BWO Chapter 23: Request & Question

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『RIO-sama has a fashionable item for some reason? 』

『Hellish opening』

『Uwaaaaa Amulbell isssss! 』

『Just as I thought it resumed, what is this……』

『Rather, it’s as expected』

『Just a small notice that Amulbell has met its end』

『Pandemic outbreak』

『This is not the stuff to watch at midnight ww』

『No idea what the heck is happening』

I resumed the stream at the same time I returned aboveground.

The town was already infested by my kins, especially seeing how not just the average citizens, even dispatched soldiers that has some strength had gone under my control, meaning my total power had increased significantly.

Furthermore, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I found the underground town where the kins would be safe from the threat of sunlight.

「I order you. I will be attacking the adventurer’s guild on my own first, every one of you should standby and surround the building. 」

「Ugya! Ugya! 」


「Itch, itch, itch, itch」

「Hungry. No blood to drink, boring」

Although I don’t know why, it seems like the kins this time are unusually hungry for blood.

『Ugeh! Why is there even a baby among them!? 』

『This is also RIO-sama’s work!? 』

『This is too cold-blooded』

『↑That’s why they want to drink blood』

Oya, although unintentional, there’re children and even babies that became my kin.

Even if I turned young children like Parnillla-san into my kin, they wouldn’t contribute much to my power, it only leaves a bad impression to the viewers.

Well, for me, virtual lives that have no connections to the real world have no value is my policy but, at the very least, I will let the kin that was its parent take care of it.

「Excuse me」

I originally planned to raid the guild but, seeing how there aren’t any citizens that survived the kins, I didn’t have to use Flesh Manipulation as I opened the front door after changing the parasol to its magic sword form so that I can fight immediately.

「So another one seeks his own death! No matter how many undead small fries there are…… geeh, R……!? 」

「Yes 」

So, I lobbed off the head of the first adventurer that came into my sight.

Although I couldn’t see well thanks to the blood landing on my face, I could still tell that the people inside this guild had mostly similar equipment with those of the Starting Town.

「Uwaaaaah RIO is here!!!」

「She wasn’t just spectating!? 」

How did such baseless information spread? Did they think of it in a brainstorming game or something?

The number of adventurers that barricaded themselves in the lobby, excluding the one I just cut down, were only six people. Although I can’t discern their rank that would indicate their individual abilities based on their appearance alone, there’s a method to make them expose themselves.

「My demand. Bring out the highest-ranking adventurer in this Amulbell guild immediately. 」

Changing my weapon into the great sword form, I declared in an oppressing manner.

「Even if you say immediately! 」

「If you listen to my demand, I will permit a death match between myself and all of you with conditions that benefit your side. 」

「No way. We can never win against RIO……」

「If you don’t abide, then I shall start from the weakest. The time limit is when the kins outside could no longer hold their starvation for blood and decides to break in. 」

『Not what an average high school girl would say for sure』

『A different type of scary from just now』

『This girl…… too gutsy』

『This oppressing presence』


『Too much pressure』

『This much arrogance suit a villainous role』

『Where did she learn to speak like that www』

Since there was a time when I had to fill in a position in the drama club in my middle school, I’m quite familiar with how to exert pressure.

「T-The strongest one is this guy! 」

「Oi bastard! Don’t fool around! 」

One of the adventurers pushed out another that was trying to escape from the back door, the so-called strongest adventurer was grabbing onto the other adventurer and having a fight while ignoring me.

Being most tolerant I could, if he would attack me even if it’s just for my bounty, then I would feel a tiny bit fired up to fight but, I suppose the second town only have adventurers of this quality. Surely this can’t be an example of what an adventurer should be.

「If you’re able to defeat me, destroy my plan, then the adventurers will win. Now then, anyone who’s up to the task can come. 」

「Please wait! I’m 【B rank 162nd ・ Gaval Meval】 but, I have zero intentions of obstructing your way! 」

「Since you’ve declared your name, I presume you have shown your resolve to fight me as an adventurer. 」

「Uugh……!? 」

The first to strike wins.

The great sword passed through from his head to his butt, the adventurer who was too shocked to do anything is immediately in his grave.

B rank middle placing, such a weakling. The other adventurers were so desperate to escape that they aren’t even willing to fight anymore.

『RIO-sama is holding some romanticist weapon right now www』

『That parasol so cool』

『The first one was dead so quick w』

『Kind to her friends and cruel to her enemies, exactly a hybrid of angel and demon! 』

『But compassionate enough to kill them without them having a chance to scream』

『Aren’t you guys poisoned by RIO-sama? 』

As for the new equipment that I got from Parnilla-san, I shall save the explanation for a later date.

I’m planning to form change the parasol as much as possible but, thinking how I might get stuck in a form that has strong specialization like the magic hammer after having all my MP consumed in this important timing, I immediately replenished my exhausted resources from the adventurer using 《Bloodsucking》.

「Next. Bring me the guild master that’s probably sitting somewhere in the upper floors. 」

The dependable adventurers were easily taken care of, as I demanded from the panicking guild staffs.

「T-The guild master of Amulbell’s adventurer guild is currently not in……」

「Then I suppose I can only invite him myself. Every one of my kin, let’s begin the raid. 」

「M-Master……! Kyaaaaa!! 」

How bold of him to be out now during a disaster.

Well, if it’s the truth, I will just have to get the deputy to cough up where the guild master went.

As if the start of a bargain sale, the hungry kins started making a mess out of the guild, devouring any preys they can find, seeing them like that, I changed my weapon into the magic hammer form and headed straight for the core.


Confirming the insides of rooms with 《Blood Scent Detection》, after arriving at the place where the guild master most likely would be in, I readied the magic hammer against the door.


This super heavy form, despite having an S rank for my strength appraisal, I had to wield it with both hands, however, the power it displays is very much worth the hassle.



『Not even the shape of a door remains』

『So strong (Impressed)』

『Unparalleled part starts』

『Adrenaline rush』

『This is exactly, vampiric strength』

It seems like it can cleanly destroy any obstructions that is in my way.

I expected the doors to follow the sturdy pattern of the one in the Starting Town, so I chose the form that has the greatest strength.

My AGI had decreased to the point where I can’t run as quick as before but, I guess it doesn’t matter if the target gets obliterated in one hit.

「……W-Who are you! This door is created sturdy enough to withstand an attack from a dragon that can burn down an entire kingdom! 」

There he is. The man with a strange hairstyle that looked like a lotus flower is the Amulbell version of the guild master.

「If that’s the case, that means my destructive power is even greater than a dragon. I can’t be joyful enough. 」

「G-Greater than a dragon, this girl!? 」

The guild master seems to have a mix of various emotions including anger and panic.

The sanctuary that he thought was safe for sure was easily broken into, and the fact that his trust was betrayed was very visible.

Leaving that aside, the hammer broke into two parts and turned into twin blades, closing the distance in an instant, entrusting myself to the featherlight feeling, I sliced and diced many times.

「Guah! Gueh! Guoh!! 」

Fumu, the description text said it was a pair of assassin daggers but, since the blade itself is about 2 shaku, it seems suitable for receiving an enemy’s attack in a close quarters combat.

T/N: 1 Shaku (Japanese foot): about 30cm.

Since I’ve learnt my lesson after getting hurt by the guild master in the Starting Town, I chose the form with the highest DEF but, it seems like he’s not even resisting at all.

However, it’s still too early to turn him into my kin.

「I have a question for you. 」

「Gah……! 」

「After exiling those who had committed a crime from living aboveground, what intentions you have by having them live underground rather than in a jail? 」

Although I doubted whether he can answer while suffering intense pain, I asked just in case anyways.

「Hic, hic, why did I send them underground? I-It’s because I’m generous, you bitch! 」

Ooh, he answered while swearing at me. Looks like this guild master has no fear against a threat.

「Then, tell me about the specifics. 」

「Normally, the foolish people that had violated the laws that adventurers set will meet death sentence. However, criminals are humans too. That’s why I thought of a brilliant saving compromise to utilize the topography where it used to be a dungeon and allow them to live in the underground town! 」

「Haa. Is that so? 」

「Not like an inhumane female vampire like you could ever understand. Worship and praise the adventurers! Long live adventurers! 」

I see, it seems like contrary to my initial conjecture, he had done it in his own way of goodwill.

Looks like he doesn’t know the concept of a living hell is much worse than a quick death.

「Thank you for your answer. Now that I’m done, you will become my subject. 」

「……Hee? Heeeeeee!? 」

Stabbing one of my daggers into his throat, I confirmed his death before using 《Bloodsucking》 and 《Kin Transformation》.


《Level has risen to 47》

《Karma value has dropped》

《Bounty set by the guild has been corrected to 4.35 million Iris》

《Experience set by the guild has been corrected to 4,469,445》


『Rude guy』

『Still killed in the end www』

『There’s no half killing in RIO-sama’s schedule after all』

『The bounty increased again kusa


『Kin transformation as expected』

『Is this something to do without even a single change in complexion? 』

『And the guts to have all of this on stream』

『She’s just too amazing』

Although I feel conflicted turning this kind of vile person into my kin, since my goal is not just simply slaughtering, I suppose it can’t be helped.

「RIO-sama. I thank you very much for making me a servant~. First of all, shall I lick your shoes as my proof of loyalty~? 」

Changing from his previous personality of insulting a woman, he suddenly acted like an underling and was trying to extend his tongue towards my shoes.

Since he retained his intelligence, he must have quite the malice.

「……Gyaaaa!! 」

「I never ordered you to show your loyalty like that. Disappear from my stream now. 」

「Agya! Agyaa! Agyaaaa! 」

Changing back to the magic hammer form, I threw the guild master that is a pervert disguised as a loyal person out of the window.

No matter if he’s my kin now, if he died the second time, he would become food for the undead downstairs.

In the first place, kin that has no integrity like him will only be poison rather than stimulant for the viewers.

Although there were many twists and turns, Amulbell finally met its end, since things had calmed down a little, it’s a good time to stop for now.

「Everyone, the stream for today will end now. Since I’ve obtained an item that can counteract sunlight, the schedule might not be regular anymore. Thank you very much for watching. 」

『Ending at such a tragic scene www』

『Oh, otsu』

『Finally we can see a stream where the sun is out』


『Too excited for the next time I can’t sleep』

『Otsu-sama! 』

……Fumu, it’s almost 2AM in the real world now.

Taking the kins that were groaning victoriously into the underground town, I logged out at a nearby hilly area with few Enemies.


「I’m feeling so sluggish. This won’t do……」

Even though it was only an event in a virtual world, could it be a recoil of lifting something heavier than what I’ve handled before, I was accompanied by fatigue as I immediately fell into sleep.

If it doesn’t get better, going to the infirmary is in my schedule tomorrow.

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