BWO Chapter 121: RIO and Eriko Part 3

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A/N: The words, yandere RIO-sama appeared in mind

Eriko. You’re exactly the same as on your stream.

Full of fighting spirit while facing against Enemies, it fills me with awe.

So much so that even the fact that we’re here as enemies disappeared into the oblivion.

The emotions kept in a secure drawer within my average self expanded, and my face felt like it was boiling.

It was so extreme that the ugly desire to possess even the scattering tiniest drops of sweat as mine even started to encroach me.

「Too easy! 」

Although the appearance was different than the figure I see up close usually, she’s still very much Eriko. The two of them overlapped in my mind.

「That person, she smells dangerous, but she’s so cool. 」

Elma-san who stood beside me spectating commented, seeing Eriko in a new light.

「Elma-san thinks so too? That’s one of Eriko’s charm but, there’re still many more to come. 」

That’s right, Eriko is awesome in anybody’s eyes.

As bright as the sun to my eyes, as a vampire that can only appreciate the sunlight reflected by the moon, it’s too mesmerizing.

「Take this! 《Flash Cut》! 」

【I still have half of my stamina, it’s more than enough】

As I looked back to the fight, with a skill as if infusing her sword with light, the wound on Vampa’s chest melted, blocking regeneration.

【Too soft! This soaring demon general will send you to your grave! 】

Then, Flying who was blown far away got back up from his fear state, and restarted his assault.

He aimed for Eriko’s back while she was still on the offense against Vampa.

「《Shield Charge》! 」

Before Flying can make it to her, Eriko bashed with her shield, and sent Vampa all the way to the edge of the arena.

「The buffs are running out! Please! 」

「You got it! 」

Occasionally, she would recharge her buffs from her comrades, whether that becomes an opening or not is a different question.

「There! 」

Receiving Flying’s approaching attack with her shield, at almost the same time, she swung her sword to counterattack. It looks like her swing didn’t do much, but her steady fighting style really makes her stand out as a high-ranked adventurer.

『Eriko in a serious mode without guhehe is unexpectedly expert at fighting』

『Even if against two enemies, there’s no need to face both at the same time. Knocking back one with shield charge and maintaining a one on one fight is Eriko’s strategy』

『Since both Flying and Vampa can fly, they’re light……』

『Eriko’s HP not even down by half, rather, since RIO-sama is just spectating, this much is natural』

『Ahahaha, I can finish both under 5 seconds』

『Kuh, if only RIO-sama’s tame are Ma*nga-sama and Ran*armor……! 』

T/N: I’m sorry I’m not cultured enough to know these references

Even though she’s facing two upper rank demons, as if she had already planned this out, she aimed for the victory.

A hero with both outwards and inwards beauty, there’s only Eriko no matter where you look.

【Interesting! To encounter a foe that drives the undead to dead! 】

While I was still frozen in admiration, Vampa’s remaining HP is left a sliver.

I can’t have him continue act for my selfishness any more than this.

「That’s enough! Flying and Vampa, finish fighting and come back. 」

Ordering retreat, the two of them turned back into jewels.

「Fui, so it’s my win the first round. 」

「Yes, magnificent. I acknowledge that you have the qualifications to face me. 」

「Say……, never mind. It’s fine as long as I can fight a vampire. 」

Eriko said while sheathing her sword and healing herself but, 「Never mind」 definitely meant there’s something behind her words.

But the moment Eriko dismissed it, I hesitated asking anything about it, fearing that it would be pouring cold water over the fight.

「I too, if I can fight against a proud adventurer like Eriko, I have no complaints. 」

I readied the wand.

Transformations…… it still doesn’t work huh. My resolve, it didn’t manifest even when the fight is finally starting.

Even though Eriko already made her resolve to thrust forward with her beliefs, I’m still filled with indecisiveness. The only thing I can do for myself is to act the best I can as a vampire.

「Shall we first decide on the penalty? If I win here, rather than lacking power, it’s best you realize that you’re powerless, and promise to never face against us twice. 」

I will never fight you a second time.

No matter what the outcome is, for me to continue fighting while worrying if I will be hated, my heart will be crushed before we finish our fight.

What I really wanted to say was 「Please don’t come to hate me」, but the most I can do from fear of being rejected is setting this penalty.

「To tell you the truth, I came here resolved that it’s a fight for everything. This much penalty might as well be nothing for me. 」

「Mu, so my worries were unnecessary. 」

I said extra.

I’m just making mistakes after mistakes today.

It’s Eriko’s turn to voice her penalty.

「Then if I win, I will take Elma-chan with me. 」

「Why? 」

For a penalty, it was too surprising and out of nowhere.

『What the heck!? 』

『Taking Elma-chan as a PET!? 』

『Eririo…… this development of Eririo sinking, not like this……』

『It’s only natural that the winner takes everything from the loser. I support Eriko』

Aaah, I’m so sorry. I can’t understand at all what you are thinking.

「Hiiic! 」

Then Elma-san’s knees gave way, hiding behind me while trembling.

It’s not difficult to imagine that Elma-san will be left alone here if I fall.

But, the Eriko from my point of view would never say something like taking Elma-san, it’s as if she wants to protect Elma-san.

「Don’t be afraid and listen. I will take her to the facility in the guild headquarters and turn her back into a human, so she can walk under the sun again. Naturally, she won’t experience any pain. 」


Besides her hatred for evil, Eriko is equipped with kindness that even God wouldn’t have.

Rather than that, it’s a bit shocking that there’s a way to turn Elma-san back to a human.

Just like how a boiled egg doesn’t turn back into a raw egg, to completely ignore the common sense of human undergoing vampirification is irreversible, the guild’s science power is shockingly omnipotent.

「There’s only the option of execution for RIO, but Elma-chan still has the option to start over. Don’t worry, I will convince everyone, until Elma-chan finds her own happiness as a human, I swear I won’t leave her alone, and you can witness it from my stream. 」

So that’s your demand.

To judge those to be judged, and to save those to be saved.

Not just that, to have eyes that can see through good and evil far in the future, nowhere can I find someone with your charm.

「Is that Onee-san going to take me? I’m scared. Please tell her not to, Onee-san……」

However, as I looked down, Elma-san was clinging onto my leg tearily.

That’s right, Elma-san, despite being a vampire, she still has a mind of her own like any human.

Even if she turns back into a human from Eriko’s kindness, Elma-san who lost her spiritual support won’t find ease in her life.

「……Elma-san too has her pride as a non-human. 」

Words that came out unconsciously.

Against the person I love, for the sake of the person I want to protect.

「I gave her the option to choose between a human and a vampire. It was Elma-san who on her own will chose to be the same as me bravely. Even if it’s Eriko, you can’t decide preemptively that Elma-san is unhappy. 」

I’m sure the majority would agree with what you say.

However, I too have my own belief.

No matter what objection I face, Elma-san is an important figure of my channel.

『That’s right, Elma-chan who loves RIO-sama can only be happy beside RIO-sama! 』

『I confidently conclude that mere adventurers can’t even begin to try and change Elma-chan’s mind』

『Not smart to go against the ElxRIO faction~』

『Such a stereotype anti-hero line』

Until I achieve my goal, I will never let Elma-chan go.

「Unn, I knew RIO would say so.」


But for some reason, Eriko’s response wasn’t any of affirming nor dissenting.

Then, she turned around.

「Everyone, I need your buffs, the strongest ones please」

「Hmmmn, is it already time to fully pumped up? 」

「Oh my, then let me cast a super strong magic」

Eriko received strands of light originating from each of her comrades.

「Both RIO and myself are super stubborn after all. With this, it should be enough of a reason to bet our lives on this fight. So, there’s no need to be kind towards me. 」

Ah……I realized what Eriko is thinking.

Everything, the penalty too was something she wanted for my sake.

By provoking me, were you trying to reach out to me in a different way than Elma-san?

Ahh…… this won’t do. I don’t want to make you frown.

I want you to be yourself forever……with that clear, kind, and true belief, I want you to continue to shine for everyone, from those who support you to those who need your help.

Inside me, the thoughts of willingly losing are overwhelming the thoughts of not winning.

Thinking about losing this fight quickly will save us from pain and sadness, my fighting spirit dwindles.

「Please win…… help me Onee-san……」

But, it’s also true that I have a reason not to lose.

If I go against the absolute truth, not just me, even Elma-san will face pain.

「If that’s the case, Eriko, please allow me to fight you, 《Magic ・ Dark Ball》」

「【S rank 1310th, Princechu Eriko】. Here I come! 」

And thus, the first attack signaling the beginning of the fight that continues until either one of us falls was fired.


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