BWO Chapter 14: The Wicked Uncle with Violent Language

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I logged into the game at 21 hours as it’s the time when it is night in the game. However, it wasn’t a situation for me to set up the stream idly, as seeing a bunch of adventurers waiting was clear.

「It’s RIO! RIO really logged in here! 」

「It’s RIO in the flesh! 」

「Let’s get her and raise our name quickly! 」

Just as I opened my eyes, there were already several adventurers laying in wait.

Well, this is very much because of my mistake to log out in panic after seeing the time without changing location, I should definitely find a secluded place before logging out next time.

「……Is this everything? 」

If I had to describe them in one word, it would be weak. Without even using a single skill or calling Flying, I was able to wipe out the group of adventurers with just my close quarters combat skills.

They didn’t even try to declare their names, could it be they underestimated me and thought they could easily get me if it was a surprise attack?

I mean, it certainly was a total surprise but, let’s not keep the viewers waiting and start the stream.

Though I have a bad feeling about it.

「Good evening. It’s RIO. 」

『Sorry RIO-sama for this carnage』

『She’s here』

『Kill yourself!』

『Get lost! 』

『Disappear! 』

『Serves you right! You animal! 』

『You filth! 』

『Go rot! 』

『She’s not nervous at all』

『Hurray RIO-sama! Did you see my message? 』

「Alright hello, everyone is very lively today. 」

Well, it’s far less rougher than I thought.

However, the purpose of my stream is to have an objective evaluation of myself, and so I can be assured that messages that are pure slandering non-constructive insults that can only come from idiots are of no concerns.

I have no plans of monetizing the stream, and I’m an average high school girl who doesn’t have a fairy tale mindset to think that I can interpret words like that, so I will be outright honest and say unpleasant things are unpleasant, thus I turned on the filter function to keep the chat in place.



T/N: Another greeting style towards a streamer, internet slang, relic from old niconico streaming rule where the streamer has to get permission to stream, thus congratulating them if they get the slot

『It was a battlefield, RIO-sama』

『It’s safe for now』

『Did all of these adventurers on the ground get done in……』

「Sorry everyone. It was noisy. 」

Facing towards the camera, I bowed towards the viewers whose generosity can be seen in their words.

Going off-road and becoming an outlaw-type streamer was my choice and I don’t think anything about it. Also, I can always quit if I come to hate it later.

Currently, the sky is a breezing night suitable for a vampire, and the moon is slowly climbing upwards.

Reevaluating my combat power, I only have Flying in jewel form on my chest and the vast knowledge that the viewers have.

As the initial routine was completed, I wanted to depart already but, as I turned around, it seems like I can’t do that yet.

「Aya, looks like there’re a bunch of unfamiliar adventurers dead here. 」

With a pure black jacket like one used to attend funeral, a suspicious uncle with a frowning face appeared.

He was carrying a big heavy sword on his back but, since I’m not sure whether he is a friend or foe, I shall probe a little further.

「The details weren’t caught on the stream but, yes they are dead. 」

「Hohee――, so ojou-chan is a streamer, I see. That means this uncle here is on screen? Peace. 」

『The heck’s this uncle 』

『Maybe someone RIO-sama knows? 』

『Not sure but an adventurer for sure 』

『Looking up his name now』

『Then why are you still here』

The mysterious person made a V with his fingers towards the camera that was almost undetectable but, his cheerfulness is a little creepy.

In the first place, if he’s here, he has a purpose, and thus I asked despite the risk.

「It looks like you are putting up a meaningless act but, don’t you know about me already? 」

「Oops, sorry, did you know from the start? Aren’t you that RIO that’s been a hot topic? 」

「That’s right. 」

Without waiting for any reply, I shot a backwards kick with one hand on the ground as the fulcrum to try erasing the smiling part of his face.

『Knew it』

『Yeah (Zudon)』

『Wow the speed』

『She’s too aggressive of a streamer』

『RIO-sama killing intent gauge is at max』

Since it was determined that he’s 100% an assassin, I struck first. Also, in my opinion, an overly familiar attitude actually induces a rather strong disgust.

「Nnn――, this uncle thinks it’s very pitiful that you’ve taken such a fierce approach. 」

But, this person had no opening and had seen it coming from the start, and used one of his arm to block.

Although the first strike was a failure, I will still give it a passing mark since I was able to identify that his defense is still high despite being hit at a place not protected by his clothing.

Uumu……he’s somehow underestimating me.

「If you have been watching my stream, then you should know my end goal. How about quickly declaring your name? 」

「My goodness, you’ve already found out that this uncle is an adventurer huh」

Laughing in a loud voice, he was an adventurer whose actions had no clear intentions. If he’s not an adventurer, and he really came on goodwill, I will just have to apologize in good faith later.

Since my pacing wasn’t disrupted yet, I continued to follow up with more attacks, but it seems like he had seen it coming as he took the jet black sword behind his shoulders.

「I kept it a secret because it would’ve been bad if I scared ojou-chan to wet herself. But since you’ve begged for it. 【B-rank, Ranked 1st, Knight in Black】. 」

「B-rank, wow, and it’s the highest ranking too. 」

Unexpectedly, a large fish was on the bait. However, since it was such a large fish that it’s unscathed from my kick, it’s better to see it as a strong enemy than a prey to put on the chopping block.

『This uncle is the top of B-rank waaat』

『Again with the harsh development』

『Unfortunately, caught a maniac’s attention』

『But RIO-sama is specialized with a versus fight anyways, she has a bit of chance』

This development, for me, it’s still lukewarm and left more to desire.

「No.516 Logical Magic-dono, No.334 Warrior Maniac-dono, No.292 Dual Toothed Pomegranate-dono…… these B-rank adventurers that had been waiting at this lone tree for many hours were killed instantly, how in vain. 」

「That was the case. But you could’ve saved them if you wanted, no? 」

「This uncle here honors a creed of chivalry, so he can’t act barbaric and gang up with numbers. Ahaha. 」

He’s having a provocative attitude that many would have snapped by now. For the knight in black, he probably saw no chance to gain any further information other than the adventurers that were defeated, as he took a stance ready to battle.

「Well then, let’s put aside those people that even forgot to declare their own names, and start a strength contest between this uncle and the very evil vampire-chan. 」

「Come with your everything. If you want to deny me, do it with your strength and not your words. 」

Since I won’t do anything like declaring my name, so war was what I could declared. However, the opponent has not made a move after taking a stance with his big sword, so it’s my chance to strike first.

First, I will try using the new magic I got from the equipment. The method to use is same as skills. To wish hard, or chant it out, because chanting it directly is faster, I chose that way.

「《Magic ・ Dark Ball》」​


Magic: Dark Ball (Cost MP10)

Description: Gathers the mana and materialize it as a dark element on the palm and shoots it in a straight line. Power scales with INT.

Rapid fire is possible with higher DEX value, shooting from both hands is possible if a certain threshold is met.


Since magic can be activated more naturally as more experience is gained, let’s use magic as much as possible in this fight.

『That’s an energy ball from a manga if I ever seen one』

『That’s Diablo…… Flying’s skill isn’t it』

『Having said so, she must be quite dexterous』

As I glanced at both of my arms, I see, I was charging energy balls on both my palms. By the way, magic can be cancelled freely, so I cancelled it on my right hand so I can wield my dagger.

Putting in magic energy, as the ball was about to be shot out with an intimidating color, Knight in Black suddenly called out 「Wait for a moment」.

「Oh right. Although this uncle very much upholds his chivalric sense, I wonder if that person is the same. 」

「That person? 」

Is he hinting that there’s another enemy? Halting the energy ball, I surveyed the front, back, left, right and above, but there were no presences of any other enemies other than the one in the distance.

However, assuming this person really upholds his chivalric spirit, then he shouldn’t have said that with intentions to deceive me.

「……I see, “beneath” it is. 」

And at that instant, I felt vibrations from my leg.

「【B-rank, 2nd place ・ Iron Drill】! 」

From the raising ground where cracks started forming, a spirally spinning conical weapon emerged, breaking through the plains soil along with a high-pitched mechanical sound.

「Tch. She avoided it! 」

「Oooh. Despite an enemy, this uncle is very much impressed with how you dodged Drill-dono’s surprise attack. 」

And once again, I was able to utilize my irregular sense, barely dodging the attack from below.

Well then, it appears it would be a difficult battle with the two highest ranking adventurers of the B-rank, but I suppose it should make the stream a little more interesting.

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