BWO Chapter 129: Further Beyond & Blessings

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Even though it’s already disbanded by now, I done something terrible to Eriko’s party members.

After all, I’m the existence that goes against justice.

Yes, I’m sure it was terrible, that’s why I can threaten, slash, and gouge them out cruelly without hesitating.

「Boss-san, damage report? 」

For the time being, I asked for a report from the one that fought aboveground.

「No one’s in the earth now, and no one’s injured. 」

「Excellent work…… . Fuu, sorry for taking you along my personal reasons. 」

「UoOo. …… And RIO-sama looks really tired unexpectedly……」

My status was very obvious.

To think my fatigue was that obvious, looks like my state is really bad.

In any case, fighting Eriko, saving Eriko from killing anyone, I have to say, I’m proud of myself.

Besides that, I want to free Eriko from this ridiculous curse of justice, when I reach the top, I will make sure to wipe the adventurer guild off this world before I retire. That’s a new aim I have.

「I want to see Eriko-san again. 」

Elma-san who was totally shrinking from the scary smell at first had completely grown to adore Eriko.

「If so, then should I go straight to her? 」

「Fue? Yay! I want to try chuu chuu on the cheeks this time! 」

「Chuu chuu you say……, you sure word bloodsucking in a cute way. 」

Umumu, she’s more attached than I thought.

If there’s a chance they meet again and get even closer, I might even be jealous.

I thought about going for a leveling trip after this but, now that everything is done, I just want to get back to the base and logout.

I still have stuff to do back in the real world after all.


Returning back to my original body, the first thing that came into mind is that person.

That time, I was in so much of a panic that I blurted it out accidentally, the feelings that I kept secret even from my parents.

Even though Eriko suicided before we could talk about it, I’m getting fidgety not knowing her answer. I can’t sleep at all.

It’s quite late already, but at this point, I don’t care anymore. I mean, you were still hugging me just a while ago right.

「Eriko, please. 」

This is just a quick confirmation. Yes, it’s definitely not a once in a lifetime confession event, I’m just confirming a fact.

I opened the messaging app immediately, while a bit on edge, I punched in some words.

『I accidentally spilled my feelings while in that world. 』

『But, as Rio on this side too, I want to be honest. 』

『I love you so much that I’m feel like going crazy. 』

『Not because you’re a girl, but because you’re Eriko. 』

『Can you give me a reply? 』

I sent them one by one.

Am I really that clumsy at talking?

Even if that’s the case, now that there’s nothing to hide, rather than meeting face to face, it would be faster to get a reply in words, and I didn’t want to show her a face that shouldn’t ever be shown to the public.

「Fufuh, a relationship with Eriko……. Oops, I can’t wander off yet. 」

Getting ahead and thinking I won even though I just made a move is the same as not realizing defeat, so I have to be careful.

This kind of message, it might take some time for the one receiving it to compose their feelings too.

Even more so for Eriko who’s really sensitive to other’s feelings, she might even reply 『Rather than texts, I want to hear it from Rio』.

「Not yet……? 」

After that, it was a period where even one second felt many times longer than it should be.

Realizing it’s been five minutes and not a reply from Eriko came, as if being punched in the guts while staring at the message not even read, only my expectations continued to rise.

When about an hour has gone by, I lost to my sleep demon.

「……I fell asleep huh. Eriko! 」

The moment I woke up, the only thing I thought about was turning the screen on.

Knowing that she would’ve definitely saw the message by now, I read the reply without feeling anxious.


But those were the words that first came into my eyes.

I wasn’t seeing things, they were words of appreciation.

Why, why did she thank me there?

It’s not right to avoid giving an answer to my expectations like this.

What I wanted to know is whether it’s alright or not.

Or so I thought, the answer I was looking for was right below it.

『But sorry. I can’t date Rio yet. 』

「Eh? 」

Agitation was immediately obvious in my voice.

I don’t care about her appreciation or apologize, the moment I read the answer, it felt like time stopped for me.

Is this what it means to be shattered?

And the feeling of despair as the punishment for my one sided desire.

After being dumped like this, I realized how confident I was of victory even though I haven’t got an answer.

「How did I misspoke without thinking in front my precious person……」

By the time my vision became upside down, the feeling of numbness spread from my fingertips to the entire body, and the weakness pinned me on the ground.

Does acting impulsively always comes back to bite?

Probably. I’m, really the worst.

For a while after that, I lost grip of myself so much that I couldn’t even exit my room, but I knew there were more to the message;

It’s still a message sent by Eriko nonetheless. There’s no choice but to read all of it.

『I love Rio a lot too, we’re always together, and I’m fine with getting into a romantic relationship. 』

『But it’s not the same for RIO and Eriko. I’m sure we will still fight over things that we can’t yield no matter what, so even if we got together now, it will probably be strange later. 』

『But, if one day RIO reaches the top, and loses the reason to fight me, and I too have no reason to defeat you, then I’m sure there won’t be a fight. 』

「Mu. 」

It felt like it was written in consideration of me.

Besides, even though it was a rejection, it wasn’t a flat out denial. Since Eriko is in complicated position to just agree, I can see why she had a vague answer.

And there’s still more to read.

『If a day like that really comes, I’m sure we can have a good relationship in both worlds, when that happens, I’m sure it isn’t strange to announce it in front of all the fans. 』

『At that time, I would want you to confess again. I will definitely say okay. 』

『I promise. 』

「Eriko……, I’m happy……」

It was concrete enough of an answer that I can say I got her approval.

The feelings I have had properly reached the person it’s for.

It doesn’t feel realistic at all, it’s normal considering we haven’t even started dating but, to think I would be this happy.

「There was salvation, even for someone like me. Coming to like you, I’m the happiest in the world! 」

Even though it wasn’t Eriko’s, I hugged the smartphone close to my chest for a bit.

It’s been a while to attend school with this kind of refreshing feeling.

「I’m off. 」

What should I say after I greet Eriko?

I was pondering about the heart fluttery prospect, but when I opened the door, I doubted my eyes.

「Guhehe~ morning―! 」

A sun was welcoming me with blinding warmth on the cold morning.

In other words, Eriko with short hair for some reason wrapped in a long pink muffler was on standby near the entrance. I see.

「Am I imagining things from longing Eriko too much? 」

「Wait don’t close the door on me, rather, if Rio’s acting like that, won’t that make me the fool for doing this? 」

Question, anxiety, confusion, my thoughts were so tangled up that I reversed my steps and reached for the door knob but, I was stopped by Eriko’s tugging.

Actual body warmth came from Eriko. It’s still difficult to believe.

「Haa, I have many things to say but, what happened for you to come all this way here? 」

「I’m here, to meet Rio ♡ 」

Or so she insisted quite tenaciously.

「What to meet Rio ♡. Isn’t your house the exact opposite direction from the nearest station to the school? Was there anything that had you come all this way out? 」

Eriko’s mysterious ability to take initiative is stronger than ever today.

I didn’t want to feeling tired right from the start of the day but, let’s hear her reason.

「Practice for when I officially become the girlfriend! Meeting up in front of your house~ then linking hands like this to the school~, guhehehehe」

「G-Girlfriend…… you’re really fast……」

Eriko really is thorough in preparation, just like when she prepared to fight me.

Here I thought our relationship would stay the same until we officially start dating but, the incredibly stimulating imagination started to light my face on fire.

「Rio looking a little reluctant is still the same Rio, right! I came here to do this! 」

As if having a sudden realization, Eriko casually approached my side.

Then, she took her muffler and circled it around me.


Rather than realizing visually that my left side was wrapped, Eriko’s residual body warmth was what made me understand the situation.

「Jaa-n! The muffler duo! Let’s head to school like this today! 」

To use one muffler for two person, it was too inconceivable and embarrassing for my values.

「This is beyond embarrassing! Take it off before anyone realizes……」

「No~pe, not happening. Since Rio’s always puts up a fight when I stick close, it’s training to have you be familiar with it. 」

No this is indecent, if you speak this close to me, your breath hits my face.

Moreover, being wrapped in a muffler packed with Eriko’s smell and she being so close, it fell as though her adorableness jumped a level.

「Please, Rio-samaa……」

「Uuu……, addressing me like that is just unfair……」

Even though my hands were in the process of taking off the muffler, being hit by those eyes, I can’t bring myself to refuse her.

「We’ll definitely take it off when we reach the school. 」

「Yaaaay! Then let’s stick closer together while we walk, guheh! 」

「Geez, what a handful you are. 」

I gave up by the time I realized, there was a part of myself that accepted the embarrassment for the sake of happiness.

「That kitty is just like Rio! There, look look, Rio~」


「Ah, sorry. Sorry that I stopped suddenly. 」

After that, we fixed our mufflers back up whenever an accident happened but, it was truly a fulfilling journey to the school.



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