BWO Chapter 16: The Only Method & Pride

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「A big comeback in this situation? Streamers sure are weird animals~」

As if scoffing at me, the Knight in Black stabbed his sword vertically in the ground as the corners of his lips curved upwards.

It appears that he interpreted it as a bluff, rather, it’s advantageous for me if he misunderstood.

「Don’t tell me, your comeback is your viewers rushing here to save you? 」

Well, troubling the viewers for help would disqualify me as a streamer. So, I stuck out my chest and declared.

「The one that will save me from this predicament, is here. 」

Stabbing my dagger into the cross section of my leg that was lost to the drill, putting strength into my hand while feeling the mushy flesh, I tore it all apart.



『Is this what a sane person would do!? 』

『I’m feeling the pain from just watching 』

『RIO-sama’s iron will is so terrific that she doesn’t even bat an eye making a decision like that』

『Demonic mental, or maybe vampiric mental』

Well, something as absurd as this, even if I can fully recover from it, I would never do it in real life.

「The covenant is fulfilled. Your turn to shine, Flying. Annihilate the enemy. 」

【Hahahaha! This guy is my enemy huh! 】

Flying who descended gallantly under the red shower that I sprayed was gliding straight towards the Knight in Black.

Considering the enemy was demanding me to surrender, and on top of that, with this guy fully into his chivalric acts, it was a perfect chance to self-inflict damage controllably to summon Flying.

「Hou, so this is the Named Enemy, Flying Demon of the rumors huh. 」

1 second, 2 second.

While paying attention to the ground, I focused on recovering.

Whether Flying’s can perform well or not, I can only pray while focusing on recovering until my legs are fully healed.

「However, as I see it, it’s only a last ditch effort. But still, not giving up on victory until the very end, despite an enemy, how refreshing. Hoiyo! 」

3, 4.

Due to the swift slash, Flying who had bad odds already suffered considerable damage. It appears that his defense had fallen considerably compared to the time he was still a Named Enemy. Still, I can’t complain since he’s putting up a fight albeit barely.

【Come on! This Flying Demon General shall personally send you to the depths of hell! 】

「What a wonderful and persistent pet. How enviable. 」

5, 6.

Flying was launching energy balls continuously but, facing the large black sword, all of them didn’t stand a chance. Without able to do anything, he was cut up, and his remaining HP is nearing the danger zone.

「By the way, this uncle’s sword is actually a demon-slaying sword. Leaving aside RIO who is a player, I won’t get beaten by a mere Enemy. 」

【Is this the end of me…… no, I’m not fallen yet. I can still fight! 】

7, 8.

His voice lines eventually became those that are spoken at a dangerous time. I wanted him to hold for 13 or 14 seconds but, his consumption was greater than I expected and his HP was already nearing the bottom.

『It’s not even on the level of rough subordinate treatment』

『Aaah…… our precious Flying……』

『It was the first ever display of Blood Contract, but it was a total failure』

『The game is just too harsh』

『……Fua!? RIO-sama is really too shrewd www』

It appears some of the viewers caught on, one of the reasons why Flying was struggling is because I was refilling my HP with 《Bloodsucking》.

「Well done for your endurance. Leave the rest to me and rest well. 」

My leg completely recovered, and my HP recharged. Retrieving Flying who was on the verge of death, when he was turning back into a gem, I was already on a dash straight towards the bosom of Knight in Black, grabbing onto both his arms while watching his careless expression.

「OOooOh!? 」

An eye for an eye, if they are a duo, then I will fight them as a duo with Flying. With my rushing momentum, I tripped his legs. Aiming for the moment he magnificently fell over, I put my strength and pinned him on the ground.

If his DEF is too high that my damage is ticklish, what I thought was I should just scrap the idea of attacking, and focus on pinning him with arresting arts. My overall attack power with all my equipment combined lost to the Knight in Black but, it seems like in terms of raw STR, I had the upper hand.

「What could struggling so much accomplish, little RIO-san? 」

Since I was only restraining him, his HP wasn’t decreasing at all, but I have another plan in the works.

「With this, you can no longer move freely. In other words, Iron Drill practically won’t be able to move either. 」

「Ah!? 」

Having hit too true to the mark, his expression turned into surprise.

The reality of their mysteriously veiled combo is that the knight was making a certain tapping pattern on the ground with his foot to signal the drill to attack, contrary to any expectations that Knight in Black is perfectly synchronized with Iron Drill, what a baffling chivalric spirit he has.

I was worried whether Drill-san had superhuman hearing, however, it seems that he can’t see the situation aboveground from below ground.

Come to think of it, I guess it makes sense for the prestigious number 1 to not yield initiative to the follow up number 2?

Although I couldn’t know whether my reasoning was the correct answer, there’re evidences supporting my reasoning.

「Since I’ve seen how you signal him three times already, I can copy it perfectly. 」

「S-Signal!? No way that a dynamic duo like this uncle and Drill-dono needs something like that……」

Is playing dumb also part of his chivalric ways? Ignoring that, I positioned my legs in front by bending clockwise, getting it in place just beside Knight in Black’s head.

「Then, I wonder what would happen if I pretend to be you and send the signal right about here? 」

「W-wwhwhaa!? 」

And thus, my preparation is complete. Seeing how fear and panic is spreading through his expression, my reasoning became ever more believable.

『There were signals? 』

『RIO-sama even has a copy ability w』

『That kind of intricate player skill is no joke』

『Or rather, RIO-sama does ballet? That’s some flexible joints』

It’s not really that difficult of a signal.

Tatatan, as long as he tapped with that rhythm and made space while acting to retreat, the mole in the ground will start digging up.


「No way right? Drill-dono? 」

Behold, the vibration coming from the ground is getting more intense. Now, with that cruel weapon that grinds flesh and bones into a paste, please destroy his stupid chivalric ways.

「The finisher, 《Iron Crusher》! Huh? 」

「Stop Drill-dono! Dri…… you assholeeeee! 」

The friendly fire plan was achieved magnificently.

Half of Knight in Black’s head was scooped out miserably, and all there was left is a Iron Drill too stunned that his eyes stopped moving.

Since one of them instantly died having hit by the weapon that could dig dirt like it’s nothing, I activated 《Bloodsucking》 on the remaining person.

「There’s no way I could’ve mista……… GYAAaaA!! 」

Although the third time wasn’t the charm, I caught him this time easily and squeezed out blood from his eyeballs. When a human faces a situation far surpasses their imagination, they will freeze up with a blank mind.

Even with high AGI, it appears that his thoughts still halted.


『A gorey battle suitable for a vampire』

『Even the ending was super gore』

『But still, a great victory』

『Huwwwwayy!! 』

『The heck’s with this unbelievable rebound……』

『Grats! Grats! 』

『It felt like RIO-sama had them in her palms the entire time, I’m getting goosebumps』

『A sparkling victory for the average high school girl! 』

『Too good……I would’ve thrown in the towel in the middle』

『Even B-rankers are no problem now』

There’s no problem even if the opponent is out of my league. If I can’t win in power, then I will just have to find a way to win with my trusty knowledge and technique.

Although it’s not bad to bask in the glory after a victory, there’s still something I have to do, so I stabbed myself in the chest and called Flying.

『Wai, what are you doing RIO-sama!? 』

【Hahahaha! Who is my enemy! 】

Nope, I only called you because there’re no enemies left.

「I’m really sorry that you couldn’t fight as you wish because of my selfish acts. However, you had nonetheless carried out your duties, and completed them so magnificently that I’m lost for words. Thank you for your hard work. Please rest well until the next summon. 」

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

Thanking him with all the words that an average high school girl such as myself could think of, I patted Flying on the head as I returned him to his gem.

After all, the MVP this time is Flying. Looking back, the turning point where I started seeing my victory was after summoning Flying. I couldn’t have grasped victory without him.

Although defeat didn’t matter much in my eyes, I honor what my only companion contributed to the victory.

『Flying so kuuuuute』

『This is what we call a good superior』

『Pat me too pls』

『Huh, wasn’t cutting 10% HP enough? 』

『Oops and gone half of clumsy RIO-sama’s HP』

『↑Wrong. I could see that she wanted to summon Flying no matter the cost』

『What a godly explanation』

『A model example of a vampire……』

『She’s acting so heartwarmingly when Knight in Black is still muttering on the ground』

『Weh!? 』

「I was the one winning…… if only not for that Iron Drill bastard slipping up……」

He’s still breathing in that condition…… or not, it looks like he still has some room before a forced respawn thanks to his high level, so his consciousness could still stay in his mouth for now.

Seeing how he can still make a sound, I tried talking to him.

「It was a tough victory for me this time but, challenge me whenever we meet again. I will be waiting. 」



What could he be muttering in that extremely soft voice.

「This mere demon that should have been killed by me dares! You lowly bitch even lesser than a mob character!!」


Since it a waste of time to hear any more, I sent him to the church by stabbing his throat. Just as expected, he started spouting dirty words after losing.

The reason why this person prides himself with a chivalric spirit was not because he has the skill to praise his enemies, but it’s because he enjoys looking down on others and feeding his own ego.

Although I don’t mean to look down on a noble chivalric spirit, I admire not the enemy. Only my companion that did his best to help me and the viewers who provided knowledge and an objective evaluation deserves my admiration.

Haaa…… I wonder when will I meet an upright adventurer like my ideal Eriko. Also, to not be a burden to my companion in the future, I used 《Bloodsucking》 on Knight in Black to get EXP.


《Level has risen to 40 (Capped)》

《Karma value has dropped》

《Bounty set by the guild has been corrected to 2.25 million Iris》

《Experience set by the guild has been corrected to 2, 352, 445》

《Race evolution is possible as level has reached the set value》


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