BWO Chapter 128: RIO and Eriko Part 10

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Truly, I’m baffled.

Leaving the battle to Eriko, leaving when they see a chance. They probably thought it would be a sit back and watch just casting buffs job, but surprise always hits those that become arrogant.

「They never told us we’re ambushed! 」

The enemies weren’t just RIO and Elma.


As well as how a former resident, cast away by the adventurer’s guild had become so strong.

「What is this! Mere undead dare to block us! 」

「Hey don’t touch me! Eek! Onee-chan! This guy just scratched me! 」

The green one lashing out at RIO’s kins, and the orange little sister sobbing pathetically.

They were surrounded by hundreds of undead when they managed to get up, no matter how much they killed, another wave will fill the gap.

The undead were awfully coordinated for being unintelligent, not all of them attacked at the same time, so the encirclement never showed a gap.

Even if they tried to fight back, they were specialized buff supporters, and in the first place, too arrogant with their own role that they never got any experience in fighting themselves.

「Aaah I’m done! And that Yui disappeared somewhere by herself, this is stupid! 」

Shiranui Yui who disappeared on her own knew how to fight to a certain extent.

If she’s here to aid, then they might’ve fought better.

She was certainly following them right until the exit.

However, near the exit, the corridor was very dark, by the time they reached a brighter place, she was already gone.

They had no choice but to fight, since the way they came from were already blocked by the kins.

「I thought of an idea, Ex. Be prepared to run outside the town in one breath, we’re losing these cheeky trash! 」

Deciding to ditch the person that disappeared somewhere, she went all out on her specialty, speed buffs.

With this, their AGI will be a magnitude higher than the mobs.

However, a gunshot stabbing in their ears changed their plans.

「OOOOOOUUUCH! I’m hit! They hit me even though I’m supposed to be a rearguard! 」

The orange one who got shot in her legs started throwing a meaningless tantrum.

「Quiet! Don’t start crying just because of a small wound! 」

「It hurts so muuuch! Onee-chaan! Kill the trash that shot meee! 」

Her impulsive actions lacking a sliver of thinking was too funny of a show.

Perhaps if someone would laugh at her, she would stand right back up angrily because of her pride, but in this place, only “fear” continued to accumulate over the limit.

Say for, him.

「Looks like you were really raised in a good world. 」

「W-Who is this guy! 」

The former Dragneel Family boss was sniping from the top of a rubble mountain.

「Still, RIO-sama sure is kind, she kills you immediately when she gets bored. But our family is different, after stripping you naked, selling your body in black markets across towns is the usual. 」

「HUH!? What are you even talking about! A mere bandit that’s not even an adventurer has what right to talk! 」

「That’s right, you thug! Crawl down, beg for forgiveness, then we’ll just kill you after a bit of pain. 」

「Don’t bark so loud, bitches! You think you’re in a spot to argue? Cry in joy that your opponent is me! 」

「Urk, kiiiiiii……! 」

Being yelled by someone with a demonic face, their haughtiness disappeared.

He found the whereabouts of the other family that he has ill fate with from the diary buried in the collapsed hideout.

Ever since the adventurer’s guild took over Dornad, their members gradually scattered from the increasing pressure. Many of them were captured to the guild headquarters or degraded into being thieves.

However, one silver lining was their boss managing to escape from the devil’s clutches and saved himself.

「If it was the Tiger Eye Family here, they won’t stop at this level. 」

Muttering so on his own, recalling about the family that wouldn’t hesitate doing inhumane crimes, he pointed the rifle he so wanted to point towards the now destroyed family towards the adventurers.

Boss was thinking where should the next hole on their skin should be opened but, that’s when he noticed a person appearing behind the two girls.

「…… Looks like stationing everyone here was the right choice, we caught up just fine even when we’re late. 」

「Onee-san, are they the one that lied to Eriko-san? 」

「Yup. Their witcheries made my beloved Eriko rampage like a beast. 」

「I see, they’re unforgivable then. 」

RIO and Eriko, and another unfamiliar girl in her iron claw.

「Uoooooooh RIO-sama, I knew you would win! 」

Boss who thought the adventurers appearing meant RIO lost immediately gave a respectful gaze to the star that appeared fully prepared and in good shape.

「I knew it, the scumbags are still here……」

「Yui!? You sold us out! 」

Although Yui is fully restrained by RIO, they guessed she betrayed them.

「That’s not something, you of all people can say……」

Yui had a change of heart.

Resolving to accept Eriko’s anger no matter what while she was on the way out, even though she never made it back in time, she hoped the two will get what they deserve.

「She made a swift decision to give you away. From what I can tell, her decision was wisest in minimizing her loss. 」

After saying so, RIO discarded Yui on the ground. The priority of killing for her is lower.

Making the kins that were eager to pounce while drooling stay, she glared at the two witches.

「Hauu! 」

A voice from where she threw earlier.

It was from Yui, her death sound.

「Uo-hohohoho! 」

The orange one threw a dagger she hide towards Yui who isn’t a threat and killed her.

「Let me tell you the true story RIO-sama~, the culprit is this girl! 」

「Mu? 」

With how ridiculous that came out, RIO had a question mark on her head.

The orange one for whatever reason stooped so low and pointed the blame at the green one who was still bawling out.

「Haa!? Why is it my fault? Don’t even try to joke about it! 」

「Shut up! Onee-chan was the one that thought of deceiving Eriko first! I just followed your orders, I was secretly pitying Eriko-san, so don’t lump me with yourself! 」

「Such lies……. Ubuh」

She was obviously displeased at the obvious victim appeal, but a kick landed on her abdomen before she can say more.

The orange followed what Yui done and tried to offer the green as a sacrifice.

With the truth being broadcasted, she must have wanted to sacrifice her own sister and Yui to put herself in a better spot.

Still, no matter what kind of trickeries or excuses she has, there was no 「Forgive 」 option for RIO from the start.

「I was hesitant. 」

「UGhaa!? 」

RIO’s sword cut off the orange’s right arm in a blink.

「Since there were two of you, I was at a loss to punish who first but, since you’ve offered yourself, that saves me some time. 」

「Eek, buhhgu bukgu bukgu! 」

Not giving any time for her to even scream in pain from her lost arm, she stuffed the severed arm straight inside her mouth.

Then, ripping off the other arm with her bare hands, she stuffed it in again.

To make sure she doesn’t throw up, it was a careful operation of slowly pushing it down her esophagus.


「Sniff sniff…… , what a tragedy for Eriko, to have someone who has this kind of rotten blood scent close to her. If because of you that Eriko’s blood that smells even better than lilies in blooms gets diluted, Eriko will stop being herself……, and in fact, it almost happened. Eriko Eriko, Eriko Eriko……」

Slicing off the ears and stuffing it in again, tearing off the hair and stuffing it in the hole that was her ears, until her HP completely depletes, the torment and trampling over her dignity will not stop.

It’s because, a person like this, is not worthy to even be of the same race as Eriko.

「Mugghu muugh mughu, guymu gugu poggu pog po」

「These arms, with these parts, you clung onto her, right? Even though you don’t have the slightest intention to get closer to her, you tried to deceive and take advantage of her, right? 」

In RIO’s mind, Eriko is the most important.

Just imagining that she talked with Eriko familiarly in the past burned her jealousy, and her aggression multiplied.

「Guupoaak……! 」

「Oya, you’re not speaking like a person now. I would’ve loved to hear your thoughts on how a scum tasted like, but looks like expecting that much from a scum is too much. 」

Ridiculing emotionlessly at her appearance of suffering to breath properly and eyes looking the wrong ways.

Within that, a gaze from the non-human owner of a human’s heart, despising the foolish and pitiful human.

Since there was no longer life and spirit in that body, RIO made a decision.

「Well then, it’s time to eat. However, the scream from this human shall be the secret spice. Rather than eating quickly, take your time chewing. 」

「Ogogogoggugogogogo! Ugogoggagagagaga! 」

Even if she wants to struggle against the undead that are stumbling their way to her, she can only squirm like a worm.

It was the most worthless struggle in the world.

「Yum Yum」

「Chew chew 」

Hell begins for the orange accented lump.

Experiencing being the bottom of the food chain, she will be fed to the kins.

「Hic, hic, what have I done……」

As for the other witch that watched from start to end, she feared the consequences of going against RIO.

This person is not just a simple rearguard, but a type that needlessly schemes, and that’s why she’d given up on resisting.

「Everyone, hold her down. 」

「Yes my lord 」

With RIO’s orders, several kins grabbed onto her.

「Nooo! Release me! Let me dieee! 」

She desperately begged, but there’s no way a simple death will come her way.

No need to reflect.

The only purpose is to avenge, bring judgement to malice.

In the first place, even without her involvement with Eriko, she’s an adventurer.

To instill enough fear that she won’t stand in the way once again, logically, there’s no need for any mercy.


「A player’s body sure is convenient. 」

RIO was scooping out the right eyeball of that girl.

After removing it cleanly, she crushed it with her fingers, and black liquid spilled out.

「Even though there’re only two eyeballs for anyone, I can even scoop out four or six. Infinite deaths, infinite resurrection, infinite suffering…… ufufu……」

As for the other piece, she pulled it out, and threw it to the side as a desert for the kins.

「I’m dying! I’m dying! I’m gonna dieeee! 」

「You feel like dying? Then I must be quick. 」

Although RIO’s expression didn’t change, her idea definitely changed.

Rather than letting it end quickly, she changed to the quickest method to crush as much dignity as possible.

As starters, she used the twin swords as substitute for scalpel.

「Incision. 」


Carefully slicing open her belly with a 十 incision, carefully cutting off the peeled skin to not kill her too quickly, and exposing the insides to the outsides.

That itself, was a prelude to make it easier to bloodsuck.

「Well then, it’s Elma-san’s turn now. Can you suck this adventurer’s blood from here? 」

「Unn, if it’s for Onee-san……」

The small vampire came down, and as RIO said, she approached the bare belly.

Elma was currently acting according to her instinct as RIO’s kin. Like a loyal robot without any hesitation, she stabbed her fangs into where she was pointed to.

「Nnmu, ammu, munni」


Stabbing right through the fatty layer, she sucked from where blood vessels seem to intersect most.

Even while the victim is making wordless anguished noises, there was no stopping.

Elma too had almost lost her life to the abnormal status from the buffs she casted.

Even if it’s through Eriko’s hands, there’s no escaping responsibility for trying to manipulate someone else to do the dirty work.

「Getting pathetically bloodsucked by a child so little that can be killed easily, how is it, is it shameful? I definitely need to hear your opinion but……」


She asked with a condescending gaze, without regards to the person’s capability to answer.

Then, before a reply came, Elma raised her face.

「It’s bitter……」

While wiping the blood that stained the sides of her mouth, she informed of the bad taste.

「It’s common sense that good medicine are bitter but, sorry, this person isn’t even a medicine but a “human”. 」

Patting on Elma without faulting her, she retreated back into a safe spot.

Then RIO said hatefully.

「How dare you try to use justice in that twisted form, have you not learned anything from Eriko’s gallant figure? 」


Since there was some reply, she listened.

「How is my wrong to crush evil even if it meant with sacrifices!? It’s not wrong no matter who you ask! What gives you the right to lecture me about justice!? 」

「Is that so, you feel righteous for executing justice with sacrifices, but…… 」

「U-Ubuh! 」

RIO stabbed her hand through the opening.

Slimy noises originated from the organs, and the feeling of something foreign invading the insides of her body created goosebumps.

「……Paying the sacrifice from Eriko’s wallet, what good is there? 」

「Gyo! Gyooooooh……! 」

Even when RIO got a grip on her heart, she continued to speak.

「You think you can come her, incur the cost, have someone pay it, and get away scot free? Never imagined the greater evil will bite you in the back? Still, justice is sure convenient, being the mere evil I am, I can’t even imagine how to topple your grand cause. 」


From RIO’s intonation, it was clear she was filled with anger for what happened to Eriko.

There’re no brakes whenever it comes to someone precious to her. There wasn’t even any malice behind her actions.

The emotions she had for someone precious was so strong that she was ruthless to her enemy.

This woman too will never forgive her as long as she continues to think that she did the right thing not paying the cost.

「I’ve definitely remembered your face and blood scent. If you want to experience the feeling of getting your eyeballs scooped out or flesh cut open, come find me any time, I’m happy to welcome you. 」

「No…… stop……」

「Even if you want me to stop……, I’ve stopped for a while already though. 」

RIO’s malice had already calmed down by a lot now.

As for the girl, from her fear, she hadn’t realized she was already dead for a while.

From the extremely gore scene, the viewers, even the most experienced and trained ones wrote 『shelved and sealed 』.

「Fuu, and that’s one percent paid back I suppose. 」

Muttering to herself with a satisfied expression even though it’s only one percent.

And then, 「Destroy the adventurer’s guild that deceived Eriko」 was appended to RIO’s purpose.

The tragic bodies of the three that gave birth to malice, it was then consumed without a single bone left behind by the kins.

As for what happened to them afterwards, one can only imagine.


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