BWO Chapter 111: Vampire vs Murder Demon Part 9

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A storm of musical notes and a storm of bullets

The two storms crashed into each other in the 9 seconds that was longer than any 9 seconds and reduced the town into even more of a sorry state than it was before.

「Ow ow ow owi……」

Although Jouna had spent all of her MP and got barraged by a bunch of lead balls, she miraculously managed to survive.

On the other hand, RIO had completely disappeared, leaving the surroundings covered with blood, only the magic machine gun and the arm that held it rolled on the ground.

The result was clear. Could it be said that Jouna was more proficient in terms of destruction?

「Anyways, gotta do this before anything. Shower in some potion before it’s too late, kyahaa」

While smiling, she scooped some of RIO’s spilled blood with her finger and tried to lick it.

――No taste.

The cost of Break Magic was the sense of taste.

With a human body, there’s a huge risk as she will have to carry the cost until she respawns once, but if it’s just the sense of taste, that’s nothing much.

After using one more potion, recovering her near death HP back to 30%, she started flipping up the rubble around, seemingly looking for something.

「Found you」

She yanked on a bunch of hair that stuck out.


「Unn, I knew you would’ve definitely survived that. 」

It was a RIO with only a head.

She miraculously survived too, but her eyes were empty, looking into the background, with HP as if a candlelight in the wind. Not having enough blood, there wasn’t any signs of regeneration, while blood continued to spill from the cross section.

It was part of Jouna’s strategy to reduce her to this state.

Because Jouna had experienced tremendous fear from only blowing RIO’s head to smithereens, she did the opposite this time, aiming for everything else other than the head with the musical notes.

「Somehow, looking at you hurts me. Honestly speaking, I didn’t want you to lose in a pathetic manner. 」

She spoke words that could only be meant for sportsmanship. She didn’t speak playfully like she usually did, but in an honest manner.

Even Jouna has some degree of good heartedness. Without categorizing RIO as a small fry or strong enemy, because she viewed her as a rival was she able to say such praise.

As for RIO, she didn’t mutter a single voice.

「Ahhahaha, to think I would be ignored. Maybe you’re too shock for words? Or maybe…… you can’t speak anymore? 」

Jouna frowned and wondered, whether if RIO’s cost of using Break Skill was her voice.

As she recalls back, RIO’s adorable laughter became inaudible when RIO became buried under the rubble.

Although it’s only natural, for a vampire with immortal-like endurance unlike normal life forms, even enormous damage is equivalent to minor scuffs.

Deeming that it can’t be helped that she wasn’t getting a response, Jouna continued.

「In this fight, although there were happy and angry things, it’s all a memory to recall back on. With this, I no longer have any attachment to this world, I can finally put BWO in a big garbage bag……」

Among the recalled memories, there was a scene that RIO cut off her own head.

At that time, the small fry that accepted defeat before she even hit her had managed to overcome so many deaths without choosing to escape by death. A drama like this, even Jouna felt impressed.

「Ha! 」

Jouna’s instincts rang bells.

At that time, from behind Jouna, the sound of rocks tumbling around was heard.

(Curse you! To steal this much of my vitality, how dare you!)

Flying who was buried within a mountain of rubble suddenly flew up and went for a surprise attack on Jouna.

Come to think of it, there were purplish beams during that exchange aside from the bullets enhanced with Break Skill.

As expected of RIO, her fighting style is full of improvisation. She probably commanded it to stay hidden under the rubble to wait for a chance.

However, the opponent is Jouna.

「To come for a counterattack in an unexpected timing, well, I suppose it’s one of the best way for a small fry to shine 」

Gripping her sword and turning her arms around, she unleashed a flurry of stabs.

「I don’t serve anyone sweetly 」

The extreme difference in strength.

Flying’s attack didn’t even come close before he died from her.

「……Aaah, that was scary. I thought RIO might’ve hidden something again in that, so chilling 」

Filled with cold sweat, she tried to pat her heart down.

Since she was as if experiencing the fear of entering a haunted mansion where ghosts would appear out of nowhere, Jouna was super on edge where she would react to any sound.

In any case, this is where the fear ends.

「Well then RIO, having expended all your strategies, it’s finally the good bye for you. But I will be sure to stay around in your stream until you get tired of this game. SOOOIIIII! 」

Raising her voice, she raised her sword.

RIO’s head shook, then rolled.

「Kaah! 」

RIO had been waiting single-mindedly for this moment.

「Fua! She really still has something! 」

RIO held her head up with her hair, then with the momentum of a swing, bit on Jouna’s shoulders.

Moreover, she was activating bloodsucking, she wasn’t just plainly sucking out blood, she was shredding every piece of flesh as if intending to bite someone to death.

「I guess piranhas also rampage when they’re out of water! 」

「I thought I would be saving my lips for Eriko but, I thought you would be worth the sacrifice. 」

「She spoke. You could’ve spoken!? 」

Surprising her that the cost was in fact not her voice, Jouna was shaken up.

The bottomlessness of RIO’s scheming, she came to know that RIO wouldn’t stop biting until she won.

「But with just a head, it’s not like……. Uhh, ah! 」

As she tried to finish RIO with a stab, her wrist was caught by RIO’s newly regenerated left arm.

From the intense crushing pain on her wrist, she unintentionally let go of her main method of attack, her sword.

「Where would I have been without Vampa and Flying’s noble sacrifice. Still, it’s a miscalculation that I let them die without helping them. 」

「What are you mumbling there on your own! Why don’t you die already!? Hiiii! 」

As she tried to go for a punch with her left fist, a freshly grew right arm stopped her.

Similarly, a newly generated foot stepped firmly on Jouna, fixing her to the spot, not allowing her to escape at all.

It already can be said that enough of Jouna’s blood was absorbed for RIO to completely regenerate her body.

「No way, is this where I lose? No, I can’t give up too. Haha, maybe I can still make it with this……」

When she looked downwards, RIO’s left knee didn’t seem like it had any strength.

It looks like she thought she hid it well but, it was clear to Jouna that it was the cost of using Break Skill. If she tried to hide it, it meant there was a reason for her to hide it.

It’s easy to trip RIO who’s basically standing only on one leg. With her falling, she will get apart from the binding of fangs, so she went for a leg swipe.

「It was a harsh fight where I couldn’t even save my own comrades in front of me. Although it was cruel of me, I know above all that it’s necessary for me to get to the top……」

「Ha!? 」

However, she jumped.

Reading Jouna’s intention to trip her as if the back of her hand, she bent both her legs and kicked against the ground lightly and jumped slightly, all while keeping Jouna in her restraint.

With the legs that she was supposed to trip leaving the ground, there was nothing to trip, it was only a slow sideways kick.

「No, haa!? 」

――The cost wasn’t her legs either.

She only experienced another shocking revelation that made her reflexively make the same sound.

All of her guesses were wrong, on top of being in utmost confusion, RIO was in a state of above Jouna and pushing down on her.

「Just let go! You’re too persistent! 」

「The fighting experience that I got from this long fight, I will take it as my treasure. 」

「Listen to what someone’s saying at least…… wait, no way, don’t tell me, you really……… you really weren’t hearing anything……! 」

Jouna immediately made a guess, and immediately got the truth.

The cost of using Break Skill was in fact her left ear hearing.

She already lost an eye and her right ear hearing before, now that she’s fully deaf and didn’t hear what Jouna said, it made sense that she didn’t reply.

「You stupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!! 」

「Finisher! 」

RIO was already not hearing anything.

Whether it’s a painful scream, her pleading words, or her attempts in provocation. Nothing Jouna said manage to reach her.

Rejecting everything that comes to her ear, all that’s left is to make it reach.

「Fuuuh! 」

What RIO managed to make it reach was in the end, her fangs with an undying will.


Quantity over quality, the greedy killer, the exhilarating feeling of killing hundreds of people at the same time rather than winning barely.

Jouna who was such was torn to pieces from where she was blood sucked from, having her HP reduced to 0 from that, it was her complete defeat.

The viewers who were looking over the deathmatch with Jouna that didn’t last more than one and a half hour felt as if the light of salvation shone upon them, all of them, sent congratulatory messages to the villain RIO they trusted would win.


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