BWO Chapter 114: Recall – A Year Ago

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Debuff Demon

S rank 10th place 【Laplace of Minus Flowing Cause and Effect】

One truth, twice lie

S rank 9th place 【Answering Swordsman ・ Battenmaru】

Narrator of Justice

S rank 8th place 【True Justice】

Masterpiece of the Twelve Calendar Months Union

S rank 7th place 【Minazuki Luminous】

Watcher of the Forum World

S rank 6th place 【Insomniac Marshal】

Guardian Angel of Adventurer Guild

S rank 5th place 【Genesis General】

One of Four Kings, Feet of All Attributes

S rank 4th place 【King of Thieves ・ Sly King】

One of Four Kings, Rampaging Brain of Rage

S rank 3rd place 【King of Fury ・ Docking】

One of Four Kings, Talent of Lead Thousand Cavalry Machine Soldiers

S rank 2nd place 【King of Tin Plated ・ Bri King】

One of Four Kings, the top player in essence, heart of all creations

1st place: 【King of True Brilliance ・ Thinking】

Above are the 10 strongest adventurers in the adventurer guild, otherwise known as the Top Ten.

The ranking order was also relatively stable―― or more precisely, each of them adjusted so to not have it fluctuate greatly.

The ten messengers of justice were active even back when the Adventurer’s guild was still expanding, and at the time the guild solidified their forces across the continent, all of them were already experts in their own martial prowess.

By the way, the opinions of their abilities being “Super broken” is on the overwhelming side.

Even with a hundred giant dragons around, for them, they can even wipe out all of them as if it was only a game.

However, all of them couldn’t win against one person.


Help the weak BWO thread for adventurers use Part 3135 Strike the strong

1: Nameless Adventurer

This is a special thread only for Break World Online adventurers.

Let’s write freely while keeping in line with the minimum rules.

Previous Thread: http://**********

> > Please open the next thread at 980

310: Sleep Deprived Marshal

☆★Top 10 S-rankers this week☆★

1st place: 【Death Conductor】 (5th place last week)

T/N: Title was changed from Death Commander to better suit Jouna.

2nd place: 【Sheen ・ Shine】 (1st place last week)

3rd place: 【Shakariki Power Leader】 (2nd place last week)

4th place: 【Angry Angry Emotional】 (3rd place last week)

5th place: 【Attribute Sliding】 (4th place last week)

6th place: 【Genesis General】 (6th place last week)

7th place: 【Answering Swordsman ・ Battenmaru】 (8th place last week)

8th place: 【Laplace of Minus Flowing Cause and Effect】 (9th place last week)

9th place: 【Queen of Killing】 (13th place last week)

10th place: 【Commanding Officer Schrodinger】 (26th place last week)

For 11th place and above, look at→http://**********

311: Commanding Officer Schrodinger

See that! My first top 10 hyahhoooo!!

312: Dendenmushi Messenger

【Sad News Flash】 Jouna 1st place www

313: Commanding Officer Schrodinger


Jouna 1st this week?

BWO is done for

314: Harenuya Harenaia

> > 313

Uwwaaa getting the chills here

315: Steel Drill

What, Jouna actually got 1st place?

What kind of joke is it for the disgrace hovering about 2~5th every week becoming 1st

316: Cloudy Winds Tea Child

Hey everyone, you need to call Jouna-dono properly

317: Harenuya Harenaia

> > 316

Don’t be appealing that you’re different by appending -dono to Jouna, old fox tea maniac

Anyways, everyone seems to be talking crap about Jouna here, but isn’t congratulating her the sportsmanship move?

318: Commanding Officer Schrodinger

But it’s Jouna of the small fries specialist……


A man walks up to the woman with straight blonde hair standing in front of the gates of the thirteenth city.

Medium build with a very untidy look, a thick cloak that sticks out with how crinkled it is, combined with his plain looks, one can’t help but to see his appearance as strange.

「Yoo Jouna, congrats for getting 1st in the rankings」

While rubbing his sleepy eyes, the S rank 322nd place (274th place last week), Sleep Deprived Marshal was congratulating Jouna who was a part of the top 5 group with a truly unspirited way.

「Oh it’s you. Of course, thanks for that. 」

Jouna who was congratulated thought to answer happily.

「It feels like my hardships finally got rewarded. Putting it in everyone else’s words, my justice was recognized? 」

「To have you speak about justice……, must be turning for the better if you said it in good will. 」

Contrary to the words he said as if praising her change of heart, his expression was filled with disgust.

It wasn’t Jouna to not see through him.

「Heeeh, then maybe I did said it maliciously? 」

「Strange, suspicious, sounds like total bullshit. Just the thought about spending my precious time for an incomprehensible someone is making my stomach sick, you worthless crap. 」

「Aha, you sure are blunt. 」

Even when she was met with the full force of hostility, Jouna only responded with an ironic smile.

This adventurer otherwise known as the Sleep Deprived Marshal was an old friend of Jouna that started playing with her when the game launched.

But such relationship could easily become cold because of their environment. In his eyes, he frowned on how Jouna only continued to slay weaker Enemies than herself without a shred of justice.

As for Jouna, it was the same. She was annoyed by how he continued to act superior even though his rankings fell ever since he prioritized sleeping time.

「You will fall from the throne in one week time anyways. In words that even a brain full of shit can understand, enjoy your time to gloat in this week. 」

「Hmm, is that true? If you’re really confident in your ability to predict, then maybe changing job to a weather forecaster is better for the world. Even though your head is empty inside, your vocabulary sure is rich. 」

「Unfortunately, I’m really good in arranging thing up. I’m always organizing my capacity to pack more useful knowledge in the day. But maybe it looking empty to you is something that can’t be helped. 」

「Aah, I’m an idiot, so I don’t really know, it being empty means it’s full of knowledge gas right? If you feel stuffy, maybe you can find the promising supporter girl Minazuki Rumina to help you pull it out~? 」

Because of the difference in views, they always bicker at each other.

「……Well, if you got no more insults to say, I’m back to moderating the forums. Enjoy the look from above while you can. 」

Spitting those words, he turned around and walked back towards the guild headquarters.


Still, Jouna followed behind him in a skipping manner, with her hands behind her back, she stood in front of Marshal.

「Disgusting, want me to rip that two meat balls off from you? 」

「Well well, just listen. I realized this. Continuing to play this game at this rate will only make motivation go down, after getting the most valuable trophy, won’t there be nothing left to do and just become bored? 」

「Bored? I can get a mountain load of special quests for you, is that what you want? 」

Then, she decided to totally ignore what Insomniac Marshal asked.

「So I’m saying, I think I’m changing my play style. Personally, I really like being unmatched while winning against small fries, I’m gonna enjoy the game in another way. 」

Then, a high screeching noise of metal.

Jouna drew out her 5 foot long rapier.

Even though it should be a relatively peaceful town, and there not being Enemies or villains attacking, she pointed the blade towards Insomniac Marshal’s neck.

「Oi Jouna, even if it’s you, this joke won’t leave you unscathed. Stop now. 」

Sensing the intense killing intent with his skin, his facial colors instantly changed and turned into convincing mode.

「What’s the matter, stop messing around and keep that sword back in your inventory. 」

However, the demon in Jouna’s heart was about to burst out of its cage. She took a step forward with her sword still in hand.

「Hmmmm? What’s the matter? You should be an adventurer that had climbed the ranks, getting cold feet just from seeing a sword? 」

Even with her model-like pretty face, swaying hair, all of them looked like a monstrosity covered in darkness for him.

That’s why he couldn’t bear it. To still have a crazy dog as a member of the guild.

「Tch, I didn’t think of you as a friend but, to think that you’re actually rebelling. You’re the evil! 」

That means the opponents of evil are all small fries. I’m referring to you, understand? Say, I can fight you right, right? 」

「Jouna, fight me you said, if you’re intending to follow the path of evil, you won’t get a light punishment――, you better be ready to face my wrath!! 」

With those caustic words as the opening, he pulled on the cord near his collar, and revealed the true nature of the creased cloak.

A hundred muskets bundled up by the cord was released, and excluding the two muskets he held, the other floated up behind Marshal from his mana.

Seeing that, Jouna smirked, then took a step on the ground firmly.

「That nature lesser than a beast, I will beat it into shape! 」

「The big event with forced participation from all of humanity, the commemorative first victim will be you! 」

Marshal linked the trigger of all the muskets and fired at once.

On the other hand, Jouna sprinted between the bullets using 《Groundshrink》

In just that tiny moment. The outcome was already decided.

「Guuuhhhhh! So fast…… faster than Battenmaru who surpassed the sword saint……! 」

Lacking strength, Sleep Deprived Marshal got his neck cut off and died.

That’s right, an adventurer killed another adventurer.

It was the moment when Jouna’s title and her 1st rank were removed, and the birth of a serial killer moving on pleasure of killing.

「AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! So even adventurers are this easy to win against! So ridiculous that I won’t be bored! 」

Rejoicing at completing her first murder, she let out a big and bizarre laughter.

The totally different sensation of cutting through a person than an Enemy filled her brain, even the blood that showered on her face even felt comfortable.

It was also at that time when Jouna got her initial bounty of 100 million Iris.

「There! I smelled blood from there. 」

「Jouna……? You must be drunk on blood! Let’s go everyone! 」

Nearby adventurers rushed in.

Although it was great that they immediately comprehended the situation, their match up was too bad, the worst and the evilest.

「……About 20 people at a glance, my karma value is already negative. But it feels quite refreshing somehow, ahah. 」

Jouna counted the new corpses she made with her fingers.

She cleared all the adventurers with 《First Movement》.

「I knew it, I became the strongest! I see, the reason why I continued this broken game is to become the strongest, and the reason I became the strongest is to…… win against everyone after challenging them!! 」

At that day, that moment, it was when all adventurers realized that Jouna was not a player to be underestimated.

Jouna didn’t lend an ear to any kind of justice nonsense the adventurers tried to preach to her.

Even when the adventurers used their most effective tactic of force, no one managed to stop her.

After all, it was the adventurer’s guild that raised Jouna into the strongest player.

「Ahaha, ahaha, ahahahahaha, aahhahahahahahahaha」

Jouna’s mass slaughter continued for 3 days 3 night without stop.

Even though her Movement Technique consist of many high destructive techniques, it might’ve not be enough firepower for higher-ranked opponents. But Jouna had waited long enough till there are no longer any players better than her.

Making a full circle to where she started her rebellion of indiscriminate mass slaughter, the aftermath of her actions left the entire town destroyed without a trace of its former form.

Reaching as far as five towns that surrounded the capital, only the sixth town, Dornad was spared, the other four were completely decimated.

It was an invasion at a tremendous pace.

All the peace spoiled adventurers trembled, as voices shuddering at the fact that Jouna only did it for pleasure continued to sing.

The adventurer bulletin board that also functioned as a means of communication ended up burning through 1000 threads in a day, and the number of comments being generated was twice as fast as the fastest in history.

Since Dornad was the last city she aimed for, all famous adventurers gathered there to wait for her, Jouna who predicted that too posted on the forums, calling even more adventurers to the sixth town.

Thus, the attack on the headquarters of justice, 『Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters』 started.

Penetrating the area with the weakest defense, she only needed one more push to completely take over the headquarters, but at that time, Jouna left the words 「I’m bored」, then logged out.

Even though they didn’t manage to defeat her, even though it was as if the human-shaped typhoon disaster decided to leave the virtual world on her own. For some reason, a certain adventurer.

「The serial killer Jouna was completely defeated! It’s the adventurers’ victory! 」

Then, strengthened by the thought of executing justice, he continued spreading the fabricated story.

It was this organization that made it possible for victims to be the perpetrators the next second.

After the dust settled, the four who used to be the top 5 changed names to 『Four Kings』, and the headquarters was moved to a harder to reach location, because of the world shaking event, the ranking index was even reconsidered.

Abandoning their model of complete meritocracy, loyalty to the guild and karma value became more prioritized, and rank ups by solely leveling up is a story of the past. This was then referred by the players as the 『Adventurer’s Guild 2nd Anniversary Update』.

As the result, loyal dogs who have no hesitation to sacrifice themselves for justice, even without being particularly powerful, their rank rose significantly. But for unpredictable mad dogs, even with high level and accomplishment, they were being discriminated against.

If to take popular adventurers as examples, the former would be Sleep Deprived Marshal (changed to Insomniac Marshal), and the latter would be Ice Mechanicream (player name Parnilla).

The worst incident that happened because of one player. Because of that, the adventurer guild’s ruling system became stricter, and citizens from more places started to complain of misery.

Not one of BWO players ever expected that a day that is worse than the apocalypse that happened would come.

Having tasted the depths of terror, they were confident that they would be invincible no matter what threats came their way.

Not up until a year later, when the massive evil called forth by Puchi ・ Eriko appeared.

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