BWO Chapter 22: Interaction & Transformation

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There’s a weakness in a part other than the numerical values.

「Parnilla-san, to think that such a weapon was created just for me……, you’re such a role model for fallen weapon smiths. 」

(Being fallen is the greatest power. You’re making me shy)

「Could it be the secret of your talent lies behind that mischievous personality? 」

The bottomlessness of this person, frankly speaking, is very much horrific.

Despite it being a tool originally used to shield oneself from rain or snow, various hidden functions such as transforming into a sword or gun that are specialized in killing were incorporated, giving off an impression that a certain obsession had been in play.

If such a tool had existed within the real world disguising as a normal parasol, such thought flew over my mind for a moment.

I suppose that’s the reason why this transforming weapon was labelled illegal.

(I made it with the intention of being RIO-sama’s special weapon after all. But thinking how RIO-sama doesn’t have any weapon related 《Skills》, another idea struck me and so I added many functions)

She explained like that, despite expecting to solely use a dagger, she’s now telling me that I will have to use a weapon that can change forms while fighting, even I felt a little unconfident doing that.

Also, skills for weapons……, another weakness of mine had been pointed out.

(The price can be totally free. But in place of that, you must proactively use the equipment with Parnilla-chan stamp visible on stream)

「Fumu, is it really fine to have such favorable conditions for me? 」

(Unn, other than that…… I want to be RIO-sama’s sponsor, maybe)

「A sponsor, that means you must’ve thought of a beneficial contract. 」

This person, it seems like she’s not just trying to approach me, she’s not going to let me go at all.

Since her true intentions had not been revealed yet, it’s not a smart idea to get too close with her.

「Let me warn you beforehand but, forming a contract with me who is role playing as a villain wouldn’t have any significant merit. Rather, you would just be entangled in the aftermath for supporting me, and you wouldn’t be able to live a normal life even after having your revenge completed. 」

(I don’t mind really. I just want the equipment I make to make a horrible mess of the adventurer’s dictatorship. I don’t care of what comes to me next)

「Mu, how hard-willed. 」

Seeing how she was so determined with her revenge, it felt like I can only give up persuading her otherwise.

Besides that, missing out on this murdering weapon disguised as a parasol would be too wasteful. My current weapon which is the Beginner’s Dagger had only a measly STR increase of 「1」, as I found out after confirming its stats again.

So, I will bring up a condition instead of agreeing unconditionally.

「The only decision I will uphold is to aim for the top, crushing something like the adventurers’ dictatorship is not my priority, if you’re still fine with that, I will gratefully take the parasol. How about that? 」

(Alright. Thank you for the purchase ☆)

It seems like the negotiation went well.

Well, I can’t choose a side between Parnilla-san or the viewers, so I decided to be on my own side.

Rather than being indecisive, my only choice is to raise my skill to satisfy both sides in balance.


Purchased 【Parasol of Hidden Dark】 from Parnilla with a price of 0 Iris.


Since purchased items are always stored into one’s inventory, I took it out for a test run.

By default, it would appear on the dominant hand, so after confirming that it had appeared on my right hand, I first pressed the protruding mechanism, as one would normally do to open a parasol.

「The frame and handle is of a normal parasol. It’s a little bigger than what a girl would use but, with this weight, it seems like it would have some offensive power even in the shape of a parasol. Moreover, its original function as a parasol is unparalleled. 」

I muttered after lowering my gaze at Parnilla-san.

Albeit in a small radius, its ability to completely shut out light beneath its cover had totally convinced me that it can mitigate a vampire’s arch nemesis that is the sun.


(Yup yup. It’s durable, long-lasting, and most importantly, I made it with all my heart)

Parnilla-san ringed her nose smugly.

Whether all her heart meant her hospitality towards a customer, or her hatred towards the adventurers, either way, I will be sure to master the form changing weapon.

「Well then, the next step would be trying out the form change, let’s see the one-handed sword first. Is there a specific method? 」

(While imagining the sword form, you will have to wish for it to 「Change―」)

It seems like the operating method is similar to using a skill.

It consumes some resources while changing forms but, is the mechanism moving off my MP like electricity?

In any case, I will know once I try.

First of all, I imaged the sword that will be the base, then I saw the parasol started making mechanical sounds as it visibly transformed.

「Certainly, this can only be described as a transformation. 」

The frame that formed the parasol completely disassembled, as a piece of cloth-like material started to wrap around the handle, I let go of it.

One second…… two…… three. I grasped the vulnerable period that I would be in until the transformation completes.

Then, when I finally got a grip on it again, the heavy weight was felt through my arms, and what used to be a parasol was reborn into a double-edged sword with a blade that easily exceeds my height.

「……Umm, isn’t this too big to be considered one-handed? 」

(You’re mistaken. Rather than the form, the trick is to think about the size)

It seems like my intentions was misread, as it had mistakenly changed into 【Great Magic Sword of Hidden Dark】. It’s probably because it has three different forms of swords to change to.

Since I already changed it, I tried swinging it a few times in a suitable empty space, I see, since my STR appraisal is S, it seems like I can easily wield it even with one hand.

One point to note is that one of my equipment slots would be freed up if I wielded it with only one hand, though it’s not written anywhere.

(If you succeed for the first time, I’m sure you can do it more smoothly the next time)

「Alright. Since I’m confident in my memorization skills, I won’t make the same mistake again. 」

Seeing no needs to investigate the great sword any further, the next form I chose is the machine gun.

Just by thinking about a rapid-fire gun that are often accompanied with special effects, the big sword immediately reacted, together with loud sounds, the sword collapsed, becoming individual blocks, and recombined.

This form requires about three seconds as well to transform, it was a display of destruction and creation happening in a short period.

「Fumu, this time it went well. 」


Well then, as for the sword that changed into a machine gun form, I shall engrave it in my mind so my image next time would be concrete.

Staring at the 【Magic Machine Gun of Hidden Dark】, the dark barrel was like the darkness where vampires dwell, with a small box attached on it.

「This is too strange. There’s an ammo box on it, despite having no traces and nowhere to be seen earlier, the sword’s blade earlier had now disappeared without a trace as well. This mysterious structure, it sure is a masterpiece of Parnilla-san’s technical skills. 」

(Yay. But that question is a business secret. That’s also why it’s illegal)

「Uumu, although I’m not entirely satisfied with an item I’ve purchased having undisclosed secrets……, if it doesn’t come as an obstruction in use, I suppose I won’t ask further. 」

Saying so, I pointed the barrel towards a dirt wall, and then fired 20 bullets in burst.

Although it’s possible to fire 1 bullet at once, there’s a reason behind firing 20 shots.

The power is strong enough that there is now a hole in the dirt wall. The gunshots were in fact softer than the mechanical sounds of the parasol transforming, seriously, this weapon has a terrible sense of surrealism around it.

(The ammo isn’t infinite. Are you fine with shooting that much?)

「I did it as a check for dud rounds as well. However, it seems like my worry is unfounded. 」

(But you will need to buy the ammo from me next time)

「Yes, I know. 」

Although an average high school girl such as myself is lacking in knowledge regarding machine guns, I thought I could find out whether there’re any dud rounds by using that ratio.

However, considering a merchant like Parnilla-san might not appear conveniently, I should not splurge the ammunition.

After that, I tried out each and every form changes, my overall rating was, all of them felt very much in place when held, a perfect score of 800. Although there’s a drawback that can’t be ignored which is the sound that it makes when transforming which doesn’t suit a stealthy operation but, other than that, the performance it provides more than compensates it.

The coexistence of both many versatile strengths and one fatal weakness, it is exactly like a vampire.

This parasol-shaped weapon that can act as a countermeasure against the sun would come in extremely useful when I raid the adventurer’s guild later.

「Since your goal of passing this parasol to me is completed, what will you do now? 」

(I will leave this town. But I will still be near RIO-sama, so we will probably meet again)

「Oya, come to think of it, Parnilla-san had went aboveground just now right? 」

(Unn. I’m actually quite high up in this underground society. And I’m not hunted that frequently since I only have a bounty of 10000)

「Mu, looks like my concern was unneeded. 」

Somehow, I felt that in exchange of battle sense, this person fully excels in wisdom in life.


Item: Appraisal Stone (Elementary)

Description: An inferior product that can only show your status once.

If you want it to display longer, go get a higher-grade appraisal stone.


Also, I got an Appraisal Stone (Elementary) from Parnilla-san as a bonus, so I immediately confirmed my status before heading aboveground.

……This appraisal stone, it has a detrimental flaw in that it can only show the numbers to myself, meaning I can’t compare with others. Even though I really need comments from experts.

Well then, I will resume the stream and head for a supper in the adventurer’s guild.

A/N: But putting the status in the afternote is safe.


Name: RIO

Race: Battler Vampire

Affiliation: None

Level: 40

Funds: 10100 Iris

Karma: -4350

Stats Appraisal (Exclusive of equipment bonus)

HP: A+


















《Kin Transformation》

《Blood Needle》

《Blood Scent Detection》


《Dark Energy Ball》



《Light attribute weakness extremity》

《Auto-Regenerative Body》

《HP Regen》

《Night Vision》

《Incapacitation Resistance +100》

《Flesh Manipulation》


【One Who Surpasses the Flying Demon】


Right Hand: Parasol of Hidden Dark (DEF+50)

Left Hand: N/A

Head: Demon General’s Piercings (INT+60 DEX+50)

Upper Body: Demon General’s One-Piece (DEF+40)

Lower Body: Demon General’s Skirt (DEF+40)

Lower Body: Demon General’s Shoes (AGI+35)


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    It must be because I’m a fan of castlevania, but a vampire that uses a whip is much more badass than a vampire that uses a sword, but there’s nothing to do, since her build seems to be strength instead of DEX.It must be because I’m a fan of castlevania, but a vampire that uses a whip is much more badass than a vampire that uses a sword, but there’s nothing to do, since her build seems to be strength instead of DEX.

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