BWO Chapter 113: At the Adventurer’s Forum Part 7

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A/N: (11/1) Tiny correction

Help the weak BWO thread for adventurers use Part 6101 Strike the strong

1: Nameless Adventurer

This is a special thread only for Break World Online adventurers.

Let’s write freely while keeping in line with the minimum rules.

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> > Please open the next thread at 980

65: Amazing Stone

How come……

66: Bangarsia

This a nightmare?

67: Virtue Upstanding

Too real to be a nightmare. Is a nightmare is what we call the reality?

68: Abababalone

All over, dead, all over, dead, all over, dead, all over, dead

69: Hackimaxis


Today’s the third anniversary but everything of adventurer’s guild is overrrrrrr――!!!

70: Joy Rage Sad Sad

Y’all ok in the head? But guess it’s normal to have smokes coming from the head after seeing that news

71: Bellflower BLOOM!

To think RIO can take down Jouna

It’s that Jouna!

The worst villain that the guild never managed to defeat in the end!

This must be a misunderstanding……

72: Wakasagi Fishing

Aah whatever just make as much noise as you like

73: Seed Gatling

Impossible, too impossible

Adventurer’s guild is gone soon

I want to retire, be a merchant, and live slow life in the Origin Town

74: Hydrone

> > 73

Quitting adventurer doesn’t work this late in the game

Just recently the new rule of quitting not allowed was added

75: Seed Gatling


I missed the timing!

Am I just done for!!

76: Wakasagi Fishing

Those that leave in this situation are basically revealing that they’re on RIO’s side anyways, but I guess the situation is like this too……

77: Himesaba

Why why

Want to hear from the adventurers who went after RIO. Why leave her until she’s out of hand

78: Maryi Branch Manager

A live streamer that starts with G route, how could she face against the adventurer’s guild with established power? Not expecting it could happen was the beginning of the end

79: Tampston

Why not subjugate her when the Origin Town was destroyed

Not like we are demon lords that don’t kill the hero when he’s level 1 for some odd reason

80: Tom Booger

> > 79

What’s with this trash?

Try’na say adventurers are demon lords?

81: Timeout Firefly

> > 79

There’re always such questions but in a certain 4th sequel of a game, the demon lord just came sending people into the grave, please spare me

82: Undefeated Debating God Ruling Over All Creations Enoki

What about I ask you the other way around, if you are the hero, why didn’t you go when the demon lord is still level 1- ww

Yup, debate won wwwwwwwwwwwww

83: Spin Spear

It’s the level of an elementary schooler comeback but can’t retort

84: Skanda Angel Hashi Lucifer

The merit versus effort to defeat RIO at that time wasn’t worth it either

And honestly the second or third town is just whatever

85: Maryi Branch Manager

Even without going for RIO’s bounty, there’s a mountain load of ways to get money and experience points

86: Fumizuki Fuumin

All fine to wave your justice around, but actually make sure to quell the evil

The reason why high class adventurers didn’t move was simply because it was bothersome……. Me included

87: Kisaragi Kisara

I’m not the bad one!

When I want to go, Moshimo-oneesama will always invite me to the inn with a super delicious camisole outfit

88: Nagatsuki Natsuki

> > 87

No way that’s true?

Moshimo-oneesama and I swore eternal love though??

89: Shimotsuki Moshimo

> > 87

Kisara, I will tell Saki-neesama on you later

90: Spin Spear

Can’t hide my confusion over the sudden display of passion between the girls

91: Pegasus Cylinder

I truly apologize. But hear me, it’s like watching a rare beetle in its ecosystem but who knows in the time you weren’t looking it would suddenly grow into a raid boss?

92: Death Metal Band Okabe

Let’s stop there

Looking for the bad guy here will just make everyone miserable

Let’s first think about countermeasures to RIO that will eventually attack the capital

93: Two-Sided Scissors

I might’ve come up with a great idea

Didn’t RIO say she’s aiming for the top of players?

That’s why her purpose will be defeating the top adventurer to achieve her goal

So, we should just leave RIO to the S rank 1st

If even by mistake RIO somehow won, then won’t she retreat after having achieved her goal?

94: KeteKeteLily

> > 93


95: Chain Fixing Penguin

> > 93

Oi delete that now, stupid!

96: Forgot Forget

> > 93


97: Full Paranox

> > 93


98: Midnight Porta

> > 93


99: Death Error Code

> > 93


100: Lolikko Chlodium

> > 93


101: Non Non Subject

> > 93


102: 66666666Neck

> > 93


103: Happiness Injection

> > 93


104: Dead Bank Wildflower

> > 93


105: Nameless Adventurer

> > 93


106: Insomniac Marshal

Notice of Judgement to Adventurer ・ Two-Sided Scissors

Under the Adventurer’s Guild Regulations Article 909, entry 93 is considered disrespectful towards 『S rank 1st King of True Brilliance, Thinking 』, a punishment of 10 million Iris, and a temporary 1 month ban to the forums will be issued

Deadline is tomorrow. Send in your apology letter to the guild headquarters at a later date

107: Chain Fixing Penguin

> > 93


We did say to adhere to the bare minimum of rules while writing

Heh deserved

108: Magma Hornet

Y’all always get into fights when something happens with RIO

109: Tactic Piece

Abolish the tyranny of instant punishment from misspeaks

Everyone’s so afraid of purging that no one’s offering any idea

110: Nova Slash

A typical example of a bad guild……

Even with RIO as the easy reason for unity, why are we purging our own people first

111: Horizon Rebellion

Not our own people, is our rival

We call it rival, but competitors are another word

The more you kick down, the more your rank rises, the more you steal, the more your power increases

So, it’s only natural of justice to expose the bad points of those who threatens your position

112: Nova Slash

What was justice again?

113: Dendenmushi Messenger

【Breaking News】 Laplace & Battenmaru arrived at the sixth town, not blessed by the fortunes of war, were defeated by RIO!

……This must be fake?

114: Shape Swordsman Triangular Circle

> > 113


115: Alps’ Flower Garden Licorice

> > 113

Why why why why why why why


116: Comet Seimai

S rank 10th and 9th, right?

Imagine being swept under by an earthworm like RIO, impossible breaking news unless it was a throw like literally charging in with only a pants on

117: Sasuke Dakake Sedaka

> > 116

Here we see another person that still don’t understands how bad the situation surrounding RIO is

118: Vortex Swordsman Zenmaimaru

I was even there to spectate from the start to finish, but unbelievably both of them didn’t even manage to put up a good fight

Reading the swordsman classic and also PK strongest skill 《Groundshrink》 as if a book, then it was the beginning of the end

119: Dendenmushi Messenger

Well, it’s going to be long to say, those who want more details can take a look at RIO’s stream compilation video by volunteers later

Waiting for your channel subs too!

120: Sasuke Dakake Sedaka

Wait what channel sub

121: Vortex Swordsman Zenmaimaru

Messenger turned to RIO sideeeeeee!?

122: Akechi Yuuda

This betrayeeeeeeeeeeeer!

123: Golden Watergun

> > 121

So shaken up that I feel like Do○o

T/N: Not sure about the reference here

124: Meta Iknight

> > 119

It’s troublesome to write in words after all

125: Introvert Omnyoji

Fuh fuh fuh, who is to be killed next

126: Twin Hander

Wasn’t it True Justice-san at the 8th?

Maybe it’s smarter to seek refuge at the headquarters since already on the next hit list?

127: Insomniac Marshal

About that…… True Justice-san had actually lost all contact right after what happened with Littebeutte

He hasn’t logged in at all, status in real life unknown. In a sense, it can be said that he took early countermeasures to avoid RIO’s threat but, including myself, the top 10 is very angry at that coward

128: Twin Hander

To have Marshal-san reply to me, what a great honor

As someone that frequents the hospital, I’m very worried about True Justice-dono’s health

If following the order, it would mean the 7th, Minazuki Luminous……vampire vs moon compatibility so baaaaaaaaaad!!

T/N: 水無月 Minazuki has the kanji of moon in there

129: Warrant Officer July

Is it finally the time for everyone’s Marshal-san to show his name as the 6th S rank

130: Insomniac Marshal

Here’s a follow up report

Laplace and Battenmaru who was just teleported to the headquarters are being asked for more details by their disciples but, because of various reasons, it’s a slow process

Probably never expected that they would lose, it looks like their souls were sucked out of them, just opening their mouths seemed difficult

Will write a follow up tomorrow

131: Abababalone

All over, dead, all over dead, all over dead, dead dead dead dead dead

I will be raising my white flag too! Not logging in ever again! I will be reflecting!

132: Hackimaxis

> > 131

Ah not fair you’re the only one running

I won’t be logging in either!

133: Bangarsia

I-It’s not yet decided that the guild will lose

If RIO logs in during the day, her combat power will be lowered, and that’s when we can strike……

134: South Polis

So, this is the weakness of the guild

The downfall of the crazy organization starts after not even 3 years

771: Madness Ranger

Anyone please

Any brave warriors who is willing to party with me in hunting RIO

772: Deep South Absorption


773: Exploding Hammer

Let me up my DEF by another 100

774: Fierce Swordsman Horoumaru

As a weakling that couldn’t win against Jouna, don’t count on me

775: Match-making Fortune Teller Pretty Girl

> > 771

Are you telling me to get a scar on my face……

776: Gravity Liberty

Don’t think about taking care of her

We can only at best deal tiny jabs until she retreats using the capital as our shield. For eternity

777: Medadroid

It’s just before the event

I want to focus on that

778: Dual Durandal

If you want to suicide, do it somewhere no one else sees

779: Dotem Pole

> > 771

Then let’s gather at 0 hours tomorrow there!

Make sure you must come 30 minutes earlier!

780: Dual Durandal

> > 779

This Madness Ranger-san is baiting people to stand in front of RIO without any kind of support

781: Amazing Stone

Traumatic after dying being used as a shield

Not gonna fight that kind of monster a second time

782: Thunder Gee

Not possible due to religious reasons

783: Cobaltia

Not possible due to religious reasons

784: Ten Glyph Cross

Defeating RIO-sama is not possible due to religious reasons

785: Madness Ranger

After finishing my cup noodles and came back to see 0 people! Damn it!

And there’s already 3 guys supporting RIO even though they’re adventurers!

Whose fault is this! It’s your fault! The people that only reads this thread! AAAAAAAAAAA!

786: Kamatryoshka

> > 785

Calm down! At least it’s not your fault!

787: Yajadhar

Isn’t the most at fault Eriko

It’s originally that yuri girl that invited a super villain to BWO

788: Hungry Wolf Transferee


Eriko moving like on an elementary schooler’s whim brought trouble to every adventurer

789: Jelly Winder

Have Eriko take responsibility

790: Dotem Pole

That’s right, Eriko come out now

791: Jaguar Toad

E ri ko!

E ri ko!

E ri ko!

Time to hear whether you’re a hero of justice or a member of devil!

792: Cha Laden

Making a fuss like that is so unsightly!

Not like chasing Eriko-jou to take responsibility will do anything in stopping RIO!

793: Shiranui Yui

If so, then long long live Eriko, please stop RIO in place!

794: Hungry Wolf Transferee

That’s it!

795: Yajadhar

If she remains an adventurer, even being a real life yuri friend won’t be stopping a fight

796: Private Knithat

Why did we leave that streamer with that much influence if not considering the ranks, I can be complaining now right

797: Thungaring

I hear all of you

After finishing my work, I will send a mail to Eriko to be ready to strike several other buffers

798: Jelly Winder


799: Dotem Pole

Don’t know who you are but thank you forever

800: Jaguar Toad

So, I’m not missing tomorrow’s stream either

801: Joy Rage Sad Sad

RIO versus Eriko, a feeling of yuri collapse is here

A/N: No one believed the existence of RIO-sama in the Origin Town

A/N: Adventurers stood behind and laughed while the second town got done in

A/N: Jouna appeared when they wanted to stop her at the third town

A/N: Group of adventurers decided to leave due to events in fourth town

A/N: After more mishandling in the fifth and sixth town, the situation worsened to the point of only relying on others can help

A/N: Yes, negligence

A/N: Anyways, another chapter before this arc ends


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