BWO Chapter 122: RIO and Eriko Part 4

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I fired Dark Ball while aiming at Eriko’s stomach, how will she dodge it?

「Fuununununu! This much…… is nothing! 」

She blocked it with her shield, looks like she’s going to stop its momentum.

Having said so, the momentum didn’t slow down at all, its wild boar-like charge won’t stop until it pierces its enemy after all.

「With this! 」

Then Eriko put strength into her arms, slanting her shield upwards to curve the purple ball away.

Seeing how it left no marks on the shield, it must be quite the high quality shield.

『First proof of Eriko’s shield > Dark Ball』

『That’s RIO-sama current main attack though……』

『Isn’t it bad news, not able to change weapon means firepower lacking』

『Push through! Use continuous energy bullet! 』

Eriko’s defense is tough. Now that I’m stuck with this weapon, against a high defense opponent, a long term fight is inevitable.

However, it’s just the first attack.

「《Dark Ball》」

If one won’t do it, I will just make a barrage while strafing to her back.

Since it seemed hard for her to deflect even one attack, if I keep my distance and continue the barrage, I should have the upper hand, eventually it should make an opening in her defense.

「Kuuuh! So tiring……! 」

She made sure to deflect each and every shot upwards.

For some reason, Eriko would spare no effort to deflect all the Dark Balls upwards.

Naturally, there’s nothing but the ceiling up there, not even a single lighting.

……I see, it’s because she didn’t want it to land on her spectating party members or Elma-san.

「I thought it would be good if I kept my distance, but looks like RIO is good at long range too. I must get it together……」

Although she said it while gasping for breath, her mind is much stronger than me.

To fight while protecting others, even if being humble, there’s no way to do it other than being both physically and mentally strong.

I too didn’t want to use any underhanded techniques while fighting Eriko.

「If I can’t kill you from afar, it just means I need to be closer. 」

I dashed in a straight line to get in range.

There’s no need to fear a counter attack, the wand can serve me in both offense and defense.

「Coming with the wand for real…… I won’t forgive you if you think you’re being kind! 」

Eriko started running while replying. Rather than being kind, I’m the one getting your kindness.

Our weapons will clash within 1 second.

Even when we are this close, the sword that Eriko swung didn’t slow down at all but continued to rush at a momentum to kill.

On the other hand, my action was not to kill but to defend.

「Teeei! 」

「……Hn! 」

Emergency, even though it was expected, this is super emergency situation.

From just one swing of her sword, the wand split into two.

「Now what? RIO can’t use any powerful magic now! 」

With Eriko’s strength after getting all kinds of buff, it’s natural that the wand is just straw in front of her sword.

『Of all things, arms break! 』

『Quick change or fully vulnerable』

『The rooks were already lost. But since there’re still pawns around the general, it’s not a checkmate yet? 』

Even if it broke, this wand is made of parts smaller than an eraser. It will reform itself if I can transform it but, there’s no way Parnilla-san will lend her strength to someone that has no resolve to win this match.

「I’m sure you won’t just be standing there after losing your weapon. 『Red Lotus Slash』! 」

Sword wrapped in red flames came rushing in.

Since to continue using the snapped wand will definitely lead to a dangerous scenario, I have no choice but to take out another weapon from my inventory.

「If so. Seh. 」

「What the, there’s no way! 」

With a single hair worth of room left, I managed to take out the saw for a defense. Even with this kind of weapon, it should be less damage than trying to receive it with just my hand.

「Nnnggigiiii! 」


I thought I was being smart but, the saw being a gimmick item that is at most a toy with sharp edges, it’s several grades below Eriko’s weapon.

As the two weapon grinded together, the saw made a squeaking noise, complaining of the absolute difference in weapon performance.

「Reckless is not good, continuing to be reckless is even worse. 」

「Fwhaaap!? 」

I will push through with arm strength and retreat once, so that I can rush in for another attack again.

「I won’t let you run, 《Vacuum Slash》! 」

「Kuh, you’re stacking bleeding and damage huh……」

The slash skill hit me from the front. The generated wind blades gouging out more flesh is annoying.

「Next up! This is, the power that illuminates the dark! 《Flash Cut》! 」

To use that skill at this timing.

It’s a skill that can completely prevent Vampa’s vampiric regeneration. A slash imbued with the light element, taking one of these won’t lead me anywhere good.

「Eriko, I bet you didn’t know that it’s possible to cover light with blood. 」

In this situation, there’s nothing else but to return to an offense posture.

Counter attack using 《Blood Ice Needles》 from the wounds from the wind blades.

「Hoeeh, ow ow ow ouch! 」

Just as I expected.

Since countless freezing needles is something Eriko would avoid at all costs, she cancelled the skill and defended using her shield.

「Hiiiuuu, I’m freezing! 」

But still, to defend using her shield and cover her face, it will only block her important vision.

Since Eriko doesn’t have any sensing ability, before she realizes that it’s a bad move, I will do as much damage as I can.

「I will take your bottom first, make it as a pillow and add it to my collection. 」

Somehow, it feels like my personal feelings is coming out as something that doesn’t pass as a joke but, in any case, I will take one of her legs while she’s occupied with defending and flip the battle around.

Then when I get that leg in my inventory, I will decide after this battle to discard it or keep it forever.

『Oya, if it’s just small little needles, I thought Eriko has a shield skill to block it……』

『No, attacking here is not smart』

『This is a trap, RIO-sama! 』

『Ahhahahahaha, a bit out of control huh』


Mu, it was hidden by the shield, but I managed to catch a glimpse of what Eriko was holding.

Even though it’s something small enough to be hidden behind the shield that’s at most tray-size, the sense of danger that came up was so strong that I stopped the swing using the saw…….

「Anti RIO secret weapon! Let me present it now! 」

As soon as she said that, an exploding sound as if a powerful gunshot resounded in the arena.

Yeah, I was shot.

「Nnnnnngh, this burning! 」

Not just that, the pain of a hole burning through my flesh near my left chest as if being melted had me gritting my teeth while retreating.


「Onee-san!! 」

「Kuh…… stay there, Elma-san. 」

Then the follow up attack, chunks of steel crashed straight into my groin, and the burns which exceeds my regeneration speed started again.

「Looks like it’s working properly, these are very special bullets that has lots of sunlight power that RIO hates infused in it! Even if it’s night now, thinking that you won’t be hit by sunlight is just gonna have you end up with tunnels in your body! 」

What she hid behind her shield was a small pistol that has a shape close to the Desert Eagle.

And rather than gripping onto the shield, she had a belt that fixed the shield to her arm.

She hid it really well. Despite usually using the sword and shield, her real aim was the gun hidden behind her shield, there’s no way to know without getting hit by it first.

『UOOH! That’s not a weapon we saw before! 』

『Since RIO-sama’s wounds are not healing, the bullets, or rather, the gun itself is the light 』

『That gun’s the 【Sun Gun】. No matter what kind of bullets, it infuses them with the light attribute, a super anti-undead weapon, the person that made this must be a great weaponsmith. 』

『Eriko doesn’t look like a gun user at all but, regarding that, any ideas from Eriko viewers? 』

『To answer that question, it would be belief. Because I’m more devout than any RIO believers here, any effort or resources shouldn’t be spared, even if it’s borrowed from elsewhere to defeat the ultimate evil vampire boss. Even if it’s something unfamiliar, train hard and improve as much as possible in a week time. Even if it’s a gun with a recoil that no human can handle, just stack up as much DEF buff as possible. In her stream, she had already showed off several simulated battles with RIO-sama in the virtual battle facility and achieved a 90% win rate. 』

『↑Return of the long explanation Nicky』

To be honest, I underestimated Eriko.

I’m sure there were conflicts in you too, but when we fought, each and every attack you made had the killing intent and resolve behind to defeat me.

On the other hand, I couldn’t see Eriko as the great enemy of a vampire, but another girl, unable to focus in the fight, all my attacks had killing intent removed unconsciously.

I don’t want to defeat you…… I want to stop the thoughts of winning even now.


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