BWO Chapter 24: Eriko’s Report

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The first time I’ve talked to Rio was a few days after admitting into high school.

Although I said it was a talk, it’s not like I was calling out to her with my usual 「Guhehe~ 」.


It was an incident that happened when I was on the train to school.

While having one hand grabbing onto the hanging strap and tweeting on the Puchi ・ Eriko account with my other hand, I felt something touched my thigh, as a tiny yelp escaped my mouth.

My nervousness was at max with something I never permitted touching me, not willing to get mistaken as a weirdo on the silently shaking train, I reflexively pursed my lips.


But it was still touching me.

Rather than not trying to back away, it was not letting go of me instead.

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The sensation of fingers and body warmth was what convinced me that it isn’t a baggage, but someone’s hand.

「e……This…… molest……」

I was trying to scream but, for some reason my lungs felt frozen in place and my breath was stuck, my voice couldn’t get out at all.

I tried to turn around but, if I saw the person, then my fear would only get even worse, my body was petrified in place as if stuck in a block of ice.

Aah, I’m the type of person that gets frozen in place when something terrifying happens.

The next stop is still far away. Although there are many other passengers around, I couldn’t call for help.

Despite that, the terrible sensation didn’t let me escape, to somehow distract myself from the fear, I was gripping onto the strap and my smartphone desperately.

「Hel…… someone …… please……」

It was the worst morning I had despite it being a sunny weather with no clouds. I even felt the food in my stomach regurgitating, it was a time when I felt I would discard everything in my comfortable life and become a dust to escape reality.


「You, what are you doing to my classmate? 」

A girl’s voice?

At the same time, the demon’s hand that held onto the unresisting me immediately vanished.

「She hates it. What you’ve done is unforgivable. 」

Ah, it’s Tozawa-san from the same class.

But why is she restraining the man’s wrist that strongly.

I’m sure that person is much stronger than Tozawa-san, and what she did would only result in a violent payback.

「We’ve already arrived at the next station. But don’t you dare get any idea of escaping cowardly. 」

「Shit……! 」

Tozawa-san restrained the other person by the wrist tightly and didn’t let go, despite it not being the station near our high school, she had taken the man and gotten off.

So, being still dazed by the fear earlier and fuzzy in the mind, I followed her off the train.

A person that is always quiet and polite, her neat facial features with moist lips are attractive even to me of the same sex…….

As the person who caught my attention from the entrance ceremony, Tozawa-san who was always void of warmth like cold water had another face filled with a strong sense of justice and security, it was what I thought after witnessing it.

After that, Tozawa-san contacted the school of our late arrival, explained what happened to the station staff in detail, unlike myself that can do nothing but be consoled by others, she had done everything in my place despite it being my matter.

Although I don’t know how much time had passed, Tozawa-san eventually returned to me with no changes in her expression.

「It seems like his motive was 『Stress』. As long as this incident gets hammered into him as a trauma, they said the possibility of him committing the same crime again is low. 」


Tozawa-san who would save a powerless me without me even asking.

My feelings were filled to the brim with 「Thank you」 and 「Sorry」, and I didn’t know what to say at all.

「Since I saw Onodera-san in the next carriage looking very pale, I thought something happened, and so I rushed forward and restrained the culprit. Sorry that I couldn’t stop him earlier. 」

「U-Unn. But…… I’m sorry for troubling you and having you late to school because of me. 」

「No, please don’t say words like troubling me that would depreciate yourself. It might be my unnecessary meddling but, shall we head to school together from tomorrow onwards? 」

Saying so, despite normally having an expressionless face that didn’t show any glimpse of anger except just now, she was directing me a carefree smile and treating me like a close friend…….

「Hauu! I-I’m still shocked about what happened, umm, my respond……」

「You must’ve had a terrifying experience. Well, until you calm down, let me help you relieve some of that fear. 」

「I-I, I was so scared……. Uwah……hiaa……」

I never knew Tozawa-san was such an expressive, courageous and kind person, my defenses were being broken down little by little, from how wonderful of a person she is than I ever expected.

Then, a warm hug wrapped myself, for my powerless self that could only cry in her bosom, she listened to my heavy words while rubbing my head until I calmed down.

There were no one ever who would treat me this kindly despite my weakness, not even the viewers whom I never seen before, nor the classmates that I made friends with by keeping a leader outwards look.

That’s why I started liking Tozawa-san even more and more, not just on the way to school, I would find any chance even on weekends to stick beside her. Guhehe.


「Come to think of it, you were sleeping for the entire lunch break, are you still feeling unwell? 」

Inside the sweets store to talk about the stream as usual, I asked Rio who looked totally exhausted.

「Yes, I’m still feeling tired and sleepy. This is my own responsibility for sinking into BWO too much but……, it feels terrible. 」

「Oh, guhehe. Then how about having me as a hugging pillow for a nap. Here―! 」

「Hugging pillow? 」

Spreading my arms out, I signaled a gesture of come on with my eyes.

Seeing Rio acting so stiffly and tired outside of the game, I thought to help her ease her fatigue, not in any way did the thoughts of having Rio therapy or smelling Rio come to my mind at all?

My hospitality that I’ve developed so far from streaming is my worth. It felt like I was inviting her for other worldly thoughts but, isn’t it fine?


While justifying my own actions, I heard a sound like Rio gulping.

Ueeh!? Is Rio acting dere towards me!?

But come to think of it, I feel like she hasn’t been putting in attention to the classes and was looking like she’s rowing a shaky boat the entire time, probably because of her daily rhythm being disrupted.

So maybe she’s just still sleepy? Calm down, Eriko, it’s not the time for your judgement to be clouded.

「H-H-H-How about it, Rio. Yes? No? 」

……Even I felt a little uncertain whether to proceed like this. But the Rio now had a tempted expression no matter how I looked at her. A super rare Rio.

「This is not my usual self. Not my usual self, so a little bit won’t hurt……」

And so, I was updating the Rio observation diary (Mind Version) but, Rio suddenly stumbled and stuck to myself from the front……!?


「Nnn…… Erikoo……」

She’s even calling my name so affectionately! What is this death by moe!?

To the many many Onodera Eriko-san out there in parallel universes, I finally did it! My decision to recommend Rio streaming was never wrong!!

「Guhehe~, Rio is a good girl~」

「Fuaa…… pat me more……」

「MoohyoOOo~!! Of course, without asking! 」

Guhehehehe, guhehehehehehe, guhehehehe.

It felt like the many me inside my mind were raising a cheer and singing in joy.

A time of bliss that I even forgotten the pudding I ordered! Aaaah, guhehe, I could even tell Rio was sniffing my smell from my uniform~

That’s why I will do the same.

「Suuu…… haaaa, I’m meltiiingg~」

The more I smoked, the more comfortable I got, and each time, Rio’s hug became tighter, what a great combination.

T/N: 420.

If only I knew that such a paradise would descend upon me, I should’ve properly slimmed down.

I had been maintaining the same weight with Rio up until recently but, did she realize my waist had become a bit springier from being careless?

Also, I pinched my cheeks and felt a little pain from my tooth that is suspected to have a cavity, so I knew straight away that it wouldn’t be a disappointing ending where it was all a dream. Ah, not good, my drool is gonna get on Rio.

「Eriko…… love you…… let’s be together forever. 」

Fue? My reasoning is almost gone.

「It’s here. It’s finally here. Rio’s confessing voice! I love you toooooooo!! 」

I’m glad to be alive. I’m glad I didn’t become a dust.

I must quickly get a proof……, since I’ve already recorded using my smartphone, I can even repeat it forever and set it as my alarm ringtone.

I shall boast of my blissful time today to the viewers in the Rio’s talk segment again.


My mind was completely in pink until the store waiter finally noticed me.


「E-Eriko. Just now…… that……」

「Momentary impulse! It’s just a splurge of momentary impulse, okay!? 」

After that, the time went by and both of us became quite awkward but, eventually we went back on the returning road as if nothing happened, so it’s all safe.

But today’s Rio is really cute. RIO in her stream is very cool but, I can’t really choose one over another.

……But Rio is a person who can’t forget the past, so I must be sure to stay by her like just now.

I know best that outside of the virtual world in the game where she acts nothing like a human, she’s a weak and soft person in the real world. After all, it’s about my best friend, Rio, I can confidently say that because we’re closer than any harmonious couple in the world.

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