BWO Chapter 131: Extraordinary Ordinary Day

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Time spent with Eriko always makes me feel at ease as a perfectly average high school girl.

「Hmm, dating, what should we do when we start dating officially~」

Eriko leaned her shoulders and suggested.

「For me, I feel like we should do something…… a little special but, it feels like we’ve already done most of things. 」

「Now that you mentioned it. It feels like we’re always flirting around already. 」

「Yup. But there should be something, something that couples do……」

We thought about it while walking but couldn’t come up with anything.

After all, it’s been quite a while since I met Eriko and spent time with her.

Naturally, walking while linking hands were already long done, not to mention skinship, fondling, rubbing, lap pillow, and many more.

As for dates, we often do something similar by planning to go somewhere during the weekends.

Occasionally, we even had stay over parties over at Eriko’s place already, it’s a little concerning what we do doesn’t seem to change much from before we start dating.

Something I haven’t, yet want to do…… a kiss.


It’s even more indecent than usual.

Just by having the thought of it, I found myself staring at Eriko’s lips.

「I definitely want to do something special~」

Ah, don’t move those pretty lips please. Just that alone is making my self-control shaky.

Eriko’s seductive lips, remaining glossy even in this winter.

Perhaps she always takes care of it with a high grade lip cream.

It’s the same for me but, in my case, I did it because I want to keep myself clean at all times.

No no, it’s not like I’m wearing a tag that says I’m hoping for a kiss from Eriko.

「Nn? Is there something on my face? 」

Eriko rubbed her mouth lightly while looking at me.

「No way there’s, there’s nothing. 」

To be dull at this time, it makes my cheeks puff.

「I say, your creativity is poor, Rio. Even after becoming a couple, won’t it be fine if we just did everything we did again? 」

Somehow, philosophical words came out.

「Mu, but everything again, isn’t that a pain? 」

「AH! Baka-Rio! 」

「B-Baka-Rio!? 」

「Saying it’s a pain ruins the atmosphere! We’re becoming a couple, you understand? 」

My choices for words were off magnificently.

I could practically hear the sound of favorability dropping from Eriko.

Having said so, it made some sense after thinking about it.

I thought doing the same thing would result in the same thing, but having the new perspective of being a couple would perhaps result in a different feeling.

「I see, that’s a taboo too. I don’t have any experience dating, all I’ve been doing is studying after all. 」

「Ueeh…… Rio’s life till now is wasted……, anyways, since we have the chance, let’s learn more about being couples. 」

「Yes! Please teach me! 」

「Guhe, a good honest girl. 」

I can’t match your knowledge at all.

In contrast, even though I was the one that confessed, I’m regretting at my lack of knowledge in this department.

The meaningless dating rehearsal that I thought I was being too impatient with seem like a good idea now.

After that, while being taught the ropes of being a lover by Eriko, we arrived in front of the classroom.

I intend to keep our dating matter to ourselves in the class, in any case, there’s something that I’m bothered about.

「Eriko, your hair style became that short, what’s the matter? 」

From a glance, the person is as average as an average make high schooler.

Though, what changed was only the appearance, it’s as smooth to the touch as before, and still filled with Eriko’s scent I like so much.

「It really stands out right. What should I do…… ehehe…… 」

She can only laugh it off.

It was the result of a haircut ceremony for a better outlook after our battle yesterday but, she didn’t have any experience and cut too much.

「Uumu, I think it’s a nice refreshing hairstyle that suits you well, but cutting it too short too quickly surprised everyone. 」

「Maybe I really should’ve put on a wig. Don’t do something you’re not familiar with, right. 」

「Maybe you should think twice before going against the school rules. 」

「Ehehe sorry sorry. Almost in a terrible pinch~」

She muttered to break the school rules casually, but in other words, it means that she felt it was enough of a problem to risk crossing a shaky bridge.

In this time, if only I can think of some ingenious ideas like I usually do while streaming, but nothing is coming up.

「Ah, I thought of something good! Guhehehehehehehe」


Any time when her perverted laughs is that long, it means she isn’t planning anything good.

It’s best to be alert at all times but, Eriko then suspiciously sneaked up right behind me, grabbed my hair and started fiddling.

「I name it, the make Rio stand out operation! While they’re occupied with Rio, it’s called misdirection, counting on you! 」

「Pulling attention away, that’s a good idea. But this is……? 」

「This is…… my masterpiece! Twin tails Rio~」

「Fumu, twin tails…… wait, what are you doing to my hair!? 」

I immediately pulled out my hand mirror expecting a horrible scene but, I was shocked for words.

The hair tied into two bundles is bouncing around just from moving my head a little.

This is a hairstyle exclusive to younger girls, especially to 『Mesugaki』 that the viewers are fascinated with.

Eriko’s short hair is hundred times better than this. Though Eriko herself would have to decide on agreeing with me.

「But it’s so cute. I’m telling you, it’s just the best balance with the mature Rio」

「Cute……? Me? 」

「Unn, super adorable. Cutie cutie, very cute, super cute. 」

「I’m cute…… ufufu……」

Being praised for cuteness from that person, it feels elevating.

Almost like I’m being brainwashed or hypnotized.

In any case, for Eriko’s sake, I will gladly put on a show.

「Good morning 」

Intent on hiding Eriko behind me, I stood up and greeted.

「Eh, what’s this cute creature. 」

「Kya~! Tozawa-san is so cute~ 」

「What an image change! It super suits! 」

「So pretty…… can I touch your hair? Haa, haa, please, just a touch……」

Being surrounded by other girls, even the ones I rarely talk to came up to me.

As expected of Eriko, she never means ill to me. It isn’t a bad idea to step out of my comfort zone once in a while.

But Eriko who supposedly wanted to stay out of sight interjected in between.

「On second thought, no one’s allowed to fawn over Rio! 」

A sudden silence visits.

And then, she came out with the truth.

「……Rio is my girlfriend, so don’t keep her bothered too much 」

「There’s a better way to put it! 」

Rather than just a surprising remark, revealing such an important thing at such a timing, even with sounding jealous, it will only make misunderstanding.

Please don’t link to my arms.

Jealousy doesn’t fit you at all, I should be the one doing it.

「Eriko! Didn’t we decide we will take dating step by step! Ah! 」

I screwed up. Rather than denying it, I just confirmed her words.

「Dating, both of you. Seriously!? 」

「Ooh, not bad. Eriri can’t be left in the corner too, right? 」

「Congratulations! I was always cheering for this! 」

Then the classroom followed suit in applause.

I appreciate their good will but, I can’t help but want to run out immediately, or burrow into a hole if there’s one.

I can see it already, the news will be spread to the entire class.


After spending some time with the twin tails I don’t usually style, I came to like the feel of it, maybe I can consider making it the same tomorrow.

Did I really get brainwashed?

After class, while companying Eriko, we headed towards the shoe lockers.

「Crap! It’s raining. 」

Eriko who looked outside was panicking hard.

「I thought the precipitation probability was 0%……, it’s probably just a light shower. 」

「That means it’ll clear up right away huh. Haa―」

「Umm, what’s with the disappointment? 」

Again, I couldn’t read Eriko’s mind.

I wonder, if she forgotten to bring her umbrella?

「Not actually disappointed, I just had my hopes for a longer rain. 」

While saying something incomprehensible, she took out a navy umbrella.

Mu, she did have her umbrella. Looks like I’m worried for nothing.

「For the time being, let’s make a move so we have more time to stop by somewhere? 」

To get moving earlier, I was reaching for my own folding umbrella so that we don’t have to wait for the rain, but then.

「Rio ♡」

The dark aura from Eriko is unbelievably strong.

And her eyes too, it’s of those when the viewers pester her about her weight when she’s streaming.

But that’s when she’s streaming, what about now, at this time in school when I’m still learning on how to be a lover, it’s the same eyes when I made a mistake.

Did I make a mistake? Rather, when did I make it? This is a demanding practical problem.

In any case, I can only rack my brains now.

But since it’s Eriko, there was no need to think too complicatedly, the answer was simple.

「Excuse me. 」

Keeping the folding umbrella back, I shifted myself under Eriko’s umbrella.

「Guhehehe, sharing umbrella! So, Rio wanted to do it too~」

「No way! Wanted to do it……, yes I did. 」

As I looked into Eriko’s eyes, I blurted out a desire I didn’t even know existed.

「Since I’m here, don’t be shy to say what you want. Anyways, come closer, the rain will hit you. 」

「Hawa…… Erikoo……」

Held by the shoulders, being brought closer to face distance, I felt my face burning.

Although it’s not the first time I shared an umbrella with Eriko, a situation where the two of us hold each other under an umbrella, it’s so blissful. ……Aah, Eriko’s body temperature is just like a hot bottle.

「Alright, let’s go, the newly opened cafe! Hey Rio, you alright? 」

「No, I’m not, it’s cold. So, I can only snuggle like this to be warm. 」

「U-Unn, I see…… a Rio on the offense…… so unfair……」

I did it. By hugging around her waist, I sniped through Eriko’s heart.

That embarrassed expression, hastening heartbeat, all of her reaction were so fresh that it makes me want to tease her more.

「Eriko, here, won’t you do the same to me? 」

「Guhehehe! Of course. Gyuu―」

「Aaah, but the umbrella, who’s holding it if you let go. 」

「Who cares. I like it like this more than sharing an umbrella. 」

「Wha. Geez, what a handful, Eriko. 」

Now we’re just hugging each other but there’s no way I can refuse it.

I too, like the time I monopolize you the most.

「Say, Eriko」

「Wha~t, Rio」

「Don’t abandon me, please. 」

「I won’t. You’re even more precious than all the viewers to me. 」

「Fufuh, sorry for saying that. Me too, I won’t ever let Eriko go. I love you most after all. 」

Eriko is a strong person in mind and body, and she’s a person who can fulfil my ideals.

I’m deeply touched just for being accepted by someone like that, being able to stay beside her.

For the rest of my life, till death parts us. Even when there’re still many challenges like advancing in education or finding a job, none of them will faze me if I can be with you.

Still, if only we can have the same relationship within the game too.


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