now that she took a peek at the bottomless pit of RIO’s hell, she was overcome with the fear of wanting to escape immediately.

Then, feeling the realism of death coming in the next attack, the fear rising up her back made her shut her eyes unintentionally.

「Oh, now that I’m here, ain’t RIO and Jouna both look really weak now. Very lucky! 」

An adventurer appeared suddenly in this fierce battlefield.

From the fishing rod-like weapon, he’s probably a magic-type class.

「Who’s there in this shit busy time! 」

Jouna unintentionally flipped at the intruding adventurer.

「Mu, she circled around there huh. 」

RIO’s steps stopped.

Because her eyes haven’t regenerated yet, she must’ve misunderstood the adventurer’s footsteps as Jouna’s.

「【S rank 7494th, Fisherman’s Melon Sales】. The name of the man who is the second of the Jupiter! Nooooh! 」

Moments after finishing his name declaration, RIO who still had the effects of a Break Skill still had a giant difference between their abilities.

With RIO’s hand chop, his face was stabbed through cruelly, and bloodsucking activated.

Jouna who was watching at the side experienced goosebumps like riding on waves.

「Nice one mob adventurer-kun! You’re probably the MVP of this fight! 」

RIO’s attention was diverted to the intruding adventurer.

It was RIO who purposefully chose to fight in a town where unexpected people can show up. It’s natural that Jouna has the right to make use of it too.

Rather, the chance to do something with RIO is now or never.

「I’m the stronger one, so victory is mine! 」

If her body is dominated and frozen by fear, then just change her purpose to overcome her fear, thereby smoothing her movement again.

Jouna took her sword in a reverse grip.

「《Twenty-second Movement ・ Final ・ Artemas Crash Requiem》!」

The sword swirled colorful notes in a vortex, with many different elements crossing without cancelling out each other, a rainbow shine radiated from the blinding white light.

That was Jouna’s one of secret techniques, and the one she designated as the sure kill ultimate technique. However, because sure kill and sure hit are different concepts, she only used it when it was the right time.

On top of that, this Movement Technique is a close quarter attack, it would mean jumping right into RIO who still has Break Skill active. But that’s exactly why Jouna resolved herself for death and activated the Movement Technique that had the highest firepower.

「I will send you back to your own world! 」

With the sword condensed with countless elements―― she swung it at full force.

「A……ha……ha……! How about that 」

And as expected, RIO’s upper left torso disappeared.

As for the adventurer who was being blood sucked, he had disappeared completely after being swallowed by the light.

「HIi! 」

「Resolved for a mutual destruct. You too, me too」

Her remaining right body was in fact, with her fingernails stabbing into Jouna’s chest and bloodsucking.

Because of that, her left half regenerated almost back to normal as if time reversed. Her left eye had a dull color, probably because it was used as the price of activating Break Skill.

「Something like this, how many times do you want to not die! 」

Jouna cut off the arm that was using bloodsucking on her, and kicked it way, freeing herself and distancing away.

As RIO adjusted her body posture and landed, she spoke without particularly eager to attack.

「Your limits, it comes from the fact that your slaughter is solely for the purpose of entertainment. It’s not like I’m condemning killing. But if you weren’t a murder demon, but a man eating demon, then you would’ve been able to become more powerful by consuming people lives, I’m just saying that pointless killing in a battle is nothing but futile. 」

What she pointed out was nothing short of the truth. It wouldn’t be any less truthful even if the person who’s saying it isn’t trustworthy.

The reason why RIO was pointing out things was because Break Skill had already elapsed. She was just getting her breath to calm down while she waited.

Naturally, Jouna had listened to the full thing without interrupting.

「……Pointless killing, my favo~rite. 」

Replying with a kind of sticky tone, she had a playful expression.

「But you’re my most hated. So, I must win no matter what. 」

A wonder to where she got it from, she had a small and bouncy note on her palm.

Picking it up by the long stick part and carrying it to her mouth, a visible 「Gulp」 sound was heard as she swallowed it down.

Then what happened afterwards.

Jouna’s feet left the ground, then started to take flight into the sky despite having no wings.

「Wonderfuuuuul! I feel like my brain is going haywire! 」

From the rapid rise of mana that exceeded the tolerance of her body, floating magic spontaneously came to be.

Then, several elliptical scores appeared, becoming the river where notes flow and started circling around Jouna.

「Fumu, don’t tell me, no, I suppose it’s only normal for you to have it too. 」

「I mean, of course! To have an equal fighting ground with you, I will need to get the same thing as you……, right? 」

RIO had realized it.

The fact that Jouna too had one of the abilities in the game with the title of Break (Destruction).

Contrary of how Jouna said 「My most hated」, a sort of friendly atmosphere was coming from her.

「Interesting. If that’s the case, there’s no other choice but for me to destroy the exciting play you will perform to enjoy it. 」

RIO, as if a conversation between two close friends, she replied with a smiling expression.

The two were the villains of this world, and enemies to each other.

However, after a long while of battle, their hate for each other lessened, and the feeling of acknowledgement started to grow somewhere along the line.

The hate between them had already disappeared by now and had morphed into one of 『Rivalry』.

「《Break Magic (Destruction Magic)……」

「《Break Skill (Destruction Technique)……」

Jouna pointed her sword up as if as a conducting wand, and the ring of notes revolved around rapidly.

On the other hand, RIO too had changed her weapon to the magic machine gun and pulled her trigger without any delay.

「……Death Doremifasola (Absolute Pitch After Death) 」

「……Lord Role (Destroy is Monarch’s Role) 」

The 《Bullets》 that both of them had started firing at exactly the same time, unfolding a fierce barrage of aurora and shockwave.

9 seconds of machine gun battle starts.

「Ahaha, ahaha, ahahahahaha, aahahahahahahahahahaha」

「Fu, fufuh, hufufufufufufufufufu, ufufufufufufufufufu」

Even though it would be the deciding moment when the machine gun battle ends, the two of them laughed loudly.

For some reason, for the both of them, this fight was the most enjoyable that they ever had.

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