BWO Chapter 18: Short Gossip & At the Adventurer’s Forum Part 2

PhantasmalMira 4445

  Angry at that RIO person, 「If you want to deny me, do it with your strength and not your words」

1: Nameless-san

And so we try to spread hate

2: Nameless-san

>> 1

But don’t expect people to agree just by doing that, baldie

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  【Help the weak】 BWO Thread for Adventurers Use Part 6030 【Strike the strong】

1: Nameless Adventurer

This is a special thread only for Break World Online adventurers.

Let’s write freely while keeping in line with the minimum rules.

Previous Thread: http://**********

>> 980, please open the next thread

344: Insomniac Marshal

☆★Top 10 S-rankers this week☆★

1st place: 【King of True Brilliance ・ Thinking】

T/N: There’s a pronunciation pun here, 【真輝之王・シンキング】(Shinki no ou, shinkinggu) – King of True Brilliance, Thinking.

2nd place: 【King of Tin Plated ・ Bri King】

T/N: Similarly, 【錻力之王・ブリキング】(Buriki no ou, burikinggu) – King of Tin Plated, Bri King. There’s not an obvious pun here because Buriki is based on dutch of blik.

3rd place: 【King of Fury ・ Docking】

T/N: 【怒気之王・ドッキング】(Doki no ou, dokinggu).

4th place: 【King of Thieves ・ Sly King】

T/N: This one doesn’t have one, at least I couldn’t find any. btw, don’t expect me to write down the sheer amount of punny names (only works in jp pronunciation) in this place.

5th place: 【Genesis General】

6th place: 【Insomnia Marshal】

7th place: 【Minazuki Luminous】

8th place: 【True Justice】

9th place: 【Answering Swordsman ・ Battenmaru】

10th place: 【Laplace of Minus Flowing Cause and Effect】

For 11th place and below, look at→http://**********

345: Car guy

RIO’s on the De○thnote confirmed

346: Memento Memory

Nothing changed from last week

347: Twin Hander

The position of the four heavenly kings didn’t move at all for the past few months

348: Grand Foundation

True Justice is still floating about in there, not gonna lie, that name is quite good

349: Scarlet Club Chief

>> 344

Appreciation to Insomniac Marshal sacrificing his sleep this week too to finalize the rankings

350: Enter Hack Type 72

Just thinking about how these members will get wrecked by RIO sooner or later……

351: King of Barrage ・ O’ Danmark

T/N: 弾幕之王・オーダンマク (Danmaku no ou, o danmaku).

Let me return to the top 10 too plz

352: Copy

If it’s RIO, then even the top rankers will be be targets of genocide sooner or later

353: Trick Master

There’s a part of me seriously not happy with that adventurer hunting streamer

354: Onemurin

These days, I see that streamer’s name get dropped here now and then

355: Raging Storm Kai

RIO is grasping the heart of us citizens of this thread with just one stream

356: Beaver・Survivalist

I mean, of course

There’s no one else pulling something like that right

357: Destain Dorothy

Moreover, it’s even worse that she has good looks

358: Solitude Theory

Was there ever a ranking announcement party this late?

This and that are all RIO-sama’s fault

359: Yamatakeiryu Hiiragi

>> 358

This guy is adding -sama!

360: Freshwater Gun

>> 358

The fool was found

361: Death Metal Band ・ Sogou

>> 358

It’s a RIO believer! Surround him!!

362: Cho Toguro

>> 358

This demands crucifixion!

363: Complist

>> 358

Report him to the adventurer guild headquarters that he’s a spy!

364: Marumari Sisters Big Sister

Sigh, at this time when we have to unite……

365: Decoy

What is this atmosphere of exclusion

366: GrunGrunGungnirun

I fell to 23rd this week

367: Explosive Hammer

Well, let’s take it easy

RIO is getting overestimated, she’s not even level 40 yet right

368: Shumetsu no Zantetsu

And she’s still logged out somewhere between Amulbell and the Starting Town

369: Lil Tom

Also, that Knight in Black declared in this thread this morning that they are marching to the Starting Town’s plains with the B-rank alliance he leads all the way from the sixth town

370: Freezing Kamen

Eeh!? That famous Knight in Black-san who makes the weaker A-rankers lose face!?

371: Silver Petty Tricks

That’s reassuring to hear

372: Selena Sunday

Too committed

373: Trancing Bones

That uncle is so not mature w

374: Lil Tom

And his business partner, Iron Drill of the 2nd rank in B rank is with him to boot

Someone finally made an enemy of that SSR gacha combination

375: Tesla Stick

Although it calmed down now, he’s one of the powerhouses of the min-maxing era

376: Morphine is bad

It’s regrettable to see a tragic end of a misunderstanding streamer but, one thing’s for sure and that’s she’s never playing around again

377: Host Blast

Then shall we all spectate the moment when fate is decided tonight

Those that will be watching are not 【Adventurers】 but 【Viewers】, so feel free to take your stance and cheer on whichever side

378: I love Iai

Then I’m betting my element bottle on the duo’s win

Or rather, if they can’t win, the useless adventurers in the second town can’t stand a chance

379: Speech Ballismus

Then I will go shoot some hate to demoralize RIO even by a bit

380: Two Ninja

>> 379

Good that you’re on our side but, don’t take it too far

381: Lil Tom

Alright, it’s up to you, Knight in Black and Iron Drill

You will be the heroes of us citizens of the forums if you win

564: Lil Tom


565: Two Ninja


566: Pure Innocent Siren


567: Freshwater Gun


568: Otsu Sandwich

Starting from the crazy guys, they’re all disappearing

569: Morphine is bad

Looking forward to next week’s B-rank listing (lol)

570: Iron Drill

Isn’t the judgement against the losers stricter than usual?

571: Cold Sphere

That fake chivalric idiot uncle revealed his true nature in his final words www

572: Host Blast

This is the adventurer’s forum right?

573: I love Iai

So I’m not the only one that felt strangely refreshed

574: Bat Performance

Well, to tell the truth, I can’t handle Knight in Black’s middle-aged shenanigans, it should be good medicine for him

575: Knight in Black

What is this development as if I’m the bad guy

You guys are laughing too much at someone else’s misfortune

576: Seed Gatling

It’s all over…… a demon is coming to Amulbell where my base is……

577: Vital Hospital

There’re more and more adventurers that are becoming too bored including myself, so RIO’s stream is a good stimulant

578: Flaming Beans

Her popularity is almost higher than Puchi Eriko’s……

579: Tengu Rider

But won’t we get an easy win if we pit a party full of light attribute users with RIO?

580: Chotto Bakkon

>> 579

You underestimate BWO

581: Kill La Vortex

>> 579

Did you forget about the incident where the four men of Raijin G-Thunder, Million Volts, Electrician Dense-san, Bibiri Biibiri Lightning lost against 【Water Dragon Emperor Estima】 despite their advantageous attribute

582: Rack and Turn

>> 581

Didn’t we agree that they lost because they didn’t have any healer

583: Flash Synthesis

Hey btw, anyone up for vampire hunting?

584: Black-and-white Grade Up

I can’t have a death penalty even by mistake currently, so I will just see you off

585: Nalt Melt

Nope from me, too far from the second town

586: Sinful Majin

>> 583

Offer some cash or medicine, then I’m your guy

587: Mold Hunter Zork

Ain’t it fine since the bounty already grew?

588: Flash Synthesis

A uncooperative mood it is

So there’s no one to stop RIO again……

A/N: I’m also at my end of writing……

A/N: Please, bookmark and reviews

T/N: I’m also at my end of tl-ing stupid names


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  • RKADE 14

    RKADE 14

    That is true, if they don’t pick up their stuff, RIO’s just gonna wreck them when she reaches them.

  • J


    Thanks for translating!

  • Stella


    Why everyone hating on rio-sama? wait…

    • Basically God

      Basically God

      Because they’re taking advantage of the fact they’re strong to basically pick of the weaker players who aren’t adventurers… Which isn’t working against her.

  • Freigus


    lmao those names sound like a huge pain to translate
    Thanks for the translation!