BWO Chapter 130: Forum of RIO-sama Admirers Part 7

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【Celebrate】 RIO-sama Fan Club Part 15 【Confession】


1: Nameless Kin

This thread is a dedication to RIO-sama

Let’s passionately talk about RIO-sama doing this and that

Trolls and haters NG.

Next thread >> 980 thank you.





252: Nameless Kin

Today’s RIO-sama

Supreme thick preciousness happens

253: Nameless Kin


254: Nameless Kin

Moment of lilies blooming is the most precious

255: Nameless Kin

While Elma-chan is in trouble, the flower of Eririo blooms passionately.

256: Nameless Kin

I think RIO-sama was reluctant because Eriko is someone more than a friend to her

Hope it went well for RIO-sama

257: Nameless Kin



Missed it but RIO→Eri confirmed!?

Not some scam or punishment game? Even though I heard they fought irl??

258: Nameless Kin

Das riiight

Holy Eririo

259: Nameless Kin

Goodness was it tee-tee

260: Nameless Kin


261: Nameless Kin


262: Nameless Kin


263: Nameless Kin

Yuri pigs wearing clothes!

Don’t oversimplify Eririo as mere 「Tee-tee 」!

264: Nameless Kin

Smart and cute Eri-rio

265: Nameless Kin

Eriri-o wins!

266: Nameless Kin

Salute to Eririo today too YO!

267: Nameless Kin


268: Nameless Kin

Stop with the silly alterations

269: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama who always betray our predictions

But our expectations are always on point

Rather, more than on point

270: Nameless Kin

Because everyone was messing around with Eririo that a sweet and sour adolescent confession had to happen during a tense death game

271: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama of that time was exactly of the average JK in love

272: Nameless Kin

To think RIO-sama was seriously serious about Eriko

273: Nameless Kin

Wasn’t sure if it’s just RIO-sama being one sided but, seeing someone suicide for the sake of another, pretty much confirms it

274: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama was crying when she was calling out to her desperately

RIO-sama was smiling when they were hugging each other

Then suddenly brought to a cry again

275: Nameless Kin

She probably only reveals her emotions to Eriko

How deep the love is in this one

276: Nameless Kin

Official ship is the biggest play

277: Nameless Kin

Peaceful thread without any hates

278: Nameless Kin

She’s a monster closer to human than just a monster

But the last censored move was more monster than a monster

279: Nameless Kin


I mean, it was that monster right?

280: Nameless Kin

A monster with a human heart (Sarcasm) confirmed

281: Nameless Kin

The vampire girl that loved the human Eriko

It makes me kyun in the heart

282: Nameless Kin

Confessing in that kind of bitter expression, the only thing believers can do is to hope for RIO-sama’s happiness

283: Nameless Kin

Hiding it from us and Eriko, it must’ve been troublesome……

284: Nameless Kin

Since most of RIO-sama’s viewers came from Eriko, it’s not strange at all for 「Eririo is the best」

But what about for Eriko’s viewers?

285: Nameless Kin


Concluded that it’s much better than being taken by some random man

286: Nameless Kin



287: Nameless Kin

Was this supposed to be a shipping thread?

288: Nameless Kin

Obesity is finding me in this thread

289: Nameless Kin

Eriko respawning at the headquarters was panicking 「What do I do, what do I do」 after all

But then a while later hardened her face, 「I’ll answer her」

290: Nameless Kin

Then Eririo dating starts officially……

291: Nameless Kin

The atrocity of the guild to use the pure love between two girls and make them fight

And just as expected, those assholes even tried to put a hand on the Elma-chan, the sure to be adopted child of the Eririo couple

292: Nameless Kin

Curse the guild and Eriko’s party!

Dare putting thorns between Eririo and their adopted child (Temp)!

293: Nameless Kin

Capital punishment……

Get the guillotine!!!

294: Nameless Kin

RIO-sama destroy the guild quickly

They bring nothing but disaster if left alone

295: Nameless Kin

Obliterate the cancer tumor adventurer guild

296: Nameless Kin


The greatest obstruction, Eriko was overcome, this should be easy

297: Nameless Kin

What happened was amazing objectively

It’s still a fantasy style game, to think everyone wants the adventurer guild gone

298: Nameless Kin

Alright, let’s go kill all of them, no one shall stand between Eririo

299: Nameless Kin

Then make love with Eriko!

300: Nameless Kin

Even with the guild around, can totally see love making between the riajuu

I think



452: Nameless Kin

According to Eriko’s tweet, not dating yet

453: Nameless Kin



454: Nameless Kin



It was tots green light but rejected by Eriko?

455: Nameless Kin

Not two sided is the worst outcome……

456: Nameless Kin


What what

Eririo dark arc starts?

457: Nameless Kin


Rather than reject, it’s like postponing?

Supposedly no dating while the vampire RIO-sama is still enemies with the adventurer Eriko

Moral aspect too stubborn but, I guess it’s just like Eriko

458: Nameless Kin

The heck, scaring me like that……

459: Nameless Kin


That’s basically a green light!

460: Nameless Kin

Congrats RIO-sama

461: Nameless Kin

Be happy

462: Nameless Kin

What a kind world

463: Nameless Kin

Dating between two girls, why not

Bring anyone who dare deny diversity to me, I’m willing to school them modern values any day of the weak

464: Nameless Kin

Super yuri Eriko and beyond yuri RIO-sama is just made for one another

465: Nameless Kin

Holy crap

I can already imagine a future where they start making eye candy flirting streams

466: Nameless Kin

Is it RIO-sama’s first love?

Just curious about that

467: Nameless Kin

Then me too, 477 please date with me!

468: Nameless Kin


The 9th person after this……

469: Nameless Kin

Something’s started kusa

470: Nameless Kin


471: Nameless Kin

Change is good

From today

472: Nameless Kin


473: Nameless Kin

4 more, crap

474: Nameless Kin

The thread undergoes an intense trial

475: Nameless Kin

Not me right?

476: Nameless Kin

Well, what will happen……?

477: Nameless Kin


478: Nameless Kin


479: Nameless Kin

I knew it

480: Nameless Kin


481: Nameless Kin


482: Nameless Kin



Not the follow up ww

483: Nameless Kin

Ship didn’t sail

484: Nameless Kin

As if ships sail all the time



700: Nameless Kin

Hey listen everyone

While going for a walk outside today, encountered a pair of JK with super high levels of face deviation

But then, I realize what I saw was one super long muffler wrapping around both of them warmly, my eyes almost dropped out

Then the dog-ish JK is like 「Rio~」, and the cat-ish JK is like 「Eriko~」, my eyes definitely dropped there

Chances they are the real Eririo

701: Nameless Kin

Too good to be true

702: Nameless Kin

Good story

703: Nameless Kin

This not a place to write your fantasy about Eririo by the way

704: Nameless Kin

Can’t be blamed if you think it’s fake

But the presumed Eriko was doing the usual 「Guhehe~」, and the presumed RIO-sama was giving me that glare since I was staring at them, confident they are the right people

705: Nameless Kin

Yuuup, nice story

706: Nameless Kin

When you say Guhehe~, your credibility is dropping like a meteor

707: Nameless Kin

You live at Tokyo ○○ district right

If you say your fantasy is real, then this must be real too?

708: Nameless Kin

Staring at JKs

This pervert gonna get reported

709: Nameless Kin

Believe me……, please believe this poor me……

Eriko was rubbing her cheeks on RIO-sama in the public, and RIO-sama was staring at Eriko’s lips meaningfully and blushing, I tell you the atmosphere there was definitely pink

710: Nameless Kin

Glad you had a fun fantasy

Good bye

711: Nameless Kin

Someone forgot their medicine today?

712: Nameless Kin

Only self-employed home guards are in this thread

Starting with going out for a walk is already out the window

713: Nameless Kin

Lie content detected in 700: 33%

Lie content detected in 704: 33%

Lie content detected in 709: 33%

Total lie content: 99%

Good work ^^

714: Nameless Kin

This community distrust that’s worse than the adventurer’s thread……

But maybe it’s better considering Eririo’s privacy

715: Nameless Kin


What, where did a saint come from

A/N: Maybe I should put a Eririo flirty part


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