BWO Chapter 124: RIO and Eriko Part 6

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「Not good Onee-san! That person is still so lively! 」

「Stand back a little, it’s hard for me to fight. 」

Eriko’s unbendable strength, what people praise as the manifestation of will sure is on full show, having endured my full firepower.

「I knew it, RIO is just the strongest…… I kept telling you to be serious, but just one serious blow hit me this hard. 」

Having said so, she’s at a state on the verge of death but still clinging on.

The impact should’ve been severe enough that bones would be stabbing through her organs if it’s in the real world.

「But it’s not like I’m done yet 《Giga Heal》」

「Try recover HP, but that’s not happening. 」

Even though she’s very weakened, she didn’t show any signs of giving up.

Eriko’s ungiving mind, it’s on the level of immortality.

However, a high level healing skill should take some time. Since that’s the case, it doesn’t change the fact a light stab is enough to end the match.

Against a ragged Eriko, landing a hit anywhere will defeat her.

「This, a present, for RIO! 」

「Uguh, hhnng」

Should I say as expected of Eriko who had worked hard in defeating me, who would expect the healing magic was for me.

Heat incomparable to a sauna started burning my entire body.

Absorbing too much life energy, the recoil caused my grip on the magic hammer to loosen, and my attack slipped.

「Rather than being serious, that’s on the level of pulling out your guts to the limits, what meaning is there? 」

「The meaning? RIO’s HP is dangerous too right, maybe if you tried so hard that your guts are getting pulled out, just maybe, a miracle might happen, and it will be the best stream you ever delivered. 」

「So it’s the stubbornness seeing victory has a chance? 」

She’s right, with my remaining HP, just two bullets from the Sun Gun will completely deplete it.

Though, Eriko too only have a few drops left that one Dark Ball is enough to kill her, moreover, she didn’t use the recovery magic on herself. Her strategy is either kill before killed, or dodge everything while getting back up.

「The outcome is close, I still won’t fall, not until I die! 」

Even though speaking a word would be painful, she raised her knees while blood spewed from her mouth and held her sword up.

『Uwaaah! Eriko a human but still moving while spewing blood』

『Eriko damn tough, broken defense power』

『Makes sense. She’s got three person’s worth of hope (buff) on her』

『The power of hope, high compatibility with shounen manga protagonist type』

『If that’s the case, the win is easily in RIO’s bag~ 』

Sorry if I’m being disrespectful.

Even though it’s one of Eriko’s best points to be stubborn when it matters, but as her enemy, it’s only strange.

「That part of yours is what I’m bad with. 」

「Sorry, but I have my reason to fight until the end…………ng!! 」

「Eh, Eriko? 」

Just when you declared to continue fighting, a soft groan without any precursor, then even your hand stopped lifting the sword.

It was too strange and sudden, so much so that I couldn’t make a decision whether to attack or not.

「What…… aghha AAAAAAAAAH!!」

As time goes on, something strange happened to Eriko.

Grasping at her chest, she screamed so loud that it reverberated across the floor.


It’s too strange of a timing for her to experience any pain from her wounds.

A throat wrenching scream from the depths of her lungs, someone like you who never backed off from an enemy to be showing the whites of your eye. What is it, I was so confused that I can’t tell what is happening at all.

「Uhhh, are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? 」

I was stunned for what to do but, maybe it’s a chance for me to end the fight.

No, it’s exactly because it became like this that I should be careful. It’s not late to make a move once I get some information from Eriko’s viewers.


The instant I looked towards the messages in search of answer, a sense of danger suddenly hit me and forced me to reflexively put up a guard.


Eriko threw the gun away and closed the distance instantly for a slash.

「That was close. Muu」


Just as I blocked her slash skillfully, she came with the same attack.

So, while I continued to block, I tried to discern what happened to Eriko quickly, it looks like her bloody body from before was restored.

Seeing how blood and wounds disappeared without any trace, it’s safe to assume she fully recovered her HP.

「Eriko, stamina for the second round…… or maybe you had a secret plan to recover enough energy? 」

I asked but, did I miss her words? I didn’t hear her answer.


「Getting excited while breathing heavily…… Eriko, you there? Eriko? 」

Rather than speaking, she’s not even talking the language.

As if a hungry carnivorous beast, she faced me with her fangs.

Even though the blood scent is still of Eriko’s, she’s acting as if entirely a different person. I’m getting goosebumps like I was facing something that’s not a human.


A wide swing with no care to defense, her sword came in rapidly.

In any case, I should put questions for later and focus on defending.

「Ki-eh, this strength, even with buff, was it supposed to be this heavy? 」


Yelling as if putting in more energy, she raised her sword back up and went for another swing.


「Fumu, continuously without any pauses, it’s a little tiring to deal with it. 」

Rather than slashing, Eriko was as if trying to destroy the magic hammer with brute force.

Even when I made a feint as if going for a counter attack, she never raised her shield, but continued lashing out, it’s almost as if she’s in a hysteria losing control of herself.

『What’s up with Eriko? 』

『Both the dog ears and tails are standing, likely some sort of side effect from the buffs』

『What happened, no signs of reason in those eyes』

『Eriko believer reporting in, confusion due to unplanned development』

『Confusion is definitely in me now』

As the viewers had noticed, Eriko is clearly not in the right mind.

Howling as if losing her mind, and her slashes that was precise and beautiful became primitive.

But the sword that clashed into the magic hammer increased in weight incomparable from before.

Let’s just assume that there’s some magic causing Eriko to gain abnormal strength.

「GUooooo…… ooOOOO! 」

This is bad, just one hit from her is almost reaching the strength of a vampire.

A contest of strength without any techniques, I best end it earlier before it becomes out of hand.

「Umumuu, to match with the fighting style I’m most comfortable with, that’s one kind gesture. 」

With basic abilities far superior than humans, a simple contest of strength is a vampire’s forte.

This kind of contest doesn’t suit a person like you.

It was confusing but, I got a piece of the puzzle. Her attacks aren’t human-like, they are as if the same as mine, like a monster.

「Who would’ve known an honor student is so difficult to understand. I’m coming with my trump card, if I lose, promise to reveal what tricks you used later. 」

To make up for my mistake, I activated Break Skill.


「Hak, haaaaak! 」

I see, I was getting cold sweat when her strength seemed to match mine but, as long as I keep my mind calm, it’s nothing to be concerned with.

The large magic hammer in my hand became so light as if a piece of paper, Eriko’s attack might as well be nothing.

But, the time to enjoy this effect is limited.

「Well then, how about this? 」

A sideways swing, a simple attack.

「Gyaak! 」

Just a simple attack caused shockwaves, and Eriko flew from this edge to the other edge.

However, her body didn’t immediately turn into chunks, but kept the person shape as she flew backwards, looks like I can’t defeat her if I don’t hit her in the right place.

「Four seconds left, two seconds to get close and two seconds to pulverize……」

「Uwaaaaaaah!! The scary smeeell! The scary smell is comiing!! 」


It was when I was planning how to divide my time.

Elma-san suddenly panicked.

Panicking and confused, her voice was as if overcome with extreme fear. I inadvertently took my eyes off Eriko and turned to Elma-san.



Unaware that Eriko was coming with a flying kick, it landed straight on my stomach, and I got knocked to the ground before I could make a recover stance.

「I let my guard down, and the cost is heavy. 」

Didn’t use the time effectively, and my left arm became the sacrifice. Naturally, that means the twin swords is off the options now, it’s a little more problematic than the strange happening right now.

Somehow managing to get myself up, I looked at Eriko.


This is what it means to have chills run down your spine.

「Eeek! Eeeeek! 」

The source of the chills was how Eriko was leaning over towards Elma-san.

「Eriko…… I’m here? The enemy you should defeat should be RIO right……? 」

I tried calling out to her, in an almost fleeting volume from the bad premonition in my mind, but Eriko didn’t turn around at all.

「Why are you pointing your sword to Elma-san. I’m the one to be judged, you said that Elma-san can be happy right……」

「What’s with this Onee-san…… d-don’t look at me……! 」

Elma-san’s knees gave out, away from Eriko…… she was scrambling backwards to not be killed.

「Why, Elma-san is getting scared. If this is supposed to be a surprise content…… then please stop……」

I don’t want to imagine what’s going to come.

Even I who have never begged for life from an adventurer spouted 「Please stop」, it was how blanked my mind was.


Not hearing my desperate calls, she started running towards Elma-san in a roar.

「Eeeeeeek! Hyyaaaaaaa save me Onee-saaaaan! 」

Eriko, you must be joking.

What you’re trying to do is killing without any justice or belief.

「Answer me Eriko! Why are you trying to kill Elma-san! 」


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