BWO Chapter 17: Further Race Evolution & Shape-shifting

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The bounty jumped by several ten-folds.

Apparently, the amount is dictated by the evilness of your act or how strong were the adventurers you defeated, maybe these two are actually big shots among the adventurers unlike what their ranks suggest? As I felt a little confused over it.

Needless to say, no matter how much other bounty targets I can subjugate, I would still be taken in as a criminal considering I’m one of them, it’s as if everything leads to a tragic end for the high school girl.

「……It’s time to bid farewell to my race name of vampire without any modifiers. 」

Gaining a large amount of EXP, I had reached the level cap of 『Vampire』. RPGs had always followed a pattern of level 100 being the hard limit, if BWO follows the tradition, then this should be the turning point.

『Did Knight in Black-san forgot that a stream is ongoing? 』

『W-w-w-what to do. His character collapsing was completely caught on live』

『No idea』

『It would totally be a cut moment if it’s a compilation video』

『He kept his position as No.1 for a long time after all』

『Is RIO-sama not afraid after being told something like that……? 』

『I mean, he was winning at first, then suddenly lost all of it in only a few moments……』

『Iron Drill seems unstable too』

『Curious at the adventurer forum now』

『Aren’t we the only one getting cold feet here? 』

『It’s probably fine since RIO-sama doesn’t have a dedicated blogging account』

……It probably isn’t as bad as the viewers say. However, let’s put a memo that I should refrain from over-hunting adventurers blindly that I would even get strange stares in real life.

In any case, the race evolution comes first. Thinking that I would get even stronger despite already having a superhuman body, I felt a little excited.


Evolution path A   Battler Vampire

Description: An intermediate vampire that pursuits 『Battles』 that are even more intense and great.

Lifting the innate limits of an organism, blood and flesh can be manipulated as will after evolution.

Traits: Corrects status to suit a vanguard and gains a matching constitution

Evolution path B   Wizard Vampire

Description: An intermediate vampire that pursuits 『Magic』 that are even more potent and controllable.

Equipped with knowledge that knows no bounds, trajectory of spells can be controlled at will from a distance.

Traits: Corrects status to suit a rearguard and gains a matching constitution

※ Evolution is irreversible


Putting simply making a decision by myself on hold, I adjusted the window to be easily visible for the viewers.

『Quiet! RIO-sama is starting a new evolution! 』


『There’s no option to return to humanity this time at all huh』

『Oooh, both looks strong!』


T/N: Urban dict: Abbreviation of “wakuwaku tekateka”. Means very excited, can’t stand still.

『And all of them are vampires now』

T/N: The previous races she had were in kanji forms, 吸血鬼 (kyuuketsuki), this time it’s all in katakana of ヴァンパイア (vampire).

『Gradually, she’s turning into more of a monster……』

『Finally, intermediate demon……, wait, these are only intermediate!? 』

Battora, butler? or battler? 』

T/N: katakana pronunciations.

Losing the name of a kyuuketsuki felt a little sad, however, it has an impression of the next stage in evolution.

As for the choices……, the two choices are on the extreme ends of the spectrum, I had to think carefully. Even if it’s describing a vanguard or rearguard, Flying is my only companion currently.

Considering how Flying was struggling while fighting on the front line just now, I didn’t have to think twice, my choice is clear.

「I will choose this. 」


《Evolved to Race: Battler Vampire》

《Stat evaluation, HP increased to A+》

《Stat evaluation, STR increased to S》

《Stat evaluation, DEF increased to D+》

《Stat evaluation, AGI increased to A》

《Acquired Skill: Blood Needle》

《Acquired Skill: Blood Scent Detection》

《Acquired Constitution: Incapacitation Resistance +100》

《Acquired Constitution: Flesh Manipulation》

《Level cap has lifted to 65》

《Karma value has dropped》


Suddenly, my vision was enveloped in whiteness, right after that, a sense of enrichment spread throughout each element of my body. Then, a mysterious phenomenon that can only be described as the accumulated life experience nestled within my body took place.

Although it’s all under the concept of race evolution, the process are completely different depending on the race.

「Fuu. The race evolution always felt like a remodeling surgery took place without my permission. Still, it was quite comfortable as if they administered anaesthesia beforehand. 」

I was slowly regaining my vision after being blinded temporarily, during that, I was enjoying a comfortable sensation akin to a full-body massage.

The era of Reiwa had almost passed, after seeing the first-generation of VRMMO users bashing at full-dive technology initially, I could really feel the breakthrough they had.

T/N: Wikipedia: Reiwa is the current era of Japan’s official calendar, starting on 1 May 2019.

「Thank you for waiting, viewers. I became a Battler Vampire……」

The moment I regained my vision, I realized something irregular and unbelievable was happening to myself.

With god knows what logic, my voice turned high pitched like a girl that haven’t went through puberty, and the height of my vision was lowered by few centimeters.

「Uhmmm, this is me talking right? 」

It is not my imagination. I wasn’t bending my knees and my posture was upright before the evolution. Considering it is my own voice and height of vision that I know better than the face of my parents, I can say so confidently.

Don’t tell me, the ground has sunken while my vision was whited out……, or not. Exactly in times like this I will need the help of the viewers’ perspective.

『Huh, RIO-sama became little? 』

『Could it be she mis-evolved into a loli-type race……』

『Hasn’t her face turned younger after evolving? 』

『Eh, redesigning your character is allowed after the initial creation!? 』

『Buh (Nosebleed)』

『Holy sheet too adorable』

『Buhiiiiiiiiii!! 』

『This is RIO-chan』

『Don’t make us develop a new fetish!! 』

I’m being dead serious but why are all the viewers so……, as I felt mentally fatigued, the culprit of this phenomenon showed up.


Constitution: Flesh Manipulation

Description: A constitution that an experienced vampire is proud of, allowing them to reshape their body regardless of skeletal structure or range of joint movements.

By applying the constitution, although limited, it is possible to change the physique and figure.


「……I can see why they stopped calling it kyuuketsuki. Plainly speaking, this is on the level of a yokai. 」

Having no mirror on hand, I couldn’t see my transformed appearance but, the Demon General Dress had shrunk to fit my smaller body in response, and when I looked at my own hands, my fingers one-fold thinner.

I guess that this rejuvenation phenomenon happened because I activated Flesh Manipulation unconsciously but――, I really don’t want to think that I became smaller because my desire is to be spoiled……, in any case, I should be able to change into a form older than my original age.

And so, not knowing how I should do it, I tried to wish 「Become bigger」 anyhow.

『Nu! 』

『Rapid growth』


『A devilish woman appears』

『I-I didn’t know BWO had a function like this……』

『Queen RIO-sama……♡』

『She’s got too much attributes』


『Deadly precious』

『RIO-sama sure knows how to please the audience』

Seems like I have transformed yet to another appearance.

The height of my vision changed again as if having climbed a step of staircase, glancing at my transformed slender legs, I calculated my height to be somewhere near 170.

「Aa, a―a―. My voice had changed to an adult woman as expected. 」

Despite being in a virtual world, I couldn’t help but be amazed by such a surreal phenomenon.

Surprisingly, despite becoming something further from a vampire, and even further from a high school girl, I must say, I’m not that shaken on the surface.

If I come across a lake or something as a mirror substitution, I should explore the limits of my shape-shifting ability further.

Still, a comical constitution it may be, I think it’s super useful depending on its usage.

Although it will be difficult to fight in a physique different from my real life self, I could disguise as another person using Flesh Manipulation, then intrude a city while hidden, all without revealing myself or waging a war. It’s exactly an ability that is too good to have.

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