BWO Chapter 19: Checkpoint & Amulbell

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The outer walls that appeared after passing through the dense and lush forest area are what protect my next genocide destination, the second town, Amulbell from foreign invaders.

「Today’s theme would be 『Striking underwater』, but it seems like it will be quite the challenge. 」

As the greatest enemy for the town, I couldn’t get close to the town unfortunately, leaving me nothing to do but to keep lurking in the bushes near the main gate.

I supposed it’s as expected, the checkpoint guards are very much diligent at their job.

「Please halt, honored adventurers. As we had just received a report that a vampire called RIO that appeared in the Starting Town is aiming to strike this Amulbell next, it might be a little troublesome but, we will need your cooperation. 」

The checkpoint guards stopped the unfamiliar adventurers with a professional tone, and then took out a small stamp-shaped tool before pressing it on the back of the adventurers’ hands strongly.

Seeing how they even have specialized anti-vampire tools in their arsenal, I could not take a single step out of the bush.

「This is a special magic tool that can identify demons. Although all our stationed soldiers had memorized RIO’s portrait, there’s a chance she might appear in a disguise, so we need your honored adventurers to cooperate. 」

Then, the stamp-shaped magic tool was taken off their hands. There wasn’t any trace left on the back of the adventurers’ hands.

『What a strict security』

『Tis a slump』

『It’s time to harden your methods』

『Can’t stand it no more. It’s massacre time』

『You fools, taking down Amulbell alone from the front is too much even for RIO-sama』

One of the reasons as to why I’m sitting here doing nothing is because I had already thought of a countermeasure.

If I don’t act quickly, the adventurers that are watching the stream would know my position and come for me. However, as a streamer, cutting off the stream just for the sake of a small circumstance in this virtual world can only be selfishness.

I want to deceive the eyes of the NPC citizens that aren’t watching the stream at the very least, and so, any news of 「RIO is attacking」 must be avoided, thus I have to refrain from any eye-catching moves.

「Thank you very much for your cooperation. Please go ahead. 」

The inspection was over, and the adventurers disappeared into the town.

How praiseworthy of them to be doing their job diligently this late in the midnight but, I’m having a hard time thanks to them.

If getting through stealthily proves difficult, I guess I can logout and wait for another day, or have a painful time trying to break through Amulbell’s perfect defense.

Though, both of those choices are not included in my grand scheme.

「……If they’re trying to stop vampires from entering, then a vampire I shall be. 」

And so, the preparation begins immediately.

Using Flesh Manipulation to make myself look younger, I stabbed myself using my dagger repeatedly in a rough manner.

『N-n-not RIO-sama’s loli-loli bodyyy』

『Wrist-cutting? Wait, this is full-body-cutting』

T/N: Wrist-cutting, suicidal act of cutting ur wrist.

『No way it’s to call Flying right』

『I give up. I can never understand what RIO-sama is thinking 』

To the extent of not killing myself, I seriously and diligently made sure to dice myself up thoroughly, not even the hem of my dress is spared.

With this, my preparation is completed. I shall gamble courageously when the next adventurer is about to reach the checkpoint.


「Please halt. Currently, the threat of RIO is……」

It’s time. An adventurer with a long spear in hand appeared.

After taking a big breath in so that I can make the best performance in a voice exploding with distress, I dashed out in full speed.

「This person is RIO! I was just assaulted!!」

「EH!? 」


Grasping my arm full of visible wounds and acting in pain, I pointed at the adventurer with heavy equipment and called him out as RIO.

「No no no no way! I have a well-known name and that is 【B-rank 502nd ・ Seed Gatling】! 」

「Please don’t fall for his adventurer disguise! If he’s not taken care of immediately, he will suck your blood dry! 」

「Oi you little prick! You’re smaller but I bet you are the real RIO! Uwahk!? 」

「That guy is RIO! Apprehend him!! 」

With those words as the trigger, the checkpoint guards moved, and Seed Gatling-san who was unluckily to be the scapegoat was being apprehended without me ever dirtying my own hand.

My gamble was successful. Acting like a distressed victim as a little girl, the soldiers were deceived and didn’t notice the real RIO entering the town.

Although I’m sure the adventurer can prove his innocence eventually, he will be my body double for the moment albeit feeling a little sorry for him.


『This little girl turned out to be a little demoness』

T/N: Play on words 幼女 youjo(little girl) -> 妖女 youjo(girl that deceives man).

『This is fine play』

『I pity the poor Seed Gatling』

『No, it might sound like I’m defending RIO-sama, but he’s only mistakenly arrested because he didn’t try to raise his karma value』

『I’ve seen that guy in the forums. Apparently he took too much death penalties and now the only place he can settle at is this town』

『Seed Gatling, a nobody with a thin presence』

『Everyone is just too harsh to Seed Gatling』

I see, if it was a famous adventurer like Knight in Black, then my plan would’ve failed. I must remember not to act rashly again.

Well then, since my wounds are almost healed. I tried becoming an adult woman and blend into Amulbell.


Could it be that they are very confident with their outer defense against myself, I couldn’t see a single soldier patrolling on the streets.

Thanks to that, I was able to walk brazenly on the streets, enjoying the cityscape. It is the first time that I ever felt so liberated in BWO.

『RIO-sama walking with the night light background is very elegant』

『Can’t get enough』

『I would’ve definitely called out if there was such a sexy person on the street』

『Ah, she just passed by an adventurer and didn’t get caught』

Leaving aside whether my charm in this form is great or the viewers are just being flattering, I shall gracefully accept the precious messages filled with goodwill.

「Fuuh. My shoulders feel lightened. This must be what they meant by leisure. 」

Letting my hair down while enjoying the night wind hitting my skin leisurely might become my new habit.

Well, this is probably what a normal VRMMO player experiences on a daily basis.

「The breeze is nice too…… uugh, what is this smell. 」

「Hehehee, baby-san. What are you doing here all alone by yourself? 」

Suddenly, a drunkard appeared and was sticking onto me.

The odor index coming out of this person’s mouth is so high that I want to wear a gas mask and spray around deodorant right now but, I will just keep my cool for now and try a seductive voice with a tranced expression.

「Fufuh. Looking at you made my chest hot……, I, can’t, take it anymore. Let’s go there together. 」



『RIO-samaaa (Ascended)』

『With this alone I can eat 3 cups of plain rice』

T/N: imagine eating plain rice with nothing else (x3).

『RIO-sama seduction! I have no regrets left 』

『This time is godly time again』

I’m not doing it because I like it.

「Uhhhyaaa really!? Of course let’s go! 」

I was worried that my acting was subpar but, looks like his judgement is clouded by alcohol, as I sighed in relief.


Skill: Blood Scent Detection

Description: A skill that detects blood, the energy source of any vampire.

Able to sense easily and more accurately the closer the distance and the higher the blood concentration of the organism.

Obviously, it does not work on lifeforms made of only inorganic substance, or spiritual lifeforms that do not have physical body.


In any case, as someone that has not passed legal drinking age, the smell of alcohol is too overbearing for me, and so I utilized my new skill to overwrite what I’m smelling.

The smell of blood is better than alcohol, probably because my sense of smell is that of a vampire’s in this world.

However, with this skill, I can tell apart each and every organism distinctively, even if it meant someone’s dried blood, or the toxic smell of rats and stray cats in the alleys. I felt like I can understand what being a dog feels like.

「Oee? The fangs you have…… hiii!? Hiiik! 」

And so, after luring the person that came along with ill and dirty intentions to a secluded back alley, I used 《Bloodsucking》 and 《Kin Transformation》 to turn him into my loyal subject.

「I order you. Suck the blood of the citizens until dawn, turn as many of them into kins as possible. 」

「Yes. I understand. 」

「Make sure to be stealthy, don’t act if there are any adventurers. 」

The drunkard kin that was speaking like a broken machine disappeared into the main street in search of living blood with the usual staggering steps.

Rather than rashly rushing in after obtaining the combat-suited Battler Vampire race, if I gradually erode the town from the inside, I can avoid unnecessary risks in case of a full-scale battle breaking out.

After all, there might be adventurers that are stronger than Knight in Black who is the strongest adventurer I know yet hiding in town.

……In any case, I have a concern that I have to address no matter what.

「Everyone, that person just now, he drank a lot of alcohol and I sucked his blood but, does that mean I’ve violated the underage drinking law……? 」

『You’re concerned about that www』

『RIO-sama upholding the real life laws』

『But not with killing people』

『↑Human law does not apply for vampires』

『It’s finee. It’s only the blood』

『Since you haven’t been forcefully logged out, it should be fine』

Various kinds of response came back but, since the AI had decided so, I think it should be fine.

Using my Flesh Manipulation constitution, I was able to ascertain its versatility in performing a fashion show with the viewers but, not limited to just manipulating the outwards age in the range of 10~20 years old, I can freely adjust my hair length and my hair color, even to the degree of having a gradient color.

Although I could never do it publicly, I shall utilize this constitution of mine to transform into any appearance and continue my covert action.

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