BWO Chapter 15: The Unavoidable Dynamic Duo of the Top B-Rankers

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「Oi Knight in Black, I bet you told this girl about me. 」

「My goodness, so sorry. I’m indiscriminately kind to all you see. 」


Having a small scuffle, Knight in Black was trying to calm down Iron Drill that came out of the ground.

It appears that other than the metallic looking drill, he’s wearing a full body suit with some kind of mechanism that has an opening where he looks out at.

『Be careful. There’s actually a proven pattern where adventurers are stronger the simpler their names are. 』

『Heee, so that’s why most of their names are strange. 』

『No, changing names need money. These guys are spenders! 』

『Still, regardless of the name, keep your guard up! 』

……For the time being, I will approach carefully without going for a bet.

To preserve as much HP as possible until I discern the opponents’ attack styles, summoning Flying is off the options since I have to self-inflict damage and may accidentally damage myself too much as it’s my first time.

Well then, I want to at least take care of one of them when they are still in range.

「This speed. He already escaped. 」

In the short instant that I was slashing with my short dagger, the target had already made a diving posture and submerged into the ground.

However, the path he took left behind a hole about 1 meter in diameter. If he’s yet to run far, shooting magic in the hole will be critical to his butt.

「You’re not escaping, 《Dark Ball》」

「Woah there, don’t just focus on Drill-dono. This uncle is a thing or two different from normal B-rankers after all. 」

「Mu, you’re covering his hole literally and figuratively. 」

As the big blade was approaching, I had no choice but to change the output direction of the energy ball towards the knight.

I suppose I must pick off the one in front of me first.

「……Anyways, just between us, there are adventurers that came to know of RIO’s channel and chose not just to tolerate it, but even approve it. 」

Holding the wide sword vertically, he changed the trajectory of the energy ball, and then started talking in a gossipping manner.

He acted like brushing off the energy ball was an easy task. But considering the average high school girl that always throw pitches at maximum force I am, he must have tremendous skill.

「But well, you were the direct cause of the fallen towns, and everything you’ve done is saved as evidence in the stream. Even this uncle feels a little motivated to aim for a chance of honor. 」

「How stupid, you’re not seeing me as a threat but someone to compete with. The residents that worship you all must be disillusioned, but well, there’s no need to argue since the winner will be justice. 」

After listening to such a suspicious story, I lowered my stance and readied my fists, preparing for a series of critical punches.

Let’s cast any mercy aside. It wouldn’t be a stream if it is a boring fight without tension with this person that isn’t acting serious at all.

「……That punch was quite incredible. If you had another year to refine that, this uncle would’ve been in a deep hole. 」

『Didn’t work』

『With that strength, makes sense how he’s approving the stream』

『Another fella with Diablo-level defense』

『So the 2nd battle with a defense-type opponent starts』

『Also RIO-sama basically still has no weapon』

Having landed not even a graze, I wondered why have I only met enemies that I have bad compatibility with.

My dagger didn’t work on this Knight in Black who would probably spout something like his tough defense even without any armor is there to shield the people. His stats must be specialized in DEF, suitable for a frontliner.

「Woah woah」

「But still, it’s worth a try. 」

Although the damage was negligible, the impact seemed to work, he looked slightly frightened and was overreacting, therefore I didn’t miss the chance and wanted to shower him in energy balls.

「You’re full of openings! 《Iron Strike》! 」

「Mumu, the drill again at this timing. 」

As if waiting for me to completely focus on the Knight in Black, the metallic sound of the drill chased after me.

Although I dodged it by sidestepping away just in time, it was a merciless attack that the right of my head would’ve become minced meat if I was even one tempo late.

As for the reason why he’s shouting out his skill so loud, it’s probably his preferences or wanting to show off, so I decided not to pursue it.

Since the knight had already retreated several steps backwards in fear of getting caught in the drill, I slashed again at the annoyance while I had the chance.


『Uwah he dodged it even though RIO-sama’s attack speed is quite high』

『That Iron Drill dude is swimming in dirt like it’s the ocean or something』

『Advanced whac-a-mole』

『He’s more like a flying fish than a mole』

『Were the enemies always this strong? 』

『It’s just the C-rankers are sloppy, B-rankers have much stricter rank ordering』

The dagger cut the empty air.

「A professional at hit and away, it’s difficult for me to land a hit. But still, I can only try. 」

It’s the second time he managed to escape, the gap between our speed was so great that he could appear and disappear without my counterattack making it in time.

In other words, Iron Drill has a build specializing in speed. However, I now know the precursor of his attacks. If I slashed at the exact time he popped out of the ground, then he will have to say good bye to his head in tears.

「A wide area like here is Drill-dono’s forte after all. Well then, it’s this uncle’s turn. Run amok, 《Great Black Sword》」

「A skill is it? 」

Even the Knight in Black alone is a level of threat similar to Iron Drill.

Despite his gaze that are void of any hostility, the sword swings he released after stepping forward felt as if there was no weight, but still shredded anything that touched it even barely.

Bending my upper body backwards to avoid it, I focused all my energy into my dagger to parry his attacks.

「RIO-chan is quite skillful too, so impressive despite so young. 」

Having experienced it first-handedly, I can say that the so-called chivalric spirit that even praises the enemy is very annoying.

To perfectly provoke the enemy and serve a shielder role, I can almost be confident to say that there’s no one other than him that is best at the job.

「This uncle really want an off day, but not like I can have it now! 」

「That skill but that personality, seriously you’re an annoyance. 」

I can swing four times in the time he swings three times, I’m winning in speed. However, there was a clear difference between my beginner equipment and the equipment made by skillful blacksmith, as my skin are getting cut open many times.

『RIO-sama is still so passive. Quickly attack! 』

『There must be a reason why she can’t do that carelessly』

『Why don’t you try standing there and realize how bad the situation is』

For a vampire, this much damage is negligible. However, there was the threat of an invisible attack coming from beneath that can only be felt through vibrations.

The moment when I focused on one of them, the other will suddenly apply immense pressure.

The knight and drill, if only I can face either one of them at one time. Seriously, having to fight against both of them at the same time with their tight cooperation, it’s disadvantageous to say the least.

If so, then I shouldn’t focus on winning but persevering till the end and testing various things. I might find a strategy to win if I’m lucky after all.

And it’s only possible to do that without hesitation because it is a virtual world where continue is an option.

「Even if it’s hopeless, only by doing it can one improve. 」

Holding the dagger in a reverse grip, I let my other free hand charge up the energy ball and dashed towards the Knight in Black.

Other than his abnormally high DEF, his stats are basically average. Staring at his movement and trajectory intently to predict his next move, my plan is to hopefully beat him with the triple combo of dagger, energy ball, and bloodsucking at the same time.

「How brave of you. Well them, let me present my sure-kill, Great Black Loyal Slash」

「Will you not sit quietly and let me hit you? 」

Facing an unknown skill. From what I can see, it appears to be a upwards slash. Holding the energy ball and using it as a feint, I tried to avoid it by jumping and somersaulting in the air.

「Ah, you jumping there huh. What a shame. 」

「……Fumu 」

And then, as if the skill was never a thing, the Knight in Black backstepped, and right at that moment, a metallic weapon appeared beneath me and stabbed into my left sole.

The Iron Drill who specializes in speed and surprise attack manifested, and I could only handle it by contorting myself in the air.

「Yes! 《Iron Strike》 prevails! 」

My body physically became lighter. After all, pieces of my flesh scattered around as my left leg flew in the air while spinning.

「So you were both aiming for this. Fine, I will give you one leg. 」

They have aimed for the moment I left the ground to attack since I wouldn’t sense it coming. I can’t possibly make it past the approaching deadline if I don’t intend to catch both of them at once, but it’s difficult considering the vicious loop I’m in now.

『To be hit where it hurts』

『Jumping there was a bad play huh』

『Not RIO-sama’s respected leg……』

『Uwah that costed a lot of HP』

『The Drill already disappeared!? 』

『Pretty sure the combination of these two is enough to land on A-rank territory (I just finished investigating by the way)』

Really, I’m just being played facing opponents out of my league. Just when I somersaulted around, Iron Drill had already disappeared from my sights, as I landed on the ground by bending my remaining knee.

「My goodness, RIO-san is now in a pinch with that knee. But still, I have to pay my respects to your impressive kicking and energy balls. 」

He’s still keeping up with that chivalric or something act. It’s so annoying already.

「Why does losing one of my knee makes me in a pinch? 」

「There’s no need to act tough. Considering that you’re currently streaming, surely you don’t want to show a pitiful image right? So with my chivalric spirit, how about ending it while keeping your image intact? 」

Pointing the tip of his big sword at me, suddenly, he was demanding me to surrender.

Is he saying that he don’t want to defile the final moments of his opponent with his high and prided chivalric spirit or something?

What a bad joke.

「Your pride is certainly wonderful, but I wonder what will you say if I manage a big comeback and win this fight, I’m really, really curious so I will refuse your offer. 」

『A big comeback!? 』

『Can you even do that? 』

『Believe RIO-sama’s words! 』

『That’s right. It’s RIO-sama’s hobby to pull her punches until the turning point after all! 』

『That’s the first time I ever heard that』

『But it’s obvious she’s not saying it to act tough』

Now that the equation to victory is in sight, I just have to follow the steps and present it to the viewers.

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