BWO Chapter 132: Eriko After

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After taking my own life with the Sun Gun, the next place I woke up was in the 【Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters】.

A towering facility like a skyscraper with more than 200 floors from the ground up.

In this place where they refer as the base of operations for justice, the 【Grand master】 who oversees all adventurers is also spending his time inside.

Any adventurers rank A and above are allowed to live here, and my home is also here, in one corner of floor 167.

After my 1 day death penalty elapsed, I headed for the highest floor using a short warp.

Apparently, some of the highest authority adventurer have something important to talk about. Naturally, streaming wasn’t allowed.

By the way, the other party members weren’t summoned.

But that’s because everyone, including Yui-chan who had always been a good girl never logged in ever since then without any news.

Since I can see it only becoming awkward, albeit a little rude, maybe it’s better like this.

「……, hou, so? 」

This person is the one that summoned me, 【S rank 6th, Insomniac Marshal】-san.

How he can summon any adventurer up to the highest floor signified his authority, besides that, he’s also said to be the final defense line for the grandmaster.

Said to be the friendliest among the top 10 S ranks, he and others of his group manage the adventurer’s thread but, now that I’m right in front of him, other than the deep circles under his eyes and an almost dead expression, he was just like any other average male.

But, his presence, his eyes that seemed to speak despite staying quiet, the intimidating pressure befitting the 6th of S rank was certainly there unlike the rumored impressions.

In any case, it’s not a time to be explaining these.

「You have to listen, Marshal-san! This woman, Eriko is a dangerous element that might one day side with RIO, it should’ve been clear from her loss this time! 」

Thungaring-san who was just beside him was pushing the responsibility onto me.

Not that I have anything to retort with regarding that.

I myself is in the opinion that the cause lies within myself after all. Be it disciplinary or expel, I’m ready to accept any punishment.

「Deprivation of justice and expelling to this woman, please! 」

Thungaring-san pleaded for that judgement.


Marshal-san looked at me.

Ah, so this is the end of my road.

After getting expelled, all the achievements I accumulated as an adventurer, and the home I decorated with all my hobbies all vaporizes.

But maybe that’s not that bad, I’m not suit for being an adventurer anyways.

Or so I was pessimistic.

「Thungaring, right, you can excuse yourself now. 」

「Ha, ha?」

Thungaring-san made a stupefied sound.

「I will take care of Eriko. 」

Huh, what about the talk of being expelled.

Then Thungaring-san was forcefully teleported out, and now the room is just me and a super high profile adventurer.

That means, I’m gonna talk in private with Marshal-san!? I’m getting more nervous than interviewing for my part time job.

「Adventurer Princechu・Eriko, I have personally witnessed your mistakes. Despite having the upper hand, you did not kill RIO, and even chose to retire while still having the capability to fight. Although not all of it, you bear most of the fault. 」

He started listing strikes after strikes.

It’s just as he said.

I’m understanding what it feels to be reprimanded by a superior.

Despite unable to utter even a single word for defense, Marshal-san changed to another topic.

「……However, with your long standing streamer career, your achievement of reviving BWO population when it’s at its worse, I still recall it. 」

Unexpected plus points?

While still at loss for the situation, Marshal-san continued.

「A verdict of capital punishment to Eriko has more demerits than merits, there are sure to be revolting adventurers. Therefore, I can give you a chance of redeeming yourself. 」


I was totally expecting a you’re fired when I came here, so I unintentionally muttered.

To still keep me around despite not serving any purpose against RIO, I really have to thank him and his overflowing kindness.

But what’s this about a chance?

I can’t do it if you told me to go defeat RIO again though.

「Is that something I can do? Tell me. 」

「Hah hah hah, no need to be so nervous, I will let you know now. Anyways, be at ease. 」

Then, Marshal-san’s expression softened.

Somehow, he suddenly had a personality change from a frightening superior into a friendly neighbor uncle.

Is this the Marshal-san who’s always close with other adventurers online? My intuition certainly told me so.

「The chance you’re given is not in anyway an easy job, it’s not exaggerated to call it a turning point mission. Depending on your result, it might decide whether the country and its citizens will survive or not. 」

「The country’s…… EEEEH! No way no way, you’re overestimating me! 」

It’s too important of a mission to give as a chance to someone who messed up big time.

Or maybe it’s me that he’s exaggerating it?

「What’s with those distrustful gaze. When I appoint secret missions, I only leave it to someone who can complete it. 」


When someone praises me for being able, I feel guilty trying to deny it.

Since he doesn’t seem like a person who would find joy in making jokes of presenting fake hope, maybe he really is expecting me to complete it.

「Then, can I hear it? The mission you say I have a chance to succeed. 」

「As I said, no need to rush. In any case, you already know about the 『Advent of Demon Lord Event』 right? 」

Demon Lord…… a topic regarding the core of this game was brought up.

The Advent of Demon Lord Event, it’s the biggest event of the third anniversary.

The lore goes like this, the Demon Lord was sealed underground a long time ago, but its seal is weakening along the years, and will soon break.

If I were to say how it affects me, it would just be a large scale war where I participate as one in the army that repels the Demon Lord coming for the seventh town, the royal capital.

It’s one people might call a world quest? Currently it’s still in preparation state but, this coming Sunday is when it really begins.

It should be as easy as defeating the Demon Lord but, information regarding the Demon Lord is still lacking, some say it’s an immortal last boss, some say it’s the usual MMO raid boss fiasco, some even say the Demon Lord is RIO, so there weren’t any definite strategy yet.

But it’s true that everyone is anxious.

There’s no way a character called Demon Lord in an online game will be weak.

「Unn, I more or less know what they announced on the official site. I thought I would’ve lost the qualifications to participate, so I didn’t intend to though……」

If I lost my place as an adventurer, there’s no way I can participate the fight with everyone else that are adventurers.

Still, I didn’t want to give up on challenging the Demon Lord.

If I can’t participate with the others, I thought planning for a Demon Lord assassination stream in the dark would be nice too.

But they’re participating with an entire army right. It’s clear that my solo power can’t win against numbers.

Since I didn’t have any other options at all, I thought it was hopeless.

「Can’t say I don’t understand your feelings, it’ll be the worst fight we ever have if the enemy is really a Demon Lord. The guild has unanimously agreed to commit all our forces in this war. 」

「That’s true, there’s no way an opponent that’s marketed like the last boss in this world will be easy to face. Maybe we even have to fight for days to defeat it. 」

「Ho―uhou, you make the same boring interpretation like the other adventurers. 」

Pointing his index finger at me, he was laughing enjoyably.

「But what if I told you, there’s a certain way to instant kill that so called Demon Lord? 」

「Fueeeeh!? Instant kill!? 」

Having heard something that made me doubt my own ears, it feels like 「Even if you said that……」

Normally, if we can even find out a bit about the demon lord’s attributes, we should be able to put up a decent fight.

But he’s saying instant kill!? Is that even allowed!? Won’t this event become the biggest flop of all time?

「The method to instant kill a Demon Lord, the crystallization of technology from the guild, 【Sacred Dart (Needles of Holy Silver) 】. Take a look .」

Marshal-san took out a small treasure box, and as it opened, I saw what was inside.

「As long as this stabs into it, who cares the Demon Lord is a raid boss or a last boss, everything will solve itself. 」


From what I can see, it’s just a silver hand thrown dart that doesn’t have any outstanding features.

Also, there’s three of them.

「There’s only three of these? 」

「It’s the most we can manufacture. Still, just one of them hitting the target is enough. 」

To make something like that, and even three of them. It really makes you aware why everyone recognizes the adventurer’s guild as the most powerful and largest organization.

When I tried to take a look closer, they fled as if avoiding me.

「But you see, this Sacred Dart, it’s made of a material even more fragile than a fish bone. So I’m looking for someone who can carry them without losing them. 」

「Woah my goodness, I didn’t know. 」

I thought he was just teasing me at first but, just from my breath landing on it by taking a closer look, they almost crumbled into pieces, if that happens, maybe the event will be in flames.

「It’s not something any player can touch, this is something that only a person with a righteous heart to defeat the Demon Lord can use. And so I think you have the qualities for that. Now, Eriko! 」

「Yessir! 」

I was spooked by the loud voice and responded reflexively but, Marshal-san’s serious expression froze me.

「I won’t take no for an answer. But I ask regardless, subjugating the Demon Lord, are you in, or out. 」

The high pressure, but extremely serious question landed.

If I don’t accept it, in other words, if the Demon Lord is left alone, then what will happen to the royal capital, and the people living in it.

The people living within the capital, many of them aren’t capable of fighting at all.

They are just preys in front of Enemies. That’s why they only live within walls that protect them from Enemies, or someone protecting them.

I too is one member of the people that protect their tomorrow. As such, my decision is already made.

But, it isn’t something that I can say proudly considering how I lost the fight against RIO after prioritizing love……, still, I don’t want to ignore lives I can save because of my pride.

「I’ll do it. 」

A chance that I never expected to get, I showed my resolve.

「That’s good, then I’ll have you hold onto one of the Sacred Darts now. Read more about its flavor text. 」

Marshal-san fiddled around a bit to transfer the item.

And that item somehow managed to land in my inventory.


Item: Sacred Dart

Description: Method to fully decompose the greatest enemy of the Advent of Demon Lord Event 【Demon Lord】 down to its DNA.

No matter where, the moment it hits the Demon Lord, is when its legends end, there will not be a second coming for it.

An unreasonable mean, but technology is the means to be unreasonable.

However, the specialization in annihilating the Demon Lord sacrifices its defense, just the force of a human gripping it is enough to crumble it. Special handling is required, force of at most lightly pinching it between fingers, leaving out to the outside conditions for too long will cause it to melt.

Additionally, any target besides the 【Demon Lord】 can at most feel a prick.


The functionality of STR MAX and DEF -MAX I suppose.

But it’s so much so that it can even kill the Demon Lord in one hit, it’s just how it’s balanced.

As for any concerns it will cause another runaway, I checked it with an Appraisal Stone now, so it’s clear.

「That’s the most I can do for you. I gave you a sweet last chance but, whether you make it work or make it fail, is up to your own ability. 」

「I will make sure I won’t fail. If I’m chosen to save the country, I won’t be careless and see it through the end. 」

「Good. For justice, don’t slip up. 」

He encouraged, but now that I’ve said I’ll do it, I will do it no matter if I’m alone.

I don’t really care if it’s my last chance, but for the sake of limiting casualties, I will help out the adventurer’s guild.

Right, a question.

「Wait! What about the other two……! 」

「That’s what we will be deciding now, you’ve been given one of the arrow that will save the country, focus on what you must do. 」

The scenery distorted, and the voice became distant.

Looks like a question from a person below wasn’t allowed.

Still, didn’t he say some ominous thing at the end? That’s not very kind.

Then, when I could open my eyes again, I was at my home.

「……I’m nervous……, in any case, I can only carefully hold onto it until the time to use it comes. 」

Taking the responsibility I’ve been given to heart, I started preparing for the event.

Demon Lord, its abilities, or will I even make it there, there’re too many uncertainties ahead.

And I don’t know what’s RIO’s thoughts on this yet, I want to avoid fighting, since we have mutual feelings.

But I’ve just been handed an item that can blow those uncertainties out of the water, so I can only do it.

Alright, let’s keep fighting.

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