BWO Chapter 123: RIO and Eriko Part 5

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『A situation where Eriko’s more prepared than expected』

『A situation where RIO-sama is underperforming than expected』

『Oh my, unexpected on unexpected』

『Eririooooo…… my heart is breaking……』

『Miserable than never before, my rival, where’s the destroy everything momentum that terrified the great Jouna-oneesan went? 』

Extreme underperforming, rather than the pain of being burn by the light bullets, the pain I felt thinking about defeating Eriko is much stronger.

「Hey RIO! Why’re you not getting serious!? I even used my trump card already, you’re still thinking I’m weak!? 」

I was reprimanded sternly, but it’s only natural considering the sloppy performance I showed that’s way below expectations.

The only thing to blame is myself for procrastinating making my resolve.

If I had to fight with the cards I was dealt, it would be not farfetched to say that the cards I have are so synergetic that my victory is unquestionable, but the moment I see your beautiful face, I lose sight of my own duty, and even the cards I have becomes lost somewhere along the line.

I have lost the capability to become serious even in this world.

「Eriko, you have the room to speak to your enemy? 」

Even so, while both of us are still standing, the match must continue.

Even if my struggle against my inevitable defeat is something furthest away from putting up a proper fight.

「《Dark Ball》」

Having exited her range, I went for a long range magic sniping.

「Too lukewarm! 」

Mu, she hit it to the ceiling easily as if using a table tennis racket.

Now that I’m not even equipping the wand, its power has dropped to the point that it can’t even serve to diminish her stamina.

「Speed buff is running out! Recast now, quick! 」

「Ohoho, how rough to treat someone」

Looks like her buffs are running out, so she went towards the edge of the arena to receive a refresh.

The ability to make decision and act after realizing my long range attacks aren’t threatening any more.

Just like the messages mentioned, if she hasn’t got a plan, she wouldn’t be able to react so quickly.

「If you’re still playing around, then let this make you serious! 《Evil Crushing Slash》! 」

Releasing her defensive shield stance, holy energy accumulated in her sword from the skill, and she dashed forward swiftly.

「I too want to end you without any traces! 」

Bracing my weapon for the attack, if I manage to catch Eriko’s sword horizontally, then I should survive this.

「Kiiiieee! 」

「Hhaaaa! 」

Sparks flew everywhere at the moment of contact.

『Was that it!? 』

『No not yet! 』

『Evil Crushing Slash is not a skill the evil aligned RIO-sama can take. But catching it with the saw isn’t a good idea either』

『What happened to RIO-sama』

「Kahk! 」

I instantly lost that exchange.

After all, I haven’t cleared my doubts, and my arm strength loosened because of it.

「Alright! There’s more to come, 《Straight Lightning Slash》! 」

Her next slashing skill combined both light and lightning.

However, to keep the balance between the unstable energies must be a difficult feat.

Not confused by the blinding purplish lightning intense enough to burn retinas, if I keep my eyes open, I should be able to dodge it easily.

「Teeeeeh! I missed!? 」

As I calculated, it was easy to dodge.

At this point, I have no choice but to admit that my offense and defense are too clumsy, but since evasion is more of muscle memory, I could still perform them normally.


I managed to deprive something from Eriko.

If I manage to get her blood, then I can recover, imagining Eriko’s untainted blood is mixing with mine, it almost felt a little ecstatic.

And the way to take it was not through my nails, but my fangs.

If it’s Eriko, it’s better to be direct, rather, I want it to be direct.

「Where! Behind!? 」

「What flavor is your O-type blood, I will taste it no matter what. 」

T/N: The yandere is strong in this one.

To sink my fangs into her alluring skin, I made up my mind to circle around her left and suck everything from her neck.

「Gaah! Ugo」

But then, a strong impact to my teeth.

From that, the discomfort of having several teeth crushed from it, and the anxiety that follows.

I thought I circled around her but, Eriko saw me perfectly, and pushed something into my mouth.

『Sun Gun! 』

『Oh shit! Aim for the back but got fed the gun! 』

『Damn, she swapped the gun to her right hand after throwing her sword』

『All according to the plan, RIO will definitely come with the mouth for bloodsucking, Eriko’s data processing so fearsome』

『Quick! Get your mouth away from that rod shape thing or you gonna get hurt! 』

「This gun is a six round close range weapon but, I’m sure I won’t miss this time! 」

What a fearsome person you are.

Despite being a person who would match strides with the average high school girl I am, a person that would be happy over every little skin ship, to pull the trigger without any sort of hesitation or mercy.

「Mughu! 」

Piercing through my throat, burning my insides, the power was so outrageous that it felt like my head was blown to another dimension.

A normal person would’ve instantly died, even a vampire with half par HP would be on the verge of death.

「Gumumuuu…… Erikooo! 」

「You’re losing your cool! RIO! 」

Even after spitting out the gun, I swung the saw using brute strength, but even that was blocked by the shield.

『No chance to counter at all』

『Even though Eriko is usually a clumsy yuri girl, the only time she’s shining is now, now, or now……』

『Mind and body of the human, but fighting style of a machine』

『A fighting style full of variety. When using a sword, she swings only the sword, when using a shield, she uses it together with the gun conservatively, so there’s no opening. Hell naw, not a type I wants to fight』

『Oh look closely, she’s letting go the gun. Something crazy is coming』

As I looked at the messages, I realized the gun that Eriko held was on the ground.

Eriko holding her shield with two hands was a pattern I never seen till now.

There’s no other possibility than the precursor of a skill.

「And! 《Shield Charge》! 」

「Hnng! 」

From the shield charging skill, my entire body was flung backwards.

「A feeling like my organs are moving about, Flying and Vampa, how did they stand up after getting hit by this skill? 」

There wasn’t any damage because it wasn’t from a sword but, the impact from hitting the wall behind me shows its powerful charging force.

「No need for speed, more buffs for attack and defense. 」

「Oooh, it’s finally the finisher! 」

「Naturally. Everyone’s responsibility and my own beliefs, I will make sure to realize it by winning against RIO」

「We too, we will go to the bitter end with Eriko-chi, let’s do it every one! 」

Eriko started the preparation for a finisher.

From afar, it looks like her three party members weren’t just there to buff her, they also became her mental support.

『No grass or lilies gonna grow here』

T/N: no laughs / yuri

『Go help her everyone……』

『Still got one HP gauge remaining, give up already, vampire? 』

It would be nice if there’s any way to survive the next attack with only one gauge left, but to improvise is hopeless now.

「お姉さんしっかり!」 「Onee-san stay strong! 」

「I can still do it, I will definitely protect Elma-san somehow 」

Stroking Elma-san’s head after she rushed here bravely, I too will try to be brave, meeting eyes with Eriko who is approaching.

Will it be a sword, or a gun, or magic?


My player name, in other words, attack in the form of words.

But what Eriko said next was something outrageous here.

「I’m worried…… if RIO is the only one getting hit, I feel bad as if I’m bullying the weak. 」

That’s certainly her true voice.

Before she fires the farewell attack, she wants to ascertain my thoughts.

I tried to hit back many times forcibly already, but because you’re much stronger in mind and body, I kept failing.

Not making up my mind to lose, yet not able to give up strangely, continuing my struggling only to make you feel bad, I truly have no excuse to say. I’m full of apologies.

「Eriko, the fight is still ongoing, is it time to show mercy to your foe? 」

I swung my weapon with no particular reason.

「RIO you stupid! 」

To be finished off quick, without any effort.

「Don’t try to change the topic! Tell me, what you said earlier today, was that sane, or was that insane!? 」

Ah, if you yell at me that loudly, my pain will only become worse.

If you tell me not to change the topic, then what can I do, I can’t possibly just listen quietly.

「……Of course I’m sane, there’s not a time I’m not being sane. 」

『That play style is always sane ww』

『RIO-sama same old RIO-sama no matter where』

『Hieee, no self-awareness, how scary』

『See that, RIO-sama has the room to make jokes of averageness』

『Well then, what about the truth though』

Regardless of the process, I could only think of that answer.

After all, being the inhuman monster I am, I have no idea when I’m being sane or not.

「Then why are you not coming with full power! Don’t worry about my looks on camera, go meet everyone’s expectations! I don’t understand RIO at all! 」

Every word she said was nothing short of correct. I too want to answer their expectations.

But, ever since my weapon wouldn’t move any more, I lost everyone’s trust in a chain reaction. Talk about expectations when I don’t even have the qualifications to challenge you in the first place.

Hesitating was incorrect after all.

I can’t even answer the expectations from the person I hold dear.

「You were the one who said it’s not just a fight between us right. Let me ask you one last time, will you get serious, or will you not」

In a cold tone, she gave her final warning.

「Please Onee-san…… if you feel tired, then I will give you some of my blood, so……」

Grasping on my dress, Elma-san who begged me so much to even offer the sustenance of her own life, what trickled down her eyes, are they colorless blood?

Protecting Elma-san is the only reason I continued to fight. I pondered whether it would be the right answer in the end or not, but it turned out it was furthest from victory.

Can anyone tell me, which is the correct choice?

『Onee-san fight―! 』

『Don’t make Elma-chan cry! 』

『To protect Elma-chan, what else there is to do』

『Win and kill, your own words but you’re the one forgetting it, ahahaha so funny that I can’t laugh. Well well, as starters, try returning to your roots』

Seeing that message, I felt like I finally understood.

「Protecting Elma-san」 is just nonsense, not even my motive.

For a vampire that’s the adventurers’ enemy, the only choice is to 「Kill Eriko」.

The ink’s blackness is what rules the battlefield at night, and the one who dyes vermillion on white is the blood sucking demon, vampire.

「Being serious, is not something that one can just become on their own. 」

Taking the broken wand out from my inventory, I grabbed one end with each hand.

Showing the ragged weapon I have to Eriko is something too embarassing for me, so I can only hide it behind me.

「That’s enough, 《Flash Cut》! 」

Your skill nor your condescending gaze is in my eyes.

I will try to finish the transformation before the light sword hits me.

Elma-san is someone I protect, and Eriko is an obstacle to be killed.

If this will lead to tragedy, then as a streamer, I can only ask everyone that’s watching to bear the load with me.

「Kill you…… I will kill without running away」

Tell me, this declaration is enough to show that I have enough resolve. Please Parnilla-san, lend me your strength one more time!

「Heh!? What’s that in RIO’s hands! 」

Eriko whose face is in a surprise.

In my left hand is nothing.

But, the firm weight that my right hand grabbing on isn’t imagination, it was the proof that transformation to the highest attack power 【Magic Hammer of Hidden Dark】 was successful.

「You better be prepared to die! I will hammer you into a piece of ham, and leave not a single drop of justice blood intact! 」

With this form, just one hit to the head will turn you into paste, no matter nemesis or lover, they will face the same end.

「That’s what I want to hear, bring it on! 《Direction Guard》! 」

Mu, a transparent glass like wall appeared from Eriko’s shield.

Since I don’t think I have nearly enough AGI to sidestep that shield, I will just brute force through it.

「Haaaaaaaaaa! 」

With one hit, small white cracks appeared in the wall.

Thanks to her making something worth destroying, I can put more strength behind my swing.

「Even as a villain that has no responsibility and belief! 」

The second swing, I aim for the cracks from the first swing.

With shrapnel flying everywhere from the cracks, there’s hope breaking through.

「Until I fulfil the goal I set myself! 」

「Fukhi! 」

At the third strike, a satisfying sound of shattering resounded as the wall crumbled.

After removing all the obstacles, only the person is left behind.

「I will never lose here! 」

「If RIO is finally getting serious, then I will seriously put some effort in stopping it! 」

As expected, her response is quick. She already prepared her shield against the approaching hammer.

However, there’s no way she can stop a follow up attack infused with a full spinning force.

With the overpowering attack power of the magic hammer, defense from a mere round shield should be nothing.

「My feelings for you, my feeelings for youuu!! 」

――How is it Eriko, I fulfilled your wish of being serious.

Is it really okay for someone like me to continue loving you?

I know I will definitely be rejected, so at least don’t say anything and be defeated.

「Unnuunuununununu! Kyaa! 」

「Kuh, Erikoo……」

Aah, this is the end. I saw it for a moment, your painful expression.

I feel refreshing at the moment but, I’m sure I will regret it later.

I just know it.

After all, my entire life is full of regretful experiences.

『Was that it!? 』

『Was that not it!? 』

『That was it wasn’t it!? 』

『That wasn’t it was it!? 』

『To plant flags in flags, good job everyone』

It was an attack imbued with true killing intent.

I threw what I want to keep in my heart and pulverized it.

I can declare my victory already right, everyone would agree right?

「RIO, so awesome…… I thought I was dead……」

「It’s you that’s more awesome……」

Despite thinking I could defeat her with this strike, Eriko was, your fortitude was so formidable that it could tank my full powered hit.


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